Nouman Ali Khan – 4 Types of Ignorance

Nouman Ali Khan
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Al hamdu. lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu wa salam, O Allah Ashraf al anbiya evil mousseline wa aalihi wa sahbihi came from abroad

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is Jada Latina cafaro ficolo became wilhemina Tamia Tanja helia. proficiently suddenly with a silly Emery loksatta melissani of Coco de manera. Bill I mean,

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today I want to talk to you about this word, very common word in Islamic conversations. Mahalia

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Jamelia comes from the word jihad.

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jihad is two things. It's the opposite of two things in Arabic, it could be considered the opposite of

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and it could be the opposite of illogical. What that means is Jehovah could mean ignorance, ignorance, and it could also mean mindlessness. Now, let's first understand what those two things are in jail to shame could mean I had no idea about something, I had no knowledge of it. So you being Jahan could not necessarily be a bad thing in that context. Just wonderful. For j Delta who just didn't know it. Okay. So that's one meaning, but the other meaning is far worse. And the other meaning is someone who thinks is arkell. And someone who makes a decision without thinking is a giant. A giant is not just someone who doesn't know, but also someone who doesn't think this leads

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me to just comment just briefly about the difference between thinking and knowing. And these seem like abstract things, but they're pretty important to understand. The Quran, for example, complains about I've mentioned this to you in passing before it complains about people who don't think not necessarily about people who don't know.

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And as a matter of fact, the Koran talks about people who know things very well and do the wrong thing. Right. So knowledge and and knowledge and thinking are actually some things that are not necessarily dependent on each other. They have a relationship. But that is not a very necessary one. You can have someone who does not have a lot of knowledge, but is very clear in their thinking.

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You can have someone who has a lot of knowledge, but they're still not clear. And they're thinking I'm reminded of the old expression of Arabic of the of the Bedouin, you know, the desert traveler. One time, this guy who had spent time in Greece, among the philosophers, he came in to the Arab lands, and he saw a Bedouin traveler. So this guy is like philosopher and abstract thinker, and that guy is a *. You know, and they're having a conversation is how do you know there's a God? How do you know that? You know, there is there is another life and all this other stuff, but basically, how can you believe there's a God and the camel traveler, you know, the veteran, you

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know, he just looked at some camel droppings, there was some, you know, poo esthetical bearded burrito

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and walked away. He says the camel left some poo.

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and walked away. That was his answer.

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You know why that was his answer. The fact that I see these droppings means there must have been a candle, the fact that I see this world around me there has to be a creator. Simple.

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I'm walking away now.

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Like he didn't have to have some complex philosophical response and discuss discuss abstract, he had a very clear way of thinking, you see. So sometimes knowledge and thinking are not mutually there, they don't go hand in hand sometimes. Another easy example for you to understand is there are people who are PhDs and you know, very intellectual, and they read all the time. But when you have a simple conversation with them, you get confused.

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And as a matter of fact, a lot of times even if you ask them, What did you just say? They can't even tell you?

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you know, this overdose of knowledge and your loss, lose clarity and thinking. Now, the opposite of that, of course, is

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the mannequin, and the opposite of Johnny. So Johnny is someone a giant is someone who doesn't know. And also someone on top of that, who doesn't think I mean, at least if you didn't know, at least you should be capable of what thinking like every human being is not not knowledgeable. But every human being is capable of thinking. The worst of it all is a giant, someone who speaks without knowledge acts without knowledge. And on top of that, without even thinking without thinking. It's okay to not know something but be concerned. Look, I shouldn't say something about this because I just don't know. There are consequences. We're speaking out of ignorance. Now

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This janelia this term is used of course in by the Quran and then by the Muslims after that as the term to describe the era before the prophets I sent him came.

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So the time the the Mahalia period. You've heard this before the era of Jaya Helios Raja helia. What does that mean? It means before the age of Revelation, because revelation did two things, it destroyed yahaya from both fronts, it brought knowledge which ends janelia it brought clear thinking, which ends yahaya so before this revelation, there may have been knowledge but not clear thinking or there may have been people with thinking clear thinking but they didn't have the right knowledge and it ended all forms of Jamelia by coming and ending that problem. Now, what I want to highlight quickly is four kinds of jehoiada Quran talks about

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the Quran makes mentioned two four kinds of Jamelia. Interesting, interestingly, now that your students have Arabic I can tell you this Jamelia in the Quran is always a mobile filet.

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It's always it's four times four times it's somewhat awfully it's it's a cool j helia. Van Naja. helia terbaru Jinja helia Samia, Tanja Haley all for our mobile phones. So let me tell you the first one Hakuna helia means the rule of ajaya.

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The rule the governance of Ajay helia The first thing Allah criticizes is Hakuna helia tibone are they looking to pass verdicts and decisions? Are they looking for wisdom of Jamelia?

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In other words, when you don't have restraint on yourself, and that's the other thing I should have mentioned, alcohol in Arabic is not just thinking alcohol is also self control. Arkel also means self control. Tying yourself up holding yourself back. Jamelia actually then means a lack of self control.

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You know, this helps you understand what Musashi Salaam said, when when we saw him we're talking about what color cow You know, he said our Oh the villa here an akuna Minal Jia Helene.

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I seek Allah's refuge I might become from the javelin, he's not worried that he might become one of those idiots who are asking stupid questions. He's not worried about that. He's worried about losing control.

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Because when he lost control some time ago in his life, he threw a punch.

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So when you lose control, you also become giant and when you maintain control, you become what

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a lot criticizes Hoku yahaya entire governance decisions made based on a lack of control whim. Just an emotion came in you acted you acted out of jail. This is why people who say whatever comes out of their mouth, they have no restraint. They just whatever comes out of their mouth, they say they're also called Johannes Viola says whatever Hata bahaman jehlen calu Salama, when the Giants speak to them? What does that mean? They have no restraint in what they say. They use whatever language they feel like. Now, let me tell you what it means decision making based on Jamelia de la criticized, let me give you some modern examples of that.

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You have, for example, stock markets

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and experts on stock markets, who say I have a feeling that oil prices are going to go down

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because of this is this is this. What does he have

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a feeling.

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And because of his feeling

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entire stocks and companies and exchanges are going to shift billions of dollars, people are going to shift people that are in the stock exchange people that are in the investment life. You know, how much if there's an expert who just has a what? A feeling? My gut tells me entire markets move.

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You can crash entire markets, if you just go on a feeling you could and it's been it's been done before. It's been done before. And that feeling who does it impact that one decision, you could just say, Oh, just the stock market brokers and they're just sitting in some, some firm somewhere pressing buttons of trade and buy and sell. It doesn't affect anyone. It affects things like oil prices, when oil prices are affected grocery prices are except affected. Delivery prices are you know, affected. construction costs are affected. Somebody was able to purchase a home, they're not able to purchase a home anymore. Somebody was looking for rent. Now the credit market is crunched,

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nobody's giving you a place for rent anymore. millions of lives have been impacted by some guys what feeling is this is an example of hoekman zhalia. Is that what they're pursuing? That's what they're pursuing. Just make big decisions based on a whim, based on nothing but when so hon Allah, what kind of damage you can do in society. Then, of course, you have in the world of what's happening in the United States. This is the scariest thing, you know. Now, now counselors are being told that if you if a if a young person comes to you and says I think I'm homosexual, that you're not supposed to tell them there may be something wrong with that.

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You're not allowed, you can lose your counseling license. So if you want to be a psychiatrist, a therapist, etc, you have to say, you're entitled to your feelings. If you're having that feeling that must be a good thing. You should live by those feelings. And that's the only way you'll ever get happiness is you do whatever you feel, because of course, our constitution and our way of thinking is life, liberty and the pursuit of life. The Pursuit of Happiness, you should be able to do what you want, I would argue, really, you should be able to do what you want.

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And people have feelings all the time. I feel like slapping people all the time.

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You know?

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How many crazy thoughts go through a teenage boy his mind how many feelings go through his mind? You're saying he has a right to act on all of his feelings? There are no restraints.

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Isn't that the most insane worldview? You should be able to do whatever you feel like, if everybody started doing that, what will we be left with?

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What are we left with utter chaos.

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The entire idea of alcohol is what restraint there are some things you have to hold back. You might have a feeling but it's not a good idea to act on it.

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It's not good for you and it's not good for someone else. There has to be some restraint. That's the idea of hockman zhalia the rule decision making a thought process that is based on no restraints, or just feeling and by the way, that is the kind of thinking that has been glorified in our day and age. Like the most advanced kind of thinking is Hakuna helia what the Quran calls her Pooja helia so how Allah and why you Why is it that you know why that is? It's so beautiful. The reason they say okmulgee Leah, you know, do whatever you feel like, is so powerful, because we cherish the idea of freedom.

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Because when you do whatever you feel like that means you're truly what free look at how a lot comments in one ayah on this idea of a hochma helia to Allah who as Lama When

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done, are they seeking the governance the rule the decision making of Jamelia while Allah to him, everyone and everything submits. The idea of submission is the exact opposite idea of freedom.

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If you've submitted to someone that means you're not free.

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If you're under if you're completely not under any submission of any pressure of any kind, that means you're free. Allah says did they forget that they're in submission in their very existence?

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They seek okmulgee helia if allowed to give them freedom, do whatever you want exist, then Allah doesn't have to take care of them. They are we and you and I are dependent on the rain that Allah sends on the air that Allah sends we are our bodies are submitted to the nature of love made of them. Our bones are bent the way Alo wanted them to bend. The joints work the way alone they aren't our bodies are in submission to Allah. You want to be free.

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For all of us, lets this creation go it doesn't stand a chance. It doesn't exist on its own. So panela so that's the first kind of jelly I'll go quickly now. One Ninja helia one Ninja helia moto noona Bella one Ninja hayata jd railhawks. inshallah and Ron, when things get bad for weak believers, this is the second category when things get bad for weak believers. And they think that holding on to Islam will ruin their life.

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Islam is the thing that is ruining their life. It's making things difficult for them. If they didn't have a song, things would have been so much easier. They were when I feel good and some some who weren't even when they were weakened anyone in the Battle of offered when things got really bad and bad in the Battle of a HUD, one Ninja helia came in their minds.

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The Ninja we've been destroyed. We should have stayed home. This Islam thing is destroyed us it's ruined us. In other words, lundell Jamelia Allah describes when somebody makes sacrifices for the sake of Allah, and they look back and say, I shouldn't have made those sacrifices I should have done I should have done other things with my life instead of making these decisions for Allah. You know, I missed out the people who didn't make the same sacrifices, look at them, they have a better career. Now they have a better business. Now they have a better this or that or the other now, and I was left behind in dunya. Well, you know what, when you make a decision, a sacrifice for the sake of

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Allah, like, I'll tell you a real example. I met somebody not too long ago in another country, who ran a business and very successful business. He had a restaurant business, all of his, all of his restaurants had liquor, all of them had a liquor, and of course, he's selling his Muslim, but he's selling and he says, you know, he used to tell himself well, most of my customers are non Muslim anyway. So it doesn't matter. If you find some way of justifying it yourself. You know, one day out of the blue Allah put something in his heart, something happens in Ramadan, and he says,

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Want to get rid of everything? I want to start everything new and I wanted to start a totally Hello. By the way I totally halaal restaurant will not do nearly as well

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as a semi haraam restaurant.

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Okay, semi Haram is good money. It's good money. Your customers are way more. And the Muslims don't seem to mind either.

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So you just brought into your base, you know?

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But he says I'm gonna go straight to the families against him. partners are against him. You know, everybody around him is saying What are you doing? The only one left that's telling him he's doing the right thing as himself. And he sells all the businesses puts all the money in like a good thing and starts new and not even making one 10th of what he used to make before you know.

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And he says himself. Did I really make the right decision?

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Man, I had to sell the car. We can't even afford that house anymore. All those luxuries are gone. Now living like this. kids aren't happy. wife isn't happy. She says why can't we move back to the old neighborhood? Why can't we just you know, take out a loan or something else. I made my life so hard. When those thoughts start creeping in your mind that's a decision you made clearly for Allah was a bad idea. That basically is what vandal Jamelia

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is lungi. You hear you're not thinking clearly.

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You don't know what you're saying. That's Talia. The third kind of Jamelia is actually directed at women.

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It's about Raja helia.

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It's a beautifying yourself the beautification of Jamelia. Don't decorate yourself, don't dress yourself up, dressing up of Lj Haley. And now let's go back to the meaning of ajaya not knowing and not thinking, yeah,

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you don't know the impact of the way you're dressed on yourself. And you know, know the impact of the way you're dressed on other people.

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A young girl who's 10 years old, has an older sister, the older sister decides that she wants to get a belly ring and show it off. She wears these t shirts that expose her stomach, she wears tight jeans or whatever she wears, and she's going out Muslim girl, the young girl who's 10 years old is memorizing Koran and studying and all this stuff, and he wants to be a good girl. Her role model, whether you like it or not, who's a role model, her older sister, the decision this older girl made isn't just for herself. She's leaving an impact on the child. She's making an impact on a child, you know, forget about, you know, the men will look at her and all this, forget all that stuff. Talk

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about within the family, what is she done? For this child? What has she done? You know, she has an impact on these things. Then, of course, you know, if he's living in the United States, or living in Canada, or maybe she's in some other universities somewhere and around her are non Muslims, non Muslims, and she's almost when she's dressed inappropriately, or she's exposing herself, you know, and she feels like this is her freedom. Because you know, when you question it, what's the first question that comes up? I'm free to do whatever I want. You can't tell me what to do. The discussion is always about freedom, isn't it? And yahaya What is it at the end doing whatever you want, that's

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the glorifying that idea. Now, the thing about this, I want to do or dress or, you know, look, however I want the truth of it, is sometimes I got myself in a lot of trouble.

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I was a sister.

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She came to me and she was stressed. I had to look away. And she said, You know, I know you think I'm a bad person.

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And I said, I don't think that

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that's where a lot to decide. That's not for me to decide.

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You know, well, you know, the way I'm dressed and stuff. I was like,

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Okay, well, that's your decision. I don't, I would not let my family dress that way.

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You know, and I don't think that's an appropriate way to dress. But it's you made that decision. I didn't call it inappropriate. You called it inappropriate. Why did you call it inappropriate?

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Like, if you even think it's wrong, why are you wearing it?

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So I asked her that and you know, you don't want to ask us questions like that you get in trouble. But I you know, I'm addicted to trouble. So

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why do you dress like that? I just asked her if you if you don't? If you don't think it's right. Why do you dress like that?

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And the answer she gave me was very strange. I don't think this is the answer for all women, by the way. I don't.

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But the answer she gave me just left me stunned.

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She said, I just I just want to feel beautiful because my boyfriend keeps telling me I'm ugly.

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That's it.

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That was it. That was it. There's nothing else

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Just as soon as I asked her follow up question, so you're not dressing like this for yourself. Because you feel good.

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Because you like, is because other people should tell you You look beautiful. That's why she said Yeah.

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You know, so how Allah, how just that one want wanting to feel beautiful.

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Just that can drive someone to that point. You know,

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this is the baru jelajah helia you're not thinking clearly. What makes a person beautiful. What makes a woman beautiful will not come from other people's words.

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It won't come from their words, it will come from the way they stare at you. You know, there are women who dress like that, and they get whistled at commented at, they get hit on and they still feel ugly.

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You ask them what do you think you're beautiful? No, I think I'm pretty ugly.

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Like somebody whistles at them, they feel kind of maybe mission accomplished for a few seconds

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and then go back to depression.

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What do you think the makeup industry is doing so well? Or the surgery, the plastic surgery industry and transform yourself and stretch your skin in ways you couldn't imagine before?

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Put yourself through that kind of pain. Why? That's actually the barrage idea. Now. I want to balance that equation. Is beautifying oneself? encouraged in our Deen? Yes. Yes.

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Did a lot put in the nature of a woman that she should want to beautify herself? Absolutely. That does not come from a corrupt gaffin feminist society that comes from the nature of a woman. How do I know that? For sure. How do I know that?

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A manjunatha ofii heliot in

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the one a lot talks about the baby girl who used to be buried alive. You remember that? Jenny Leah. He says the one the baby who was raised in jewelry.

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Even when she was a baby, she had love of what? children? A girl is supposed to have love of beauty. That's part of her nature. A lot of put that inner like a label describes the baby girl with the one who was raised up with jewelry. With Hillier actually doesn't just mean jewelry, it means beautification decoration, she loves decorating things. She loves decorating her notebook, she'll draw flowers all around her notes. You know,

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she'll color coordinate her pillows, she'll, you know, she'll show you'll get Legos and she'll take all the pretty color Legos and make something and, you know, draw patterns and flowers and

00:22:49 --> 00:22:57

there's this love of beauty. Boys have love of you know, blood and monsters. And you know, girls are obsessed with beauty.

00:22:58 --> 00:23:12

Even the girls that look you know, the act like boys like tough girls, like so a couple of my girls are like, basically boys, you know, like, they're just really tough, because they have two brothers older and you know, humans like, but when she dresses up and I say oh, you look so beautiful.

00:23:17 --> 00:23:22

You know, but then and that that beauty is supposed to be acknowledged by who

00:23:23 --> 00:23:27

is supposed to be acknowledged by the Father. It's supposed to be acknowledged by the husband.

00:23:28 --> 00:23:35

They're supposed to acknowledge the beauty of their daughters and their, their wives. They're supposed to do that. And when they don't do that,

00:23:36 --> 00:23:39

then it becomes who Jamelia

00:23:41 --> 00:23:44

then it goes into the wrong direction. SubhanAllah

00:23:45 --> 00:23:52

just for the husband to not compliment the beauty of his wife is encouraging her to do Who do you know that?

00:23:54 --> 00:23:58

Just just that much is encouraging her well, I you don't get his attention.

00:24:00 --> 00:24:12

I must be ugly. But you know, by nature, a woman does not want to be or feel ugly, that nature will find some unnatural course to fulfill itself. It's supposed to be fulfilled by the husband.

00:24:13 --> 00:24:45

It's supposed to be fulfilled by the family. Then don't go yelling at women that are dressing up or wearing makeup or this or that or they wear hijab, but look at how the rest of them is dressed and what they do. Wait, hold on. There's something deeper going on here that we haven't addressed. And we have to especially do this for our younger girls. Give them the right kind of self esteem. So they don't look for that attention anywhere else because the bottle Jamelia is huge now. You know in America, we were really happy we came here by the way because we bought a lot of clothes for the girls. Because when you go to America and buy clothes at Target or you know some other store and the

00:24:45 --> 00:24:59

girls section the shorts are getting shorter and shorter. We literally have to go to the boys section to find something they can wear. It's ridiculous. You know, it's they're making younger and younger kids dress provocatively. You know

00:25:00 --> 00:25:09

Because this terbaru Jamelia is spreading this beautification of Jamelia of decoration of jaha Leah is spreading by the way tomorrow which comes from Burj

00:25:11 --> 00:25:34

Burj, which is tower and tower is something that's prominent it sticks out who is not just beauty it's not drama like the jumbo, Jumbo purification does. Beautiful kids realize also beauty or establish highlight a barrage highlights when beautification is done in order to get attention. Because a tower gets Your what? It's prominent and gets your attention.

00:25:35 --> 00:25:45

Tomorrow Jamelia is your only decorating yourself in order to garner attention. That's when you do that's that's literally why Jay do so. panela so that's the third one. So I did

00:25:47 --> 00:26:04

earlier and tomorrow. And then the fourth and the last one is actually homea Tanja helia hematol jamea to Julia is basically strong emotions, anger, excitement, you know, that is based on jaha

00:26:05 --> 00:26:07

when you feel strongly about something,

00:26:09 --> 00:26:20

but the thing you feel strongly about is not worthy of you feeling strongly about it. Let me give you an example. People can get into fights about Chelsea versus

00:26:22 --> 00:26:42

you know, Barcelona, fine, I don't even know. They can get into fights about it. They're ready to kill their mob breakouts. Cars are being burned because they lost a match. People are so aggravated emotionally, why? That's called Hemi Alia,

00:26:43 --> 00:26:51

excited emotions that are rooted in nothing that are rooted in nothing. How mutal janelia now nowadays is also racism.

00:26:52 --> 00:27:03

I commented before about the attitudes towards immigrants, for example, in many countries, these people look at what they've done. You sit, sit at home and drink beer all day and yell at these people who go to work.

00:27:05 --> 00:27:19

But you don't deserve you deserve this. I'm here to Jamelia. It takes many forms, but in any any kind of emotional attachment that you have. That is not based on reality. By the way Muslims are capable of hematology. helia two

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for Islam.

00:27:23 --> 00:27:31

It's crazy. It sounds crazy. You could have ammirato, Jamelia, you could have excited emotions, for the sake of Islam and it's still ignorant.

00:27:32 --> 00:27:54

It's still ignorant. We love our prophets lays on them. When our Prophet sly Salaam is insulted, it makes us angry. Absolutely does. But when that acts that anger makes us act in a way that has no restraint and our entire religion is restraint. And that anger makes us act that is completely devoid of the actual knowledge of how you should act. You just want to act.

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That's called Hermia to Jamelia.

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That's the quality of disbelievers. They have you have to have control over your emotions. So how can we Jamelia the decision making based on ignorance decision making based on no restraints? Then there's one Ninja helia assumptions made about whether or not you did your sacrifices were worth something then tomorrow Jamelia purification done for just absolutely ignorant reasons. No good reasons. And then finally, Hermia to jelly loyalties, emotions, aggravated emotions for things that don't deserve it for things that don't deserve it so halala Hermia is a good thing have metal jelly as a bad thing. One is a good thing. Blood no jelly is a bad thing. How good is a good thing how can

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we jelly is a bad thing to borrow is actually a good thing. Who Julia is a bad thing. We allows you to not make us people have a general idea and give us a better understanding of his book barakallahu li walakum wa salaamu Alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato

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Thanks for watching guys. I hope you benefited. I'd like to encourage you to actually embark on a comprehensive journey into the Quran. I've done a video translation and explanation of the entire Quran. It's called Quran uncovered a cover. I'd like you to check it on abena TV, just do a little bit of it every day and before you know it, you'll have gone through the entire quote in translation with me. Hope you can take part somebody

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