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The transcript discusses the origins and importance of the Prophet Muhammad and the importance of learning to be a leader and not just a whack-a-mole person. The segment also touches on the history of Islam, including the rise of Islam as a club and the use of armor as a symbol of success. The segment also touches on the struggles of police against the people of the city who were killing people and the importance of learning to be a leader and not just a whack-a-mole person. The segment also touches on the loss of family members and the importance of trusting leaders.

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen

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wa sallahu wa sallam robotic Elena Vienna Mohammed in Walla early he was happy he when I stood in the vicinity he Elijah me Dean love Melissa Allah Allah Masha Allah who Salah want to Jalan hasn't either shed Salah Allahumma or inadequately cover should kick, snare a birdie to keyable alameen.

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In this series of available Fred, it is the first introduction that we have seen to Rama, even on top of Raja Mohan. And, you know, in the books of shuru, there's very few commentaries to elegible Mu Fred, but under the title of armor, because they have the raw We are the robots generators, in a hadith that has a little few lines to say about them, Under Armour, said, There is no need to say anything about your armor. That's what it says in the book of commentary. And we've seen so far that we've mentioned every single companion so far, but for me, this is at one time you feel happy to hear such a nice time and then you feel sad, right? What am I going to get the information from? So

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this is what I was facing when I saw that. But actually, the reason is, is because there's not a single Muslim, I don't believe today who does not know about Amr who does not love Amr who for Amr is not a hero. And actually, you know, to try and work out his macom. You know, we've already gone into detail with the aluminum metallic, and we've seen what's a magnificent person he was, and if you wanted a conclusion, or one line summary, because to try and reduce everything, how is it possible to talk about remembering that you make CD sets of and writes volumes on? How can you bring him down into one session? It's impossible. So if you want to make one sentence, then you heard

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about Alabama toilet, so he was better than Ali evident the toilet palace. That's enough of a conclusion. And we've seen his macom he was second only to abubaker who have not covered but once you see who Abubakar is, and then you realize that he was second to him Ahmad was then you recognize her armor was, but we should try and find out some extra information. Why Because actually, we need the Baraka of his Vicar, to make Vicar okay of his Sierra is better for us to remind us of of his life story as a bear said, if you want to remember, if you want to remind yourself of justice, then make Zakat of Rama. If you want to remind yourself of Amr, and his system and his life and his

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characters in Mexico, his Sierra and you'll be remembering Allah subhanaw taala and even others just trying to say that one of the forms of the Quran Allah make remembrance of Allah is to make the cut of the life story of everyone hooked up. That's how perfect it is, as a story from beginning to end, it's Mubarak for us. And people like us, we need as much back as we can in these times. And why not? Why not? Wouldn't such a person be at this state instead at this kind of station when the purpose of life seldom said that they'll kind of embed it in a way if there was going to be a perfect after me like kinda I'm never gonna have thought it would have been our evidence for the law. And if there

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was going to be a profit as a Jeep statement, especially when you see Islam and always rulings and its belief system and how its protected and the statements of the prophets lie Selim warning the Jews and the Christians and the Muslims to not take people as as deities and so on, so on. And so we have such a subtle Dora any this blocking and closing the door to all this possible kind of

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hero worship, right. And yet here we have what is as close as possible a statement as you can tell, promoting hero worship of our if there was going to be a profit and there isn't. But if there was going to be a profit off to me, it would have been or might have been a hopped up. And that's why in some other innovations or the progress in life and limb, they say that there were some people who used to be more young people who had received this, this, this enhanced, okay, this kind of Divine Wisdom, not just the rasa, this intuition that certain believers and Alia have, but he had, he had this ferocity this intuition, this wisdom, but something extra, something extra, but not enough to

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make him a prophet. He was dealing with something else

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With someone extra special. And that's what you have to try and understand before we start, and who actually is going to hop up. When it comes to his life story, when you want to try and

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make a summary of who he was, he was a man who lived and died by the terrible law. He stood for it and he died for it. And he defended it to the hilt. And he was what we will call Alamo j to feasibility law. If you want to see the definition of the mujra, hit v Sevilla. Look at number one hottub. He was the one as the seller used to say, who would wake late at night, who would wake up late at night to pray to allow the people to sleep, he would be the one who would go hungry so that the people could eat. This is his system, his approach to life. Even our best said, more out of the line said he said that Abu Bakar he never wanted the dunya and aduna never wanted him. As for our

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club, the dunya wanted him. But he left the dunya he did not want it, his actions and everything that we see about him, his his demeanor and his approach to life. As we mentioned previously, before, as if we didn't have a care for the dunya. For him, it was not really important. What happens. It was the goal mcsa that he was trying to establish. And what's so amazing about this, as we'll see from some of the quotes of the companions, is that where did all this come from? Was he the first of the Muslims? No, was he from the keyboard? Oh, this oldest? No, was it the first time a kegerator? No. Was he in any extra way related to the progress and lifestyle? And no, if you look at

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his life story, who's from the Quran is one of the noble people of Quraysh one of their respected members. And, and the and actually, the story of becoming Muslim is a science in itself, right? There's so many different stories, you'll find them in children's books, and you'll find them very famously narrated amongst the Muslims. Okay, and the it's interesting to know that the majority of these

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these narrations are actually weak.

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specifically made weak by by mm hmm remember body but they're not an absolute weakness to totally discount and we can glean some useful information and I think the most the most common one that is known as the one which is narrated in isn't in its most complete sense, because there's many different variations and so on. As I said, the week a week narration in this most complete sense is that narrated by Hamlet, very happy in a delightful one of his books I want to is very famous books, and that was that he was on his way to actually kill the Prophet of Allah SLM. Why? Because he had been propaganda had common spread in in Mecca, and the equation the Qureshi leaders were asking, you

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know, people to find him and I'll give them so many 1000s that comes to whoever can find and get rid of this evil for us and so on. And in one narration, Tom said, Are you serious? You're going to give 1000 Durham's for the one who claims Mohammed Really? And they said, Yeah, well, I have this the Absolute Truth.

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And in that narration, he had a dream, and his dream this, he saw himself going to do that, but then he saw himself being prevented. There's so many different iterations about how he actually set off on this journey to try and find the processor to kill him. And in this narration, are very happy. He was going and he came across a companion by the name of North American Abdullah, who had just become Muslim recently. And he said, Yeah, where are you going? He said to me, I'm going to find this man, Mohammed and his people and so on, you know, what they've done, they've, they've cursed our gods, and they've ruined the corporation, they've split us up, and we are now there's no more unity, and,

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and so on and so on. They deserve to be, you know, very angry. And our anime said to him, he said to him that you're you're talking about Mohammed, and I'm going to do this, I'm going to do that. Why don't you start at home? Why don't you start with your brother in law? Why don't you look to your sister? And he's like, Well, my sister, my brother in law? And they said, Yeah, why don't you go and go to the house and see what's happening. So he was shocked and angry. And he was rushing to the house of his sister. And as he was approaching his house inside was politeama bins.

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Top, the, the sister of the American hot tub, and stay at the brother of a brother in law of Oregon, hottap and hubub Gianni De one of the major companions of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam who was teaching them Quran, teaching them Quran and as you know, in this generation, it was through a baja from a piece of paper. And as he was coming up to the house, and he heard the citation, and he said, as he's walking up, he said, What is this? And it wasn't in a praiseworthy sense. He goes, What is this jumble? Okay, I can't understand it. It being recycled doesn't make any sense. And what is it? They heard him coming, hubbub runs and hides. He knows this is trouble. He comes in. And you know,

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mayhem then ensues. He beats, say demons attacking him, the his, his sister tries to get in the way, and so on. He hits the sister, she falls, bleeds. He looks at her, feels obviously remorse for whatever I've done here. And then obviously now out of his anger to some kind of sanity, he you know, calms down. And then he says, what is it that you

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No actually was I forgot to say is that the page that we're reading from was being hidden underneath Fatima so it came out and fell down and she picked up What is this? And I let me read it and Fatima even in this state, even in this state because she became very upset and very angry. Yes, we have become Muslims. Yes, we have followed the deen of Allah and His Messenger, you know in defiance. Now that is Altis out. But you are not going to read this unless you purify yourself unless you make hosel. So I'm gonna cut off then made who said he didn't know what he was making whistle for but he said, Okay, how does this purify sentence read it? And he started to read. And he was shocked by

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what he read in this narration, okay. And then what happened is that hubbub then came out, he realized that hold on, this isn't as bad a situation as I thought. And so he came out, and he took the opportunity in this narration. He said, Yeah, come on, you know that you're right for this. And you know, this is good for you. All right. And I'm telling you now I'm gonna tell you something that yesterday I heard the prophets of Allah make, asking Allah to strengthen this Deen with you. So why don't you go and, and, and accept Islam. So I'm going to said, hadas, show me this, Mohammed, and I'm going to go and accept Islam. That's why that's what he said in this narration. And then we

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will, as it goes, as famously goes, he then went to the house near Safa, where the person was staying with his companions. And as a worker there and Hamza was there and so on, and a few other people and they heard and she was walking was twirling his sword, you know, like he does a big man strong man. And he was walking very confidently and so on. And they saw him coming in the door. And they were shocked and scared, oh, my goodness is coming What we're going to do what we're going to do, and here he's coming, walking down and and he comes up to the door and knocks on the door and so on. And then Hamza says very famous statement. He says, Let him in. If he is come for for hire, and

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then we will be then the best that one can possibly be with the guest. But if he comes for Sharon, if he comes for any evil or any fit, no one wants to mess around the world kill him with his own sword will kill him. This is Hamza. I don't see. And this is no, we're not talking about some little Hamza. Right. motala, the uncle of the professor licen level. So we just saw that he is Yeah, and it will kill you that so don't worry, let him in service.

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We analyze him and let him come in. No one knew what was going to happen. Very interesting in this narration. And then the personalized lm says that Yeah, yeah, but what brings you here and so on. And he then says that I've come to, to accept and unfollow the deen of Allah and His messenger and supposed to be a big loud tech deal. And the people of the house debate who were there, they also you know, became very happy and they knew that argument hotdog. Why were they happy? Why are they happy? Because of the dog which is narrated by Juan Bukhari. Aloma is in Islam. We have we have General julaine, la, Yanni Abuja, oh.

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And as the raw we said, what kind of boohooman la la he analyst counter Allah aroma top. He said that in front of this measure this was I sell him said about last strengthen and honor this religion with a with one of these two men, the most beloved of one of these two men here and who Yanni Abu Jahan, okay, the leader of the crush, and an American hottap, one of them. And as the raw we said that, and the most beloved to Allah from these two was our hot tub. So then here is where the Legacy The Legacy starts. And we have this, this development now of our as, as, as one of the leaders of Islam, I would have said, as the prophets lie Selim called him, he gave him this kunia after hafsa,

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who was the eldest child of the Prophet of Allah Todd, who, of course, married the prophets and life and limb as one of his beloved wives. And Faruk was a name that was given to him, as you all know,

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why he was the one who made it clear what was the hack, what was the boss and he was the one who defined what was good and what was bad. He was the one who, the oppressors, the oppressors in Rome, the criminals in Persia, the criminal Zionists, in Nigeria to the Arab in Arabian peninsula, he dealt with all of these people, all the criminals who are trying and enjoying the criminality and oppression and transgression they had seen the last day, because only hooked up when he had come an entity, Islam as of the live and Mr. Rhodes said, Yeah, and we have not, he said, we have not stopped being strong and mighty and honored the day that Allah hottub accepted Islam. And it was a

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turning points. Because then, as you as you see, for me now, his little development in Makkah, now he would have to move because the promise I sent him was now moving to Medina and the establishment of Islam was now about to get into process. And then the hijra was a very difficult thing to do for many, many of the Muslims, many Muslims find it very, very difficult and they hid their Islam. But as we saw with Hamza in the famous narration, with the other one kebab, likewise, it was it wasn't an issue. He still

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He went out he they said that he dressed up in his best dress in his best dress. And you have to understand the political situation the police are trying their very best, best threatening any single person who wants to try and go to Medina, because it's demeaning the state right is demeaning the authority of the courage. It's an insult, an affront to their religion to go against the one that they're opening the saying, This is the enemy. And so and you're saying that now I'm supporting him, and we're taking this and we're taken up people, so they weren't allowing that they were torturing people killing people. As you know the fitna and the time in Mecca was very difficult. But

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he said that he dressed up perfumed himself, he got his sword, discovered, he went out into the marketplace, he stood up, he pulled his sword out, did a few moves like that. He said, right. I'm going to, I'm going to turn Medina on the Hydra, who wants to who wants his mother to lose their son, who wants to make Jani orphans, who wants to make orphans? Anyone then come and stalk me? This was the way that he came out with this was his way. That's why I ended up

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at Abu Bakar. Well, I shall do Family Law, as opposed to make the other the Most Merciful. In this religion.

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With with the people is Abu Bakar and the most, I said, the most strict and the most hardcore when it comes to the deen of Allah and its system as a club. He was that kind of person that was Disturbia. That was his character. He was strong. He was fearless. He didn't have the Kenya, Kenya. Hoffmann, Loma tala, and he did not fear anyone he doesn't fit the blame of the blame, as is one thing about being scared of someone who is attacking you. What about those who are example just blaming you for things saying things about you? He didn't care about criticism of these people, he was what's important for him being totally enveloped him. And that is why he became such a figure in

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Islam. And more importantly than that such a figure for the Muslims at that time. What's the importance of the What is that? What do I mean by that? If I say someone is good, or he was a big scholar, then who am I really to say that right? Only real scholars, or people of a higher level can really say about another person that they are of a certain quality or have a certain level right, as you know that the people of the same level will be able to make this clear. So when people at the bottom saying he's a great scholar, I wouldn't know what a scholar is in the first place without being able to say he's a great scholar. But when these scholars themselves, they're leaders of the

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companions. So they used to say that he is the best, he is the most knowledgeable, then you realize you're dealing with a different kind of character. And so then we see his hijra with the to Medina, and his establishment of the professor lie seldom as his right hand man after Abubakar rhodiola Juan, and his status has been confirmed by the purpose of life and limb in so many different beautiful IDs, the one you, you know, you can just keep, when you talk about you look it up, you can divide it into sections, his characteristics, his statements, they're just pearls of wisdom, everything that he said before he took leadership, and then everything that he said, after he took

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leadership in terms of the laws and the lessons to be made, because he was ruling and he and his you know, he entered Palestine and he dealt with the Christians and dealt with the Jews, they dealt with enemies who attacked him, he dealt with the political issues and establishment of politics, of policies and social issues and so on. Everything there is then you have another category, what the purpose of the item said about armor, just a category by itself, and you find a hadith in the 1000s the progress of life seldom said in a hadith i was i was in Paradise, I saw myself in Paradise, and I saw a huge gold palace and I thought this must be for me so I said Who is this for? This is for

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our club. It's just for our medical club. So yeah, and you know, the proposal I sent them said that the data judge the people of high status, the people are highest. We'll look we'll look beneath them. Okay to the others, like the like as you now look at the stars in the sky, okay in the fall horizon, and know that Abubakar and armor off from them, and and a Muna and they and they are from the very best of them as well. The progress of life and limb said that it will Ali Raja lon. He said you should know that you know Abubakar and Amr, they are the they are the see then they are the to them. The two masters have an affiliate of the first and the last in paradise except for the

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prophets and messengers. Don't tell them don't tell them he's actually don't let them know. He's a professor in his, in his in his a hadith about establishing our armor as as as how important he was and what his macom it cannot be. It cannot be compared. Look at for example, the hadith of how many times has been promised paradise. And strangely, it was a top fill agenda, just a straight statement like that. And another narration he was with some companions and he said that hey comes a man and he's from Paradise, and the door would open an interview

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karamba and then you know the Hadees of the Ashtanga Shara. The 10 promised paradise. The purpose of life Sallam said a worker will gender wonderful gender was Macrophylla, gender value field gender worker halfhill gender was aware of his gender dorama even alpha Jenna

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Jenna, the 10 the blessing the superstars of this oma and the only an only after work can we find out more about

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his his position, his macom Look at his different characteristics. Look, I look at his different titles. They said. They said he is the one that the Quran agreed with. The scholars used to differ amongst themselves of how what is the best way to say this because it's a it sounds like a dodgy statement right to say that you know that our hot tub agreed with the Quran you might think hold on the Quran is the hook and so if someone agrees with it, we must all agree with it. Okay, let's try the other way around, then the Quran agrees with that sounds a bit dodgy, right? Because how can the Quran come and agree with the statement of a man but that is how the scholars you know, they knew it

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was quite simple it was that hakab said something and the Quran came down to affirm it. For example, the issue of the mahkamah Rahim the purpose of life seldom remember hottap said Wouldn't it be nice that Yanni we take this place of Ibrahim as a as a place of prayer, and then Allah subhanaw taala is required narrates and is really studied before revealed the ayah what definitely upon me Rahim masala and take the station of the Brahim as a place of prayer, it was revealed. And then in the other place, where the purpose of that were where Robocop said, Yeah, Rasulullah all these people are coming into your house now. Okay, all these evil people, facet people, dodgy people they're

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coming in, wouldn't it be good the idea that we ensure that the women in the house, your wives are covered and so on? And then Allah Subhana Allah revealed that if you had Navy, Navy, as well as the cover of Antarctica, one is I mean, say to all West, oh prophets of Allah, say to your wives and your daughters and then it's our meaning. And you they need Dandridge, Allah hindlimb Angelababy hinda Adena Okay, that that they should get from digilab the outer garments and cover themselves with a cover themselves with it, that is going to be easier for them and your resna fella you think that it will be they will become known as such, and that they will not become molested. McCann

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Allahu Allahu Rahim, Allah and Allah subhanaw. taala is all forgiving, Most Merciful. This is after he suggested. And then the when he found another occasion, when he found out that the purpose of life, the wives of the purpose of life, seldom that he was angry with them because of some of their actions. So he went to them. And he said to them, as you know, he said,

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What are you doing? And don't you think that the professor lies that Allah subhanaw taala will replace you with people better than you? Yeah. Who do you think you are? This is the Messenger of Allah. And then, you know, they got angry, they said to me, who do you think you are? Don't you think that the Messenger of Allah can tell us better than you? What are you trying to be? So then Allah subhanaw taala then reveals the ayah outside of sorrow onsala code, and you get a hieromonk code that may be that the Lord will come and he will, that he will make you divorce from them and replace you with better

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replace you is better. And this is not just the only case what about better, where the prophets lie, Selim was not sure what to do about the capital that they had taken from the court he had been killing all the Muslims whether to to run send them back to to the college or to have them to be to be killed. And Abubakar, as you know, they wanted them to be ransomed and so on top said evidence, not what they've done for the crimes, they must accept capital punishment. Absolutely. And, and the prophets lie Selim went with, you know, he made his decision on to ransom them. But Allah Subhana Allah reveals the ayah to prove that Elena hottub actually was more correct, that they should not

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have been ransom. And then for example, the prayer of, of the prophets of Allah sent him over away of the life of a saloon, the leader of the moon ascertain when he had died. And of course I sent him credit janessa over him wanted to pray janessa when

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you went to pray over him, the leader of the NFL team, the rest of the for the head of the disbelievers a deed of the hypocrites, you're going to pray over him and the Allah subhanaw taala reveals the I am making it impermissible to pray for them when I feel pain and for the Kufa This is the you know you are now you can you see now why are we still kind of in bed you know you can open up a hot tub if there was going to be our perfect after me. It would have been even a hot tub, Raja Mohan and you know, where do we stop? How far do we go his narrations he has to keep going and going his actions and his statements and the statements of the companions about him and his aura and His

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justice, as I said to about His justice, you know, his his love for justice made him absolutely devoted to God to Jihad itself. And you know what he said, The professionalize lm said when he was put on new generation decided that he put on

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like a new a new kind of rope and the process I'm so him

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He said this a little jaded on our legacy. Is this new? Or has it just been washed? And and he said, it's it's new. So he said to him, the same is true is God the way I mean, we're not sure he anywhere, it's a new and live a good happy life praiseworthy life and die as a martyr. And this martyrdom was always on his mind, the progress in life and love was on top of it, the amount of ahead, and they said that it was was kind of like shaking.

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And like little bits of tremor, and it was supposed to be still your head. On top of you now is a and who was with him, was a worker an hour early, and they were on top of him. And he said, and he said, Bs Be still. Yeah, on top of you now is a prophet and acidic and to martyrs. I referring to as man, and everyone hopped up and said, the worker, of course, and why, why can you see this a lot? This this, this connection, connection between our hubbub and Shahada. Why? Because of his love for justice, because what is jihad, but to establish justice, and we see the Prophet sallallaahu see the professor that I send them, he never left the side of the prophets, I send them in better and in and

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in 100 in alpha, and the VR is one and in her name, all the battles, and in so many more after the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Where does one go? When you look at the companions of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam This is, as I said before, the best way to understand the macom of a person, the best way to understand and appreciate them is to look to see what his peers say about him. When they said that, you know, if someone says about you, the best of people says that the answer is Islam for us was that it was an opening for us. And his hedgerow for us was innocent. It was a victory for us, it was an aide for us, and his his his wilaya was added in Atlanta and his

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leadership itself, his taking over was an establishment of justice or mercy in itself. For us. This is the only the components themselves speaking rajala and he said about he said about honorable Hata. He said, Allah Muna Billa he was the most knowledgeable and who's ever investigated, by the way, we've covered it, but most of them live in one of the favelas, okay, in the early chapters of a double roof, right? Not a small finger, the *ery of the of the Sahaba, one of the major scholars of the Sahaba what he is saying, the most knowledgeable of us in terms of Allah will occur on Africa tabula the most versed in reciting the book of Allah, the Most versed in reciting the book of Allah.

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And the most journey as headford dunya the most any ascetic any know doesn't care a little bits about the dunya. It's not just like me, and you just making up claims, and talking about making up claims. This is a really good a great way to live when Mr. Hurd said, you know, if you take their element of armor, and you put it into a scale, and you put the end of every single other person on the face of this earth, He said,

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okay, in the reason, it will not outweigh the armor.

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Now, listen to this is one of the great tab you're in. Right now, hearing this statement, took it to one of the great Kibar tap in Abraham. And one of the Imams are one of the features of, of Abu hanifa on the line. And you know what he said to him, he said that, you know, a great encounter of this statement, he goes, come on, this is now you look, he's great, man, but you're getting a bit carried away here now. Right? And this is a bit of exaggeration, by you, and Abraham. And he said, he said, and exactly what do you have a problem with in this statement? For one law, he of the labor minister told me something even greater than that with an authentic Senate. He said that the I

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believe that lm is divided into 10 parts, and nine tenths of it passed away the day that 11 cutoff dates and you're telling me about January weighing and this stuff, whatever I'm telling you this. Yeah, you know, it's, it's a beautiful statement, when you see the major key botamo had the same discussing amongst themselves and trying to make eco things which do not seem impossible, because everyone has a frame of reference and trying to understand and appreciate what can be true or can be true. And you're putting your place like that. And you can see the you know, the the respect that the companions you see, you earn respect, you can't buy respect and force respected. Elder mahatama

00:29:20--> 00:29:51

was seen as a hero, not just by the Muslims, not just by his companions, not just by, you know the people around him, but the people who hear about some of the non Muslims and non Muslim kings and so that respect him so much. They couldn't believe that this was the amount of money and how much respect and love that he commanded by by his companions for him. And you know, what he used to speak but had been should have, he said that, you know, we use and couldn't, couldn't have had that we should we should discuss amongst ourselves the way because a statement chronologically, it means that when we're sitting down and just chilling out and just chatting amongst ourselves, we say you

00:29:51--> 00:29:59

know what, we need to speak. Actually, it was an angel speaking for him. Because we can't understand that these kind of statements can come from a man that you are a listener.

00:30:00--> 00:30:40

While at that point in his tongue is actually an angel saying all these statements, otherwise it can't be possible. And they have a haber for him, you know, they had this, they had this, or because of his presence, he had an aura, he had this kind of, you know, like a buzz around them that they couldn't overcome. And as he, he earned that money, not just for how strong and strict he was. And there's no doubt about that. The professor told him that, you know, that shaytan when he sees you along the path, he takes the other path, he takes the other path, he doesn't want to cross your path and saying, okay, that, you know, I mean, you know, what's up, I don't deserve that. And it's always

00:30:40--> 00:31:14

the only shocked about white people talking about why they think I'm just in the scheme. I'm just always putting himself down, always putting yourself down. But once we know, the one who puts himself down is the one who only rises amongst the eyes of the people, the one who recognizes that he is low, he really is the good one and the high one and the best of them. The one he became the leader with unanimity and when they when they saw what he gave them on what his position was, it was so clear he was born to be a leader yet he disliked leadership yet he would not allow people to take any this kind of position without understanding the responsibilities of knowledge and leadership.

00:31:14--> 00:31:53

That's why I said the anatomical branch so I need the the Learn before you become a leader learn before you become a person who's put into responsibility there's some great fit in this statement you want to talk about the fit of all his statements themselves are just huge and deep. Because once you become a leader, then responsibilities don't allow you to go back and learn and study he said that it was one of the LMR and explaining the the wisdom behind it said that when you start to learn so when you start to lead then that person for example if you become a Cardenas is so true Subhanallah you want to talk about social anthropology of Muslims. This is so true. If you become a

00:31:53--> 00:32:27

you know a big figure in society become a party you become a Mufti all right for the government or become the chief or whatever whatnot Can you imagine that person then go back and then sit back in his place that he used to be in the circle under his normal teacher where they would normally you know, discuss and learn whatever No, that's it once you become and tasted that then how can you the big lady and go back and sit and so on and study like you used to do it just a couple of days back? How can you go and and of course how can you implement and advise other people to do what you yourself are not fully understood? This is our point and in our Islam an alpha everyone wants to

00:32:27--> 00:33:03

speak ever wants to talk ever wants to say and do and we know this we know that? You know even amber said about him in terms of learning Quran and learning Quran is something that we do and for example myself I've done sutural Baqarah with our teacher and we took it in semi kind of detail took us about three years to cover and our group of people I don't think any one of them maybe one or two actually memorized it or learn to do or remember what what we actually did in them three years. Okay. few other people might give a bit more other people they learn the Quran as if it's like some kind of exam textbook right? Bang, bang, bang just learn something and then I say don't know

00:33:03--> 00:33:44

anything about it. So on half an hour said that, that everyone caught up learn sootel bacara in 12 years. And after 12 years once he had learned certain Baccarat he sacrificed the camel big party because he knew that he knew how much he had taken what he had achieved from this action of learning certain Bukhara so when we I read you hit someone I've learned sort of Baccarat notes of zero Quran. You know, I read that study the test urine Quran, it does really, you know, you just need to bring yourself back into reality, you know, let's just put bring ourselves back down here. What do you exactly mean by I know, the Quran, oh, I learned the Quran and so on, and so on. And, as is very

00:33:44--> 00:34:25

difficult, I won't I won't try and pretend it is easy to talk about Dharma Actually, it's not easy to talk about. It's not easy to condense quality. You can't condense quality, how can you condense something which is not meant to be condensed? How can you try to push it down? What do you decide to leave out what decide to include and so on and so on his companions around him, they used to have so much respect of him have been our best idea and said about him, said in integration, there was one thing I wanted to ask her about. And I spent a whole year my testimony in senate and I stayed with him for an entire year. And I could not sum up the courage to ask him. And then I thought this is

00:34:25--> 00:34:59

now getting a bit you know, this is getting crazy. So he went on ahead, so I went on Hajj with him. And then after, you know, I found him on a path and for a good moment, I went up to him and I summed up my courage I said to him, right, I like to ask and this is narrated by Ron Bukhari, in his in the chapter of tafsir. And I wanted to ask him, Who was it that that angered the professor license them so much in the Quran out of his wife's? I told him it was I shall have sir. And you know, they never ever said him, you know, something. I've waited the whole year to ask this question. I just couldn't get myself round. I just couldn't. I couldn't do it. I got very angry he said, Japan will talk to

00:34:59--> 00:35:00


00:35:00--> 00:35:35

About just ask me. And if I know I will tell you and if I don't know, then then you know that, you know, sorry about that. But this was what the people around him, he had this Hey, but he had this aura, they used to say, a man that a man would come to ask him for his need, come see him totally forget the need, go back home, gotta realize, what did I go out for in the first place? Right? Well, we'll forget that because that's not happening. And that was his system. He had he himself always tried to make himself you know, down, he would walk amongst the markets, and he would walk out and close and people wouldn't realize it was him and asking about the people asking about the neighbors

00:35:35--> 00:36:08

and hiding his face and asking so that people wouldn't be, you know, he was away, they wouldn't be scared of him, they wouldn't be whatever, so that they can be honest with him. You know, are you being treated? Right? Are you getting your food? Are you getting your money? and so on, so on. So they could give him a real kind of answer as opposed to but you know, when someone has that natural position, what can you do? And if a classic narration is the hedgehog hjem is the one who does copying, right? Okay, you know what copying is when you take the blood from the bad blood effectively from the skin using a process of making little marks and then sucking up the the the

00:36:08--> 00:36:20

congealed blood, what he what he did is that he was there in this kind of place. You can you can, I suppose you could give it the example of modern day barbershop, right, and the barber shaving someone, right, of course, but always build on that and imagine trying to shave.

00:36:21--> 00:36:51

So you know, he was giving him a Yama, right. And he's had these cups on him. And suddenly all mocked up, he coughed by say coughed, and the thing was a bit wrong. And it literally took a cut a little bit. That didn't make anything. But this, this, this had john, he absolutely got so terrified as the raw he says, narrated Yanni in the web, I remember the heavy he wet himself. So he was, so he worked himself, can you imagine? I mean, you know, you put yourself in a position and you've just cut a mirror.

00:36:53--> 00:37:30

And you realize that what had happened? You know, you didn't even thought about that. But then they said, and he realized, hold on, something's going on here. And he looked and he ties with himself. So he then said, I have to now give this guy 40 am I any as like a kind of a compensation for me, he put the compensation upon himself, there's no compensation for making something right themselves, and because you have to get the view. But he did that. Because he, you know, this is our, you know, his whole life full of just beautiful anecdotes and stories. And, and, and, you know, it's your swim in his era, really, you will, and when that's the same with all the mountains of Islam, actually,

00:37:30--> 00:38:13

the Muslims today are so lucky. Just Yeah, need for us to be able to read about our alarm about our novella about our great people, our noble people, it is an honor for us, as an editor for the Muslims today to be connected to our hot tub with that which he said that we couldn't. We were we used to be a delete, we used to be an humiliates people, then Allah, Allah then enabled us with Islam. Okay, and that's what we have become, who are we accept me for our Islam? What are we except for our Dean? And this is what Tom spent his entire life to show and prove and establish, and his arm and his action, something that we see and we just marvel at. And of course, every

00:38:15--> 00:38:58

every beautiful story has to of course, come to an end in his life story, you know, indeed has an end. And when it comes to as we said, Shahada, he made a DA in and it's narrated in the Sahara of Buhari as well, where he said, Yeah, Allah, what is it gonna be Shahada he severely Can you give me the Shahada in your way? Give me martyrdom in your part, but make me die in the ballot over a sulochana make me die make me die in Deland of your messenger. And what's happened? What's happened is as you as you probably will be aware of, in his final days, he was becoming old and weak anyway. And he was leading the salon, select refriger in the masjid. And as the man even after all, he says,

00:38:58--> 00:39:32

he went forward to to leave the salon, and he went and checked the rose as the as the cellophane. So how we used to do, go through the rows, check them, straighten them, make sure the gaps are closed. Okay. And he said this, though, that's what they said, We heard so and then he started and he started reciting suits the use of also denial, he wasn't sure. And there's a real reason why he wasn't sure the events that were to follow have an incredible nature. So he started reciting suits of USA for now. And the reason of course, is because as we said, so that the more people would be able to, you know, to follow along surah so that more people can make it to the masjid, that's as

00:39:32--> 00:39:59

soon as the policy send them in those kinds of prayers to allow people to come and get that okay to start the first record longer than the second. So he started and during the recitation, they had attacked via Allahu Akbar. catellani I heard the tech really said he has killed me, and then an organization. He has eaten me I'll kill keleti the dog has eaten me. And the first the first the first roll. The other hand he narrates, he said we saw this journey this person from agile

00:40:00--> 00:40:43

This criminal from a gym, he had stopped about. And then he went into a frenzy. Because of the stabbing him the companions, they firmed. The only day they strengthen their line to not allow him to mistake to escape. And as they, as he tried to escape, they couldn't go, he can go left, he couldn't go right. So he started smashing out. And in his slashing out, he attacked 15 people seven died, just at that time, not a single person broke. Let's look at the Salah. If you remember at the beginning of this book, how many sessions ago about the importance of Salah, and how we consider what Salah is and what there is to consider what's allowed us and he killed seven people and until

00:40:43--> 00:41:18

one of them then just jumped on him. And as you realize that now he's not going to mistake, he cut his own throat and he and he died an hour. And at the back, they said that the lions they didn't know what was going on a trifle mystery, they didn't enter on the edges of the machine. They didn't realize what was going on. Or they realized they couldn't hear the voice of our anymore. And our semi conscious state, he he goes to the first line and grabs up management health by the hand, and it pulls him forward. And you know, to finish the prayer to finish the prayer. I mean, just think about this display these events out as if it was happening in front of you. I don't know that I've

00:41:18--> 00:41:20

done it. But I often pray they're very quick

00:41:21--> 00:41:46

to to the second record, and they finished and he was there any bleeding and semi conscious. And then he became unconscious, they took him home. And then he was very ill for, you know, the next period of time. And then he came into consciousness out of consciousness. And they tried to feed him and they say they said no to us. And other than the kivar. They said that we needed to give him juice and milk. And he used to whip out of his wounds

00:41:47--> 00:42:23

that it literally started to pour from and that's how badly he was cut up. And he was on his deathbed there was no doubt about that. And the companions recognize that. And they said of the lab and Mr. Wood said that the the reason the grief that hit Medina at that time had not been experienced since the time of the process and that the grief and the crying that afflicted the people was something which could not be an imagined. And everyone and they say that everyone would go and meet people in the street. they would they would look at each other they said lovers, lovers, it's okay, no problem. This is the whole and people just strangers in the industry would meet each

00:42:23--> 00:43:02

other and just say that to each other just to console console one another. And then he regained consciousness and the best in the race that he said, then he did they pray that they pray and he wasn't now with it. He asked now, you know about this law, which happened days earlier? Have they prayed it conducted? Did they finish the prayer? They sit down they prayed he said that the anila Islamic development article Salah, there is no Islam for the one who leaves the prayer. There is no Islam for the one who lives prayer. Then in his state, he just he you when people are in this kind of when people are of a different level of priorities in their mind. When these people themselves,

00:43:02--> 00:43:40

they don't see life like we see life and what's important. They there are a different level for them. You know the reality changes. He in in his book he asked for the words to be made up and he made oboe and he prayed in his in his in his condition. And then he weakened considerably. And then then I believe and Omar was the was the one who's in letting few people and and one boy and just look at the way about one boy comes in. And you know people are crying. Can you imagine a situation like that? And this boy comes in? He says yeah, I mean, I'm sure Billa that you only have glad tidings Allah, Allah has given you grant hiding under the law. Yeah, Allah is happy with you, as he

00:43:40--> 00:44:13

says in the Quran, and be happy that you had the companionship of the Messenger of Allah and be happy that you have done in Islam what you have done. I don't know how he stayed silent. And then he walked off he walked he walked out of the room. Yeah. And he you know, he's done his he's paid his respects. And the the as he's walking out his his like, soap is dragging along amongst the along the floor. And so he said to his companions, bring that young boy back in this state. And the boy comes back and he says, lift your elbow up clearly phobic What

00:44:14--> 00:44:52

is your soul because it is better for your soul. And it is any more pure for you more taqwa for you with your with your Lord Allah, Allah. In his death throes he is seeing and trying to establish the deen of Allah. I should feel like a family like Rama as the Prophet slice of them said. And then as he realized this was the last time for his was a year for his last testament and he gave a testament to the people and he advised him to fit a line to look after the poor and to respect and honor the inside and the more hygiene and the early elders. And he commanded them to follow the leader who had been appointed by the dimensionless. And then he grabbed he he grabbed the hand of a bullet and

00:44:52--> 00:44:59

armor and asked him to hold him and he had his head in his lap in his head. And he said to him, put my head

00:45:00--> 00:45:42

The floor, rabbits on the floor. And he said that Johnny, Allah have mercy upon this face, rubbing it in floor, have mercy upon this face. And then he said to me, he said to him, said to him, look at my debts, and see what you can get from my estate and pay it, and what you can't get from my estate, then you try and pay and what you can't get yourself in for my family, and what you can't get from my family, then from the court, ah, from the tribe, make sure that it is dealt with. And I've done like I said, I will. Then he said, I have one final thing. I want you to go to Ayesha. And I want you to say to Ayesha, that that armor gives you Salaam and don't say Amir minion, because now I am

00:45:42--> 00:46:07

not a minimum of minimum and say to her, please give me permission to be laid next to her last lesson. And then available our went to Asia. And he went in upon Asia, and she was crying. She was crying. Because the whole city was crying. Actually, it was the only a moment of disaster for the nation. And during her tears, he said to her so Mia Coleman, our says Salaam Aleykum. And she said while a solemn,

00:46:08--> 00:46:13

he said that I have come to seek permission for her to be placed next to his beloved.

00:46:14--> 00:46:32

And I started to cry more in the lab and Amber said, why what's wrong. And he said that this place I had reserved for myself, I had reserved a spinal place next to my husband, and next to my father. But he is more deserving of this place than I am.

00:46:33--> 00:46:45

And then he went back to Oregon hottub. And he knocked on the door. And he went in and around hotdog said to the one who's next and who's the person who's come because you know, he couldn't tell anymore. And he said, it's your son of the lab. And

00:46:46--> 00:46:51

so then he walked in, and he took him by the hand. And he was in the last moments. And he said to him,

00:46:53--> 00:46:58

he said to him that I have good news for your father. He said What is that, he said, You will be buried next to the one that you love.

00:46:59--> 00:47:11

And that's the ending is the end he passed away, or the law and, and the grief and the prison and the stress and the difficulty at that time had not been met Max's definite purpose in life.

00:47:12--> 00:47:49

And you know, it is something no doubt very, very depressing. But journey through this distress and the sadness that we see, you know, going back to the care of our people and our alignment, and are great people. It's an emotional roller coaster, you will laugh and you will be amazed and you will cry and you'll be amazed and you'll be you'll be ashamed. Because you look at them. And you say and you will look at them and look at us now look at our lives and look at you know how they used to live and it starts to put things into perspective. But that's good because you know, we need that. That's why I lost pounds. Allah brings people like this in our oma so that we can see and reach out

00:47:49--> 00:48:27

and touch them, feel them, relate to them and understand them and then follow them to be less enemy and baddie, the professor lysozyme said as his dying message, follow the two who will come after me. I will baklava follow them, emulate them, copy them and everything. They are my religion. And this is why the people are reason these are why the people are produced for us in Islam for us to reach out and to follow. And is there anyone greater than that? And we don't have any more time actually to do the headaches but at least we've seen a little glimpse and I really I mean it's a little glimpse into the life of everyone hyped up about your life rather not lost parents either. Give him

00:48:27--> 00:48:35

gentle fellows and giving him the highest makaan I mean, yeah, I mean, was the panic along behind the the shadow line to establish a local law firm or to public