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swindler, Rahim al hamdu lillahi wa steinhorn estava Pharaoh when I was realizing asurion fusina Mr. Molina, Maria de la hufa Mandala when your little fella Haji Allah wa Chateau La ilaha illAllah hula hula Sheree Kala watch how do I know Mohammed Abu Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam while he was earning he was happy he went to seminary soon he he Elijah Medina moabites oc comb Dr. Abdullah what is a cola as our gel for Ramadan Allah azza wa jal Futaba he back I will let him initiate on the regime for god yeah you Hello Xena amla Taka la cucaracha he wallet mo tuna illa Anta Muslim moon yeah yohanna suta Cora formula de la comida wahida wahala come in has Oh jaha Baba Semin humare

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gel and K 01 is a WhatsApp Allah Allah de Luna Viva La in Nova con la Kumara Kiba. Bok Allah tala Johan Latina de la wa kulu Colin says EDA. Akuma aliquam whatever. filicudi Nova comme la hora Sula. sakata faza falls on alima

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we're calling the Vina sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in St. Paul hadiza Bala

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Mohammed in sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Mashallah Mashallah Masha Allah Masha Sachin betta wakulla VEDA, Allah Allah, Allah, Allah Allah to infinity. So mama guides

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My dear brothers and sisters,

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we begin by praising Allah subhanaw taala and we see we send the Peace and blessings of Allah upon his final 17 messenger Mohammed, the son of Abdullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Allah subhanaw taala says instruct him. Yeah, you Hello, Xena, Harmon ruku and fusa comb. Li Kumara.

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He says oh you who believe therefore addressing the Muslims directly, and therefore as the seller would say, when the statement of me know of those who have believed, ie the Muslims is mentioned, then all of the Muslims should pick up in their hearing and listen carefully.

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Alice palatinus is who protect yourself Save yourselves for Sakuma Lee calm and your family's from a fire a blazing hellfire.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in the authentic Hades colloquium, Orion, will colloquium newcomers roll on Android at that all of us, every single one of you, every single one of you, male and female leader and normal is a shepherd. And every single one of you will be asked about your flock, you will be held responsible, you will be questioned about those people who are under you. So as the head is then goes on, if you are deleted, then you will be questioned about your subjects and how you look after them and what's happened to them. And if you are the father, then you will be a question that asked about those in your house. And if you are the wife, then you

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will be questioned about how you looked after the house. That means there is the of the husband, in his absence and so on.

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And I want to today focus

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on one of the common things between this ayah and this Hadees. And that is the importance of looking after our family. Because as someone who is responsible for this Masjid, they are nice. I get to see when I'm outside and I get to hear when I'm inside, about the problems of our families, and in particular our youth.

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And it has turned that the masjid which is a place which has only ever in history when a place that people go to worship Allah that's what is for a place of such the masjid in the Arabic means the place where such that is done, which is to prostrate to Allah subhanaw taala. And to make a better there in our times has taken on a new role and a very important role but a new role because it's never ever been known as anything else in history. It was never a school or a social center or a center to deal with people's problems. No, because the Muslim Empire was strong and more as it was honored than it was

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Respected, and it was wealthy, and it was disciplined. And it followed the sooner of is messenger of the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the Empire was organized, and it had people to deal with the problems. And it had social workers and it had networking centers, and it had facilities for everyone to be dealt with. And the masjid was only ever used for the people to come, and to get isolation for a small period of time, and worship Allah subhanaw taala. But today, that's not the case, especially in a non Muslim countries, the masjid has been burdened. And this is the correct word, burdened with all of the problems of society, of the Muslims of society, and even

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more. So now for the non Muslims, on all their problems, their cover, the most domestic has to deal with that now, as well. It has to do now with the interface and the calling of them to Islam, because we are not organized enough to establish centers for that we're not organized enough to establish our organizations for that. So we have to deal with that as well.

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And this is not a point of complaining, but it's a point for you to think and reflect about should the must, should be burden so much, or should the people take the burden? Because in this ayah and in this heading, does it say that every Masjid would be meserole muscle under it? And does it say oh Masjid save yourself and your family from the Hellfire? No, it does not. And the only reason that it has been burdened with this is because people are very good at shifting burden from themselves. And people have forgotten, especially the parents, and especially the Father. And this is who I want to focus on which in the Muslim family structure, it is unheard of, or very rare, at least for there to

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be single parent families. It is very rare for a woman to believe in by herself. Rare happens, but it's rare. But it's the reality in our normal couple families, because the husband is like as if he was absent. And so therefore the families have turned into one parent families, because the fathers have not stood up and not dealt with the responsibility of tarbiyah for their children, and our children and our youth are going to destruction, they are being destroyed in front of our eyes. And we will be held responsible for that. And as a pathetic, attempt pathetic attempts to try and fix this problem, we try and throw the youth to the masjid or to the madrasa as we call it a couple of

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hours after school after school every day, in some magic attempt to try and rectify the spiritual condition of our families and children. And this is not the fault of the child at that age. And it is not the fault of the master to try and resolve it. The message is there for lean,

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lean and not tarbiyah. Anti Lee means to teach. We go to the madrasa and again, as I said before the message never, ever taught the children. Never, when you go look it back in Islamic history, you will see that the massages were used only for the Salah, and for the specific circles of advanced knowledge by the scholars. But the modalities that those places wish to teach the children the basics of

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the basic of of Arabic of sin. Now of course, this was separate madrasa.

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And this is what the masjid has now become a place where the parents would push the children hoping for tarbiyah. And therapy as a very important concept, my dear brothers and sisters that every single Muslim should go away from in this hotbed today and recognize that they have to stand by tarbiyah comes from the Arabic word of raba. And it means to cultivate and to bring up a means to culture, it means to take time of something with love and time. And that the final result is that model is that result which has been looked after and nurtured. And that's why the word robot in Arabic is used to work for plants. And for projects which are taken care of from the beginning until

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it is finally completed. This is tarbiyah you've always heard in the in in Arabic and in ordinary language therapy at tarbiat tarbiat. Understand what it means it requires time and requires the involvement and requires the presence of almora be the one who is going to give that tarbiyah and this is not done in msgid this is not done by the Malian because all the miralem the teacher can do is to give taleem just pass on knowledge by passing the knowledge is like putting data into a child's head. If the child does not understand the system and the other of the system and does not know how to behave, then what will that what will that knowledge? What difference would it make to

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that child? How is it possible that parents are complaining about the lack of youth activities and the lack of programs for their 14 1516 year old children? When for the first 10 years they have neglected their childhood completely? What miracle are they expecting to a child

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Who has no interest in Islam and its sciences and its system and is adapt that suddenly at 11 and 12. And onward into the teenage years, it just suddenly men going to be some incredible transformation. What is this oma thinking of, and this is a wake up call for all parents, that the absence from their children, and they're making the dounia, first in front of them, choosing their work over their family, choosing the dunya over their family, choosing money and position and employment over their family, choosing their own desires, wanting to do something for their own selves, as opposed to spending time with the family. This prioritization will lead to the

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destruction of the youth of our community. Because no matter what the massage you do, no matter how many volunteers give up their time, and that's what they do. They're volunteers to try and provide services from the masjid, whether sports activities or other activities in a desperate attempt to try and save your children.

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They can only do so much their hands are tied, because it requires the parental involvement from the beginning. It requires their love and their attention. And the reason is not done is because it's not easy. Children don't have the same IQ as you. And they're not as interesting to be around with as you and they are irritating. That's because they're children. They are annoying, because they're children. But the reward when you do it correctly, is something that you will benefit from. And this is a very important point. Allah subhanaw taala commands it and makes an obligation to enforce it. coonara It's an obligation, you will be held responsible if you don't do it. So you have been

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commanded to do whether you like it or not. But the bonus of this point is that it's actually us that need to do this as well for our own benefit. Despite the fact that we are being forced to do it by Allah, we get the benefit, because we are all sinners by our nature, collodion Adam hapa, all of the son of Adam are people who make mistakes, they are sinners will hire hapa in a boon, but the were the best of those who make mistakes of those who turn back to Allah, Who turned back to Allah making repentance and turn it back to Allah means realizing means realizing that we have to make that change ourselves that we have to put that effort in with our children, we have to give them our

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time. And you will see that the way that our society is dealing with this problem is absolutely incorrect. You will see that the way that the government is dealing with this problem and the problem is of materialism. And the problem is keeping up with the Joneses. And the problem is beating everyone else. This is a problem which is affecting everyone never affected the Muslims traditionally, but now it is because we are part of the society. So therefore the decadent society is that the people are being encouraged to work more and more. And the expense of things is forcing the people to work more and more, both parents. And so therefore the tax relief that comes on having

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childcare and the credit and you can get his health and increase. The idea of getting the women and the parents out away from their children or putting the children in the hands of those people who do not have a vested interest in the education or upbringing is a is a is an epidemic in our society. And the Muslims have now become of that same level. And how do these people how do they try and make it up to the children when they see them? You see that when they spend those few hours with them in the evening when they come back from work. And they've come back from the child minder, a child's too tight, it goes to sleep on the weekend, they'll go out presidents and presidents are given more

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and more presidents because they feel guilty. Everyone Muslim, non Muslim feels guilty when they can't spend time with your children. And presidents are not going to fix it. And this is the Muslim mentality as well. Taking about two special places making them enjoy this, take them to this film, take them to that fare, take them to this amusement park because you feel guilty because you're not spending time with them. This is your answer. This is your solution. They don't need this presence of gifts, they need your presence, not presence, your presence they need you there. This is what Allah requires from you. This is what tarbiyah is, Serbia is not impossible without your presence

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being there. This is not the last part Allah once and we are not going to be able to solve the problems that we have. By just lifting our hands and making dry and hoping for a miracle. This is not going to be the responsibility of the machine. No You have to help the machines. You have to get involved if the machine you have to ensure that your children are prioritizing those things which are lost power Tyler wants him to prioritize. So help the machine and calm and if you don't know what to do, don't cocoon yourself in your house and just let things as big just just go by and continue bringing your children to mosque and then taking them back home in the evening. Having no

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idea what they've learned what they do and so on.

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And I will say and I'll end this first part with this point.

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It doesn't matter how much hope and how much faith you put in other people teaching your children. It doesn't matter. But if you do not set the example, you as the single figure

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They look up to most and respect and love and they do not see that coming from you. They will always know that whatever this thing they have been taught is second best, you must be must be second best. If it's not good enough My father was not good enough. My mother was the point of this bed and this scarf if my mother doesn't wear it, and my father doesn't what's the point of reading this book? When my parents never pick it up? What's Why are wasting my time for they're doing great. They're enjoying themselves. We live in a nice house, we're enjoying life. So why should I bother doing what is backwoods stuff, she will be held accountable. While I have no doubt, we will all be held

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accountable by this continue this continual boycotting of Islam in our own personal lives and in the lives of our children. This is a reminder for myself, foremost as someone who have children, and as someone who has responsibility to my community. And it's a reminder to all of us, those who have brothers and sisters, those who have children themselves, and those who are involved with the children of others. give them time. give them time now when they're young, because to try and pull them back afterwards is very, very difficult. Nate impossible. wakulla had the stuff Ronnie welcome when he said muslimeen

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillah Allahu Allah.

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Wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah. Woman while I will abide

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by my dear brothers and sisters,

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just to focus on one aspect of the problem of our youth. And I'm not talking the use of the world, I'll just make it easier, I'll make it the youth of Manchester, the youth of chido, or the youth of just generally our our larger area here.

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You will have heard, for example, of the recent BMP campaign

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against Islam, using a picture of a heroin addict who died whilst taking heroin, with the needle still stuck in her arm. And she's on the floor in an incredibly emotional picture. And you will have seen the news about that because the BMP then use that that picture without permission from the parents of that child, or that or that youth. And then put the the title, that this is what Islam has caused in our country, blaming the Muslims of course, because of the drug trade, and so on and so on. And as as usual, their their usual the normal voices for for the Muslims started to respond and saying this is ridiculous, and Muslims have nothing to do with this. And Islam has nothing to do

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with it. Understand that outcry and outrage was shown. But the Muslims here have missed the point. The Muslims here have missed the point because general Joe Bloggs doesn't care about everything else and the stories they just look towards in their community, and what's in our community, I have no doubt about it, that the Muslims have totally taken over the running and the supplying of drugs. And she should know very well about that. Because cheedo has families from those people who have been supplying drugs in long side and in Cheatham Hill for years and years, and they have been moving on to guns and moving on to greater forms of organized crime.

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This is something which is a wake up call to the Muslim who looks deeper than the base headline. This is something that we need to think about. We can leave the complaining about Islam under attack Islam under attack to those who will defend it. Even the parents of this girl, they said that we refuse and they are taking the BMP to court and they're saying we want nothing to do with with this with we're not racist, and we want nothing to do to BMP. So they'll do the job for you. They've been ridiculed by the press that but the Muslims should focus on the reality which is affecting them, which is the our community our blessing community is responsible for a large amount of the drug

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taking in this community, Muslims and non Muslims. What are the parents going to do about that? How are the parents going to live with themselves when they over the last five or 10 years have been seeing these children which they know they have not been going to school, they've been going to university or college, but they're going away and earning good money and coming home with cars and clothes and so on, so on and turning a blind eye.

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This is the way that they wanted to bring up their children. This is what they wanted to become make of our community.

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My brothers and sisters This is what we as Muslims, in all of our positions face. This is the challenge that we need to deal with. And every single person has a responsibility. Although I am complaining that the masjid cannot handle it because it can't. It was not built to deal with all of these social problems without the help of the community. But we are we we will say that we are working flat out to try and devise ways and ideas and concepts to try and bring our youth back under control to try and give them something but I'm telling you one lucky that we are on the backfoot when the parents

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themselves are not investing time when the children are young. This is something that you must understand. And if you don't have children, then be scared because we're lying. having children in our time is a huge difficulty and a huge responsibility if you do not do it correctly. So we need to stand together. We need to recognize each of our own responsibilities just as the Heidi says, could look home. Ryan didn't say that differentiating between the woman and the one who has children. I'm not sure no, all of us is a shepherd. And all of us will be held responsible for that who is under him?

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We ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us in this battle. A lot of marriages in Islam are well Muslim in Allahumma eyes and Islam and Muslim in a Muslim in Africa Kenya but I mean, Allah Masha Allah Subhana Allah Masha, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah.

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Allah Allah mean robina Tina cydonia hasta la fille de Hasina, working either but not, Ronaldo. lambdin fusina ye lambda of Elena. Elena coonan ma la casa de