Wisdom for why we raise our hands in Salah

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As soon as the servant begins, Allahu Akbar, when he says Allahu Akbar can raise when a person raises his hand to pray, you know, just like if you are arrested what they're supposed to do, he puts his hand up, he surrenders. The now you're surrendering to your Creator. Before you begin your so that you've already known the greatness of Allah subhanho wa Taala. What a lot of social deserves from you, this hand movement here, it's not just any kind of hand movement, we got no idea where it came from. This when you raise your hand, to your ears, or to your shoulders, it's two things. Number one, that as you raised them into what you're supposed to be acknowledging at this moment, is

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that you've surrendered to the greatness of Allah subhana wa Tada, you surrendered to Allah subhana wa tada slaughtering command. And this is one of the forms that you've surrendered for, which is uphold your practice. This time, you raised your hand and you said, Oh, blah, blah, quote, and you began your salon. The other meaning for it is that as you begin into this, this movement here, symbolizes that you threw the old life behind you, you threw everything that distracted you everything that was in front of you, of all of the matters of this life, you grabbed them all you pick them up, and you threw them behind your back. And you said, Oh, love what love is greater greed

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than any distraction in life, greed at my work, that would have distracted me from a lot greener than my wealth, breeders, that my children, greed or that anything that you're doing that you're preoccupied in life, this is the head movement, Allahu Akbar, and you begin with Islam, a lot of social he chose Allahu Akbar, he chose for it to be the word that is repeated for that. How many times is repeated it runs for more than 30 times during the interview? If you looked at the vicar, if you looked at a vicar, the greatest and the most recurring thinker on the tongue of mankind is at that wheel more than anything else. at that period of solid, how many times do we say it in an event

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that is in the form of the finish of solid?

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work about 33 times before you sleep, you're supposed to say like about 33 times 34 times a technique is everywhere. Yanni at pretty much at the end of the day, without you realizing you've said a lot but more than three 400 times there's a lot of work about it that when you say you've said it 400 times in the day.

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It means meaning hasn't penetrated the heart yet. If you did penetrate the heart, then you're supposed to live a love like about Allah is greater than everything.