Why is Death a calamity

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What is death? Death basically it means that your record of good deeds has come to an end. It's closed, except what goodness that would carry on into your grave after your death. But the primary understanding Marysol Allahu alayhi wa sallam you says either met up to Adam in copper Amato, that when the son of Adam dies, his good deeds his ability to do good deeds closes shots. This is why in the Quran, when a law describes death, he described it as muesli bar. For our sorbet, Kumasi battle note, he described it as a calamity. You know, the word mostly bad comes

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in different forms. But the only one thing that a lot describes exactly as being a masiva is death. For a sorbet, Kumasi battle don't a lot described death as a calamity. Why? Because the record, the book of good deeds is called

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the dead person, he doesn't have a night to get up and breathe during the dead person, he doesn't have a day in which he can files. The dead person doesn't have the ability to carry out his ideas and function so that he looks into the plan and reads his ideas and functions so that he can look up into the sky and see so

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his tongue doesn't function. He cannot say Alhamdulillah the word one Alhamdulillah would fill the entire scale and Hungary let them know that they did pass and can't do that anymore. You see why it's almost lever. The ability is gone. That's it. He has no more legs. They don't function. He cannot walk to the house of Allah and he cannot perform a pull off around the corner finish the abilities at all. This is the message that the dead want to send to us. Didn't think you still have time on Earth. You still have some time whatever it is it's all good. Any time you have on earth is good time any time is good time. invested properly and understand what kind of these were in

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support of local law he we don't know. We don't understand what is the feeling of a person that can no longer see a stone.

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What is the feeling of such people that can no longer see a stone fruit alone?

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These these were all good deeds for the dead. Time's up