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The upcoming month of dash is crucial for individuals to stick to their spirituality and develop good habits inside and outside the country. Development of good habits and acceptance from others is crucial for achieving acceptance in Islam. Representatives and acceptance are essential for healthy behavior.

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in hamdulillah nama do minister in homeless the funeral when Billa had been through Rudy and fusina Amin say, Medina Mejia de la who further medulla who are my youth little further Hajela

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why shadow Allah Allah Allah Allah Allahu la sharika why shadow annum Hamedan Abdul Hora su salatu salam, who are they? About Allah Hiya. kulula isodiol vikita Bill Karim Bader Villa Amina shaytani R rajim. Yeah, you have to talk to Allah Hapa Takata who ultimo tuna Illa onto the moon Okada to Allah you had NASA tokoto Baku Mala the Halacha Kumi Nuptse Wahida wahala caminho Jaha wallbeds Semi nomadic Jana and Garfield on when he would talk hula hula de Luna be well on hum in Allah Ghana, La Cumbre Teva Okada Allah you have to talk Hula, hula Kulu COVID and said either useless la mala Commonwealth

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or Miyota Allah wa Sudha HuFa forgot the first of those and I'll leave my bad.

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All praises due to Allah we seek His guidance and his forgiveness that we seek refuge and Allah from the evil of ourselves and the whispering of our desires, whom Allah guides no one can misguide. And whom he allows to be misled. No one can guide and I bear witness that there is nothing worthy of worship except Allah alone, having no partners and that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is his slave and His messenger and his perfect worshiper. Allah Subhana Allah says in the Quran, oh you believe fear Allah as he deserves to be feared and do not die except in the state of Islam. And Allah says, Oh, mankind Fear your Lord who created you from a single soul they're produced from that

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soul it's made and made from their combination many men and women so feel your Lord whom you ask each other by and by the ties of kinship, verily, Allah is Ever Watchful over you. And Allah says, Oh, you who believe fear Allah and say that which is correct, he will correct for you your deeds and forgive you your sins. And whoever obeys Allah and His Messenger, then they are indeed victorious, as to proceed.

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The month of Ramadan has come and gone.

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And it is a month in which the prophets of Allah Allah who ascended them had said that whoever is prevented from it's good, is truly at a loss. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had said avviene as he was ascending the member, and when the companions or when the prophets Allah they sent them informed the Companions as to why he was saying I mean three times.

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He mentioned that Gibreel na Salam had said that whoever experiences the month of Ramadan and through that is not forgiven May Allah Subhana Allah distance that individual in the province of Allah this intimate said I mean,

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indicating the incredible goodness about Ramadan Allah the alot that Ramadan comes with but I wanted to share in this brief hopefully Inshallah, to Allah number of things that a person can do after Ramadan,

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the province that Allah Allah has sent them in the famous Hadith that's reported by Muslim Sofia and even Abdul

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Come to Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam and he said yeah rasool Allah put a leaf in Islamic colon last Allah and who I hadn't bothered. He said O Messenger of Allah tells me something

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that I will not have to ask anybody about after you regarding Islam regarding this Deen telling me something of the religion after which I won't have to ask anybody else give me something that I can hold on to

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after which I won't need any further advice give me something that is absolutely final. And so the province of Allah Allah and send them who was given to me I'll kill him who had been given concise, comprehensive speech, the province Hello Elijah send them then gives him two statements.

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He says coil are meant to be law. So Mr. K,

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the Prophet sallallahu sallam said to him, say I believe in Allah,

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and then be steadfast.

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And then hold on to it. Commit to it. And you see this notion of steadfastness being the greatest formula, the greatest ingredient for success both in the deen and in the dunya. And so the Prophet sallallahu said it is telling him to hold on, and we see infused even at the end of Ramadan, we see this notion of steadfastness and recommitment and continuation of deeds, even before the month ends. And so,

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on the day of eat, you are told to give sadaqa and that it is a purification for your fast, even though we give so much sulfur in Ramadan. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was described by even Abbas in Al Bukhari as being Edward minerale Musa that he was more generous than the wind and Ramadan, and we give and we give, and we give in the last 10 nights, and we give on the 27th night and we give seeking Leila to cuddle.

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And then as a combination for that month, and we're you exhausted your self, in worship and in spending, you're told to give one last time indicating to us that even on the first day of show what you give.

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And then you're told even though you just fasted for 30 days, you are told to fast some more. And so Whoever fasts in Chawan, or man, Sama Ramadan, whoever fast the month of Ramadan and then follows it with six days of show what kind of NAMA sama da it's as if they fasted for the entire year. And so Allah subhanho wa Taala could have legislated six days in they'll pay the Allah subhanaw taala could have legislated six days and Muhammad Allah could have legislated six days of Allah could have legislated those six days at any point in time. But he made them immediately after Ramadan to indicate to us that once you finish, your job is not over. Allah says for either forever the fun sub

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a lot of big affair of Allah says to the province level it is them that when you've exhausted yourself in the day, then stand up in the night and pray.

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Allah also says why Boudreaux butterhead day I typically attain Allah says worship your Lord until certainty comes to you. Our job does not finish in Ramadan, but rather we continue Ramadan is this incredible training period.

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And nobody trains to then not use the skill set that they developed. We lament at our work at our companies, if you get signed up for trading and it's for a skill set that you're not going to use you consider that a waste of time you consider that a mismanagement of resources it's very frustrating you consider that to be of the of the lack of lack of capacity and the and the competence of your manager or of your organization that keeps signing you up for trainings that you're not going to use. Ramadan is this incredible training ground and Allah Allah subhana wa Tada is not going to obligate on you a trading that is not going to be useful for you. But it becomes on

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us whether or not it is a training that we are going to continue to extend after Ramadan. And so the fast continues and more important than all of that is the Dacor that continues

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that we continue to exercise Taqwa outside of Ramadan, that we learn to develop and I'm not going to say as we did in Ramadan because Ramadan by in and of itself is a season of goodness. You're not going to be at the same level outside of Ramadan like you were inside of Ramadan. It's not gonna happen. Some people they really get disappointed.

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They self sabotage themselves because they feel like you know what, I'm not able to continue to do all of the things that I was doing at the level that I was doing outside of Ramadan that I was doing inside Ramadan. And that was never that was never going to be the case.

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For data wearable Jana

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the prophets Allah Allah they sent him says that when Ramadan comes the gates of heaven are open and the gates of hellfire close will feel that the shouty and devils are logged Ramadan is you playing the game of life on easy the game of Ibadan easy it's going to go back to medium and it's going to go back to heart. You're not supposed to be able to do everything that you were doing in Ramadan outside of Rama

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than otherwise there would be no meaning for Ramadan itself. But the goal is that you develop habits inside Ramadan, that you can still continue to implement outside of Ramadan, even if it's not at the same level. So of the manifestations of an accepted Ramadan is that a person is able to continue to do good work. And so they're able to continue to pray a little bit of gamelan, even if they're not going to be designating two hours of their night every day for taraweeh that they pray their witted every night.

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That they read some Quran every day, even though they may not necessarily be reading the Quran from cover to cover in a month, even though they may not necessarily be able to read five pages a day, but they read something from the book of Allah everyday, they still keep a daily devotional they keep up with it, that they fast, even if they're not able to fast, consecutively that they picked days, Monday and Thursday, even if they're the three white days that they continue to develop those habits that they developed in Ramadan, that they continue to monitor their speech just like the province little Elijah is setting them told us that millennia Dakota Zulu and I'm gonna behave that

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whoever doesn't leave for speech and false actions Allah Subhana Allah Allah has no need for them leaving their food in their drink to recognize that the prophets of Allah Allah has sent him also said thank you, let's go

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to him Okada Allah would you live in LA Encina to him that the only thing that causes what else will cause people to enter into their faces on the in the Hellfire other than what their tongues have harvested. And so guarding this tongue outside of Ramadan, that a person doesn't go back to a name and then leave and backbiting and all of these types of vices that are so destructive,

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to a person's deen and to a person's after that a person as best as they can continue to practice the habits that they develop that Ramadan, that training period in Ramadan, even if it's not going to be with the same intensity even if it's going to not going to be with the same level. Number two, the second is to ask Allah for acceptance, to ask Allah for acceptance. That person continues to ask Allah for acceptance, something beautiful from the setup, not just the set of the righteous even in the Quran, that they used to ask Allah Subhana Allah for the acceptance of their deeds even as they're offering these deeds. And so

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the wife of Iran she says love being an adult to like a mafia but learning how to love on for Taco Bell, meaning in the kinds of semi variety. She offers her child in the service of investors and clan she says, My Lord, I have offered you what I have

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in your service. So except for me.

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And before her her ancestors, she's the mother of Mary but her ancestors Ibrahim and Ismail are building the Kaaba. And as they are building the Kaaba by the command of Allah to prophets of Allah. What are they saying? What they're saying, but I've been at Taco Bell Mina in the country Samuel, saying our Lord except from us. And so the seller they used to ask Allah to accept from them their actions that Ramadan six months after Ramadan had passed. And so continuing to ask ALLAH SubhanA data for acceptance and to be more concerned with the action being accepted than the greatness of the action itself. And so I'm more concerned with asking Allah to accept for me Ramadan than

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worrying about

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whether I perfected my fast or whether I perfected my damaged nail or whether I experienced the other or not that I accept that ALLAH SubhanA data except from me, and even Omar Abdullah and he said, If I knew that Allah accepted one action from me, it would be more beloved to me than anything else. All I need is one because ALLAH SubhanA diatas says in nametable, Allahu Allah subhana dal only accepts from the people of Taqwa. And so being concerned about the extension of goodness outside of Ramadan, and be concerned about asking Allah subhanaw taala to accept from us the little that we do in Ramadan, hakuna Massey, Metro Mr Shula who were looking for stuck Pharaoh in Allah for

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hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah while it was so happy send me sympathy a lot of the beautiful habits that we developed in Ramadan, as well

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beyond the spiritual

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which is also an extension for us because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said could look Amara and we could look at Ramadan has this beautiful sweetness I know from the outside looking in a lot of our you know the the non Muslims around us they see it as something incredibly difficult. You're just no food, no water, no drinking for, you know, from sunrise to sunset or from dawn to sunset for 30 days. But for us, for many of us, not most of us. The spiritual nourishment, the ability to see our family every single day.

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For the first time in the year, maybe this is the time when everybody gathers together, Everybody's hungry at the same time. Everybody sits and we're able to come

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Fact, these beautiful habits should not then be completely forgotten outside of Ramadan.

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It used to be dinner was a sacred time in the American family, everybody would get together for dinner the entire family would get together and obviously that's disappeared in the 90s with TV dinners and things of that nature, but committing with your family to once a week, or once a month, or whatever a person can do, that we're able to get together and break bread together and have a meal together and have conversations with together, have conversations together. And lastly, the final thing that I'll mention is showing gratitude to Allah Subhana Allah data at the experience of Ramadan. I didn't need you ever or the law who was told by the prophets Allah Allah, they said

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there's something incredibly powerful he said, Oh my I love you. So do not forget to say, after every Salah Allahumma and yeah, and I think Rekha will show critico his name.

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Oh Allah. Allow me to remember you.

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Or assist me. assist me in remembering you are in need. I think Erica will Sugarbaker and thanking you and worshiping you beautifully. showing gratitude to Allah Subhana Allah is a key to the continuation of good deeds.

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Because Allah subhanaw taala says, Rob buco in Chicago, last either Nico, Allah says, if your Allah says your Lord has declared in Surah T Brahim, that if you are grateful, I will increase you.

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If you are grateful, I will increase you and so if I show gratitude to Allah subhanaw taala for experiencing the month of Ramadan, for the acts of worship that I was able to do for what I was able to experience of spiritual blessings and Ramadan, Allah subhanaw taala will replace me with more.

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If you show gratitude to Allah, Allah who will increase you so how do I show gratitude to Allah subhana wa Tada for experiencing Ramadan

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I show gratitude by not carrying myself like I didn't just experience it.

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That I make sure that that experience of pm and sadaqa and and DUA and everything that I requested from Allah subhanaw taala that that manifests in the way that I carry myself forward.

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That I respond to this gift that Allah has experienced because you you heard you heard everybody asking Allah subhanaw taala for more Ramadan's, and allow us to experience more Ramadan Zweden health and goodness with our families, a beautiful supplication.

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But that we carry ourselves.

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asking Allah Subhana Allah for those blessings, that we carry ourselves by showing gratitude for the blessing that we just experienced. And so these four things briefly, that a person as best as they can, that they tried to continue to increase their acts of worship, that they don't neglect and completely give up all of the acts of worship and the habits that they developed in Ramadan, that they asked Allah subhanaw taala for assistance, that they show gratitude to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, and that they ask Allah Subhana Allah for acceptance, these four things we ask Allah Subhana dadds Except from us our fasting and our charity, we ask Allah to accept from us our prayer and to

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accept from us and that Allah Subhana Allah Allah allow us to experience many Ramadan's in the future with health and wellness that and faith with our families and to grant us paradise and will bring us close to their actions and speech and to protect us from the Hellfire will bring us close to it of actions and speech. Allahu Menez Erica general McCullough bury him and call him when only becoming a narrow market Rabelais. I'm calling Aloha, methylcobalamin, RCM and Altium and our kuleana was to do then also the cartina are manufacturing out of the army Allahumma Hamilton and malted Muslimeen washery Madonna, Martha Muslim and Robin Houma come out of bed. Celia Robert

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hemangioma come out of bed and Sylvia Allahumma sort of Muslim enormous ly phenom and kubina frequently Maka, Aloma Surah one enough is seen by Phil hint or Philistine wasa elaborated Muslim and Allahumma Kula one in FE Afghanistan. Allahu Allah. Allah let me narrow Zakia Karim La Ilaha illa Allah Subhana inocula manabadi mean Allahu mineka for iPhone creamed Hibbeler for five Anna lomenick iPhone to hit with alpha alpha. So Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah