Abu Bakr Zoud – Who is the worst person on the day of Arafah

Abu Bakr Zoud
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a situation where a woman named Nila remindeds a man named Jesus about his past and his faith in Islam. Jesus suggests that Nila's faith may bring him into the realm of Islam, but the woman denies this and argues that his past should not be associated with Islam.
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Bow Bow MK Rahim Allah He said, I came to authority severe the authority. These are two great orlimar from among Asenath. He said I've never well, like you said I came to Sofia thoroughly on the day of alpha while he was kneeling and crying. When Mubarak he looked at him. And he asked him, Who is the worst person today?

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On the day of alpha who is the worst person?

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So he answered and he said, The one who assumes that Allah will not forgive him, Allahu Akbar, Allah. The worst person on the day of alpha is the person who assumes Allah will not forgive him. And you know what that means? That means alongside your DUA on the Day of Arafah, you must assume good of Allah. Think good of Allah. Don't sit there thinking all negative about Allah, and that, I doubt Allah who forgive me, I doubt Allah who will make my life easier. However we learn such a person is the worst person on the day of alpha.

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So that means the best person on the day of alpha is the one who alongside his daughter

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has good faith in Allah. Good assumption of Allah. Yes. Be if Allah Allah is going to give it Forgive my sins. Be if Allah Allah is going to free us from the hellfire. Yes. Now I will believe there has to be certain of this. And then he still has an element of fee in him that Allah may reject Him.

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And that fee then is so it can balance you out, so you don't become arrogant. Otherwise, if Nila Bismillah that's the ending of the believer that he enters the paradise that Allah frees him from the fire, no matter what your past was.

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