Who does Allah ﷻ open His hand for?

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He said in the La

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Jolla who believe Alonzo Hill, he extends his hand. He opens his hand in the night. For who? Who does he open it for? Gani. When you first read this hadith?

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You understand from it now, this is a big point of generosity of Allah. Allah is extending his hand to a type of people

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who believe for who you are and I would assume for the one who's standing and praying the Knights, for the woman who fasted that day, he opens his he's handling the ledger for the head. This is what I would assume. Wrong. Listen to the Hadith in Allah hiab supaya who belaid Allah has had his open at night for who Leah to bamboo see you know how una

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so that the one who engaged in continuous sim during the day may ask for Tova was hand is open for that person, mu C and the hell the word boo see doesn't mean someone that just committed a signal to during the day. It means someone who was busy in the cinema mode to the point where he got bought.

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Heaven musi smsfs infantil Yani he was musi from the time he opened his eye, until the night how dirty such a person

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will come on the left is for this person, Benjamin for someone else, that that spent his entire day reading the Word of Allah, praying so that in general

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fasting the entire day, what kind of generosity with the law so we shall bestow upon such a person. And opposite is also true to be some of them continued in that Howdy, where Supriya de

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la socially opens his head during the day, for who? LEAH to the Museu lady, for the one who didn't leave a second of the night, except that he disobey the law in a more he's opening his hand for him during the day.

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So that he can make it over so I can accept this job.

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If anything, this hobby teaches you one thing, God only loves

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the generosity of Allah subhanho wa Taala that no matter what kind of situation you're in, a lot of social is ready to accept, except from the servants of Allah who are dying.