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Mohammed Mana
AI: Summary © The transcript describes distractions between Tina Amanita Polanco and Omar, as well as a woman named Tina and a man named Omar in a certain situation. The distractions involve finding out who is Tina and how she was related to her. The heart and breathing are emphasized as important characteristics for achieving good deeds, as well as upcoming events and programs. The importance of writing down actions and mistakes on cards and not including them in writing is emphasized, as well as the need for strong breathing and strength to win against diseases and achieve good deeds. The segment ends with a promise to provide more information.
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In Alhamdulillah

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monastery in one is still futile who want to study

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when I wrote will be lucky me surely am fusina woman ctrm Elena, Mei de la hudaydah fellow mobila woman yokley Fela de la

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Ilaha hula Sri Cara

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Mohammed Abu Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sahbihi wa seldom at the Sleeman kathira

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Johan levena am an otaku long Hakata party Hirata Mouton

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Muslim moon yohanna sutopo Bakula, the Huracan nfcu.

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Best amin humare jarron keffi on manisa but

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I don't want to be here or hand in number How can I help

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you Hello, Tina Amanita Polanco aku sadita usili Kumar mela como de la Koo Baku. Woman you play learn how Rasulullah hufa differs or frozen alima We begin by thanking and praising Allah subhanahu wa taala.

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We seek His help we seek His guidance we seek his aid We seek refuge in Him from the evil around us and from the evil within ourselves and from the evil consequences of our poor choices. And we bear witness that there's absolutely no one and nothing worthy of worship except Allah subhanho wa Taala exclusively alone. And we bear witness that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is his last and final messenger.

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Allah subhana wa tada in many places in the Quran, commanded and reminded us to renew our tupple of him

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and of the fruits of tequila is that Allah subhana wa tada will save those who have Taqwa What are you in a G love we're living in a tapa will be Mufasa team. La Yama, Su Su, Allah says those that have Taqwa will be saved, and no harm or evil will afflict them.

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But in order for a person to have Taqwa,

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they must have a sound heart.

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They must have a clean heart.

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And the prophets of Allah hardier Salaam alluded to this prerequisite and this fact in the Hadeeth, when he said, shoulder surgery here he is salatu salam as he was pointing to his heart, and he said a topo una. A taqwa una taqwa Hakuna

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pointing towards his heart. And the prophets of Allah He recently

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gave us a clear example of what happens when a person's heart is devout of taqwa, void of taqwa.

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Perhaps the image the external image may be pleasing or impressive.

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But the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said there has to be married in menasha.

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And you're Muslim. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in this Arabic phrase,

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it is sufficient.

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It is enough for a person to collect evil and show

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if they were to only do this one thing and what was it to despise, to belittle to put down their Muslim brother?

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If that was the only thing they did, they would have gotten enough evil to destroy themselves.

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The prophets of Allah Azza wa sallam was sitting with the companions one day

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and this is a hadith narrated in the book of Muslim Imam Ahmed. There is much discussion amongst the scholars about the authenticity of it but the vast majority have graded a sound

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on the authority of innocent nomadic he says we are sitting with the prophets of Allah Allah He was a lamp.

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And he directed our attention to the entrance of the masjid and he said,

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that a man will enter upon you. And he is of the dwellers of gentlemen. This is someone who will be in general.

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So naturally, the attention of the companions turned to see exactly who this person will be.

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And a man entered and his name is not mentioned in the narration because that's not important.

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But a man entered and he was not someone famous. It was not a boubakeur. It was not Romo. It was not Earth man. It was not only it was not, it was not massage. It was not any of the famous companions that we hear of we don't know what his name was, but we know who he was not.

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They said the water was dripping from his beard from the window. So he had a beard the companions had beards, and he came inside the masjid. He performed his salah and then he left and that was the end of that

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day too.

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companions are sitting with the profits of arsenal. And again, he says a man will enter upon you, and he is of the dwellers of gender. And lo and behold, it's the same guy again.

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day three, the professor Lim says the same thing again. And they look and it's the same guy. And they don't know anything special about him.

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So one of the companions followed him of the live blog now. So the law when he was young at the time, he said, Man, I gotta find out what's so special about this guy.

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And so he follows him.

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And he came to him, he said,

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I've had a dispute with my father.

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And the result of which is that I am not allowed to speak to him for three days, there was an oath, and I'm not going to speak to him for three days. So can you give me a residence? Can you give me shelter in your house? Can I stayed with you? For three days and three nights so that I don't break my oath?

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And he said, Sure, welcome. Come on in.

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And so I'm delighted now I'm gonna stayed with this man for three days and three nights.

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Observing his actions, what's he gonna do? He's going to be printed out all night.

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He's going to open up the stash of gold and give a massive amount of sadaqa. He'll be fasting the next day. There's something really amazing that he does. What is it? And so our beloved Omar says, I watch him all night, waiting for him to get up and quit the emulator.

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And the guy is not waking up.

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And who except Abdullah notice is that when he flips from side to side, he would murder Lola. So he's making some viktoras. He's flipping from one side to another in his bed, but he's sleeping. Nothing. I'm Elaine.

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So then he was like, okay, it's almost time he's gonna get up and have school because he'll be fasting tomorrow.

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sleeps all the way till the

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next day, the same thing. The next night, okay, maybe day one, he was a little bit tired. The next night, the next day, the same thing. And the third day, the third night, the same thing. So when that third day came, and it was time for Abdullah to leave, he was disappointed.

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He came to this man, this companion, he said, you know,

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what I said happened between me and my father. That didn't happen. Now, the scholars, they commented on this, and they said, our beloved mammal did not lie. But he spoke in a vague manner so that it would be interpreted as that call with his father happened at that time, but it actually happened much earlier before.

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He says, that didn't happen. You know, all I wanted to do is I wanted to live with you and see you in your most private moments. Because the prophet SAW Selim said, a man will enter and he is from the people of Jenna, and you walked in three days in a row. So I wanted to see what you got going on.

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And the man said, Whatever you've seen, this is what I do. I'm not hiding anything.

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So Abdullah turned around to leave. And as he walked away, the man called him back.

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He called Abdullah back again.

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And he said it again, he said, You know, there's nothing except from that what you have seen me do, Hira, viola and Neela. Enough Celia, the million Muslim in addition

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to a hardener, Allah Hayden, bajo la jolla.

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He's the only thing that I can think of

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is that I make sure that there is nothing in my heart towards any other Muslim in terms of deceit or trickery, or cheating. And I don't envy any human being for any goodness that Allah has given them.

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No has it.

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So Abdullah Nirmala responded.

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He said, Have you been led to believe that

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what he ality led to Bach said, This is what got you to that place that the prophets of Allah horario Selim said, this is how you earn Jenna. And this is something that can't be achieved. This is a tough one.

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If you had told him pray all night, and fast all day, maybe you can push yourself maybe you can get some stamina, some energy and push yourself. But this is not actions of the limbs

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that we're talking about here. But this is from the category of actions as the scholars say,

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the actions of the heart. The heart has feelings, and it has actions as well, though,

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if we were to do a little survey here,

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if we were to pass around cards, just to us over here, let's not go outside of our messages,

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pass out cards, and write down on this card.

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Right down

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What comes to your mind from all of your mistakes and your sins and your poor choices and the crimes you've committed? Write all that down anonymously. Don't put your name

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write all that down. Don't worry, we're not gonna do the exercise. But imagine

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if we were to do that

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probably most cards will have written on it What?

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I miss Sala. I don't pray. You know, there was like this week less than a Milan I was just like, I don't want to fast.

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I stole some money. I did this. I committed Xena had an illicit relationship with the opposite gender that I was supposed to have. We think about all of these sins and these poor choices and these mistakes, how many cards do you think we'll have written on them? I don't have to work upon Allah. I don't have hope in Allah. I am not loving for the sake of Allah and heating for the sake of Allah.

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I have backbiting, envy, this hatred in my heart for somebody else, how many of the cards you think will have that written on it? My assumption is very few If none at all, because our imagination is always going towards these tangible physical actions. But we have forgotten about the actions of the heart.

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And they are difficult. They require a lot of strength, and perseverance and practice. And that's why a lot of naramata here said that to park. This one is difficult, and it can be achieved. But what he means here is that this one requires a lot of strength and that is why the reward for it was so great. This was not a famous companion. We don't hear about him in any amazing battle.

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But he is a person that the pulse is seldom witnessed that he will be from the people of Jenna. pyramidal kulu the actions of the heart who already had our stuff it'll already what are commonly cited in Muslim equilibrium been first of Pharaoh, repent to Allah He is the most forgiving, Most Merciful

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wa salatu salam ala Milena via burdah Allahumma salli ala Sayyidina Muhammad in arboricola. Sweetie, can they be me you Allah Allah, He will be here seldom at the Sleeman kathira Mr. Barrett.

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The only people that will enter agenda are the people that come to Alonso panel to Allah with sound hearts. Allah Subhana Allah said in the Quran, yo Malayan federal marijuana noon, Illinois and attala hubby Calvin Saleem, on that day when no one's wealth, or no one's progeny, the size of your tribe, the storage size of your crew, the amount of wealth you come to allow with is not what's going to benefit on that day. That's not what the currency of that day is. That's not how you purchase the commodity of Allah on that day. But how Illuminati Allah Have you been selling him, the ones who will be saved are the ones who come to Allah subhana wa Taala. With a sound heart as this

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companion that we have been reflecting over his story said that he did not have any Polish any trickery, any deceit, any cheating any ill feelings towards any Muslim or hazard. Hazard envy, this disease that eats away the popsicle and said it eats away from the good deeds the way fire eats away at wood, just destroys it. This was the first sin ever committed in the heavens and the earth hazard of a police. This was the sin that separated between the children of Adam, this was the disease that caused Calvin and Hobbes to fight until one killed the other. This was the disease that prevented Abu Jamal from entering into Islam. How many families have been torn apart because of has said, How

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many relationships came to an end because of envy, how much money was lost how much blood was spilled?

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Because the hearts couldn't get over hatred and negativity towards one another.

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And that's why when this companion was able to overcome that, and purify himself of it, he didn't get up at night to break the arm and he didn't fast all day, but he was of the people of Jenna.

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Now, that's not to say that getting up at night to pray and fasting in the day is something we shouldn't belittle.

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These are virtuous acts of worship that we should do. But you and I, most of us are not getting up every night praying. And most of us are not fasting everyday. Let's be real with one another, at the very least, and not at the very least. But very importantly, we can make sure that we come to a lot with a sound heart. With a clean heart you can win Selim sound not afflicted with any of these diseases. How can we do so the proper

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Longer it was seldom said in a hadith Saracen. Now you will know

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that there are three characteristics that if a Muslim were to embody them, their heart would be protected. This is an extra fortress and extra protection from him. Rael is any ill negative disease are feeling in the heart. Allah says the people that enter gender when as an AMA feel so duty him in him, before people enter gender, any ill feelings will be removed from the heart. There's no negative emotions or bad feelings and gentlemen, that's one of the greatest blessings in gender May Allah unite us all there.

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What are these three things? One is very obvious. And the other two, perhaps you might not have expected them. First the prophets that along or it was seldom said la sala de la

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to be sincere in your actions towards Allah subhana wa tada meaning that when we are doing any type of action or good deed or a budget, we are not seeking reward or praise or pleasure of anyone or from anyone except Allah subhanho wa Taala

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in nanopore, Mo, como de la la la, la vida shockula, the believers when they did an act of kindness, they said, We do not want from you any reward or praise. We are doing this for the sake of Allah.

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That's number one. And number two, the prophets that alohar it was seldom said,

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When news through the immaterial muslimin

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and sincere advice, sincere encouragement of good and forbidding of evil towards leaders amongst the Muslims. And again, our imagination.

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Our thoughts will automatically go towards leaders in very high positions, leaders of state leaders of big organizations. And although that applies, and that falls under this meaning, leadership trickles down even to the smallest level. Every single one of us here has some amount of authority and some amount of leadership. Henceforth, we are all deserving of advice from one another.

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And the third, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, well, the zoo genetti him

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and to stick with the community of Muslims.

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If the Muslims are commanding one another for good,

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reminding one another to stay away from evil and sticking together, the prophet SAW Selim says this is a protection from * from ill feelings to enter your heart, somebody that you have envy towards, you're not gonna advise them to do any good. It doesn't happen. Those two can exist in one heart at the same time.

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So the prophets I send them is giving us actions to do preemptively to protect our hearts from ill feelings from from any type of negativity especially has an envy towards other believers. May Allah subhanho wa Taala purify our hearts and our actions. May Allah subhana wa tada as he has gathered us here in his house, together as in the highest levels of agenda. Brothers and sisters, we want to remind you that tonight we have our usual weekly family Friday night program that starts after Isha prayer is at 730. And the topic will be Islamic perspectives on people with special needs. We will have our very own Imam Sheikh Mohammed for be with that presentation. And also be reminded that cru

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has is preparing to begin the winter quarter and there are classes that are going to be offered in the Arabic language in the prophets in the Bible and wisdoms of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. Each one of these is a separate course. And you can sign up and get more information at the table that they have set up for you at the lobby so please pay them a visit and get more information on how you can benefit in shallow Terada along with Shimano muslimeen while hammy lahoma Melton omoton muslimeen Ola Kia those amongst us that are sick. Oh ALLAH forgive those amongst us that have passed away. Oh Allah unite the Muslims upon truth long obediently how the mighty mo Masha eyes up to par

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where you

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where you call up Kalamata La Ilaha Illa de la metalla him along Marisa Islam Allah Muslim in early before to recap carry material happy with them once or

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equally McCann, one sort of magical Mujahideen African American, by the law, no law when it

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comes to the Quran was called law the managerial korakuen remember Allah subhanho wa Taala who mentioned you wish guru Murthy near me, he, he is it can be grateful to Allah, He will increase you but a little lie about the remembrance of Allah is the Greatest. Allahu Allah matters naran Allah is fully aware of what you do.

Jumuah Khutbah By Sh. Mohammed Mana at IIOC on January 6, 2017.

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