The First and Last Moment of the Day of the Prophet ﷺ

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If we looked at the case of Rasulullah sallallahu,

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I shall be a lover of smell. I shall be a loved one, when she described the Navy so Malala you're setting up from the very first moment from when he gets up, she said can either Palmer was that when he got up, when he got up from his sleep, what up, he got up. In an instant he got up, and he didn't get up to

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open his eyes set on the side of the bed, open up his hood. So what was there of messages what the time was internet, it wasn't like that can either follow up. When he got up, he jumped in an instant, straightaway.

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Immediately, the first thing Rasulullah saw certainly did when his eyes opened, after asleep of the night was a lonely beginning he began with a worship right. And then after that, and haven't really learned

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what you needed

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to learn. For the one who gave us life after he had caused death upon us. Gani as though he's acknowledging that others didn't have the steps. Others died in their sleep past they did not have this chance. Who was the first words is company lead with the you know, you said Hamdulillah, when a lot of social gives you a blessing, when you're given some kind of goodness. In other words,

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your nice attitude towards waking up in the morning was unhandled.

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were given one more chance for living, were given a chance to worship a mosque or shall I say begin with a sweat with the romance of Allah tala. And then he begins to pray. I show the love honor, she describes him like this getting

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caught up in an instant one, then the one who wants to reach a lot of social needs to know that there is not a second twist that we saw. Selim understood that well, from the moment he opened his eyes, he knew I didn't have a second choice for either he got up straight away, straight away and worship on mobile and was solid after that immediately. And then I shut up yamana at the end, this is the first moment of homosassa lumsdaine What about the last moment before he sleeps? He says to I shall be loved. He says, Yeah, I should, in need that m one a and m can be he says,

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My eyes they sleep, Daddy, my eyes take arrest, they close, but my heart doesn't sleep. What am I getting? He's sleeping upon worship. He's sleeping upon Yanni.

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The focus and dedication and commitment and develop in his heart to use worship to last part and my brother in Islam. What what intention Do you sleep upon? What's the last thing you sleep at home? What are you intending there are people that asleep when the only concern he has is what he's going to do tomorrow at work? Or how he's going to how he's going to fulfill this and complete this clean that before this?

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Before this you have an entire night of worship to last.

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Why wasn't that some of your focus? Yet he omitted Eastern

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Arsenal A long time ago, their heart used to wake Liverpool selected Fisher. The heart used to wake him up for the night grace, no need for alarm and none of that stuff. Then ended the heart was just like I said about a devil. My heart was asleep. The heart would wake people up to leave the heart would wake them up for the worship of Allah azza wa jal today, unfortunately, with our jobs, and the choice and option of multiple alarms, and do what you want with your people still can't wake up and have the heedlessness because then our time is not only the is sleeping, but the heart is also sleeping as well. It sleeps with an intention and a concern of this whole life. Before the hearts

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were pure. It wasn't distracted like this. It used to sleep upon Victrola is Canada with ecola was the alarm to wake it up. So have a look. Absolutely I have no idea what the time was. And they would get up and everyone is heading towards a solid, solid labor what who's going to breed the one who's going to fast is immediately engaged in it so far, that is still far better than what the snow used to be, no matter what it is. Because people did not value the worship and the importance of worship, allows origin stripped them away from this kind of blessing. So how to love it.