The effect of the athkaar in removing calamities

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Have you seen our lives full of distress, and calamities and problems and hardships? Well, you could probably see more than a third of our calamities is because of magic, evil I envy jealousy of the people, upon upon others, the evil of a share of premium the devils and they plead with mankind,

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and the evils of our own self as well. A third of our calamities is because of all this. And the other third of our calamities is because of our sins and our disobedience and transgression. And so when you seek forgiveness, the calamities that are a result of your sins are removed, and those calamities are kept away from you. And you don't know. Sometimes your sickness is because of a sin of yours that you don't know.

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And the problems that are in your house is because the sin of yours. And the trouble between you and your brothers and your sisters could be because of a sin, have a hadith, a hadith and the result, Allahu alayhi wa sallam met the word death, then if a full recovery, no Homer elaborate them when you have people who are human, there are no two people that loved each other, and came close to each other. And then fully recover Uniformat they separated and two different parts and we've ways except that one of them is a sinner, one of them has committed a sin. And one of the consequences of sins, is that he becomes hated by those that are around him. She'll Subhanallah how much is Allah azza wa

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jal covering of our sins? Well, for oncofetal Allah says, He covers many, many of your sins, and He does not send consequences for the sins subhanho wa taala, let no Haleem or behave.

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Sometimes they don't know the financial troubles and problems that you're facing could be because of a sin, rather than the calamity of the entire globe. And what he's going through, could be because of the sins and transgressions of mankind, as Allah azza wa jal would say, one that Asaba could mean mostly but in for the Mikasa ad, way off one cathedral isn't seeking forgiveness will reduce these calamities and adhering to the Afghan of the morning and the afternoon, guarantees a person Allah subhanho wa Taala is protection. Well then cathedral hammer hula, it brings our attention to something very important. He says, wear the coat of a girl.

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When you wear the coat of a girl. It protects you from the evils of the humans and a gem. And then he said cover your soul with a list of health so that he erases the sins of the day in the night. And these things that have no claim.

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Even cathedra him Allah mentioned these two types of worship,

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which is a girl Saba who will miss out well is still fall. And if we wanted to summarize this we can just set a goal so that

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because this still photo is included in a scale of girl saw that Harold Messiah,

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we need to know that these two types of worship if he posts the most to adhere to them, and remain firm and steadfast upon them for Allah. And believe me Allah, you'll find many blessings in his life. They are life changing.