Bilal Philips – Ramadan 2019 – Reminder 23 – Why Allah made the last 10 nights special

Bilal Philips
AI: Summary © The speaker describes how the culture of the Midway and the failure of the first two thirds have led to the loss of progress and weakness in the first two thirds. The speaker emphasizes the importance of achieving the goals of the first two thirds to end the month on a high note emotionally and psychologically.
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Elian is mercy,

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knowing the nature of human beings,

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because he created them,

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placed in the last third of Ramadan, the greatest reward

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knowing that the nature of human beings is to enter into

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an event or an endeavor, very enthused, energetic, but as time passes, we start to slow down, we start to weaken by the Midway, we lost our goals, we got diverted, we sluggish, we can no longer carry on as we did in the very beginning.

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And if there wasn't anything to boost our efforts, then we will that we will continue on that downward path till we finish the event in the total opposite of what we intended in the very beginning.

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This is the way human beings are.

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We get lazy.

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familiarity breeds contempt. We say that all the time you when you become too familiar with something, it becomes too much of a regular thing. Then you start to treat it in a contemptuous manner. No big deal. There's always another taraweeh there's always another there's always another other chances there will be other Ramadan's that's where we'll end up we'll end up with Ramadan. I made a mess this time next Ramadan inshallah, but the point is that every Ramadan we keep saying that at the end of next Ramadan inshallah, I will make the same mistakes, but that's the way we usually end up. So I lost my

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place in the last third.

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Rewards which surpass what could be achieved in the first two thirds

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in order to get us energized again,

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to strive for those goals, the real goals of Ramadan, so we can end off the month on a high a high point, spiritually,

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emotionally, psychologically,

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We finish off Ramadan in a good frame of mind, body spirit.

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