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The speakers discuss the history and importance of Islam, including its importance in honoring human being and the importance of counting time. They also emphasize the need to recognize and appreciate one's own values and use them to value their parents' values to overcome challenges and achieve success. The speakers stress the importance of learning to value one's parents' values and avoiding social and political events. They also encourage people to focus on their individual values and disconnect from social and political events.

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last version created the human being. He created him calling his Salaam in the Paradise. Why the Malays?

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When Allah azza wa jal, they're in the Paradise at that time, and he was going around and looking at the malleus salaams, lifeless body.

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And at this moment, Allah azza wa jal had not yet commanded the angels to make a switch to Adam Alayhis Salam yet,

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until a while later, Allah subhanho wa Taala decreed that he will bring life to the border of Adam Alayhis Salam. And then he said, faith as a way to who want to female Rui *a widow who says she Deen Allah azza wa jal, he commands the angels. And he said to them, the very moment I blew into Adam modules, the very moment for cow who says he then quickly, immediately right then and they fall into search to make a decision of honor and respect for Adam Alayhis Salam. And so the moment the soul met the body, this is when all the angels perform the search that we're speaking. And as you breathe, Allah is set up, the chief of all angels, one wing of his eight angels, one of them between

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his Ehlo and the shoulder is a distance of three days, as a newbie sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, when he informed us something about those who carry the throne. So you can imagine, this must have been an amazing sight in the Paradise. All these angels making Societa Adam Salaam? And this brings me to the question, my brothers in Islam, what honor the human being? What honored him? What gave him his worth and his value? To the point that Allah azza wa jal will make angels make a sister of respect and honor. What do we have? What are and what value do we have? Is it the body that gave us our honor? Or is it the war that gave us our honor, and our worth and our value in the sight of

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Allah azza wa jal? No doubt, it is a rule that gives you an eye, our honor. It's a rule. And the proof is that when you are there is a body. No one was commanded to make a sister.

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But the moment the rule entered the body, the angels were commanded to make a sister, and no rule is what gives mankind their value, and they honor a roar. So now how sad is it? To know that many, many are oblivious to this fact, meaning they are unaware of this fact. And as a result, they invest lots of time and effort and money into looking after their body, and they neglect a rule,

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not understanding and realizing that it is the law that gave you honor, not the body itself. This is why when the human being dies, his body is disposed of. That's the words used disposed of, is put in the earth. Worms would end up eating it, and the Earth would end up eating at any would rot and it would wither away.

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That's what happens to the body. There's no honor in the body. As for the law, it comes out of the body. And it goes up to Allah subhanho wa Taala because this is what's running on it. And this is what has value and the road never dies. The road itself does not die at all. The only thing that the road experiences is that it tastes death. As Allah azza wa jal he said, I've seen the AICPA to note, you know this word. You've read this so many times in Nevada, Allah azza wa jal said the soul shall taste death. He did not say the soul will die cologne of sin Sammut cologne of sin there you've got to note shirtless never been Tamia Rahim Allah, He makes commentary here. And he says the soul only

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tastes death as it comes out of the body and transitions to the next life which is higher toloza

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Because the soul is on it, it has worth and value Allah azza wa jal has decreed that it'll never die, it will never be destroyed. And this is why everything that Allah azza wa jal created, and it has a number of these In how many days Allah azza wa jal created it will end up being perished and destroyed and ruined. And everything that Allah created, and it has no number of days in how many there's no mention of days In how many days Allah created. These are matters that will last forever.

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Allah azza wa jal never decreed upon them destruction and the fact that they will be perished and ruined. And if for example, the heavens and the earth were created in how many days? Allah azza wa jal, he says, he said that the aim six days, the human body, Adam Alayhis Salam was created in 40 days, some narrations may have mentioned 40 ease,

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everything that has account will come to an end. So, the heavens

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and the entire universe, were speaking six days, what's the point? What's the point of counting something, you count something because you're going to come to the end of it. So that in itself is an implication that the world will end and the human body there were certain days in which he was created, and there is an implication that his body would come to an end. But you come to the lounge, In how many days did Allah azza wa jal Krita? Arash we don't know.

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How many days that Allah azza wa jal create the Paradise and the Hellfire we don't know how many days for Allah azza wa jal to create the pen. We don't know how many days for Allah azza wa jal to create a rule. We don't know why there's no point to come to these on these matters. Because these matters would last forever, have lost the Laura social created them. And he decreed that they will last forever, and they will never ever perish and be destroyed. So there's no point to count, the counting is only done for things that are going to end. Like when you get wealth of money, any account, why do you count, you only count so that you can reach an end. And when you count certain

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things, you only count so you can reach an end. No one counts like this, and just assumes that you'll be counting forever. So that's the ID. And so the idea is that the body itself will die, it will rot, it will perish. But through

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we weren't even mentioned of how many days it was created. And that implies that it'll never be destroyed, and it will never be ruined. The believing soul would rise to Allah subhanho wa taala. And it's unfortunate now that as I said two people invest in their bodies. And this is the questions that were almost everyday you receive

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his hair transplant permissible. Of the knees permissible. Botox permissible is fillers but of course there is concerning these matters between what's halal and haram. But what are the questions such as, give me a hadith in which I can upgrade my rule.

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Give me an area that upgrades my luck and that prepares my soul for the meeting with Allah azza wa jal where's the question? He says the believers state what hamdulillah and to my brothers in Islam, and Yamaha social.

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And that's the matter that you should never ever be skipping and missing. And there are others with a mindset in where the gym is something that is not supposed to be missed and forgotten. No problems. There's no issue but have the same attitude. We're looking after you. Because this is what gave your honor and value, not the body. The body end of the day will be destroyed and ruined. Even on the Day of Judgment and peace Allahu Allah USA Sallam would say that you will be presented before Allah azza wa jal on the day of judgment. He will not wait that wing of a mosquito in the sight of Allah azza wa jal in Allah Allah and following us when he come whether Elijah Miko Allah azza wa jal

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at your fingers and your feet and your shape

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rather what is weighed on the Day of Judgment. The heart is weighed and Eman is weighed. A person's War and its relationship with Allah azza wa jal and that's why in the continuation of that hadith and the V sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said, When Achaean vooral Isla Kuru be become Amelie calm, Allah azza wa jal observes the heart and your actions and your deeds, this is what you should be concerned for. And you only have your time in this world, the life to look after this law. So this is what gave mankind his value, and he's worth and his honor. Then when Allah subhanho wa Taala

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sent Adam Alayhis Salam down to the paradise down to the earth and this was a calamity. And it happened after a sin had been committed in the Paradise and this is what Allah azza wa jal had decreed that this calamity would have been the calamity of being removed from the paradise and ending up on Earth. And this is exactly what happened. So we ended up on Earth.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala did not send Adam Alayhis Salam on Earth with no purpose.

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He sent him with a huge purpose and grand purpose and the purpose of money Adam, are two things

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when Allah azza wa jal

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Will St. Adam argue CERAM to the earth?

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And of course, everything around him was created of trees and oceans and sand and grass. The heavens were there, the Earth is there, the mountains are everything was created.

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The first purpose, why Allah azza wa jal created what he created around us, the matters that we see every single day, the purpose of that Allah azza wa jal, he says, Allah who led the hull of Saba mellette Wamena. Lord Demuth la Hoon, Nathan xebialabs che in her email Allah azza wa jal, he said it is He Who created seven heavens, and similar to them Earth's seven Earths

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and the matter that Allah azza wa jal decrease, it rises and it descends between the heavens and the earth, meaning Allah created the heavens and the earth and everything in between them. Why? Lita Allahu Allah Allah cliche in Kadir so that you may be aware and recognize and acknowledge that Allah azza wa jal is capable over all things, and that Allah azza wa jal has encompassed all things with his knowledge. That's the first purpose in life to recognize Allah azza wa jal to recognize your greater your Lord, how? Through that which he created. Look at the heavens and say, Subhan Allah, who carries that? And it has no pillars that hold it mean it I'm an internal law, Allah azza wa jal

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says, look at this huge, vast ocean

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that occupies majority of the earth 71% And Subhan Allah, who's the one who created all of this and who holds back from unleashing on this earth and destroying mankind.

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And every single day you look at something, it teaches you Allah or social, it teaches you Allahu Allah quilici In Kadir This is what Allah azza wa jal said, and he teaches you that Allah azza wa jal, his knowledge has encompassed all things. A leaf falls from the tree, and by Allah, Allah azza wa jal has already informed us that he knows everything about that leaf that fell from a tree and one leaf folds. He knows why he felt, how it fell, when it will form how it will move as it falls, where it will land where it's ending will be. All of this is with Allah azza wa jal, its knowledge and that's what leaf and then imagine if you have a leaf, and then imagine, imagine everything else

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that we cannot see that exists in the heavens in the earth law come up.

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The purpose of life is to know Allah azza wa jal first and foremost, your first purpose of life is to know who Allah azza wa jal is, and you're going to know Allah and recognize Allah through creation. In everything Allah created, there is a sign that refers to his oneness. subhanho wa taala.

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Then when I collected Gina will insert a laelia balloon, I did not create mankind and jinn kind except that they worship Me. Now comes the purpose of worship. Now your worship Him and your worship for Allah azza wa jal is your gratitude to him. This is what worship is, what is worship, other than being grateful to Allah subhanahu wa taala. And I give you a logic, you know,

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you all have parents, and for those parents that have had parents,

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you don't want to, you don't want them to see that you have been burdened, and you've been put in difficulty to serve them. You love to serve your parents, be kind to your parents, pay their bills, whatever it is, and you don't complain, because this is what Islam teaches. I tell you something, the question is, why are you good to your parents? And I asked you the question, these two human needs, this mother and this father that you call mother and father, why are you good to them? Why do you feel the need to serve them, and to be grateful to them, and you believe from deep inside your heart, that if you serve them a lifetime, you would not have done justice to them? You serve them

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because you recognize they're your parents. You recognize, you look at their face every morning, and you said Allah, this is my father, and this is my mother. I recognize them. And I know what they've gone through for me, so I feel like I owe them my entire life. When Illa Hill method Allah Allah to Allah azza wa jal belongs the highest of examples. But the moment you realize that Allah is your Lord, he's your OB. He's the One who created you. He's the one who provides for you and sustained you. He's the one who caused your life, and he's the one who caused your death, and he's the one who decreased all your affairs and your matters.

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When you recognize and you realize this and you realize that Allah azza wa jal is involvement in your life is much more than your parents. Now, the automatic response is one, that you should remain grateful to him for the rest of your life with the attitude that no matter how much I worship him, I will never be able to fulfill his rights subhanho wa Taala that's the logic. So now you're first recognize what Allah is, through His names and attributes in his creation. And that will lead you to the fact that now

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you will understand and realize that I need to remain grateful to Allah subhanho wa Taala for the rest of my life. And so you acknowledge these matters in your heart and this is what lies in Allah is. Well this is why in Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said to us in the Hadith month probably a bit late here a bear wobbly slammy Dena Wahby, Mohammed young son sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and via worship at level Jana Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said, Anyone who is pleased with Allah as his Lord, will Islam as his way of life and religion, and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as his prophet Joseph, why, then do you recognize the purpose of life? And you are pleased with this

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fact. And this matter? Shift is dhikr is teaching you. It's teaching you your identity. What is your identity as a Muslim? What are you supposed to be living for? What is your purpose on earth? Your purpose is that you are being pleased to be pleased with Allah azza wa jal look at the word that's used, are we to be let heal up there? What does it mean to be pleased with Allah subhanho wa taala? What does it mean? Remember no Elohim Allah says, when you're pleased, do something, meaning

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you're satisfied by this matter. And you are absolutely convinced and you're certain by it, and you do not look for anything besides it. This is what it means to be pleased with Allah as your Lord, you are absolutely satisfied with the fact that He is your Lord, and you do not look for anything other than him. subhanho wa taala.

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Whatever is the highest form of love? You know, when you love someone, you say to them, Booker villa, I love you for the sake of Allah. We say I love you. But when you want to express your love for Allah azza wa jal, how do you do so? There's no, this now means that you have attained the highest form of expressing love to someone, or will be to be laid bare. And when you say this, when you say this, you are living your purpose. You're living your purpose. And in entails a few things that you need to be aware of. When you say you're pleased with Allah and as your Lord, meaning you are pleased with the way he created you. So do not complain about the way in how he created you, not

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whoever complains about how he's created, and he's not happy. And then he goes and does procedures and operations and surgical matters, to change his creation, to that which he thinks looks good. According to a society as made of a standard, such a person has deficiency in being pleased with Allah has his Lord. If you're pleased with Allah has your Lord, then you are pleased with the fact that he has given you a he has given you off provisions and sustenance, because this is also what Robin means. Rob is the one who provides for you. So whoever is pleased with Allah has his Lord and does not complain about us it is and he's happy and he's satisfied and content with whatever Allah

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azza wa jal gave him of food, drink and clothing and shelter. He doesn't complain, this person is living alone due to their health.

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But if the person complains about his risk, and he's not happy, and he transgressors and rebels, and he goes in collectives, it is through haram means, then if he said 100 times already to be late, he is lying to himself. And there is deficiency in the fact that He is pleased with Allah as his Lord

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will do to be lazy Robin also entails that you are happy and satisfied with whatever life Allah social gives you and the way he causes your death and how he takes your life. And you will also be pleased and content with whatever decree He decrees for you.

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If you are happy and content and you're pleased, with all matters that Allah has decreed for you that Allah has decreed for you. Now you have achieved 100% will lead to relax. Now you're fulfilling your purpose of life. You will always be nurtured and nourished. You're always prepared to stand before Allah azza wa jal having achieved only to be like

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the second Mata was what Bill Islam

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Idina to be pleased with Islam as your way of life and your religion.

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Why? Why are you pleased with Islam as your deed? Why? Because Allah azza wa jal was pleased with Islam as a religion for mankind, while we will accompany Islam, Medina,

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why would someone turn away from Islam?

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This way of life, when it is the only way of life and the only religion that Allah was pleased for mankind to follow. Everything else has been distorted. Everything else has been changed. Everything else has been corrupted and ruined. It's past religions of Prophets, they share the irony.

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And whether it's modern day beliefs, it's all corrupt. It's all ruined. So all destroyed, it's all damaged.

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It's all blasphemy. It's a man, or a woman that woke up one night, and decided to create a set of beliefs for mankind. Here follow him. This is something called atheism. And this is something called feminism. And this is something called liberalism. And I'll bring out another system. It's called democracy follow it.

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No worries, this is what we make up for mankind, and I think is such people follow it. And people are pleased with that as a way of life.

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How can a person say oh boy, you to release me, Dina, and enjoy and be pleased with other than the Islamic system? How such a person has deficiency in his, in his in the fact that that is put by these Westerners. It doesn't make sense. If they feel pleased to live as your religion, then you embrace it as a whole. All of it. Remember, I said theoretically, it means you're absolutely convinced, and you're certain by this Diem,

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and you do not look, migration.

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And of course, you know, our lands.

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Tiny in terms of how the worldly affairs are managed, are not the very best, our lands, they're not the very best in that. And as a result, it compels the people and forces them to no choice, but to leave, and to migrate, and to take up residence and citizenship in western lands in Western countries,

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seeking a better life for themselves for their children, and an education for their families and for their children. And of course, yeah, the the Islamic standpoint is that if a person becomes

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Gianni, he becomes in such a situation and a position where he is not able to worship Allah azza wa jal in the manner that he should be worshiping. But it is, this is what we see. And this is a fact. And this is what happens. Muslims leave their towns, their countries, wherever they are, and they head towards western lands, they take precedence and they live their life. Then the thing is, if a Muslim is not on top of his face, and he's on top of his religious activities, and Judy's and he doesn't learn his Deen, and he doesn't grasp his religion properly, then a huge fitna awaits him on the way.

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And that is that

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from those that come to the west, and we've seen many examples, they begin to lose their Deen slowly get me wrong, the western lifestyle, those accommodate for a better life, and an easier life and a more comfortable life. Right you have infrastructure that is advanced medicine that is advanced research, science, technologies, cars, Danny, the technology, the infrastructure, and advancement is there. It's much much more than any outlet. And there's no problem for the Muslim to take advantage of this, to use it in a manner pleasing to Allah azza wa jal. You need to understand that the Western mindset is that all of these matters that they bring it before Allah azza wa jal to deliver

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this say everything they invent and every advancement they have is for the sole sake of enjoying life, nothing else. And the believer should not be caught up in this mentality. And then the believer knows that this worldly life the primary purpose is not to enjoy it.

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The proper enjoyment and the 100% enjoyment that Allah azza wa jal created for us is in the Paradise that's there and he speaks about us enjoying it. He says, what a ton of work I mean at dunya look at the way it was told to us a lot and you're out. This is the attitude. These are how Allah azza wa jal spoke to us in this one

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I've done some I'll see you back. I mean dunya even the believer should be invested and invest his time and money and soul and everything in his relationship with Allah azza wa jal in this bill Islam Medina. So what happens

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is, if you're not aware and careful, you may be lost in this western lifestyle, and continue to go down and drown until you sink all the way, believing that this is it, forgetting your Islam, forgetting your relationship with Allah azza wa jal.

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This shouldn't be the case of a believer, you should not be impressed. And there's one matter that will always keep you on your feet so that you're never impressed by that which they bring up of advancements or whatever it is. And that is the fact that no matter how many advancements they get to, so long as they have shipped within them, and belief of other than Allah azza wa jal, then this is enough to tell you the backwardness of people, and the destroyed niche and the destroyed nature of people. You know, there was a bird in a time of Sulaiman Alayhis Salam. So when I say that Allah He said, I'm a massive army, and his army was of many matters, and from the abodes soever, Allah is

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Salam, Allah gifted him, or Limni monta coppia they were able to speak the language of the bird. And he understood the language of the bird. When they as they were going out, to engage in Jihad and spread a deen of Allah azza wa jal,

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one bird left. This is the Hood Hood. They call it the hoopoe. But it left the army pack all by itself made a decision and he left it took off. Suleiman Ali said that they came to check up on his army checked up on the boats did not find them who told among them. What the * out of buying for call Emelia law

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and criminal law if he was the

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one that he threatened him that was the one who was eventually the known as the handhold that didn't even support the movie.

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If I see this will do it, I will kill him, I will destroy him. I will punish him a punishment that is so severe. And

00:27:14--> 00:27:17

otherwise, he better come with some certain solid news.

00:27:19--> 00:27:32

So not a long time goes by. And the hood flies back. And he approaches Sulaiman Alayhis Salam and he systems to Chi Minh server in Bedava. In your team, I flew off to saba. Saba is modern day Yemen.

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And I've got to some great news for you. How would he have

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he says to him, listen, listen to what the bird says. Maybe we'll can learn something from a bird. He says team in new Asia tomorrow at Santa Monica home. When I went there, to Yemen to Sabah. I found a woman and she was in control of her people. She was the leader. She was like the Prime Minister of the people, the governor of the people, what would it mean cliche, and she was given from all kinds of things.

00:28:10--> 00:28:34

Yanni he saw advancement, he saw technology. He saw what we see today, you know, Western Land. This is what he saw. The bird went from Western a red rose to what we call today a Western Land OTF including the shade. There was medicine, there was agriculture. There was technology. There were things that went with Sulaiman, Ali's Sinha?

00:28:36--> 00:28:44

Well, I had an entrepreneurial dream and in addition to this, you had a Mighty Throne, a huge throne. This lady and her people and her town was all hooked up and set up.

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But the birth wasn't deceived by that. He wasn't fooled by that. Listen to what he said. And this is what you and I should also observe and see when we come to our Westerlund he said was your two hour coma? Yes, Judo Nelly Shem Seaman do Nila. I found her and her people prostrating to the Sun instead of Allah azza wa jal was a Jana Lahoma chef on Ramadan. Indeed, the chef Han had fooled them and integrated the deed for domani Seville. As a result, he misguided them from the straight path. If only if they do they're not guided less to do less. Why don't they prostrate to Allah azza wa jal loving visual hover F is similar to the one who brings out what's hidden in the heavens in the earth

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by Allah momento for now, metal Linoone and he knows what you can seal and what do you make apparent? Hola Hola, ilaha illa horrible ow shall we? It is Allah, non worthy of worship except him. He is the Lord of the mighty through Ezel Bourassa la vie. See the bird. See the bird wasn't caught up in the advancement and the technology and the medicine and the science and whatever it is of the world the life

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the bird was quick to recognize if these people don't have to hate there's no good in him and he can

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I'm back, disgusted by what he saw

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this not to hate the people worshipping the sun? What kind of mind or kind of Yanni? What do they call it? What kind of intelligence is this?

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He wasn't impressed by him at all.

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He recognized that hamdulillah Sulayman Allah is set up, worships Allah and I belong to that army. And yes, maybe, maybe life is not as comfortable as the others. But we have laid a lot. And that's what matters is what matters the children and whatever it is, will not be of benefit to anyone, nothing, not even your children, not even your brothers and your sisters and your parents, none of them. Everyone's there standing for himself in lemon at Allah has been sullied, except for a person who came with a pure heart, a heart that was pure, it's a pure heart. A pure heart is the heart that embraced Allah as its Lord, and accepted Islam as its religion, and accepted Muhammad sallallahu

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alayhi wa sallam as the Prophet and Messenger and it was Cree from sheer disbelief and Cofer and from innovations and from sins major and minor. This is why it's always important to refresh your Toba annual is still fall to Allah azza wa jal. This is what will benefit mankind. This is it my brothers in Islam. I wanted to share this message to tell you that your soul is what carries your value and your worth and your honor. Don't get caught up in worldly matters and worldly affairs. Don't get caught up in manners that will damage your soul and your relationship with Allah azza wa jal and that's how the worldly life was designed, is how it was designed. This is how Allah azza wa

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jal created fit and within it

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matters that will deceive you notice that are able to penetrate in the heart and settle in it. But you need to resist you need to fight you need to keep away from these matters. You need to remain connected and attached to Allah Our social alone and nothing else. This is why the earth girl to come every morning and every evening to remind you of this reality. And then we have five prayers a day and Hamdulillah we have Ramadan coming soon. Ramadan is going to knock some life into the heart, knock some sense and purpose into the heart of Ramadan will detach you from the soul of the life. I make one final note here. And that is do you notice something in how Allah social has legislated

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worships upon us?

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One of the main reasons and the main matters that worship teaches us is to detach from this worldly life. Literally. Look at your solid. When you pray.

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You're not allowed to eat. You're not allowed to drink. You're being detached from the pleasures of this older life. When you fast, you're being detached from the pleasures of this world the life no food, no drink, no sexual relations. These are the these are the greatest desires of this world they live. When you give zakat which is a worship, you're being detached from the well. Being of your clothe, detaching from COVID of this world delight.

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Every single worship detaches you from this worldly life and brings you closer to Allah azza wa jal. If you're able to see that in your worship, you will realize that life is about connecting to Allah azza wa jal and disconnecting from this small life altogether. Ask Allah azza wa jal to grant us goodness and success. Ask Allah azza wa jal to forgive our sins and our shortcomings. We asked him subhanho wa Taala to instill his love in our heart and ask him subhanho wa Taala that he allows us to be pleased with him as our Lord and Islam as a religion, and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as our Prophet and our messenger, we ask Allah azza wa jal to accept from us all. Allahu Allah. For

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some Allah has a limo Bella gallon abena Mohammed