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I Miss My Salah Regularly | Panel Discussion | Majed Mahmoud & Omar El Banna

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I praise for a lot sometimes, but a lot of times I don't pay my salon and if I do pray maybe I'll pray one or two slots per day even though I don't keep up with my soul out regularly I don't feel there's a change in my life I don't feel like Prince Philip benefits my life where it does anything good for me.

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So could you explain why Saul is important and just clarify

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to him and we all know even the one with the least amount of knowledge realizes the importance of Allah correct Allah the lady manana webinar masala, taka taka taka fossilized illallah wa sallam says the covenant the difference between us and them is the Salah whoever left it is a calf I'm not saying whoever leaves that person is a catheter no no is relaxed. Which thing is that? obvious there is differences of opinion but there's no disagreement that if someone believes is not important to pray then that would be a dangerous aspect. That's very clear. May Allah protect us. But for someone who lacks their prayers, some people will say you know what, I'm gonna stop my Salah until I'm able

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to pray all five the same time.

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No, at minimum it's you know, there's a call it you can have the least problem by messing up the federal law you have a problem with foster mother nature, is that better or living pleasure under completely?

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What's the logic at least pay the minimum? Isn't that correct? Perhaps save you a little bit. But it's something to keep in mind is that this should not discourage you. Point number one from quitting whatever you're praying currently, that's the main point but right here, then you build from there. My personal opinion the strongest of means to help you in your salon is to have good companionship.

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Remember, this is one of the strongest means an example in front of you here. I moved from one city to another city. I'm having a hard time paying for a gym membership. Having serious hard time recently moved. I don't have much companionship, where I was living. I hardly remember missing federal ones in the masjid. Why? Because we had a strong companionship very solid. No matter how weak I am we get three people calling me but the measure the wakeup will lie they will come to my window and my bedroom knocking on my window. When you have such companionship Do you think you'll ever miss us Allah

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but look after that move and I'm the speaker with given travels on one line nothing. That is the Prophet was advised to have good companionship so Allah Allah said they know about us. That's something to keep in mind. I'm talking from the companionship aspect and please do what you need to add upon the session. Go ahead

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Mashallah the issue of solid yarn you call this el Medina Rama Rama Dora, it's compulsory you have to do it's very important. Even if the person may be at one stage shaitaan gets to him and he feels that Salah is not affecting his life or is not benefiting him. You know, our Dean is called the Dean of Islam because he has of course submission. When the loss of Hannah Wata Allah ordained something and make something compulsory for us then definitely I have to submit and accept that this is beneficial for me it's beneficial for my Deen beneficial for Macedonia beneficial for my karma hereafter maybe I don't feel it was my heart's not as sensitive yet maybe maybe my life was full of

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sin so I don't have a sensitive heart you know since sometimes they they cover the heart kettlebell Ron Allah Pallavi McCann, we don't sometimes sin they cover the heart you become you have become becomes insensitive you know, you don't you don't feel things that are haram or things that are harmful and beneficial. So your judgment, you know should not be should not have that much weight in your opinion rather, if Allah subhanho wa Taala is important. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam emphasizes solar so much I submit and I know that I'll hire and higher all goodness is in having the karma on my Salah which is very very clear and very understood now advise like just

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measured said it's very very important that the person you know finds good companionship to support him in this solid and don't allow shaitan to get you when you miss a solid This is the shutdowns biggest door in our time if you miss one solid chunk comes to you and say oh you're lost anyway there's no point leave everything you're doing what we say is no whatever whatever I can do I do I build up slowly luxury like the chef Mashallah Sam said also that, you know build up, build up your solid, if you don't pray at all maybe start with one solid tucsonans not saying that's not compulsory, the old compulsory Of course, the five prayers are compulsory. But sometimes if I if I

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want to pray the whole five, I bacala you know, and I can't do it rather build up slowly achieve and make up the solid bottom shadow that you have missed. And you will find great change and great influence on your life and soul and Sharla mother in law sanata 10 and in fact it will occur very early this law that it stops the person

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from falling and further soon and further and faster and longer, just like moolah

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