No such thing as a bad time to seek forgiveness

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If you did, intentionally you committed any sin, what do you do? He said to in fact Bahasa Nathan.

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immediately follow it up with a good deed, any kind of good deed, follow it up. Don't sit there and say this is not the right time to ask Allah for forgiveness. There is no such thing as a bad, inappropriate time to make Vicar of Allah and to seek forgiveness of Allah. Even if you're halfway in your sin, there's no such thing said if you're in halfway of your sin, you don't say this is a bad time to make liquid and you still fall. Let me wait until I finished my sin. And then I asked Allah for forgiveness, and this is wrong, Who gave you this understanding? But when you are committing the sin, that is when you need the Corolla, say can get you away from this desire from

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this temptation, because nothing would because at that moment the heart is dead, and nothing would revive the heart other than the Chroma. So is

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there Hasina immediately, immediately followed up with a good deed? What's the result?

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it wipes it away.