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How should we obey the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam? So, what I'll do is I'll give you a few examples, shall not Allah perhaps for the audience so that they can understand really well? What does it mean to Abele sort of muscle Allahu Allah who are similar in terms of response as well speed? How quick are we supposed to be in a being a sort of a loss on the level and he was a lamb? And how does it manifest? How does it look like? So you know, first and foremost, we need to know that it is from the rights of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam it's a Jew right to him, that we OBEY Him, because a being the messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam. That is from the obedience of

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laws origin, Allah xojo He says, When you pray, our pursuit of power, anyone who obeys the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, then indeed Yes, obey the law of Zoysia so that's a Jew right? for us. homosassa and that we evade, but this obedience to Allah Most of Allahu alayhi wa sallam is conditioned by something. And what is the condition of obedience, total solos are similar. It's conditioned, that we submit willingly from our hearts to his command solimar while he was alive, so when we say that we must obey the messenger that comes with a condition, and that is that we must submit willingly, from the bottom of our hearts, to whatever he commands us to do, and from whatever

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he forbids us and prohibits us from doing because obedience, obedience could be a parent.

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With new submission internally, it could be like, for example, the obedience of the hypocrites, and the ability, the hypocrites, apparently on the outside, they did evade almost asylum, laws, or shall he says, and sort of Muhammad, bottom Moreover, that they are bar the obedience little salasar, Salah was apparent.

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But their hearts did not submit to the command of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam so we must be careful when we're speaking about the obedience of the messenger that comes with the condition that you must submit to His command deep from the bottom of your heart, then an early obedience to the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is accepted and this is found in many ad and in many hobbies in the summer of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam for example, last saw Shelley Morocco and he says, in sort of the new set fell out what a big lie You know, a lot of social is seen by your Lord, I swear to it. This is very rare to find that a lot of surgeon takes an oath by himself.

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In this happens only twice in the Quran. This is one of them. Allah says I swear by myself, no one will ever believe that until they appoint the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as a judge and a decision maker in all affairs of their life, that they are hachimura females shall obey. No, you must appoint and maybe sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as a leader in your life. You have chemo coffee machine, that's number one condition. Still not good. You still haven't attained the man. If you just testified and said, what a shadow and number Hama rasulillah? Yes, Osama is my prophet and I will follow in his guidance. That's not enough. Number two. So Malaysia doofy emphysema, how does

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your mean cowboy? Number two, you shall not find deep in yourself any discomfort to whatever he commands, there shall be no discomfort in the heart whatsoever at all. And then the third condition even that's not enough. And then the third condition where you suddenly move to Lima and you must submit to the command of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, these are three conditions otherwise, Allah is saying one law he you don't have email, allies taking an oath by himself. You don't have email. If you cannot fulfill these can three conditions towards in the recent Allahu alayhi wa sallam that he appointed him a judge in your life, a decision maker in your life in where

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any time you're confused in something in your life. Whether it's a personal matter or a public matter or you are in discussion disagreement with someone you must return all of this to the student have lost all the muscle allamani yourself. Then whatever the verdict is according to the Sunnah of Rasulullah saw Salah You shall not find any discomfort in your heart. You know, sometimes when there are two people in a court, one leaves happy and the other leaves upset because the ruling wasn't in his favor. In the court of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that cannot happen, both must submit to the command of asuma Solomon both must be happy with whatever decision in the result

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Allahu alayhi wa sallam and he suddenly makes then an only you become a true believer you've submitted to the command of the solar muscle alarm while he was in Look at this beautiful How do you feel that gives us also a special

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Great ID of what does it mean to obtain a visa Limavady yourself and to submit these command, this is the heartbeat of warfare everybody shall be a loved one. Listen to this and pay attention to it carefully and Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam getting back in in those times of Hades or have ever had a loved one who he says,

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couldn't net no hair poodle, ottobock via the leg is Somalia.

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What does this mean? no hair kill, no happen. So there was this thing during the life of masasa live in where people, when they own the land, they own the land. And they weren't able to cultivate this land, they weren't able to look after it. So back in the times of Los homosassa, them, what they used to do is they used to get someone, they would get an expert that will cultivate the land for them. And he will take a part of the land, perhaps a third of the land, a quarter of the land. That person that's cultivating the land, he's entitled to take some part of it. So in the recent allamani, he was alum to beat them of that. And all of a sudden, he says in the Hadith, one of my

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uncle's came to me. And he said to me that the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has forbid that we cultivate the land in this manner, in where you get someone, he cultivates it, and he takes a pot for himself. So then all of Evan haddish when he heard that nobody saw send them has prohibited us of doing this. You know what he said? Listen to what he said. He said, nahan out all the law, his son the law while he was in them, and emaline can lnf Yeah, there may be some among us and then prohibited us of something that was so beneficial for us. I mean, to benefit, imagine you own a huge land, and you don't know how to plant this land. You don't know how to look after it. You don't know

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how to cultivate it. So you get someone on the outside. He looks after it, and he takes a piece for himself. How good is that? It sounds really good. It sounds beneficial, often

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was so beneficial. First, they listened to what he said. He said what power law he was sued he unfound Anna, he said, however, the obedience of Allah and His messenger is much more beneficial to us a lot about and they stopped doing this kind of idea of L mohaka. l l l l l Mohawk on an ounce of how the law say it's more beneficial for us. He said the law and look at the case in where when alcohol was prohibited. When alcohol was prohibited along in Nepal and said van under the hood, are you going to stop alcohol consumption altogether? So how about your loved one whom without any hesitation? Imagine they've been drinking alcohol for years. And you and I might not relate to this

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because hamdulillah true Muslims have never consumed alcohol. But imagine people that have consumed all their life. And then at one moment, they're told stop it no more. What's the response? The response was in Dana in Dana house. That's it. We don't want it. We've stopped we've stopped we're never going to consume it. And they went immediately back to their huge barrels of alcohol. They poured it all into the streets a lot. And that's obedience of masala and submission and obedience at first moment. Not a no well also must I send them? Let us have a think, perhaps maybe let us think a little bit then we'll come back to you. And we'll tell you our final

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response and position on this matter whether we're going to stop consuming alcohol. No, no, no, that wasn't the case. Law. What about listen to this narration as well. This is for females for men to understand the importance of this matter as well. I showed her love and she says that when the hijab became obligatory, because of course it became obligatory when Libby Salatu. Salam was in El Medina, before that, observing the hijab wasn't obligatory. So you can imagine there were Muslim woman walking around the town with no hijab, they hair is uncovered, and the hijab that the Muslim lady wears today wasn't what they were wearing before the obligatory of the hijab obligation of the

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hijab. So when the obligation of the job was revealed, I went to law stores and commanded that the hijab must be observed and that this command became spread in El Medina. You know what happened? This is what happened. I showed the Amar Juana she says that the woman Shaka nama Rupa hoonah Fatah, hamal nappy hair

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look and I want you to focus on the obedience in the quick submission. I shall have a loved one and she says that the woman Shotokan a Moodle Pawn Shop Shockley meaning they took a part of the code and they rip the part of the code and they covered the hair with it. So part of a long as they went to a select in a Muslim

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The rip some of the code and back in the time, the only we're not speaking about a closet, they didn't have a closet full of clothes. People owned a pair of code two, three, perhaps Macs. So the woman went out of their way to rip a part of their clothes and to cover the hair. Why? Simply because of the VSA law, he or Selim commanded it. And they quickly rushed to it without any delay, without any excuse. They didn't come to the messenger. So I said, Let me also Allah, please give us a day just so we can buy some material or so we can make some material so we can put our hair just give us a day or two, and shall be patient with us. And we'll do it. But they rip their code to put

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something on their head rushing to the obedience of a law. So again, so now when they did that, it wasn't a matter of what they put on the head. It wasn't a matter of what they want, how it looked like and how beautiful or not, they didn't care about that. The matter of the fact was rushing to the obedience of the commands of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam. You could be example of a Qibla when the believers were told, they were believers praying in mustard, Quebec, when Navy SEAL Allahu alayhi wa sallam was in El Medina.

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And what happened is

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the command to change the triple A came down. So whenever you saw a Marvel, either you ascend them he sent a companion from the nabawi. He said to him, rush and go to Oba and inform the believers there that they must change their Qibla because people are praying towards this towards Jerusalem, go and tell them to change that direction and to pray to uncover from now on. As this companion reaches Masjid COVID. The companions were already insular, they were praying, I think select them also maybe select the ball, I'm not sure I think select the loss it will select the muscle, they were praying solid and also facing

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facing Jerusalem. This companion came and he screams and he says also Allah commanded me to inform you all that the Qibla has changed. And now you're supposed to face towards Makkah towards el cobre. What did the Sahaba do? They didn't say all the way but let's just finish the solid. And then we'll discuss the matter. As they're praying. As they're praying, everyone went and turned 180 degrees in face the Kaaba. Now the idea is not what they did and how they did it. The idea is they rushed to the obedience of Allah and His Messenger without delay. Hello, us and they'll be so long. I think it's a total change it right now, even if you're praying and you're in the middle of your salad,

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they all changed the direction and they face the camera like, well, you get this kind of submission and willingness to assume a muzzle alarm or leave us alone. So Pamela, give you another example, in the case of Jani and Levy, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam once he was praying, and when he was praying, all of a sudden he took his shoes off, he had some shoes on some footwear, and he took it off. So the companions behind him they saw what he did, and they immediately removed their footwear as well. So after salette the Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said to them, what what were you doing? Why did you people remove your shoes? They said the elbows all alone. We saw you take your shoes off. So

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we did the same thing. Like about Yeah, and he they did it without even understanding what it was for. It is not taking the shoes off or putting it on. It was DDoS homosassa them do it. Let's do it. And let's rush to do it. After solid in the rissalah mahalo here. So let me say to them gibreel came to me and told me there was something measure saw on them. And then the josa nullifies the prayer, so I quickly removed them. Now they understood, but see, the idea is with a with a whopper salasar seldom did or said whether it made sense or not. Whether it was understandable or not, whether it was logical or not that that doesn't matter. They didn't care about that. Just do it because he said

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it support on a lot luck, but otherwise, if that was the understanding that puzzle have I had to understand rationally, logically what he's doing, then they wouldn't have quickly removed their shoes they would have waited until the solid that finished and then they would have said Why did you take your shoe off? Okay, that's all okay. So we'll do that from now. No, no, no, that wasn't the case. I was rushed to the obedience of the messenger means rush. And I share one more final example on this

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beautiful example, Hadith in Sahih Bukhari and automatically live in ESL palaka has always felt like a mapple in yourself will be a loved one who is a companion. He was his his his sister was married to a man, Mark Cuban yourself. His sister was married to a man.

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So that man divorced her

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husband about a debt

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Until that waiting period of the wife ended, it finished for her Baba, then her ex, he came once again proposed to her and he wants to get married to her.

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So, Martin urban ESL, Abba, he refused. He said no, you married her once. he divorced her. The waiting period is over. That's like three periods that come on a lady that's a long time. You weren't interested. So I will not give you my sister again. Get last normal.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala then, and imagine this, this is your sister with speaking about your honor your family, Allah azza wa jal review, Farah tabuteau hoonah. In Ghana, as well as your whom Allah azza wa jal revealed in Nepal and do not stop women from marrying their ex. And that is a ruling in Islam. If a wife wants to re marry her ex, then the ex has more priority over anyone else. And that marriage must go ahead, and the way he must conduct that marriage must accept it. So imagine loving yourself just moments before he said to his brother in law, you will get lost. I don't want you anymore. After this error came down, like well look at this, or cyber they put also the muscle alarm

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on it. You send them in the commands of a law before their own design what they think of makin even yourself he said, some man will be Obara, he says hellos, I listened, and obedience is only for a law and only for the messenger of law. And in a flash in a blink of an eye. He gave his sister back to her ex with no hesitation a lot about her This is here this is these examples that really give us what obedience and quick submission to the commander of Arsenal masala must look like in the life of a Muslim