Statues made in Bangladesh of People who have Died and are Righteous is not Permissible in Islam

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This question is from fazli Robbie, from Bangladesh. The trending problem in Bangladesh now is about the making of a sculpture or statue. What is the direction for this? In the Quran and Sunnah? Most of the people aren't clear about this. People are quarreling by saying that worshiping any statue is different from making a statue of a person who did good deeds. They are saying that most of the Muslim countries have human sculptures. So there is no problem with making some in our country. On the other hand, some Islamic minded groups are saying that all the sculptures should be broken and they won't let anyone make any new sculpture. Would you please clarify the situation? Thank you in

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advance. May Allah bless you. As far as making statues, all sculptures, it's clearly mentioned in say Buhari, one, number seven, Hadith number 5963. That our beloved partner, Salah Salam said, that anyone who makes images in this world, Allah will ask him to put life to that image on the Day of Resurrection, and he will not be able to do it. The same Hadith is repeated in say Muslim world number five, number 5541. With the Beloved Prophet masala Sallam said, that if anyone makes images that are statues, sculptures, drawing painting, in this world, Allah will ask him to put soul on the Day of Resurrection and he will not be able to do it. This answer whether to make images, statues,

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sculptures, drawing painting has been dealt with me in detail in the earlier answer. And there are several Hadith in Bukhari Muslim, and various, a hadith. I will not go into details because the answer become very long. But in short, in Islam, it is prohibited for anyone to make images with a painting with a drawing with a sculpture, whether it be statues of animate things, or of living creatures from the animal kingdom, whether they be human beings, whether they be animals, birds, insects, fish, etc. All these are private. And there are various evidence which we won't go to the detail.

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Now coming to this question, what's happened in Bangladesh, that the government had decided

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to make a statue of a person who's very famous and has done good work so that the reason they want to revere him and respect him and build a statue, and now the community is divided. Some for more secular minded are saying that it is okay. We aren't worshipping the statue, just because it could be they're just revering and out of respect for making it and the other group is saying islamically it's prohibited to make a statue of human beings or of animals or birds etc. And the statue should be broken, but natural. The first group of people are not following the rules of the Quran and Sunnah. And as I mentioned earlier, that there are various Hadith in Bukhari and Muslim which

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prohibit a Muslim to make a statue of a human being or an animal or of a bird of insects etc. So, based on this, the second group of Muslims in Bangladesh, correct

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and regarding, should it be broken, diagnose, there are various diseases, and we know that Prophet masala Salaam, when he returned to Makkah,

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after Fatima, the first thing he did was, he went to Cuba, and there were about 360 ideas in Cuba, and he went into it and he broke the idols reciting the verse of the Quran, also a surah chapter number 17 was number 81, where he recited and he said what called Jarl Huck was actual battle. in Alberta McManus aka when suited to login false or false perishes, for false it is by its nature bound to perish. So the Prophet recited the verse of the Quran or for extra chapter 17 verse 31, and broke the idols and Islamic country with Islamic law has to be followed. This is the ruling that a statue or an idol of human beings, or of animals or of birds, etc, cannot be made. And if it is a

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salami ruling is that it should be broken and that's what the prophet had told the Sahaba and there are various Hadith in Bukhari and Muslim where the tarballs have been instructed by the prophet to break the statue. And even according to the fatwa of imminent Tamia, shekel, Islamic Tamia says that the statue should be broken especially if they fall in the two categories.

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If it's of a deceased person, of a person who has died, or if the statue is put on the grave, it should be broken.

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So I do agree with the second group that islamically it's not correct to make sure that you have any one. If you have to make of people who you think are good, then but natural, there's no one better than the prophet and button actually making an image or a statue of profit is prohibited. They become the whole ferocity and then become the Sabbath and you never find anywhere in the Islamic world. Any statue has been made of the prophet or the ferocity of the sabas. So this is totally an Islamic and this thing should not happen. And my advice would be that they should not do it. They should not make you have any living creature, any living human being, even if he was a person who

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has to be respected. But making a statue in Islam is haram. And I do agree with the second group this should not happen and if it's there, the saturation will broken.