My Writings The True Message of Jesus Christ

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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my writings of the 90s,

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which are focused on Dawa, inviting others to Islam, among them, was this book, the true message of Jesus Christ.

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The design of the cover was my design I designed it. And in the gospel that is there, it's written the Gospel according to Jesus Christ. So it's sending a message directly to Christians who believe in the gospel of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, these gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, we're not disciples of Jesus, nobody really even knows who they are. So this book, basically goes into the history of the Gospels, the main books of belief for Christians, and it compares them to the Quran showing the various contradictions and errors and things like that in there. And then it shows also that within the Bible, there are many sections which match Islamic teachings, exactly. So people

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could understand from it that on one hand, Islam is not a new religion. That's what Moses, Abraham, David, the earlier prophets, practice, then followed.

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I do comparisons between the covering of the head of women found in the Old Testament, prostrating in prayer, also found in the Old Testament found in the Quran.

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And making ablution, washing up before prayers, it's there. So it was a good text to help Christians understand the fragile nature of their books, the books which they held, as holy, the Holy Bible, its problems is issues, the changes and things that have taken place in it. And then clarifying, of course, the Quran was free from all of this, it was perfectly preserved unchanged.

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And comparing and contrasting the practices and teachings of early Christianity and Islam and showing that, in fact, among Jesus's followers, there were more hidden. There were those who were Unitarians, who did not believe that Jesus was God. They believed in the God of Jesus, that Jesus worshipped God. You know, the bishop of Alexandria Arias was a leader at one time in that movement for Eastern Christianity, which held firmly to the humanity of Jesus, and the divinity of God, Jesus, not having ever been God, the book, mashallah Alhamdulillah, it has also been translated into different languages, and many have benefited from it, the true message of Jesus Christ.

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This is what Christians need to know, what in fact, was his true message? Where is his Gospel?

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The Gospel According to Jesus is not there. It has been lost, or it's been hidden,

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or whatever, but we don't have it. So we don't have a solid foundation for Christianity. May Allah open the eyes of Christians who have misunderstood, have not gotten the clear message, have not delved into the realities of the Old and the New Testaments to understand that Christianity was an invention by Paul of sources. Paul, not Jesus, bark illogical Saraswati kumara to law who were to get