The greatest conversation ever recorded between two humans

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The transcript describes a conversation between multiple speakers discussing the loss of a man named Hollinger and the upcoming generation of people. The speakers discuss the importance of fixing the environment and fixing oneself, while also acknowledging that everyone is responsible for their own health and community. They mention the upcoming generation of people as a potential source of profit.

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And the VSA will love. Why didn't you send them when he was taken to a summit, a Serbia?

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And Mirage is when he went up to the heavens, and he met in the seventh heaven, who did he blow him out of his senate? How was he below he? He was like this, his back was on and beta Namu and beta Mahmood is a house that a lot gave him in the paradise. In reward for the house that he built on Earth, which is a garden, well beaten, my mole is directly above the garden, well maintained Memorial 70,000 angels enter it every single day, and they never return to whatever again. So every day 70,000 he had his back uninvited novel Allah mentioned this house in the Quran while waiting Mama. This is Ibrahim

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and who's meeting?

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Allah Allah yourself.

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These are the two best creation of laws.

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They are face to face right now. Yeah, I mean, this is the biggest conversation history ever recorded between the two greatest men that ever walked the face of this earth. What do you think they're going to discuss? They should tell you from them they didn't discuss any politics. They did not discuss the economical situation on Earth. They did not discuss what's happening on earth and what's going on in its problems and and and and and all of that. The conversation was over in less than 30 seconds. Ibrahim other you said have you settled on the loss of Mr. Hollinger setelah upgrade Amanda Amanda come in the salon. give money to Danny Boy Melissa that gives us Sarah so we

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say Ali go on and it'd be you know photo center to center. Then he says to also massage room tone down enough

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an agenda keirin that the Paradise is vast. Why? widespread?

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What a YouTuber to do, buddy I've been told

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that it's so beautiful for yeva it has a beautiful smell put a tuba Antalya when you make suit on the carpet anyway complaining, I'm listing clean of the carpet agenda to

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me and the water is fresh. Then the last version is running.

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I think he said to them, he said the little man tell them that the planting in the Paradise is to Panama 100 he left with a la la la la Akbar. Conversation finished. It's all over. Both of them just taught us that the biggest purpose in life was the Grosvenor house

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figured everything else. Like everything else is going to run whether you're alive or not. Politics it doesn't need it's not rely on you trust me. You die tomorrow Valhalla has finished. people sit there hours and hours watching TV got no tomorrow, he's gonna change the world. When discussing this in the what for what for? Leave the people of the discussion for the discussion. And this, this stuff is not going it's not revolving around your life. Whether you exist on your own, it's moving. And don't worry about yourself, worry about your thinking, fix yourself, fix others that you're responsible for in your family and in your community. Once the communities are fixed, you may fix it

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as a result These are from Baraka. When looking after himself, looking after yourself. There's a Baraka thought, and it's not limited to yourself, it spreads for in the case for the oma everything becomes rectified is an understand that is the purpose of life vincula and included in that and above the list is La ilaha illallah wa

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la who

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are who are their condition you can sit down, take some time, recite it in 1560 minutes, heck, then you walk outside and you see the sun coming out

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from him that a lot of soil is forgiven you for sins, and you beg for more tomorrow. You do the same thing. And you see it whenever you can during the day in the night. And we ask Allah Subhana Allah to accept for us