Abu Bakr Zoud – Dua When Entering The Bathroom

Abu Bakr Zoud
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of covering one's privates during prayer, including the eye of the gods and the shrouds of the beast. They also mention the use of the word"omran" in the culture of Islam to indicate a need for protection from evil and evil situations. The speaker emphasizes the need for individuals to be prepared to face evil situations and offers advice on how to handle them.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah my brothers and sisters in Islam, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam taught us certain etiquette and manners concerning the bathroom. One of these etiquette is a dua that we are supposed to see when we enter the bathroom. And this is of two parts. The first part is to see Bismillah and this is a Hadith narrated by Alia Roby Allahu anhu, in where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Set Roma Bina our unique journey without the bunny Adam and you're gonna have to comida Hello, hello Bismillah interview sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that the concealment or the covering the covering between the eyes of the jinn. And the

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privates of mankind is for a person to say Bismillah when he enters the bathroom. So we are responsible to cover our privates from mankind and from Jean unkind. How do you cover your privates from Elgin by saying Bismillah? And how do you cover your privates, from the eyes of humans by keeping away or moving away from them, such as entering the bathroom closing the door. And if you're in open space, in a desert, for example, you go somewhere far away from the eyes of the people. That's the first half of the Hadith. The second part of the DUA, is to say Allahumma in the owl will be coming and hopefully we'll have an if and this is narrated in Sahadi, all Muslim, that the

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, when he entered the bathroom, or when he entered a place to relieve himself, he would say Allahumma inni are all the weaker men and hope you all harbor if which means Oh Allah, I seek refuge in You, I seek Your protection from an hobo he will have a

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minute Houthi with a Obama on the bat who fee this would mean from all evils and all harm.

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And it could also be set in another way and hold fee with Obama on the bat on a sukoon on the bed. And hope fee would mean the mail devils. One hubba if is the plural of Habiba and this is the female devils. So if you said Allah who met me all the week, I mean and hope thi Bama with a sukoon one cabanne If it means Oh Allah, I seek Your protection, protect me from the male and the female devils. And when a person enters the bathroom, he enters with his left foot and then he enters this bathroom, saying after seeing this

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also, the other thing that has been mentioned is that if a person forgot to save this door, and then he remembered while he is relieving himself, what does he do in this situation? It will allow him or him Allah they said that he should see this dua in his heart and not upon his tongue. Because the Quran Allah, the remembrance of Allah while relieving oneself and while a person's privates are uncovered, is not allowed. You should not be making liquor of Allah in such a state. So if you remember while you're inside, you say it in your heart. And it is very important to say this door when you enter the bathroom, and to teach your children to say this and your friends and your

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family. Because of Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said in a healthy and Shoosh Tabata that these areas in where a person relieves himself such as the bathroom and Tabata, they are present with the shayateen with the devils and the hidden. So he person says this, and he seeks Allah's protection. We ask Allah azza wa jal to save us from all harm and evil and from the devils the male and the female of them. Allahu Allah. Wa sallahu wa sallim wa barik ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Germaine

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