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Do we have to gift all our children equally

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Abu Bakr Zoud

Channel: Abu Bakr Zoud

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Episode Transcript

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There's a couple of issues related to this topic of allowable justice with the children. Let me quickly just highlight them with you. Number one, there is a difference between giving your kids gifts and between necessary spending on them. There's a difference what the Hadith means. And when we mean justice between children, then we mean in terms of gifts, if you're going to give one something, you're going to have to give the other one exactly the same thing. Unless otherwise, he agrees that you want something else. In gifting. It must be justice, it must be equal. But unnecessary spending, it doesn't have to be equal. What does that mean? It means any necessary

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spending, it's going to be different according to everyone's needs. Maybe in the house, there's a child that is, let's say, sick or disabled. And his spending is much more than his brothers and sisters. So as a result, there is no problem in that. Let's say a child of yours is in university, or he's in school and his spendings are much more than his brothers and sisters because they're still in primary school, whatever it is, so in this case, there's no problem. One can be given more than his brothers and sisters because this is about necessary spending. But in terms of gifts, it is supposed to be equal across for all unless otherwise that the children only agree for it to the

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to be different.