Ashouraa, a day of many victories

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The day of my brothers and sisters in Islam. He said they have victory. This is a thing of victory in Muslim dilemma Mohammed bin Ebell slobby Allahu anhu. He mentions that the day of Arusha is the day in which new holla he slams are landed on a god, Allah azza wa jal give victory to know how you sell them on the day of our show. And he was the first one to fast I should say the Vinci robot Allahu anhu. He mentioned that the day of Ashura is the day in which Musa alayhis salam was given victory over almost 7000 magicians, you know, the dean were found brought over magicians and they went to verse four out of the diverse musante Solomon the idea that he had somehow not only had was

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a staff in his head, it was his yaqeen in Allah subhanho wa Taala that made him victorious on that day, that was the day of Ashura in which 7000 7000 of the top magicians Gani magician is a carefully and emotionally together 7000 magicians made such that on that day, when loss of power who gave them all their powers because of a search that they made. This is the reason Alia Roby Allahu anhu he mentions that the day of Irish law is also the dean which allows or shall withdrew his punishment from the people of Eunice Allah, He is set up to you know, you know, sorry, he set up the one that was solid by the, by the whale, and he ended up in the belly of the whale, when he went back to his

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people for

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almost 100,000 plus as a lot of social mentions in the Quran, and they all believed and it was the day of Irish law, in which Allah subhanho wa Taala withdrew the punishment Allah azzawajal says in solitude rose Kashif.

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You feel hayati dunia at the victory. The day of Irish war is a day full of victory for for an Islam.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala from the Debye. He mentioned in his Tafseer that the day of Ashura is the day in which allows or shall accepted the Toba of Adam alayhis salaam, mucho sobre la Juana from among the companions, he mentioned that the day of Irish law is the day in which Allah subhanahu wa tada accepted the Toba of the brothers of use of Allah His setup, this is the day of Allah, the thing of Allah is also the date in which Musa Allah he said, he said powerful words so powerful that a lot of social treasures them in and we read them up until this day, and we will read them until we meet Allah subhanahu wa Tada. Words of certainty words of your kin and belief in a law so we shall

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call a killer in A, B, C, or D