Believers are merciful to each other

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Why is there this neglect in this character of Rama obey in a home you know there's a story of an Imam Malik or him Allah will emem a leaf inside in give you the story so you can understand what it means to have mercy among each other. And Eman Malik he was an Imam in Medina, imams scholar Mufti Medina.

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And he used to be so strong on the principle of amaru, Medina, Harsha, Yanni, there's a principle in Islam that says whatever the people of Medina do, it becomes a belief in Islam. So Mr. Malik, this was one of the principles of his proof in Islam, whatever the people of Medina did, that's enough of a proof to say they did it. So it's part of the deen and obviously they're doing what's in the Quran, no sooner and later than sad. He was a scholar Island, Big Island in Egypt. He opposed this principle with an accepted. Well, you can imagine emetic does not accept anyone rejecting this principle. No. So when news reached him, that a leaf inside rejects this principle, you know what he

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did? He wiped the floor with a leaf inside. And he says, You're a scholar. You're a scholar, and you're telling people this principle is incorrect. What's cool is this into your ignorant hack? This is what he said to him. So he can imagine I'm not telling you they this they argued on a worldview issue. They arguing on an Islamic issue, which is much bigger, Johnny, if any reason for him to cut him off would be now. A few months later, he met medical himolla

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he was preparing his daughter to get married. When they used to prepare the woman to get married, they used to bring a lot of perfume, give it out to the people and so on.

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And Egypt at that time was known had the best of perfume. Egypt is known for its perfume. So he sent a letter to to a life been sad. The same person who argued with certain Please, I'm preparing my daughter for marriage. Send us some good perfume from Egypt. What do you think enlistments are did for Abu Salah la here wicker by eating Min ommp he sent him a camel load of perfume. Like we say today a truckload of cash. He sent him a camel load of perfume on Mahatma if you had an issue with someone would you even think of reaching out to him for any more any of your if you had trouble in your life would you even think of reaching out to this broad brother now well no we carry now Hello

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says does not have anything to do with him. Now more of a chip done. If I see him on the Navy I give him shalom Allah it's up to you whether you give him

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wouldn't be sorry cinemas told us this is a right. How can Muslim Muslim it's a right.

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Leave in the Salaam if you refuse to give it to your brother. On the Day of Judgment he'll take it back from you in Hassan ad. Whatever the matter is a joke. where Muslims you stick to all the principles of Islam, all of them. No one in the past knew this pick and choose, do what you want whatever is convenient, whatever is difficult, leave it out. in Tacoma, my brothers and sisters in Islam, Fear Allah subhanho wa Taala