Allah’s generosity, like you have never heard before

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The recent Allahu alayhi wa sallam he says lower now walakum

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wa in second magina como como fue. So

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there is a lot

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this is a hadith could see paraphrase binary saw Salah he said, if the first and last of you, everyone from Adam Allah He said up until the last man on earth.

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We're in second machine nickel mankind and Elgin kind word to all stand in one plane aside is the earth and all of them in one time or to ask Allah facade Rooney they asked me. And how many things do you want? Each and every single one of us here? How many things do you want? Imagine, imagine this, just imagine this. Imagine one person just asks Allahumma inni as a new cabinet Heidi could lay just this one question or law, I asked you from all kinds of goodness, the Chief Justice is from one person. And imagine you have the billions of people asking the same question. So you can draw this image closer. Imagine I was to join all the world leaders of the world and all the kings and

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all the multimillionaires and I say to you come ask them what you want. And you just ask them this one question in the communal hierarchy would they be able to fulfill this? We're speaking about the entire world if you ask them as

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they wouldn't be able to satisfy you with it.

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Imagine every single mankind was to ask a lot this question for our

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at Masada and allow us to give everyone exactly what they asked for and desired.

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Allows origin he says man knuckle severely come in Mulkey Illa. Come on.

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This will if Allah was to give you everything you asked for multiply it by billions and billions of the creation, mankind and Gene kind

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it will only decrease from a lost kingdom. That which if you were to put a pin in the ocean and take it out, how much water would stick to it? Nothing. Here it does not decrease from last Kingdom nothing. How can we haven't seen this? Because we don't know who Allah is. And we don't turn to him into our Lord, my brothers in Islam, that we need something you turn to Allah Karim Subhanahu wa Tada.