Abu Abdissalam – I’m FED UP of the HARAM POLICE! #1

Abu Abdissalam
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Hola Mundo Athos, Natalia alameen wa ala alihi wa Safi Jemaine a salaam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh who I am your brother Vlad, this and I'm speaking to you live from the blessing city of Mecca. That is muckety muck karma. And today, we're gonna be talking about a topic that,

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you know, it probably irks you as much as it irks me, it is probably annoys A lot of you. And that is about, you know, the Haram police, the Haram police, everything is hard on, you know, anything you want to do it is haram. So we've got an exciting

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rant, I guess, coming up, and we're going to be talking about that inshallah. And also, I've got a guest who's going to be coming up later, and he's going to be talking about something that is very dear to my heart. And it is something that actually it's a project that he's working on. And

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I want to ask him some questions about how they deal with the kind of stuff that we're going to talk about in this show, inshallah. But before I start, can you guys let me know in the chat in the comments below, or the chat box, let me know if you can actually hear me if you can see me, Is everything fine? Is the audio good, because I know that over the last few days, we've had quite a bit of technical issues. And of course, we were hoping that we don't have that now. And if you have not liked or the page, if you're on Facebook or Instagram, if you haven't subscribed to the channel on YouTube, then please, please, please do so now. And also share this video now so that other

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people can also see it. And insha Allah, they can also benefit now we currently have 100 people watching live right now,

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across some of the channels, I'm going to look at some of these comments. But before I do that, just let me know where you're watching from right, which city are watching from and what time it is in that city because I do like to know that. And I know I asked this every every show, but it is actually really fascinating for me because we see people from all over the world. And it's really, really amazing

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to see that and I have got my tea. And this is actually decaf.

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Because it's, it's like after nine o'clock here in Makkah. And if I drink anything with a bit of caffeine in it, it's gonna mess up my sleep patterns. So it is 9:10pm in Makkah and I can see that a lot of you are giving Salaam so Wiley como Salaam rocktober cater to all of you. And I can see that you're saying that you can hear.

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You can hear and you can see clearly Alhamdulillah Okay, brilliant.

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Strangely, something has happened in that I can see it. I don't know what's happened to my okay. Or what is this some kind of notifications, I don't know, the app seems to have been improved, or updated or something. And it's showing a whole bunch of stuff that I have no idea what it is. But we'll leave that and I'm not going to mess around with that. Because every time I mess around with something it breaks. So

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let me just pull out my notes. Just one second because I wrote a couple of notes earlier on.

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And then I forgot to kind of

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open it up. But hold on, please let me know in the comments. What does that mean to you? What does harm police mean to you? And have you had any stories and by the way, if you want to come on the show, and you do have any stories or anything or any curse questions, then join the discord channel. Okay, and let me just put the link for that now. Because what we do is we are beyond there after the show as well we do chat quite a bit but not just that you guys can actually come in as a guest. If you join the discord

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channel. Let me just post that in the comments. I've got like a zillion windows open. I don't know what's happening today. We didn't clean up. Okay, so I posted it in the comments. Just click on that come into the discord channel and hopefully you can come in and tell me some of your stories with the haoran police. So what do I mean by haraam? Police Bismillah

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Ooh, that was hot. What do I mean by haram police haram police for me. And we've probably all come across some form of haram police.

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I mean, to me, it means someone who's like going round saying everything is hard on now there's not many people who do do that but like this is haraam and that is her arm and this is her arm and that is her arm. And why is that such a problem that

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There's a number of problems with this. The irony for me, okay? The irony is that when you we've got martial law 161 151 people now already so keep sharing, guys keep sharing because 100 that means more and more people benefit from heroin police to me means someone or people who go around saying everything is haram and the irony of all this, the irony is to say that everything is haram is haram in and of itself. That's the irony of this. So when you go around saying everything is haram and very often without knowledge, that itself is haram because what you're doing by saying something is haram, you're actually speaking on behalf of Allah subhanho wa Taala you're basically saying Allah

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is going you know, you are liable to punishment, if you do such and such a deed and this has to be done based on knowledge, it cannot be done based on you know, I think this is haram or my culture. And that is unfortunately something that has come in a lot in, in Islam in religion, right? People have brought their culture things that they don't like, into Islam and they say, Oh, that's Haram. And sometimes and there are different types of this and we're going to talk about this inshallah. But the key principle that we want to bring first and foremost is that only Allah has the right to declare that something is hot up. And this can be done in the Quran, or it can be done upon the you

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know, but through inspiration to the messenger Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam because Allah subhanaw taala says, 1 million taco Anil Hawa in Houma, Ilaha the prophets I said him he does not speak from desires, he only speaks from Revelation that is revealed to him.

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So there are a lot of harms. In you know, talk you know, just going around saying everything is haram Firstly, you you are speaking against you are speaking about Allah Deen without knowledge. And this in and of itself is haram. As I said, ironically, number two, you have legislated on behalf of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Right. In other words, you have made unlawful that which Allah has not made unlawful. And this is also another problem. Number three,

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you are actually putting people off Islam. So sometimes we want people to come close to Islam, we want people to build a strong and powerful relationship with Allah subhanaw taala. But what we do is when we start going around saying this is what I'm and that's what I'm and this is haram, and that is haram. What we actually doing is, sometimes someone's not at the same level as you in their religiosity, or maybe then they are, you know, they might even be better than you. But in certain aspects, they might not be as strong as you in your religiosity. And sometimes, you know, people have underlying issues that they need to overcome first before they stop doing a certain thing that

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is hot up, right. And sometimes, you might be right when you say to someone, oh, this is her arm, and this is her arm, and this is her arm, maybe those things are actually Haram. But the question we need to ask ourselves is at what point should we advise somebody to keep away from something that is haram? And there's a really important Hadith in this regard. And that Hadith is basically it's by it's narrated by more either bingeable radi Allahu anhu, one of the companions of the Prophet Sai settler. And what are the prophets? I certainly spoke to him and he he sending him off to Yemen at that time, Yemen was a place of Christians and you know, and so the prophets I said, I'm told why

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the unwired in captivity Coleman min Al Kitab. Valley I could Oh well, Mr. de la he, Isla de la that Oh my God, you are going to a people from among the People of the Book. You're going to the people of the book, right Christians and Jews. So let the first thing that you call to be that they worship a lot alone. Right, the towhead of Allah subhanaw taala in one narration, a Shahada to Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, let the first thing that you call to be the Shahada, the testimony of faith La ilaha illa Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah Sana Larissa for in alto curfew Valley and if they obey you in that for us beautiful and Allah, Allah him come Salawat in equally yo min while Allah then tell them now

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notice the word then for us and then tell them

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That Allah has obligated upon them five daily prayers, right in every day. And so and then he talked about the card and so on, then there was an order, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam did not go to the people, or the and he did not tell the Sahaba Hey, go to the people of Yemen, and overnight, tell them to change from, you know,

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non Muslim all the way to completely, you know, practicing Muslims with all sorts of with all the good deeds and leave all the bad deeds, the prophets, I said, I've never did that.

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He said, if they obey you in that, then tell them about the press, if they become Muslim, if they accept the testimony of faith, then tell them about the five daily press. If they accept you in that, then tell them about soccer, and so on and so forth. Because you are going to overwhelm them, you will push them away from Islam. Because my brothers and sisters imagine let's say you're going to the gym, right? You your or let's say you're you know, you want to lose weight, okay, you're you're feeling really unhealthy, and you want to lose weight. And maybe you might be I don't know, you might be a person who drinks I don't know, like two litres of Coca Cola every day 17, cakes, you

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know, 12 boxes of chocolate, you know, 20 packs of crisps, whatever it may be, right, you've got this huge list of food that you like, right? I can't think of any foods, let me know in the chat what types of foods you like, okay, but let's say you like all of these, you know, tons and tons of food that is really bad for you. And then you want to get healthy. And then the doctor says, You know what, you need to go cold turkey, you need to cut all of this out from your diet, how difficult is gonna is it gonna be out of every 100 people that are like this, probably one person will give up all of those bad foods, the other 99 they might try it for three hours and then give up. They might

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try it for three days. And then they give up. Because you it's difficult to go from one extreme to the other. right or not even not not another extreme, but it's difficult to leave one extreme. And so that's why I show the love on her. She says, I show the love on her. She says, you know that if Islam was revealed over, you know, 23 years if, and these commands and prohibitions came over a number of years, if Allah and she says that, you know, if Allah had just simply revealed all of these things in one go, the people say, I will not do this, I will not do that, I will not give up this, I will not give up that. And she's talking about the Sahaba just talking about the purest of

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generations of this oma, right, and she's saying that, you know, if Islam was revered all in one go, people would not be able to handle it. That's why it took 23 years 13 years, so they define people's aqeedah their beliefs, that human the love of Allah there, you know, and then the next 10 years was about rules and regulations and so on and so forth. So

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it's a great lesson to learn from the story of what I have what the process and commanded him to do, you know, to do one thing at a time, okay, in stages, you do things in stages, likewise, talking about

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you know, the way the Quran itself was revealed. Likewise, what is sort of the law on horses if everything was written in one go they revealed in one go they would just say we wouldn't do it, we wouldn't do it, we wouldn't do it. So that's not what we want to be we want we don't want to be people who push people away. What we need to do is focus on the most important things and as somebody zeeman gets stronger, then we give them more and more of Allah's commands to follow and his prohibitions to you know, abstain from

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this is really really important right Allah His Messenger sallallahu Sallam he said, make it easy for the people yes, Sera wala to us, make it easy, don't make it difficult. In fact, in one Hadith, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam I shot a deal on her Actually, she says

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canon the beast iclm Lemieux higher vishay in Illa Asada a Sarah Houma la mia higher abishai ala hada eSATA Houma ma lahmacun ifma

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the prophesize hilum was never given the choice between two things except that he would take the easy route you would take what the easy route as long as it was not a sin. So we're not talking about Oh, should I pray or should I not pray always easy not to pray? Let me say no. We're talking about there's a long route to the masjid there's a short route to the masjid. Take the short route.

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Take the easiest route, right as the profit slice and will do now of course, if you want extra reward and you want to maybe walk the extra distance because of a particular reason like walk into the masjid, you get a reward. You know, a sin is dropped for every step. And things like that, then of course, that's different. But in general, the prophets I seldom would take the easy route over and above the difficult route as long as the second the difficult. the easy route was not a sin. If it's a sin, of course, he would not do it. So you know, these concepts are really important. And in today's time, we find that sometimes we push people away from Islam with our harshness, we're not

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warm, we're not welcoming.

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And we might be talking about certain things which you know, may well be Haram. Right? They may well be Haram. And in that case, of course, we must say something is haram. But

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the point I'm making here is that if someone is struggling with the very basics of his religion, meaning that he's doubting the existence of Allah, or he's doubting Islam itself, then in a situation like that, you don't tell that person. Oh, you shouldn't, you know, I don't know, listen to music, or you shouldn't,

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whatever, even though it may be haram to listen to music, right musical instruments, we shouldn't do that. What we should do is focus on the underlying reason, the underlying problem which is what, which is that that person is doubting Islam itself. Because for that person, if you're doubting Islam itself, if you're doubting Allah subhanaw taala, then why would you give up listening to music? Why would you even pray if you're doubting the existence of Allah? So first deal with that? Right? let them understand the testimony of faith, as the professor told me about the love and let them you know, have full immersion yaqeen certainty faith in the testimony of faith. Once they've

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done that, then you get them to pray. That's the next most important thing. Right The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said, bainer Rajamouli were beno kufri was shirkey. Taco Sala, between a man and disbelief and polytheism is leaving the prayer. So that is the most important thing, get people to pray. If you can get them to pray, Allah, Allah subhanaw taala and enjoy their press, know the meaning of what is being said in the press, then insha Allah that will lead to themselves wanting to do extra good deeds for the sake of Allah and giving up sins to the best of their ability.

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But if you just start off with all of the this is her arm does her arm This is her arm, this arm. And in all of those cases, it may well they all may well be Haram. But start with the fundamentals of our religion first, and slowly build someone's a man so that they themselves want to do that. Okay, my brothers and sisters, I think that is really, really important. Now, let me just quickly read a few comments and then I'm going to bring in brother, a YouTube

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from Islamic network and he runs an amazing charity that is really dear to my heart. And I also volunteer for the charity as well. And it is really dear to my heart because it deals with exactly this type of problem, right? But let's read some of the comments

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I'm the Salaam cancer Salaam Alaikum Salaam Patricks Salaam Alaikum Salaam says Alhamdulillah wa Salaam brother

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due to do

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what else have we got? We got lots of comments and salaams My name is yahia also says Patrick awesome. Masha Allah

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someone's asking is it

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I don't know loads of unrelated stuff. But let's

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you are enough is from Michigan in America. Patrick's from UK. London. David Frasier. Yes. Yes, everything is great. As of now. I'm guessing they're talking about the audio. But Ayad says audio is good video is great. You're awesome. Does that go over your kind words? It was embarrassing me. Most of us is everything is okay. Alhamdulillah Debbie is from Scotland.

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Are you busy London.

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David Frasier says Dr. Zakir Knight is very impressive is very good at his lectures and my teacher says it is permissible for me to watch. You are enough says

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Michigan America.

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I bla bla bla is from the Netherlands. Shahzad from Pakistan Mohammed tauheed from dukkah but I out in Kashmir.

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David's name is Abdul Kabir Masha Allah Shayla says Be honest, I do not want to read the Bible.

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But how doctor I don't know what your question is bro. And he says please make dua for me

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from the holy city of Mecca. May Allah give all of you guys but I can guide all of us I mean lots of little questions brother Are you are you there?

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On my headphones to the wall Akin what I was like you have other capital Y la como salam wa Rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh whoo Let me see if I can get you on

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I'm going to play around with these buttons again. Can you guys see brother Are you it's really nice now isn't it? I can see him

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let me know in the chat guys if you can see brother Have you been here brother? Are you are you Where are you speaking from?

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fellow Oliver run? Yes, I'm joining you from the blesseds City of London. I don't know if it's blessed. Well, I guess everywhere has some blessing.

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Allah always blessing us and no matter where we are, um, but you can't you can't have dibs on the blessings. Like I'm gonna, well I'm gonna get somebody from we need to we need to get one from Medina and we do me anyone if any tag someone who tagged someone from tag tags tag someone who's in Medina guys, anyone who's in Medina, tag them and let's get them on the show inshallah, or Palestine as well. Yes, absolutely. That would be good. So, uh, you

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tell me a little bit about Islamic network.

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You obviously run the charity and it is something that is really dear to my heart because I volunteer for this charity as well. In my kind of small little way, I don't I don't do anything as much as you guys do. Mashallah. But tell tell everybody about Islamic network, because I really want people to know about this, because this is one of those charities that you know, often when we think about charity, we think about, you know, giving to causes where people are dying. And that and that's really important, those types of causes are really important. But then sometimes we we, you know, there's the odd charity is one that I really like giving our to non Muslims. What What is

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Islamic network all about? It's different. It's not about collecting money for life saving

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causes, right? So tell us a bit more about that.

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Because I click here for the opportunity, we still have manual human and handed in our search, we're selling a lot of fully less while he was the human well, Am I bad?

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Wow, where to start? Well, I think the topic that you chose them for tonight is so relevant handler in that,

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oh, this code sets this code back

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to you so that we can

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the topic that you've chosen is so relevant, because this is something that young people, no matter whether you're in London, or Oslo or Michigan, or wherever you may be, these are the questions and the struggle that you're facing. And and if so, Alexandre network, what we're focusing on, our focus is on making every single mosque, inshallah a hub of the community for young people. You know, we are so blessed in the Muslim community to have masajid on every street corner.

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And in London, what we, almost London is chock a block with with the with mustard, so you can't go Maybe, maybe not every street corner, but maybe every mile or so every two miles. It's actually something for my for my intrepid team of volunteers who are listening, I'm going to give it to them to get back to me, then what I have

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the team of two sisters,

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Andrea and Fatima, who are actually working on this exact project on cataloguing, and seeing what kind of youth engagement massage it across London are doing to start with. So on their platform, if you're watching this, let's put a definitive number on that. How far across London Do you have to go? So tell us a bit about Islamic network.

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COMM that so we know that the facials are available to young people or big faces are available, but they're not necessarily accessible to young people. So what we do is we work with masajid to help them open up and get young people into the masjid from the grassroots level from the ground all the way up to to leadership development, helping create the next generation of leaders of masajid inshallah, that's how ultimate vision, you know, we want to see that every single mosque that we're working with, over the next five years, have a dedicated youth position or young person's position at their trustee level or higher for that the needs and you know, reflecting the needs of young

00:24:52 --> 00:24:59

people in their area. And you know, this is fun that this is you know, COVID-19 has been such a wake up call

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In that, for the majority, let's call that 80 80% of the mustards, traditional mustard go is now not allowed to be in the masjid, you know, those were 60 or 70. Plus, you know, for their own for their own Salah, created the gap creates an opportunity for young people, like myself and yourself watching to fill that gap to reclaim the masjid to make it your place in Sharla. So if you live in an area, like if you, for example, if you're in London or in any other, you know, any other city, the masajid on the mosques are now opening again. So use that opportunity claim claim that front row boy, Tell,

00:25:41 --> 00:26:26

tell me exactly what you guys actually do. Because I think some of the viewers might be confused, like, what exactly are you guys doing? What are the types of projects that you do? And why? Why do we need? Why do we need something like this? Absolutely. There are many. There are many youth organizations doing fantastic work helping young people. And for a long time at a funnel, we did exactly that. We tried to interface directly with young people to help give them a positive experience of Islam to help them start to engage with their own, you know, with a las panatela with their own faith. But what we found that wasn't really scalable, practical. So now what we do is we

00:26:26 --> 00:26:56

actually work with mosques, and we act we figure out what is it that they need to get young people through the door. So at the base level at the grassroots level, we help organize or pre COVID and now we've got new stuff post COVID. But we have organized grassroots activities that get young men and young women into the mosque one of them for example, we have a fantastic event called a milkshake night, where you actually come and you have a milkshake with the chef in them. You know now if you hang out.

00:26:58 --> 00:26:58

So again,

00:27:00 --> 00:27:03

so that's what we want to know. Carry on. Absolutely.

00:27:04 --> 00:27:08

So it depends The question is Chef What's your favorite milkshake? Oh,

00:27:10 --> 00:27:19

I wasn't expecting that question. What's my favorite milkshake? I think vanilla. Vanilla is my one. Why? Why yourself? Why are you so boring? Why vanilla?

00:27:21 --> 00:27:22

I don't know, just like

00:27:24 --> 00:27:29

Cabo and not like Malteser Oreo. I don't know crunchy.

00:27:30 --> 00:27:33

No, no, no, no, I'm going I'm going vanilla all the way. Vanilla milkshake.

00:27:35 --> 00:28:15

Alright guys, I give you permission to cross check about Islam. In the comments, please tell me, I want to know your favorite combinations. Like I've had people with like crazy macek combinations. Like they were maltesers with two extra scoops of Oreo and a scoop of malt on the side with extra whipped cream. craving milkshakes as an ops these days hamdullah we have so we have things called the milkshake night where we get young men young women in the masjid where they can chill out. They can meet their their chef or chef and really just you know, open up and hang out we've had amazing stories, you know, amazing incidents where people have come to the masjid, just to hang out and have

00:28:15 --> 00:28:52

a milkshake. But they you know, they found something in the masjid that they didn't have before they found a community they found it welcoming they found it open you know and inshallah this This opens the door for future engagement. And now post COVID must have all yours. So go ahead and let me know hit me up in the comments. If you want to organize a milkshake night at your local Masjid and we'll be there inshallah we'll have a solution social distance things and whatnot. But yeah, that's the grocery several if there's no gimme, gimme in your area. Are you telling me Give me some stories like, you know, have people what kind of people come? Are they all kind of people that are super

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religious people? What What kind of people come to this and give give us some stories? Like, you know, I don't know, like, what type of people who have come give us some stories. Every every type of every type of person. If somebody is if somebody is not praying at the moment, or maybe they have doubts about Islam, or they well call they don't wear his job or no they don't wear her job. Yeah, I think welcome.

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Absolutely. What we have to realize and that's that's why this topic is so important tonight.

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