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Okay, for those of you interested, this is the unedited descent of a zigzag, using the skydio, to drone. And as you can see here, I was waving at the drone in order to get it to lock on to me.

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And I'm using the wand, which is a really amazing piece of equipment that comes with the skydio. Two, or you actually might have to buy it separately, depending on the package that you get.

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The one that allows you to control quite a few of the functions with skydio to. And at the moment, I'm selecting the mode that I want it to be on.

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skydio calls them skills, actually. And it's one of the cinematic skills. So they have two types of tracking motion track and fixed track. And what I'm using here is fixed track because I want the drone to

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follow me in a way that the hill is always behind me. And that's the idea is you maintain a sort of steady angle.

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And yeah, that's just because the angle I wanted, you also have motion track, which will track that will track you relative to the direction in which you're heading. So it always so if you're always falling from the front, from the rear, depending on your motion.

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So yeah, so you can control the distance as well, which is what I'm doing playing around with the distance.

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so you can obviously, you can do all of that using the wand. And I'm trying to bring it a bit closer, just trying to get the right angle. I haven't spent a lot of time with the drone.

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But I have been so impressed.

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You can see some comparison between this for example and the auto EVO to which I have spent a bit more time with and tried to get that to track me and follow me while I've been mountain biking. That's the main reason I wanted a drone is to track me when I'm mountain biking. And you can really see how well

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the skydio two tracks. I've done a descent of

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Minton batch which is very close to this trail, actually.

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And, and to be honest, the Ortel didn't do that bad actually did pretty well.

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One of the problems was I forgot to press record. So a new record recorded a bit of the descent.

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But it is just no comparison to the skydio which has really got this tracking.

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What can I say? Really, it's really really good, really impressive.

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So anyway, this is the beginning part of zigzag This is a slight uphill and goes across the hill.

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And I'm pedaling away.

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I've pretty much given up these days.

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Trying to go super fast, since I had a bit of an accident separated my shoulder and I just decided that I should take it easy a bit and not trying to get all of these Strava times. So you can see here the angle of the drone is really

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Yeah, it's it's constantly pointing

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in a sense up the hill.

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And yeah, that's what I wanted. So it's doing a pretty good job.

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So these corners are quite tricky.

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And extra tricky to take them at speed

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switchbacks, they call it

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trying to leave my body into that they're not exactly going the fastest I've ever gone, gone. And one of the things is that you find yourself doing unavoidably is constantly looking up to see where the drone is, but I've sort of learnt to trust this drone a little bit.

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Well, up until so I just totally overshot the track, which is something I did quite a few times when I first started writing here. And I should have known better by now but I just went in the wrong direction zigzags down the hill and I was just going straight. That track actually pretty much leads to nowhere.

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So look you can still see them going

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between the trees, it's still tracking me.

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just after this descent, as

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it goes behind the trees, that's it loses me now, now that the good thing is that because I have the wand,

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it doesn't just rely upon tracking me or tracking the image of me, it actually

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connects to the wand as well. So even when you disappear, it still has some idea where you are. That's one of the things that the auto doesn't have. It only just tracks your image, it has no way of really knowing where you are, I don't see why it couldn't.

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Because you are connected via the phone.

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And that is another real disadvantage of the auto is that you pretty much have to have the controller and the phone attached to your bike. And as you'll see in the other videos, there's just a massive amount of equipment to be strapping onto your handlebars. With this guy do it is literally the wand, it's

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the size of well, not a USB stick quite a lot bigger than that, but it's not that big, and you can actually just put it in your pocket, or I have a sort of

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an attachment that I use to attach it to the frame of the bike. At this stage, my spokes, two of my spokes actually came loose. It's quite a rocky descent, it may not look like it, but it's quite rocky and quite rough. And two of my spokes came loose, and I had to fix them and burnt my self on the disc brake rotor, trying to get them to stop rattling. And now you can see the drone has totally actually lost me all together. It's zooming out again. And I won't lie, this is when I start to panic, because it's not a cheap piece of equipment.

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And yeah, so what I'm doing now is doing a droney, which you can do at any stage. So that's another cinematic skill, you can do a droney, which you can do at any stage, you I think you just double press a certain button, and it just zooms out. And it's supposed to give you this

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wide view of the scene in which you are.

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And it worked. Okay, as you can see, not not brilliantly, and then it's supposed to return to tracking you the way it was before automatically. But

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as you can see, I'm blocked by the trees. And now what I'm doing is just using the wand to navigate the sky do to

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to a better position, because it can't see me It can't fill me through those trees anyways. So it's, you know, it's following its skill. It's following its program. Well, and it's sticking to the angle that I asked it to stick to, but it's just not very useful anymore. So I've got it in front of me. And to be honest, this is an angle I really like, I still have to figure out really what the best angles what's the best way to use this drone? What are the best angles to shoot from? And yeah, that's it. So

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I still find it a bit challenging. Landing the skydio to with just the wand, it's a little bit tricky, and I found it really, really tricky. In my descent, the end of my descent of Minton batch, which I will probably put up on another video.

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Yeah, so that's it basically, that is my unedited footage. Well except for this voiceover of my descent of the zigzag as filmed by the drone without the other edit bits, edited bits that you can see

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in the life of zigzag, which is the sort of final video.

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Alright guys, for those of you who

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are interested in you know how the sky yo two works, how the fixed tracking mode works. Hopefully this has given you a little bit of an insight.

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Again, what I can say is I'm really, really impressed with this drone. I really like it and you can just land it and catch it in your hand like that, as long as you follow the procedures properly. Thanks for watching.

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