The Life of Zig Zag

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The speaker describes a climb on a dry, hot summer day in London, where everything is packaged into a package and everything is thrown out. The climb is hard and requires a lot of practice, making it difficult to see clearly. The speaker describes the climb as a joyless, crazy climb and describes it as a "slackman on turbo mode" with a focus on the road and masters.

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Life is a journey and journeys can be long or they can be short they can have a purpose and a destination or they can be nothing much more than random meanderings. This journey though had a very specific purpose to film my descent of zigzag during the golden hour on a dry hot summer's day when all the elements will be bought together to bring about the perfect conditions for pictographic awesomes.

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This is arguably the best descent down the long mynd and it's not hard to see why it's called zigzag.

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I just have to pause here because this climb is really really hard. It's called asotin Bank. It's on the top toughest 10 climbs in UK and has many names that are not repeatable here and has been described as a joyless straight line of pain. I put my ebike on turbo mode. I don't have time for that today. I need to catch the sunset and get home before dark and what a sunset is

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with real

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my biggest

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well, it's more or less all downhill from here.

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the more that I have more I longed for more so this makes me realize that these words ever satisfy my

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daughter help my child day so my dream for John Rose Day by day they pray to

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guide me yield

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back do is borrow dice the

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to see

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here's a thought if life is a journey and tests and trials and life are a bit like climbing what's road and masters and bank is slam is a bit like having an ebike with turbo mode

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against restaurants