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Imam Wisam Sharieff Khutbah on January 8th 2016 at MCA


AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the impact of Islam on people's behavior and the potential for bouncing off old mistakes. They also talk about the impact of recent movies and encourage people to spend their time listening to "medication," or pray for Islam. The speakers stress the importance of acknowledging loss and embracing new events, and encourage people to say a simple third step and share their experiences. They also emphasize the importance of not feeling anxious or sad and not giving up on their actions.
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Before we begin, I request this is the time where Allah subhanaw taala hears or the beginning of the Hooda in Alhamdulillah, take six, seven minutes, sit up as if Allah subhanaw taala would send an angel and if that Angel walked in and said, Brooke Bashir on one of the Iran for you as Jenna forever, how would you like to be sitting just in the beginning of the class after that you can lay down but in the beginning, if we do hum then the angels are about to close the scroll and sit down for the Hooda How would you like them to take your name? If you took a selfie with the angel who's about to sit down? How would you like to look? Take a moment to collect yourself maybe sit in a dab

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in the way you would sit if an elder came to your house and then B isn't allowed we begin the hood bow With the name of Allah

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in Alhamdulillah

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indeed, all praise and thanks are due to Allah. Now Meadow who so we gather to praise him on a starry No, who and the greatest hummed of Allah is esteana Allah I need you and we all need you. So this is why we have gathered on a stone Fierro camino de

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and it is he Allah subhanho wa Taala that I asked complete forgiveness for when the extension of this mustard was added on. We didn't add a construction man to build another building and there was a crack between the two. We said build it so that you can't tell as if this is new and this is old stuff in a lot clean us in such a way you can't see any of our old mistakes when you're a newbie he and I believe in Allah and so do you wanna tower can ya? So I invite you to trust a loss of Hannah wa Tada. When are also billahi min sharoni and fusina and where can this trust begin with a sense of being a law's spoiled creature Allah has given you and he gave you Islam so on top of this I want

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you to ask a lot like a child ask their dad for a huge toy knows that Oh, I didn't do anything to deserve it. ask Allah when are also Billa him in Cerulean fusina Allah I'm a human being anger, lust, laziness desires there in all of us. But in these 21 minutes of the hookah will help me to control my ego helped me to relax myself and help me to acknowledge who I am

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woman say Dr. Medina and there's only one more thing that can stop me from hearing God

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first my ego could get in the way number two, you know that movie you watched last night? It might affect the hood but you know that song you're stuck in your head that still playing right now? Maybe you won't hear the hood but so stop here and say when are we gonna be la Himanshu Rudy and fusina woman say Dr. Medina. Oh Allah on Tuesday when I forgot I missed fudger just by accident. Maybe the hood but won't make so much sense over love filling the potholes of my week, or will love feeling the mistakes that I made. But Oh Allah, I beg and we beg that any lie that we told to ourselves, any indulgence that we overdid that is affecting our gateway of a diet just like you get cholesterol,

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the bad sins block your heart. You got to take some Lipitor for your heart. And that liquid tour is one a shadow

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that I bear witness that the only medication that I will ever need is that I know along and that I believe in Allah and that the belief in Allah subhanho wa Taala entitles me to a truckload of treasures just because I believe on a shadow Anna Mohammed Anna Abu rasuluh and how do I know that that God loves me? Maybe he just made you and left you there. Let's see what happens. is Allah subhanaw taala like a Las Vegas casino on the Day of Judgment. You can be like, oh, let's go Jenna. Or do you expect to come to Allah and say,

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Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, your Allah, I came to you Yara B. And I used to say

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Allahumma Antara be an avatar? I used to say this a lot God, you're my God. And I definitely believe in you. And because of this, how do I know that Allah loves me and didn't create me just randomly, right chaos theory? Because Alice took the most beautiful creature he ever made. And then he said, you know what team you play for? You know what your jersey says on the back? Mohammed Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So I bear witness and testify that the greatest creature in the universe to set foot on the earth and I get to play for his team. I get to look like him is Mohammed Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam? I don't know. I'm almost sure that God didn't send a son to

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his to this earth. But he sure did send Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam so that every time I heard his name, I could say I might not be a laws favorite person. Again, I'm not. But who is a law Muslim, he was suddenly him. Allah Nabina Wahhabi been our Shafi. Now what are solina Muhammad

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and as we open the Friday, the Friday is a day of subtle art. You take shower, you cut your nails, you present yourself and do what Allahumma salli wa sallim ala Nabina Amina Mohammed Mustafa sallallahu alayhi wa sallam but we'll get to this point at the end of the football. As we begin here. There's one more phrase I have to say. Miyagi love Allah mobila woman

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Ain't nothing I can do about it. Whoever in this room has heard Alhamdulillah and said love bake. I know why I'm here Allah. No one can misguide you. Except that guy who's like okay, what's the football about? I still don't get it. guide me. You ain't gonna get it, bro. You're gonna sit there. And you're gonna come in weekend and week out new sad don't get it? I'm sorry. You don't get it. But for the rest of you who in 2015 said Oh Allah. May I have something? And I can look in this foot button. Say every one of you prayed to Allah for something. And didn't you get it? Is there something you have prayed and made while for Yara be I wish I could have this? And did you get it?

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Yes, you did. And once you got it, couldn't you then stop and say wait a minute, this is not just a conveyor belt. I'm talking. And he's real. And in that moment, a shadow on LIDAR. So either you get it or you don't. I'm sorry. It's that cut and dry. If you want God knock on the door. But today, I challenge you on the flip side. Today I say to each one of us, how many times does the last kind of walk to Allah?

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knock on your door? How many times in the day? Is your car about to slide? Is your boss about to say something to you? Is your wife about to tear into you? And they don't? How many times does Allah subhanho wa Taala? knock on your door? How many times a day does Allah say Don't worry, you're not going to be guided from a hadith. You won't hear some master Hooda but one day when you're stuck and the COP is sitting there saying hey Mohammed, I'm alright. You're good. And you're like you have to be pleased. No. And he walks away going, pray for me to Allah had your back. So for 2016 I have one request for you who follow the other calendar 1437. They both coincide. I want you to spend this

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year, just one year how was the rest of your life you have this year Allah isn't watching you. This year. Allah isn't watching you. This entire year. Allah is watching out for you. This entire year. Every decision you make is helping me out. You're not going to sit here MCA and say Allahumma is Dino Serato. Still team? That's a man not taking responsibility. That's LeBron James sitting and saying, you know, I pray to God one day, I'm a good basketball prayer. Right? This is us saying Yeah, Robbie, we accept hidayah and every decision I make in this coming 360 plus days. I've made it with you a lot. Don't cop out. Don't blame this on a law. Because why do you miss fudger shaytaan

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made me do it? Why don't you read enough Ron? I'll let him guide me. So bro, where do you fit in this story? If shaytan keeps misguiding you and Allah doesn't guide you enough is a pretty easy life. Just sit cruise control the rest of the time. We take it to one more level. If we want to acknowledge a loss of Hannah latonya and I see it on your faces so I will ask you an uncomfortable question. When I say a shadow on La Ilaha Illa LA. I asked you to stop you cannot respond to me. I asked you to dig deep into yourself. Have you met Allah subhanho wa Taala? And if your answer is automatically no

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Then you're a hand and you're a foot and you're a coat. But if I'll ask you one more time did you meet Allah subhana wa Tada. If you forgot It's okay.

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Except if you acknowledge for one moment at the beginning of this year, that I believe in Quran and you believe in foreign so Allah said, Allah has to be

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in the creation of every single soul that's all of us. And those of us who live in So Cal to Allah created all of us even Kobe Bryant and said others to be radical Paulo a what he said, I don't know. I have to go to dunia and figure it out. Paulo, Bella, every human being in this room, including myself, what do we say to Allah? Shaheed Tina?

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We all met Allah subhanho wa Taala. But we forgot in San nasiha we forget a lot. But every time you forget this meeting with Allah subhana wa Tada. What statement revolves around that meeting? You said Allah subhanaw taala you responded, follow by Allah. And then you said, shahina I give you your first tool for today. Every time you leave the member, you leave Friday, and you feel away from the remembrance of meeting a loss of Hanwha Tyler, I want you to say Shahada once, but not as a trivial thing, but to yourself. Because when I say ash, how do I acknowledge me? Correct? Not Allah. I say I believe in Allah. So who is Allah increasing? Allah is always there. When I say a shadow, who is

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Allah increasing? Me? And the belief in me? I asked you today to take this first step. Did you meet Allah? Yes, you did. If you forgot, keep the Shahada on your tongue. Let's raise the bar. Who Allah de oro Santa Rasulullah Whoo. Whoo da De Niro. Hello, Paul. It is he a last panel Watada who were talking about? Who hears us who knows the voltage of which bulb will go out first in this room, Myra. Allah subhanho wa Taala. Sent Mohamed Salah LaGuardia was tell them not to tell me to grow a beard. That was the result of lighting the flame on the candle. It gave off heat. You don't go up to a candle and say you're hot. That's the only thing you have. You say a result of your fire is that

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you give off heat. So Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam didn't come to tell me to dress a certain way.

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But he did come to tell me to treat insaan a certain way to treat animals a certain way to care for the ground in a certain way to use the bathroom in a certain way. That was mine. But he did it with a smile on his face. He was sent me to Huda, what do you need? All I asked you to do is step away from ISIS for a second step away from CNN and Donald Trump and just stop. God had about 124,000 employees. First employee named Adam last employee named Mohammed Salah

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in between they all said the same exact thing in today's Hooda I'm hoping to just take the message of new holiday Sarah. So Noah gave Dawa for how many years so these are all employees of a lot. 950 years in these 950 years how many people believed in him? Like 5050 people? I mean Amway sign up people have you have better chance to sign up an American Airlines freakin fire buddy pass then you have to get people to convert. He knew la Salatu was Salam was asked by God after 900 plus years. So what do you do?

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And Noah says in Surah Surah 71 is eight through 11 if we can cover it a lot asked Noah, your boss comes up to you goes Where's your progress report?

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Here's what I got. And he says

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Indeed, I told them say a stop through law. A law is was and will always be law in the state of constantly forgiving, constantly washing and making it like it never happened. You will receive this

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and for you Silicon Valley friends. God points out in this ayah that the person who says so little law stuff, blah

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blah. He keeps this phrase on his tongue. You all think you're gonna go to heaven inshallah. Except in this dunya Allah says he will pour a 401 k on you. He will your city Samar, la comida la like constantly, he's gonna make a rain on you is a law. Well, you need to commit a Mwanawasa name and your kids and your wealth it will just happen

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From you saying, Allah, you're there. And I'm going to pause here for a moment. Because then no one asked his people are they salatu salam Malecon? He says, What's wrong with you? What is wrong with you that you have judged Allah subhana wa Taala to be to be something other than the greatness of Allah. But why do you think God wants to send you to hell? In this one simple fact, I asked us as our second tool, usually I go and give a clip up, and I'll say brother, say a stop feudal law. And usually the way you say a stop feudal law is like this. I stopped feudal law, right? That's how you say stop for a while, because he did something wrong. And I'm just so sorry, you know, stopped for a

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while. Except insofar as for who,

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and sometimes we forget, is still far is not because you're a bad person, is it? Because Allah is wonderful? Let's do that one more time. is still far isn't because you are bad. is still far as because Allah is that man.

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Stop wasting your time saying how horrible you are, and begin making it stay far solely for the pleasure of Allah subhana wa tada between the sittings of the hood but the law is not rejected. I only asked you to do two things, Shahada and it's still far But today, even if you didn't pray fudger say Oh Allah, I'm saying this to you. I'm saying it for you. As I sit each one of you who has asked a lot for something and got it

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can you tell a lot Thank you. Don't ask because we give do I like this attorney? artemi gimme gimme gimme. Except after a while Don't you want to stop and when your kid says dad buy me a Ninjago buy me a Lego. Did you want him to be like Hey, Dad, you bought me five things. Thanks. You're pretty swell dad. Except when Syria goes wrong or there's some famine we're like, oh, look at Allah, killing them Syrian babies all over again. why we're so unfair with Allah. Please. I asked you in the sittings of the hookah for 10 seconds. Say alarm excited to meet you. I don't know about hell or heaven. I don't know how it's gonna work out. But I'm very excited to meet you. For you will meet

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Allah subhanho wa Taala in all frequencies, and in all ranges of light. God is pure than you can understand. So between the sittings of the hookah, don't ask for something. just acknowledge that he's there and see how many things he gives you. What are the kuruva here

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pray upon your parents will

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pay for the mother's blood.

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And hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah here on Bella mean to masala mala Sunni hin Abby will carry

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on hearing

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huaming Casa

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de la vaca Jelani aka hyena

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Yeah, yeah.

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Nicola, Lana Ola, we asked you to rectify all of our situations. If you are ill, or have the disease of depression, or anxiety, I want you to know that it's real and that allow will remove it. If you are hopeless in your financial state. In your relationships, I would ask you to eradicate hopelessness, make hopelessness haotong

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and if you are amongst those who are paranoid and feel that something's going to happen to us, my number used to remind hubbub radi Allahu taala. And the people before us used to be branded in their head, they would be bleeding. So one time whether you raise your hands or not ask a lot to remove depression and that you become the source of light for somebody else. That alone removes your anxiety for anxiety when I have when I lay him alone, except Allah and depression will slowly move away. I'll ask you a question. A lot my funeral home and I will keep making while you put your hands up and down however you want to. If this room was dark, and I pressed a button

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The light would come in correct. How would you fill the room with dark? Is there a button you press and then all the dark comes in? No. Darkness is nothing. It is the void of light.

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If you could only think about that for a second, when you feel dark and alone, think about it. You're like, I feel sad. I'm alone. And I need to go smoke something or eat something or watch TV or cut someone out on Facebook. I need an outlet. Except What is your darkness?

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It's nothing. And Allah is the ultimate light. So I hope today is good bye wasn't too distracted. If you need a way to take a simple third step. If you don't realize in 2015, if you didn't realize that you were amazing that you are the aroma of Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu sallam. I don't know if you realize this, if I took this brother to me to Makkah, would they allow him to enter Mecca? You don't understand how big neon medallions when we get to the border and they say, Are you Muslim? That's the only place it really matters. We're all allowed to visit the house of Allah, maybe you can't. So I would like you to do something that's trans. You can transport yourself from here to

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wherever you need to. I'll ask you a simple set of questions we'll end the hood bondus Allah azza wa jal did he pray fudger this morning?

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No, God doesn't pray fudger did Allah fast does Allah fast my generation you know Allah fasting? Does the logo for Hodge Of course not accept what is an act of verb in the Quran that Allah did does and will always do that when I begin doing it allows doing it as well. I'll give you an opportunity. Next time you feel anxious depressed all the time is done. Next time you feel anxious, depressed, sad and someone's fighting in the masjid something the middle of Ramadan. It's been a couple of months since Ramadan now has almost over two you got to go through the low. Say you're in a place where someone offers you something illicit or you're you're in a place where you don't want to do

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the things that your friends are doing. What is the only act that you can do that Allah subhana wa tada did does and will always do. I will answer you as Allah subhanho wa Taala gives us a glad tiding throws a party for us when he says in non law How am I law?

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And that's us.

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sallu alayhi wa sallam, the cinema and you're all generically going to say a lot of my satyabhama but stop. When you say a lot of Masada Muhammad right now, how many hundreds of millions of people are doing it with you right now? You need a reason not to be depressed. You've got 100 million friends and they don't need to like your Facebook. You just need to say a lot of Muslim yada yada.

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Come on so late Allah Ibrahim Allah Allah Allah Hema in Academy de Majeed Allahumma barik ala Muhammad in Wada Adam Hamad komaba rock da da da Hema what are the Ebola Hema in nicomedia Majeed I hope you could experience that for a moment when you're on your way home maybe you're sitting in your car just one time no one will hear you and I promise no one will know that you're trying to be religious. I won't tell anyone just close your doors to yourself

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and when you say solid yada Muhammad what is God doing at that exact moment?

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You suddenly Norland maybe in a lot more loudly when the sun was eata

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why and

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he will moon carry well if you came late and you don't know what the hood buzz about God told us to do three things he said be just be aware have Exxon know that Allah knows everything we're doing the good, the bad and the ugly and he lost power that I said Be good to your family members try these three things. Be just be good to your family members and live like God can actually see us not like he's gonna watch a videotape on the Day of Judgment. Three things Allah has forbidden Allah forbade Tasha

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illicit perverseness keep your stuff hidden. Don't share your sins mooncup the line in the sand between halal and haram do not go up and ask the chef how Haram is it like longtime in hell haram or like you know just like walk by hell Hebron. It hurts it hurts our feelings because you're playing games with the love.

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But the last thing that Allah says is buzzing oppression. I made sense. I didn't fly 4000 miles if I didn't make sense

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Because Allah makes sense. I ask you to take my words and make sense out of them because on a day of judgment, there's some money currency you're going to need Subhan Allah will hamdulillah will be like stacks of cash. rubberband, man will be a new name for you. Because you have so many good deeds you can't even carry all this stuff. I asked you to remember a line that way. For the remembrance of Allah is a gift, I encourage you to come to the prayer which is another gift in your record. All I ask is I work in X ray. When you make rakura Allah can see the crest of your bone. So don't make ruku from your stomach. Make ruku from your hips. Make ruku as if you are performing a show for

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Allah subhana wa tada Athena sada in the La Jolla mobility with a sandwich eater in the way in hand in fascia curry well above the crowd la he akbar Allahu Yamato is now famous sada Allah