Allah Will Not Look at Them

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses various topics related to Islam, including the Prophet's teachings about disinterested individuals and the importance of avoiding sin and sinful behavior. They also mention various Hadith-related topics, including the Prophet's teachings about drinking water and the importance of avoiding sinful behavior. The speaker emphasizes the need to avoid sin and encourage people to improve their character.
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I was going on a walk with the kids

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just a few days ago. And one of my sons mashallah for botica lawyer who is carries the rucksack with the snacks and the sandwiches and the

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picnic and the mats that we sit on when we stop. And

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also the water, there's a bladder in it, so it's quite heavy.

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And obviously if it's the only water

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amongst all of us, then sometimes yes, keep stopping because everyone's thirst, and they want to drink. So I think he got a bit fed up with this. And

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so he was saying, Oh, listen, drink now. I want to keep stopping. And then it came to my mind, I remembered

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two things. The first thing I remembered was what the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had said about not making people feel obliged, when you've done something nice for them. You know how Allah subhanaw taala mentions that he will not

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He will not speak to them, and he will not purify them, and he will not forgive them

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on the Day of Judgment, people who remind others of the things that they've done for them, and made them feel obliged. But then I was remembering Well, this, I know, there's other things that were because there's various, actually quite a few Hadith. And also a verse of Quran. So there is an ayah of the Quran that mentions this, that in fact, it is talking about those people who hide the truth who cover the truth, they specifically the specific context was some of the rabbis from the

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the, the Arab Jews knew

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about the kind of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. They knew that from the scriptures, and they hid this truth. So Allah subhanaw taala in the Quran is talking about how he will not look at that He will not speak to them, he will not forgive them

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because of what they've done. But there are other things that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned, that

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have the same

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punishment, that same threat of punishment.

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And the one of those things, he's reminding people

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of the favors that you've done to them to make them feel obliged. But I remember a hadith that mentioning other things as well. So as I was walking, I quickly did a good, I did a quick Google search to find out more. And I was reading these various Hadith to my kids, thought Hiro might benefit from this.

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And the things that I can recall from what I was reading.

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Number one, the Prophet mentioned, disobedience to parents, the people who

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disobey their parents Subhanallah very severe. And then specifically, there was a hadith about her person who has excess water. And there are people who are traveling, and he doesn't give it to them, which I looked at my son, and he looked at me, and it was like, a stock for Allah.

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And the other thing, of course, is a person who

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buys and sells and he swears by Allah, constantly. He's saying, Wallahi I got this for that price. I'm selling it, you know. So he takes the name of Allah. Another thing is a person

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who gives by

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who gives the oath of allegiance to a ruler, only for the sake of dunya.

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He's not sincere about it.

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It's just a

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thing he does

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to get some benefit. So when the ruler gives him something, he's obedient. And when the ruler doesn't, he's disobedient. So, these are some of the things the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned about people who

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Allah will not speak to them. Allah will not look at that. Allah will not purify them. What a terrible state to be in brothers and sisters. So let us avoid being from those people. Here's a reminder that some sins

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are way more serious and way more calamitous than others.

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We should of course, avoid sin as much as possible, but some of them reflect really deeply and profoundly on our character on on that fundamental aspects of what does it mean to be a Muslim? What does it mean to believe in Allah and some things in a sense they impinge on

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on that so dramatically, that Allah, it really distances you from your Lord really distances you from Allah. Remember, of course brothers and sisters, the gates of repentance are always open. You can always ask Allah forgiveness was changed your life around make a real effort to improve your character.

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I hope that benefits you so many