Those who strive for Allah ) 13# )

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The speaker discusses the challenges of Islam, including the need for people to commit to their religion and practice the faith. They also mention the importance of hard work and discipline in achieving success. The speaker emphasizes the need for people to strive towards their beliefs and work towards their goals, even when faced with struggles.

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A major challenge for many people, Muslims and even non Muslims for Muslims, do I commit to my religion? And an animist might say, Should I enter into Islam? Or should I practice the faith and no doubt a step like that. It's going to be difficult. It's going to be challenging. But if you take that step, and you work hard and you strive something amazing happens. Allah tells us in the last verse and sort of the uncle boot, when Lady Naja who fina, those who strive for us, and I want you to pay attention to the wording here and reflect with me Jaha do fina, that just do that they're striving meaning that they're working hard, that they're dedicated, that their discipline that they

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have consistency in what they're doing, and fina meaning for us, meaning that their sincerity, you're doing it solely for Allah subhanaw taala I'm giving up a lot of things. I'm working very hard because I want the Lord to be pleased with me. What happens it's so amazing. Allah says Lana, Dianna homeschool Anna, we're in Allahu Allah man machine. And if you look at the Arabic language, and in from the grammar standpoint, there are several key that meaning the law puts key emphasis. And the first part then and the unknown subarna that we will surely guide them to are suitable to our ways. A lot of comes with the land and with the Nuna toolkit to put double emphasis that if you take the

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step you do we just mentioned before, that you strive and that you have a class sincerity, that indeed, guaranteed Allah is going to guide you to the correct path, he's going to guide you to the weight agenda in general China, not just that we're in hola hola man Martini that indeed also the inner and the lamb as well both to put emphasis to put Keith, that Allah will be there for you he's going to help you is going to make it easy for you, even when you face your challenges that Allah subhanaw taala is going to help you but pay attention when Allah said they struggle they strive in the front of the machine from the doors of good if we do that Allah will open the doors for us

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something very important that Imam even okay mentioned, he said that the greatest form of struggle is in four categories are four ways. First of all, that we struggle against ourselves. We struggle against our desires and we stroke into shape on and against the dunya and he said that whoever struggles in these four that ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada will guide him to the path that is good, and he will open for him the doors for the path agenda