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The speakers discuss the history and importance of the umami, including the need for culture of respect and respect for people. They also touch on the negative impacts of the coronavirus and the need for people to deal with people in authority. The importance of acknowledging and embracing people in all walks of life is emphasized, as well as the need to be mindful of people and their reactions.

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Smilla Al hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah. While early he was a happy woman, whatever but Salam aleikum, wa Rahmatullah. When we look at one of the main problems facing the Ummah, we see that the differences that we have amongst ourselves as Muslims, is one of the main reasons that the Ummah has been torn apart. So what is the cure? How can we solve the problems of differences amongst ourselves and come together as one? We're going to show you the example in general to Allah from the Quran. And from the zero of our beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, our beloved prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam.

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before the battle, who hurt when their companions came to him, and spoke to him about going out for battle, because they are different. What do they do? Do they go out into they face them and fight them outside of the city? Or do they let them come inside of the city?

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And when you look into this, you have two options. Something very interesting here. Inside the city, this is a type of guerilla warfare. And a lot of times we hear that the originator or the one who came up with guerrilla warfare was Che Guevara.

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But in reality, the one who came up with guerrilla warfare even before that we look at Muslim history, that Che Guevara he learned it from LME or Muhammad Abdul Karim will have Bobby The Moroccan share who fought against France with guerrilla warfare. And before him is well Imam Sherman. From Delta Stan also, he fought against the Russians with guerrilla warfare. And you see this example as well with the Prophet sola Center as a form of guerrilla warfare because this was his suggestion that we stay inside of the city. And any modern day army will tell you this is something a very difficult type of

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military action when someone's in the city don't know where they are, they just pop out and then they disappear. So this is also the in something very similar what happened in Vietnam? Anyways, this is a history issue, getting away from the devil. But this goes back to the meaning of the eye. When you're reflecting and you look are you understand why this verse was revealed?

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So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he was of the latter opinion that they should wait inside Medina. And surprise attack them as the Quraysh came inside to Medina. And this was what he had planned Ali salatu salam, the Sahaba, who worked with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the Battle of butter. They want it now to show what they were made of sure what they could do on the battlefield. Therefore, they said, you know, we want to go out and we want to fight face to face. So and they were the majority, the ones who want to go out and fight face to face, they were in the majority. So the province was telling me he had gathered them and he asked for their opinion. And

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there's a very important principle done pence principle of shoulder shoulder to shoulder that we asked for the advice of others very, very important principle. And fact the scholar said, the shows that it's from the soul of the HUKUM of it's from the fundamentals, the Foundations of Leadership, of being a ruler of being someone who's in charge of being a moodier, even someone who are a manager or CEO, whatever you are, even if it's in your own household, the impact that it has of taking short of others. And I'll give you an example of something might be very small. From now,

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we have a WhatsApp group for my family. So I go back to all of them and ask them, What do you guys think now about

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the eat? What should we be doing on eighth? And you know, the program we're going to be doing? So each one of them each one of my kids, my wife, everyone has a say so and what we're going to be doing for Al Hamdulillah. And each one has their own opinion, they're going to maybe already have something planned. Maybe I'm going to do this, I think this is the best thing for all of us. It's the most beneficial but I asked everyone's opinion, let them get involved, that has a huge impact, a huge impact. So the province that Allah is going to see in his verses, we start to make the Dobro on the verse Inshallah, and sort of de la Milan, the profanity SelectUSA me as their opinion, the

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majority was that we go we fight face to face. So even though he didn't see this opinion himself, he went inside and got himself prepared for battle. When he came back out with his battle armor has been

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Out of hormone Allah to Salam,

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as he was going inside some of the Sahaba, who, you know, a bit, perhaps, you know, you know, the pumped up may have been overzealous, they want to go on their fight, they want to defend the religion, they want to defend their homeland. They weren't there during the Battle of butter. So they want to go out and be on the battlefield. They want to have their chance on the battlefield. So the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam, He will put His, he put his battle battle armor on and he came out, and they were talking amongst themselves as he was inside and said, perhaps we shouldn't have been, you know, like, this was the process. That was you took his opinion, but he knows better.

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Let's take his opinion. And we'll go back on what we said. When he came out. They see ya Rasulullah. We looked into what you were saying, we thought what you say and what you were saying was correct. We'll stay inside of the city and he said, it's not for a profit. When he puts on his battle armor to take it off. It's not on a profit. When he puts it takes his battle armor to put it off. So he put his battle. It's on his battle on Amazon, he's ready for battle. Now the tempo that we have reflected on this in this is the code they call suburbanization. Why the I was revealed the story, but what had happened when you go back and you look in the eye, Allah mentions this Furby, my

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rationality min Allah healing tele home. So by the mercy of Allah O Muhammad, you were lenient with them

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limped along, you had leniency when you dealt with them.

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And then Allah said, Well, openntf oven, right.

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Len Fogg Domon holik. But if you were

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to be someone who was harsh in your heart,

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rude in your speech, and how you spoke to them, they would have disadvantaged you and run away from you.

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And this apella, when you look at this if

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as someone who's in charge, and it doesn't matter what you're in charge of, or how much you're in charge of something.

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No matter how big it is, how, where you are in the company, and your own household, if you're in the local government, whatever you're in, and how you deal with people. For Bhima Rama, Tim Miller law, he lint, hello, by the mercy of Allah, you are leaving with him. What does this mean, because of this leniency because of this Rama

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that you had and how you dealt with them,

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they followed you.

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Reflect on this, the one who has

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those who follow him out of fear, they will leave you very quick.

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But the ones who follow you out of love, out of respect.

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And you have respect for them and return, then you're going to see the impact.

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Then you're going to see, like we saw from the Sahaba when they would risk their own life to protect the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and they would, you know give their own life for their for their religion. Why was this because what they saw from the

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Islam first of all, and then from from the matters of the prophets, that Allahu Allah was me how he dealt with them. The love they have for the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, that's where it comes from, how he dealt with them, he was he didn't come like no the tyrants do nowadays, and put people in order by force. All of them came to Taiwan, they came from their own selves from the old love that they have for the prophets of Allah when they were selling the product and the love they have for this Deen

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didn't even have to be asked. But law is teaching us an important message, that if we want to have a true impact on people, we truly want to benefit people, then you have to have this mercy, this leniency when you deal with them, even when it comes to our own children. Wallahi one of the biggest mistakes we make in raising our children is raising them with the stick. And this happens all around the world where people still think, you know that, raising the children with the stick putting them in line, and we've got to discipline them, you know, and even if it's not with the stick, because like in the West, if you use the stick, you're going to you're going to prison, right? Or your kids

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are going to take it from you or both. So but even some people may be constantly yelling at their children,

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you know, constantly and some people smacking as well, you know, we have different different customs around the world, different laws around the world. But this is something that's been in the past, and unfortunately, even till today, how some people deal and raise their children. And this is something

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that has the opposite effect. What are we doing? We're actually pushing them away. We're not bringing them closer, we're pushing them away. And they can't wait for the day that they get away from us. And I remember one of my close friends telling me you know, he has a lot of love and respect for his father. He said my father was was always you know, no, Calum wouldn't speak with this. He would speak but followed up by by the smack or by hitting it's how it was. And he said we couldn't wait to he would travel we couldn't wait till he was

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turned around.

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He even says to penalize it, I tried to get

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my father's second wife. And he said, My mother got better upset, how can you offer to get your father's second wife? And he said, You don't understand my he said, We want you to relax. Those days that he's over there at the other house, you're gonna be relaxed, you're not gonna have to deal with him, and we're not gonna have to deal with him. So it's gonna be a Rama for us. SubhanAllah. So you see that that negative effect that it has on the children it doesn't have a positive effect. When people are, you know, when you deal with your children or you deal with those in authority, with with a rough way That's why Allah said while con tougher than hurry delta will be learn FOB domain

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Holic that if you were you know, rude in your speech harsher and harsher in your heart, that they would have disadvantaged you they would have a bad run away from you, and pop them in holik. And that's what it means then probably would hold it went away from left you by yourself.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala is telling this to the Sahaba that the best of the creation of followers of the prophets and the promises deliver the best of Gration the prophets and then the best amongst them after that, is this a habit?

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And Allah is telling them, Allah is telling us that if the Prophet SAW Selim was harsh with these people, they would have run away. So what about us? What about us now when we're giving Dawa when we're reminding people

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and I remember in my local Masjid in Ireland, we have a beautiful brother who came in once you'll have a Quran. Noah had a very passionate for the deen. But he was very harsh in his approach. And I had traveled I remember and I left him as the Imam. And the administration came back to me so there was complaints because the brother is very harsh. And they said, We like how shake up the Rahim advises us, Chef abdur-rahim.

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He speaks to us and he says, when we fall into sin, us sinners, and I'm included with you guys, which all of us respond when Allah was a male forgive all of us Europa datamine. He said, But when the other guys speaks, he says us use in us

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when you say you people you and he's like, put us on the spot and he's very harsh. And he's bringing the same idea that I'm bringing to remind and the same Hadith and I'm bringing as well, but just the style was different. And that's what the prophet Eileen said. That was me said the Hadith. Maracana, Refco fee che in a lezana, who that gentleness has never put into something except for that and beautifies it Walmart Canada should ship the trophy che Elysia No. and harshness is not put in to anything except for that it ruins it and destroys it.

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This is what we need to realize when we deal with people in all walks of life. If you come off, you advise someone a nice way you comes. It's haram. It's haram, what you're doing. You don't know this talk Allah is someone who can take that type of advice. Yes, It's haram. What he's doing. Yes, in is that the Taqwa of Allah, but is that the way they come off?

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But if you came up with a smile, syllabary correct, Allah you do a brother, Herbert villa. Well, I love you for the sake of Allah. You know, I saw what you were doing, you know, you're Muslim. It's that good man. You know, you don't want this to be in your skin have bad deeds, Yokoyama laws giving you that particulars bless you with this deal. And you come with a nice and nice approach. So if you have some advice for you,

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that I'd also advise myself and want you to advise me as well.

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This is dangerous what you're doing.

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Be careful, brother, I love you. I want I want the good for you. Look at the impact, even if he's not going to accept it, he's going to are going to implement he's going to accept it at least.

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Why? Because you came off in a goodwill Hamdulillah.

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And this what this is teaching this Iron Man, it's just it's very, very deep. Because sit on this, I just reflect and reflect and give example after example. But this is what's meant by Allah subhanaw taala, reminding us of what happened in the story. When they came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the Prophet Ali's letters and he was merciful with them.

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He took their advice to their opinions

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didn't go against the group that he disagreed with, or the opinion that he disagreed and a harsh way.

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And we said at the beginning of this episode, the differences of the OMA and how we deal with the differences of the OMA

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How can we resolve these differences?

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By implementing this ion channel Tada by having mercy those around us by having sure or going back and asking the people what they think a lot of times, I'll tell you, as a leader in many of the roles that I have, and hamdulillah many of the times Wallahi

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just like in this story

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with the Prophet sallallahu Sallam the opinion

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I might not agree with but Alhamdulillah if that is something that doesn't go against the Sharia, when I talk about things, we will actually pay attention. That opinion which goes against Islam know something that's in within the fold of Islam, but I think this is the better of the choice is the better choice. But we have our group with us who I'm in charge with, or I'm one of the leaders of the group are of the project. And they the majority sees this and everyone's needed, let's go for it. Many examples I can give,

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but unfortunately we're out of time Inshallah, I think hamdullah we got the point. Be merciful, how you deal with people be lenient, how you deal with people, be wise and how you advise people, and Chautala the favor and blessings will spread. And we'll come together as one on my channel Attalla will implement this as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam did, as Allah mentioned in this verse, and until the next episode, Allah knows best Allah LM was Allah wa sallam Mubarak and it'd be Muhammad would deserve more fame and celebrity Curatola.