Quranic Reflections Episode 7 3 for 3

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Subhan Allah something amazing I noticed when I was reflecting on Surah four Khan, reflecting on the ayat when the Lord described the psychopathic characteristics of a bad man, he mentioned three of the major sins that they stay away from, which is shirk, adjoining partners with the law, and killing innocent people, and fornicating. And then he mentioned the punishment that these individuals will receive your mail to them. And when you reach this verse, You think there's no hope for these individuals. But then the law shows that there is hope for them, if they fulfill three things, which is in them and turbo manner. Well, I mean, I'm an unsorted half except for those who

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repent. And they have Iman, through their Iman, and through their good deeds, what happens to these people, you but do a law who say he asked him Hassan and these individuals, Allah will exchange all of their bad deeds with good deeds. And then when you reflect a bit further into the Surah, Allah mentions three things that they will receive in the alQaeda that they will receive the award for the highest chambers in the agenda. And when they enter into the agenda, they will be greeted with the he attend with Salem, by greetings in words of peace holy, the Nephi has to be eternally in there. May Allah make us from them yell a bill Alameen