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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah. It's fuzzier time. And this is my daily morning routine and locked down.

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Obviously the key difference now is that we're praying Fudger in the house of the lockdown, otherwise we'd be going to the masjid. I'm going to just finishing praying, slotted Fajr and now obviously, the key is to make the altcar that our beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam taught us to make after the Salat, the next thing is to go immediately and put on the battle gear. Come on, let me show you.

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battle gear is ready. You got to put this out the night before to encourage you no excuses. You got your workout clothes ready, straight to the gym. Now that I'm dressed, I'm in the kitchen, and I'm not going to eat anything. I don't have any pre workout or anything like that I like to work out in a fasted state. Obviously I've drink enough water. I have the leader that I've already finished. And I started in the nighttime I drink a bit in the nighttime a little bit is a bit too much for me. So I have a sip on it during the night. And then I finish it as soon as I wake up in the morning to make sure that I'm hydrated. But something that's an absolute must for any successful morning and

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the best pre workout ever. That's it good old fashioned coffee.

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As I told you guys in another video, I always start my day with a couple of spoonfuls of natural raw honey with black seeds, clean out any toxins and keep the immune system strong inshallah just a normal long shot of black coffee, no sugar, the gym is here. But we have a detour that we must take before we go to the gym. We've already started our day with a dose of spirituality when we prayed selected a budget and we made the Epcot afterwards. However, if we're truly going to follow the Sunnah, and follow the way of the pious of the solid, he we have to take things to the next level, which is to make the outcome of a Sabha and the Messiah, the morning and evening of God that our

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beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to me. Now I have one of two ways that I do this. I do it from my memorization. Over I'm very tired. I'll go and I'll read from the book. And this is the book that I use. You can see it here, the old rod Shakeshaft, manual homies. He's the one middle bless him who reviewed this book and praises book, all authentic upcard from the Quran and from the Sunnah. Sometimes if I'm tired, I was reading from the book and make these altcar. Now this is going to take me about 15 minutes. Where do you get the book from? On the app store? You can find it at Hamdulillah.

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A little pitstop in the program to change the baby's diapers not part of the plan, but my wife was a bit tired. And this is the Sunnah, my dear brothers when our family needs us what it is your OB Allahu anha say about our beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam kind of hit them at the agony he was in the service of his family and the race for spiritual perfection. It doesn't stop with the solid and the earth god. Now it's time for the best form of vicar, the kalam of Allah subhanho wa taala. Today I reached chapter 26, solid Assura solid tissue Erol is in the 19 Jews who have the Quran and today is the 22nd of Shaban meaning that if I hope to finish the Quran, by following what

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our scholars mentioned, the minimum the minimum that we should be reading a day of the Quran is one Jew, when I finished the entire Quran in one month, that means that I'm running behind and I'm not going to finish. And that happens sometimes we become busy, sometimes you can be sick, some you're helping other family members, anything that can happen. But what do we do in this case, to make sure that we finish on time, we add a couple of pages if we just add two pages to the juicer that we're reading today, and tomorrow, we'll find they're going to catch up. And we'll finish the Quran on time in general Tana And I'm just talking about the daily Tilawat reading from the most half. This

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is not including our HIV when we memorize or do Mirage and we revise what we memorized and the time that we take out to make to Deborah to reflect on the Quran, the time that we take out to learn and study to have seen of the Quran. One of the things that I've learned in my quest to gain knowledge, we focus so much on studying other things, but we don't focus on the Quran. And that's why I made it a commitment made a must upon myself that the majority of my time when it comes to seeking knowledge, it's got to be focused on the Quran, reciting the Quran studying the Quran making the demo of the Quran. The only way we're going to be successful as individuals is Oma. We want to

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change the affairs that is the situation our Alma this horrible situation that we see in front of us. It all starts with the Iran deal.

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Being moving in, now I look back on

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Nuff said

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Kuno. Meaning that took me about 15 minutes. And I didn't read the entire juzo. Now, I like to spread it out throughout the day because I found that when you go through difficult times, or you're a bit stressed out, and this is the reality of life, life is tough life is a test. They want to open up the Koran and I recite just one page or half a page, that all the stress all the difficulties, it just goes away. And I found that that soothing sensation of reciting the Kalambo Allah subhanaw taala will hamdulillah most people who are not used to reading a desert day was a that's too much. There's no way I could read that much. And you're right. If you're not used to reading it, yes, it's

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going to be difficult. But what you need to do if you want to accomplish that goal is be consistent. You will never be successful when it comes to reciting the Quran unless it becomes wired up becomes forced upon you make it something that you have to do each day. Once you do that, start off small, don't sometimes we try to start with a juicer and we fail. Start off with just two pages consistent each day. Then add a third page add a fourth page when Jesus was 20 pages, you'll find that you can read it in 20 to 30 minutes once you get used to constantly reading. So once you're used to doing it, it becomes easier Hamdulillah I finally made it into the gym. And yes, it took some time. And

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now you understand the Hikmah the wisdom of having the battle gear ready the night before putting it on right away after we pray. Fudger so there's no excuses. When you look into the CRO of our beloved prophet Sallallahu it was sent him the battle or hood once he put on his battle armor and the Sahaba they discussed perhaps it's better that we change the strategy and go with the original plan or the what the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam thought to be better, but he had already put on his battle gear. They said maybe we'll change the strategy I was told Allah. He said once the Prophet puts on his battle gear, he's not going to take it off. So the same thing now once we put on our

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battle gear, our workout gear, there's no taking it off. We have to work out so many people. Now that were in lockdown, they wish they had taken out the time to set up a home gym. It's too late now but make sure in the future that you have even just basic equipment. Maybe you didn't find enough time on that day to get to the gym so you knock out your workout at home. I'm going to show you guys what I'm working with at home. I have the jujitsu mats. My coach had some extra ones I bought these off of him and also a second hand punching bag that I got.

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As you can see, really basic stuff Allah He does the job and hamdulillah got the bench there got that second hand as well. Got some weights and kettlebells my gloves medicine ball, you still got three different type of bars to work with and I built all of this up gradually. I didn't buy it all at once. I mean, this month I bought off some weights and a couple months of what some kettlebells and some other kettlebells I found a deal. When I when I found the punching bag secondhand, I found another deal when my coach wanted to get rid of the extra mats that he had we still have in storage other equipment we haven't taken out yet. We have our pads for boxing. And also we have the pull up

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bar and the dip bar these are the two must that you must have these are the probably the king of all equipment that pull up in the dip bar was all those soon inshallah before the workout back to the Quran really quickly, I want to share a story with you that changed my life. It changed my approach to the Quran, it changed my approach to how I seek knowledge. And that was when I read the biography of Shefali Snelling Tamia, and this is someone who reaches high status in all forms of Islamic knowledge. He regretted something when he was in prison at the end of his life. He said the one thing that I regret was to reflect what he regret it reached his high status. He said, I regret not

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taking enough time to make it to the border to reflect and contemplate on the book of Allah subhanaw taala that really had a huge impact. And so we're focusing on all these different sciences, but we're not focusing on what is the most important thing and that is reflecting on the Quran. And if we're going to be able to reflect on the Quran and benefit from the Quran, we have to focus first on understanding the Quran, focusing on the Tafseer and that's when I made the decision to make the Quran my focus in life. Today's workout is going to be basic. I'm going to start off with what my jujitsu coach taught me on how to warm up just doing you know, like jumping jacks and I do some

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running in place myself and some push ups and bodyweight squats, and then do some jujitsu drills and then we do a stretch out so he taught me so that's how we usually warm up. After that we start we go into the you know the training in jujitsu not gonna be able to do that now no partner so then I'm just gonna hit a kettlebell workout after that and show what's on

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as I'm doing less than what I would do with my co chair at home, the dog is standing We're brothers. They're brutal, working very hard.

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I still gotta work.

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And I can't do what He makes me doing as you

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and this is how we roll with the Quran, no music, known as she to get you into the mood. Hold on, let me pause this for a minute, I

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don't want to talk on top of the Quran, and I will reflect on the meanings. She won't get us to get pumped up to get in the mood, I have to have my music. This is from Jonathan. And if you really enjoy working out, you don't need to listen to anything. But since I'm going to be in there, you're someone like myself, you're going to be in here for a good hour, sometimes an hour and a half. If you enjoy and when that happens once you used to enjoy workout, you enjoy the feeling that it gives you you enjoy the energy that it gives you during the day. Since I'm going to be in here, why not benefit? One benefit from my time listening to the Quran is soothing the soul I'm better myself and

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reflecting some of the meanings.

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Helping my HIV by revising at the same time, I'm getting reward coming closer to Allah subhanaw taala instead of increasing my scale of bad deeds by listing something that's haram and something that's harming me and corrupting my heart, and it humbly left with this way by listening to the Quran want to work out you want to go to the gym, I had my headphones on, make the investment, the air pod pros noise cancellation if there's music in the gym, you can hear you hear the Quran, focus on the Quran. And what I've done by this, I take a different query each time so now I have a shuffle dear Alumini I start from the beginning with the squatty Hamdulillah. And so I go from Bacara from

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Fatiha all the way to NES all the way did in the Quran. And listen to the entire Quran. When I finish the curry, I go into the next party before share for the I listen to share up the ramen and Rosie. If you don't have a lot of space, you don't have a lot of money you don't have a lot of time alone with your pull up bar you didn't borrow. This is the best piece of equipment you can get right there, the kettlebell.

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Second liter of water gun

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that brings us to the end of the workout. Now we'll get a good stretching and a cool down something amazing that learn from the jujitsu club where I used to train in Ireland. This is Japanese jujitsu, by the way, not Brazilian jujitsu. One of the trainers, the black belts used to come and train us every now and then from a different city. When he would come in he was

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in a search for a spirituality. So he I think he became Buddhist and he became big and all this. And at the end of the exercise in our club was amazing because we had Muslims who would train with us, and they had certain things where they would do sujood and as as the routine as the in the beginning in the end, and they also would bow to another during the exercises, our coaches, they knew that we couldn't do this as Muslims, so hamdulillah they let us

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make up our own salute. So they would suit us like this. No Japanese jiu jitsu is the art of the samurai warrior. So they said that similar to some of the soldiers they would have anyway, so they will do like this all of the nonmuscle to do like this to the Muslims. And we wouldn't bow they wouldn't prostrate. But something I gained from this trainer would come from the other city sometimes he said that, because he became into like, you know what, like Buddha, so he would do some meditation at the end, right? So he said to me one time he said, I know that might be an issue for you to have a problem. So you do your thing, because at the end after we will do the cooldown, they

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will do their scheduled and we'd be sitting like this, and it's gonna just very similar how do we sit in the Salah. So we're sitting like this, right? And they will do this to Jude and obviously, as Muslims we would stay. And then he would after that he would

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do his little meditation. So what did I do during this time, I would start to music. And I told him I said we have our own type of spirituality, which is the decay of the remembrance of Allah. So I would start to remember a lot during this time Subhan Allah, him the left makes me still far still for Allah stuff will last for Allah. And I found that when you do that at the end of the workout, it also helps because now your body's had a good workout, good sweat, and you've been moving, and then you have the cooldown and at the end of the cooldown. I now add the decal to this as I'm sitting down here on the mats.

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After I've cooled down and then the cooldown. I say I started to do my other car stuff.

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Fernleigh stuff stackable so to make some thicker, and I found that Subhanallah you're coming from the spiritual zone and the morning come into the workout, and then you get back into another spiritual zone as you cool down. Well that is an amazing feeling back in the kitchen. Once again, I'm not going to eat now we have leftover from last night, a shake, which was made of dates and strawberries.

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actually ended up being a bit too much for me. I don't like to drink and eat too much small portions. So I'll probably knock out about half of this now. Get the showers and then drink the rest later in Sharla when I do finally eat, my breakfast will be organic eggs from the farm. When my family finally wakes up, hear the baby crying now so they might be waking up now. I will cook for them. hamdulillah take notes, brothers. Oh no, no usually cooks have breakfast in the house. And no one can make eggs like my Shalom buddy. So I usually prepare the breakfast for my family myself. And after our shower, it's time to get to work. This morning routine was the morning routine that I was

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on a couple of years ago. And this was one of the best times in my life both physically and spiritually. So I'm thankful that the lockdown has helped me to come back to this routine. And this is the routine channel Tana that I plan on continue on, even after the baby's waking up nonetheless now it's family time. This is the routine that I plan on continue on even after the lockdown in general Tada because the mornings This is our free time. This is the time that we have for ourselves to better ourselves physically and to better ourselves spiritually. And now the routine is going to be basic filming, giving Dawa teaching studying and don't time with the family. You know this locked

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down it has not really affected me in any way because it's what I do anyways. And it's him that I don't really spend a lot of time with other people outside I don't have time for other people. The brothers who I spend time with their brothers who have similar goals as me who are doing things for the OMA so we work together and to better ourselves into better the OMA but we don't really hang out I don't have friends per se I have my family. If I have any free time, then it's going to be for my family. It's going to be for bettering myself and bettering what we can do to better the OMA inshallah hopefully you've enjoyed the clip. We want to give you some behind the scenes footage

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about you know what we do in our lives because a lot of time people just see us on on the street on the screens and giving Dawa and giving lectures and they don't know how we live our everyday life. So this is my daily life in the morning. Hopefully it was beneficial. Let me know what you think in the comments below. Giselle Kamala Hayden Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh