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A Muslim terrorist strikes in Nice France, causing unrest and confusion among people. The French government is in trouble and the media is spreading incorrect information. The terrorist is a black man with a gun and a member of the Muslim terrorist movement. The segment concludes that the situation is not about Islam and that anyone who would do anything to benefit from it should not do so. The speakers emphasize the importance of acknowledging the actions of those who are trying to benefit from the situation.

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radical Muslim comes and slaughters and beheads people in the Mediterranean city of Nice France Muslim terrorists strikes again. Until when are we going to believe this nonsense?

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So nobody can act on a terror attack in the city of Nice France in the Muslim radical terror. What an amazing coincidence. Amazing timing, that as the French government that are in trouble the Muslims are in are enraged around the world, their economy's in trouble, people are upset with them to go cut off the French products. And then out of the blue, a radical Muslim comes and slaughters and beheads people in the Mediterranean city of Nice France, Muslim terrorists strikes again. Until when are we going to believe this nonsense? This fake news is this false propaganda that they spread. It's getting old and the time and time again, they come with the same type of scenarios, and

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they expect us to believe it. What they have to realize is that we've been raised on Hollywood films. And Hollywood films are pretty good. But you guys even though you have the money, you have the media. You're very very bad

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at spreading your false propaganda, at least make it good look at the Charlie Hebdo thing they did a couple of years ago, where he was apparently these two gunmen. You can see them on the video professionals. You can see how they're these guys are professionally trained soldiers. They're moving and they shoot the guy on the ground. AK 47. No blood. Wow. Okay, this ak 47 Bullet going into someone's skull. What's it going to do? No blood. You can even see that about a foot or two feet in front of the heads where it actually hit didn't even come close to the guy's head. But he kills him right. And then within 15 minutes, the French president is on the street addressing the

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nation and the gunmen are still on loose. Which gunman the same gunman who conveniently forgot their ID and their getaway car. Hey, come on. Let's be real. When are we? So when are we going to believe this this type of nonsense that they're spreading? If they're in trouble, how can we get another terror attack? And last night and he as soon as I was hearing this, I sat down and put it on my social media accounts. It has already about 5000 views within a couple of hours on my Instagram and my Facebook about the you know the the reality of this this nonsense is speaking stop believing it don't believe it. You need How convenient is this? As I sat down later I said well, I this time who

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is going to be it's going to be Arab descent. So let's say it's gonna be a Tunisian this. Well, I didn't even read the news as it's going to be a Tunisian because Tunisia seems to be the bad guy these days out of the Arab Spring countries is the only one who is stable. So let's make them the bad guy the Tunisian so it'll probably be definitely Arab descent. The last guy which also they said was a false flag. I don't know I didn't read it. I don't believe any of the news they give us about the the French teacher if it was true or not Allah, I know Milan was best. But obviously and he was Chechnya, and that's also you know, very scary Chechnya and dissent. And he so that was that one

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this one is going to be Arab descent. So I said probably is going to be to New Zealand stirring up this morning before I filmed this. I opened up the news and originally Tunisian as also as said he's going to be an immigrant, you know, because obviously, the immigrants who are moving there we have to be against them. elections coming up and what have you. So once again, yeah, he just arrived recently. We're going to find out later, they're gonna add on something through this I didn't see in the news yet, but they're gonna say he was recently radicalized. You know, I don't know if this time it's going to be ISIS or who radicalized them or who's, you know, a lone wolf, whatever it's going

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to be. It's the same story that they tell us time and time again, if there really was going to be a terror attack if someone was a terrorist any. And obviously, this has nothing to do with Islam make it clear here. I mean, anyone an innocent being killed, completely goes against the basic fundamentals of Islam. I myself have talked about this time and time again, in many of my lectures, many of my videos, and you can see you can see many of them and anyone who studies about Islam. What does Islam say about killing innocent people? When it comes to jihad? Yes, there's something called Jihad and Islam. But look at the teachings of jihad, but not killing any innocent people not killing

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any minute children, not killing, killing elderly, even cutting down trees and the country that you're fighting with is against the teachings of Islam. So why all of a sudden we have these these lunatics who none of us know none of us ever heard of. They appear out of nowhere, they attacks on the stadiums or what have you in France some years back, who was behind this? Some, you know, Arab descent once again, one girl was a whore unknown whore and other ones druggie guys, all of a sudden, they've been radicalized out of the blue, they get automatic weapons and bombs out of nowhere as well. And then they go on this attack conveniently killed, and he and we're supposed to believe

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this. These people we live in the communities in the Muslim communities in the West, we don't have these individuals we've never heard of

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them, we've never seen them all of a sudden they appear, oh, they were radicalized. And then they they put out these attacks to Penola. stop and reflect for a minute if your were a terrorist or someone who was a radical, and you wanted to get revenge against France and the French government for that, what they're doing with these spreading these pictures and spreading his hatred and disrespecting and degrading our beloved prophet, and he said, that was salam. Who would you aim for? Are you going to go to a church? In a way the Christians have nothing to do with this has nothing to even Christ France doesn't recognize themselves as being a Christian state. They they say they're

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seculars they don't even they don't have religion. So why would we first of all focus on Christians, the worker their miskeen, you know, poor guy, father of two, the the other lady 44, the other one, a six year old girl who in the world, and even if you're a terrorist, who kills and slaughters a 60 year old lady, it just, it doesn't make sense. And then obviously, on the news, headline be heading and then when you go in the news, tried to be head, but the beheading obviously sounded much better for the news. So they had to put that on the headline. So Pamela, so even if you've been radicalized, who does these type of things, it doesn't even make sense. If someone's radicalized,

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and someone's going to do any of this type of attack, they're going to go after maybe someone in the French government, a politician or somebody that has to send a message once again, this is wrong, it's not acceptable. But this this, you would it makes sense, you would understand why someone would do this, but someone just to go into attack innocent people, there could be some some lunatics out there who will just saw this as an easy target to do it. But in reality, it just will Lahiya does does not make sense. And anyone in their right mind would never do anything like this, whether he was a Muslim or non Muslim. To summarize, obviously, if something like this did happen, it has

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nothing to do with Islam has nothing to do with Muslims. Islam is free, and the Muslims are free from this. And if there were individuals who were killed in this church, these three individuals who they claimed were killed and slaughtered. First of all, we offer our condolences to their families. But that doesn't mean by any way by any stretch of the imagination that it was a Muslim who did it. In fact, any very easily it could have been the government who went in and slaughtered themselves, and then came up with this lone wolf who just arrived on the shores of Italy and snuck into France a couple of weeks ago Come on, and it's very normal for the governments in the West to sacrifice their

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citizens in order for them to any obtain their goals and to accomplish their agendas. We've seen this time and time again, throughout any in the past history, look at Pearl Harbor, don't big events, Pearl Harbor 911. These events that the objective clearly inside jobs done by the government been proven. But why would they do something so hideous, clearly the objective, they have an agenda that they have to end goals that they have to accomplish, to have to reach by any means necessary. We as the citizens of these countries mean nothing to them, and they're willing to sacrifice us if they can reach and they go to attain their goals. And it's upon us as Muslims and non Muslims as

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well to come together. And to say, enough is enough. If you're going to if you have a problem with Islam or with Muslims, talk to us directly, let's debate. Let's come because you know that we will smash you. If you want to come to us about secularism, you want to come to us about democracy, you want to come with us about other religions, other ideologies, we will debate you and we will crush you. So the only thing that they have the ability to do is to spread falsehoods and false propaganda about us and about our religion. But Enough is enough when it comes to these lies, these false propaganda, the fake news about Islam and the Muslims. And even though you might not like Donald

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Trump, some of the things he says will lie if it were to be implemented. In the West and around the world, you will find peace and harmony, what has he always talked about the issue of fake news and drain the swamp, these politicians who are in power and the ones who are behind them, because in reality, we have to realize in that these politicians, they're puppets. They run from the people who are behind them, that these people need to be removed. If our societies are going to be safe, and we're really going to live in peace and harmony, they really have to drain the swamp meaning from the politicians and from those behind them. And while we might think we don't have the strength and

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the ability to do it, we can raise our hands to Allah subhanho wa Taala and do it against them, as it is the teachings of our beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to make dua against the body mean against the oppressors, and that at least we do not believe the nonsense in the rubbish they try to feed us in their fake news.