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Abdur-Raheem McCarthy
AI: Summary © The transcript describes the history of Islam, including the command for the treatment of Muslims by the military, and how those who are not fit for the treatment may face consequences. The speaker also discusses the use of negative language in Islam, including the use of "naive" to remind people of their actions.
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As Muslims, we shouldn't hate others. But sometimes in life, you just find those people that you don't like. And sometimes you might even hate them, but how should we deal with them? If you look in Solothurn Maeder Allah subhanho wa Taala commands us as Muslims to be co Wamena and Allah Shuhada Abdullah paste that we are we stand firm for a law as witnesses injustice.

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But what about those that we hate? How do we deal with them? Is there an exception to the rule do we have to treat them with the same justice?

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Immediately after this command ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada said, while he Reman shanann Omen, Allah a letter they do, and do not let the hatred that you have towards a certain group of people. Not treat them fair that Allah said their ideal who akorbi Taqwa be just be just, it is closer to talk, what a piety

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Subhanallah Allah something amazing that showed us that mean Potamia Rahim Allah mentioned. He said here in this verse, Allah is talking about the hatred we have towards non Muslims, which is not permissible to have the hatred towards them any meaning that being just towards them, you might dislike them, you might hate them. That but that if that's in your heart, you still have to treat them just he said what about when it comes to dealing with the Muslims, you might have someone who's offensive was disobedient. He said, even MOTD as someone who's innovated in the religion, but still when you deal with him, you have to treat them justly. And he said that this is mold there. And he

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all the madmen FDA, he said it's it has a great benefit and both the affairs of the deen and the affairs of the dunya. And then if you look at the end of the AI, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada said, What duckula To fear Lord, have the consciousness of Allah and how you deal with others. And he then he said in Allah hubiera Don't be mad at maroon that indeed Allah is well acquainted with what you do to remind us beware, if you're not just when you deal with those people that you dislike with those people you hate, that you're not going to get away with it. You're going to be held accountable.

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