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Abdullah Oduro
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses a book byamsy called the tabookey letter and how it uses a verse in the chapter of Matt ADA to describe the actions of a pious person as a shield against bad things. The speaker explains that tucking is a small step in the process of reaching the level of piety, and that the actions of a pious person are considered healthy and yielding the fruit of good health.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah when it came to me the Peace and blessings of Allah be upon you all, even okay him, makes many distinctions in his book a reseller table here as he doesn't many of his books. But in this in this book of the tabookey letter, there's one distinction I want to touch on which scholars have mentioned before, but he makes a beautiful, beautiful example for it. When he talks about the verse in the chapter of Matt ADA, where lots of kind of analysis with our new allenbury will tuck one, this small portion of this verse, he says, and assist each other in righteousness and piety. Now these two words bear and tuck what seems synonymous they seem like the

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same meaning, but ilasik kind of what Donna if he mentions two synonymous words in a passage know that he has a particular intention behind one that is not like the other. So here he says beer and tequila for anyone, okay, him says, He says, What? An attack what you see Oh, who Musil better? Well, vasila to LA, that tequila is what is what gets you to be are you reach the piety or righteousness with piety? Okay, that you have to have tequila in order to be better, you cannot be better without being tukey tuck what linguistically comes from Wikipedia, okay, which means a shield. So in other words, you have to do the actions that shields you away from the evil in order

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to reach that pious state, that Turkey is the individual that does the actions of a pious person. But the more that they do it, they will be considered pious, just as someone may be telling the truth, but they're not known as a truthful person. So in order to be a truthful person, you have to be someone that is consistent, and telling the truth. So here a person that is tukey, they take the means in order to reach the level of piety, and I'm gonna pay him says, it is just like, like,

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an idea was, so Well alfia is taking the protective means to say healthy, and a sangha is that which is the cure, or that which is healthy. So you taking the means is like tequila, you're shielding yourself from the bad things. And the good health is like the beer, and that is a small distinction that mmfa mentions here. So when we see these two words together, we know the slight distinction is that tuck will lead you to beer and not the opposite. But if you see tequila by itself, we can be understood as the pious person or that which is an action of piety. May Allah subhana wa Allah make us of the moutain may make us of those that are mindful of him and pi, mindful of him to reach this

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level of piety or a righteousness which is unbearable as salaam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Thank you.

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