Tabukiyyan Tips – Sin or Transgression

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon you all. We briefly talked about the verse in the chapter of matita, chapter number, chapter number five, verse two. Well, last panel without I mentioned the importance of working together and assisting each other, and that which is good. And then he also says after that, well, that's how I want to do one. So when a lot of talks about Islam 101 isn't his sin and one is transgression. As we know, shavon is termed as the I do he is he termed as the enemy. And what's the connection between the either right and we say, a parcel something that I do what what else hold, he said that there is no a belief or

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conviction in something that is contagious to believe that something, the contagious characteristic will definitely affect you, if you sit next to that person. He said that I do what what level, so the connection with Ida and the word enemy, and the word enmity or transgression is that you have went beyond the bounds in something. So when I lost you prior to what Allah says, Well, that's I wouldn't know if me What are the one ism is the thing that is inherently hot on so liquor, you know, consuming the liquor, pork, right, these things are Haram. In essence, these are haram and impermissible for the Muslim to consume them initially. But then when he says are the one or the one

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is transgression. So transgression could be using the hell out in the Haram way, voluntarily drinking water or drinking or eating anything during the day in Ramadan. And one knows that they're supposed to fast and they are able to physically, their health, they're able to fast this is a one, this is transgression. If someone was to cheat on their spouse, this is transgression. How, because Allah has made it permissible for you to get married, but going beyond the bounds and being with another individual that you are not married to is a form of transgression, this is a form of transgression.

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So Allah subhanho wa Taala is mentioning here the polar opposite of what was mentioned earlier, righteousness and piety, be righteous and be pious, and we talked about it and I am mentioning how the piety can lead to ultimate righteousness. But now we see here the total opposite he says do not assist each other. And if the more or the one do not assist in giving someone a haram product to sell, selling is permissible, but the Haram product that they're using is impermissible. So they have assisted another person and that which is impermissible, and as a result of this, this can destroy families, individuals, families, and communities, when we assist in sin and transgression

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and this is very important for us to know as a loss of kinda without mentions in the chapter meaning when he talks about the believers are successful. He mentions what levina they follow Jim happy Loon. Illa Allah as word to him, oh man minikits a man whom for enumerator Manu mean for many better Hall wa or Danica for ecohome Allah, Allah, Allah says, Those that wouldn't have been a homely full routine, happy doing that praising the ones that they preserve their private parts, except for their spouses, or who is in their care from what the right hands, the right hands possess from the people that are left over in war. And then after that, he says,

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For my nametag all familiar with Allah wa danika. whoever desires more or other than that, then they have transgressed the bounds. I don't he uses the same word or same morphological letters. There I do they have with beyond the bounds, Allah has given you things on this earth for you to consume. But the method and way of consumption is where we have to look to the *tier from what he has given us, because that which is the means to your pleasure could also be the means to your destruction. May Allah subhana wa tada make us of those that understand this beautiful verse, and that understand the purpose of life by using with what Allah has given us to be beneficial for us.

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So now why they come to LA he over the cats. Thank you