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AI: Summary © The heart is used to prevent actions that are accepted and forgiven. The Red Cross's response to COVID-19 is discussed, emphasizing the importance of actions being forgiven and forgiven. The speakers stress the need for actions to be made from a total reward to a half or portion back to the beginning of a reward, preserving actions for health and behavior, and avoiding false assumptions. They stress the importance of avoiding spoiling actions and not letting anyone know if an action is accepted.
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Payment hungry? mean some Allahu wa Salam alberic I'm going to be in a Muhammad Ali he wants to be as humane.

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I'm sure he saw that you just said the family all the time in history of Kung Coleoptera Hamdulillah we have in this book entitled Why be the slave offer Kadima played by an Oklahoman Josie, a book that is talking primarily about Victrola the remembrance of Allah subhana wa Tada. And he gives the benefits and talks about certain virtues in regards to liquor, and guidelines. But we are still in the introduction of this beautiful book. And this is the first part of someone said the first of four parts of the first three parts of this book speaking about issues of the heart and certain guidelines in Ricart in regards to our actions that come from the heart.

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So last week, or a couple of days ago, we spoke about the whole concept of expirations. Because before that immunostain was talking about making a law great and making this *ty argument that one makes the shear and great to prohibit the orders and prohibitions. Because they made a law great in their life. They may or may not claim goes on when he goes to talk about that he talks about what the heart becomes firm with. Well, that's what the actions of the heart becomes firm with, to love a lot more than anything else, to where he gets to this portion here. He mentions a great Hadith of the prophets of Allah. And it was some of them and that hadith was speaking about how a fraction of

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our our Salah can be accepted when he met, he says that barely a servant prays a prayer and nothing is written for him except a half of it, a third of it, a fourth of it, a fifth of it. And then the raw, he said until he reached a 10th of it. And even Okay, and use this hadith as a foundational principle in regards to our actions not being fully accepted. That is not either your actions are accepted or not accepted, it's more descriptive than that, it's could be your action is a fourth of your action is accepted, a fifth of your action is accepted. Why? Because there was an element of you being attentive in the salon, for example, the first raka you were attended to the fourth rocket

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you are not and Allah is an either, so he will reward you based on that. So even Okay, and from this hadith, he establishes a foundational principle in regards to all of our actions, any action that you do, a portion of it may be accepted, a portion may be rejected. But then he brings to particular color, he says there to cry doesn't the first of them is to follow the MLB to follow the Medfield Kulu men have men and men have particularly men, that the virtue of the action is dependent upon the strength or the intensity of the actions of the heart, men, the haka, amen, so to Father,

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Matt, the mafia father Kulu. So whatever the virtue of that action can be dependent upon the virtue of the intensity of love, if law so on so forth, we usually say when you have a class, that's what will get you. You every action should be accompanied with a Philos. But that action that you've done from beginning to end, did it fully have a plus? Maybe a portion of it did, right? And that's what you mean, okay. And he's using this hadith to establish this foundational principle. And then he uses this, and he you Robina, he's about to speak about this principle, and brings a second slider, which was the took fetal Amman. So the intensity of the action in your heart can make give you a

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fifth, or maybe the whole action accepted insha Allah. But then he said, also the concept of expiation. So half of your Salah, you were a tentative that half gets accepted. And that half serves as an expiation

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of relinquishment of the sin that you performed before answer for so lots of answer your first two rakaats, you are sincere, you had full attention you were thinking about Allah, you're thinking of his beautiful names and attributes. So a half of it was accepted by Allah. And that half that was accepted Allah forgive me for a sin that you performed before that prayer.

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And that's the wisdom behind the Prophet SAW Selim, when he mentioned the Hadith. If there was a river in front of the house of someone and they were to wash it five times a day, would you find any dirt on them, he said, This is the salah. He said the salah relinquishes the sins that are between each one of them. So that is Subhanallah the mental pain from from this one Hadith, talking about the reality of an action, then we spoke about how someone Ashura and some of the

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out of that, you know, one may say well, how will I be forgiven for three years in one year, because fasting out of as relinquishes descends from the year before and the year after, and Ashura relinquishes the sins from the year before. This goes back to the virtue of a loss of power with data. We talked about him being an Alaskan. Now I've been okay and goes on to branches off on this subject matter, but it's more of

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Tete de he's giving other diseases. He's encouraging the reader to have other than humility for what He's about to say. Color

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Hello Darla,

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what's up, Phil, we had the mushroom dish route MUFON, Alan Tifa, and millennia, millennia and phenomena because you, he says, interfere, be heavy. And the expiation of these types of actions are conditions, they're a condition for mushroom vissuto. There are conditional with certain conditions, and they rely on the relinquishment or absence of that, which prohibits forgiveness or prohibits the virtue, and Tifa and Mowlana phenomena, or hydrogen. So the certain action that may prohibit your action from being accepted. So when you're praying, you may look at something that's manner that's which prohibits the action be accepted, or you're thinking about something else. Right, that

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prohibits an action from being accepted. He said, Phil, Ahmed ner, said wahat, eg, and outside of the action, so your will do may have been? That was something that was not correct, right. And you see, just with these two words, it shows that the fifth of the mental pain, even within the action, but outside of it, because every action has certain types of conditions. Right? So the prayer is a good example to give. And then he says, for now, he's about to get on the tarbiyah aspect. In the name of the app, do I know who John had been shut off, he couldn't win tickets on whom awareness or kulula for Hina event yet called Tech fear. He says, if the servant knew that he came with all of

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the conditions, and all of the prohibitions were not present, or that which nullifies the actions are not present, then the explanation will take place.

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And he says, Well, I'm I'm going on Shamita to refer to only activity for a class a lady who will look boo well am You are the haka lamb LEM, you can't deal with them. You do have a Cody for a U shape and you cafard has an AMA. Then he asks a rhetorical question he says, As for the action that was encompassed or engulfed by negligence or greater than that, or the loss and they lost their IQ loss, the loss was not present under the hood for Hulagu that it is the the spirit and the seed and the origin of an action. Well, let me walk vehicle and he hasn't performed and fulfilled its he fulfilled the requirements, and he hasn't given it it's true right? Let me do Hockaday for Aisha, in

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you Catherine. So what what what type of explanation would take place for this type of person?

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Right? So when you have the action that is of these deficiencies, no the class or you don't you don't give it its line. It's redundant. It's just like, you're thinking about totally something else. Metadata, because you have not given it its full Right? Right. That's what he was mentioning. And then he says, Rahim Allah Tada.

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He says, no water collab. Do Min Amelie be under who were fair who hacked the whole lady yam burglar who volunteered on Walton. Well, then yeah, or level manieren yum. Now took FIRA Walla moved on your mineralogy been a row 18 FC Heafy Oh, man NIMBY. Oh, yuck to the woman a birdie towel. Vemma hoobie. Oh, you're still Schiff be ugly. Lehman, you have them. Who are they? Are you? Are you already? Mala you have them? What are they? While you're on the hook advisor who are unhook Pallister Hanuman Hurmati for having a U shaped and you can filter now, even Okay, he was mentioning certain situations that take place internally. This is so important. He's mentioning different situations

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and scenarios that take place internally, that can lessen the reward of an action that will make it from one whole reward to half or a portion back to the Hadith that we mentioned. He says here. So if the servant was sure in West Africa when

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he was sure that the servant

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mean I mean, I'm an if he was sure of his action, that he performed it and gave it its due right, that it is required for him or her to do from that which is apparent and that which is hidden, and no type of prohibition has come in approached him that would prohibit prohibit and expiation. He says nothing that would nullify or a no the action and then he gives examples menu urges in order it's enough See, such as being amazed with himself or looking at himself gets enough he looks at himself as Yes, I am this person. I deserve it. Oh men be men means to remind someone of a favorite that you have done them. So you think you are doing Islam a favor by your action of obedience. This

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is important, especially when we get involved with organizations. We think that we're doing Islam a favor. It's really for you ultimately, or to the degree to you feel if I don't do it, then the OMA will be lost.

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Sometimes subconsciously we think this now, he says here

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is enough. See oh man in LA? Oh yes. Luminor a baddie town Lima hooby or he request to be looked at as great from other servants of Allah subhana wa Tada.

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And then he says, Oh, yes, this sheriff will be Albee he Lehmann you have them. Who are they? Your staff, Sheriff and Sheriff. He's looking for nobility or requesting nobility in his heart.

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Right Lehmann. You have them or are they from the one that makes him great that he wants he wants an yearns for that nobility to be looked at as noval from people Oh, your ID now he's talking about the opposite. Oh, you ID Mullah. You have them who are they? Or he has enmity and mix them in I do for the person that does not make him great. We're looking at him in a in a great way. He has invented this person and look at me a great what's wrong with this person? What's wrong with this person? Right. And then he says a new haircut back so HAKO and that this person that didn't look at him in a great fashion or didn't make him great, has taken something from it as though because the person

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didn't praise me and look at me in a great fashion. It is though they have robbed me of a rite of mine. So just round with Musa acela, these exact rules fit on Musa Lisa and he said, Well, I know Calista, Hannah B Halima T for how to use a new cup for nursing or someone that is debasing or loading from a right that he feels he deserves so what type of explanation will take place from a person that has this name, these are actions of the heart. This is Tez Kia, everything he's mentioning now, the individual every *er, every fragment that he mentioned, is a different situation that takes place in the heart of the human being. And when that takes place, that is what

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can lessen the the action for being accepted, right or, or and can lessen the possibility of an expiation of previous sins.

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That's what the mental game is articulating Rahimullah to him and then he says here

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will conclude he says one more should be at that one will be thought to laugh Amelie almost see that to her experiment and tourism? He says he says in those actions that are no

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or spoil.

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Those types of things that are no a sport and action are too many to be mentioned. There are many, he says what he says shut new phenomena. In them a shut up heavily Lamin may you've seen the Who are your middle.

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He says that the real situation that we should be concerned with is not just doing the action. Rather, we should be concerned with preserving the action from that which nullifies it, or spoils it or lessens its virtue. That's what we should be concerned with. So when you when you go into prayer, for instance, you say Allahu Akbar, especially with our children, right? They're learning the prayer. They say, Okay, I've done the app prayer, or sometimes we say to ourselves, subconsciously did I pray, Lord, we say yeah, you don't even remember if you prayed it. And sometimes, you don't remember that you prayed it because you weren't even present when you prayed. It

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just happens with every single one of us. Especially when we come home from work and pray. So lots of hustle, right without thinking about what just happened at work, maybe an eighth was accepted from that, that Salah attend, Inshallah, all of it, right? But Subhan Allah, because he's saying that the tion is not just doing the action, the thing that we should be taking into importance is preserving our sincerity and all the actions of a man during the action during it and do not allow anything to distract us and take us away from that action, which is Mifsud. Right, which could spoil portions of the action or do something which totally unknown is it metal,

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metal hammer, to where when you're praying. So for example, if someone starts praying to Allah Akbar, and the first record, they're thinking about how Allah just provided different with the new child cement Allah Subhan Allah is Zack Omala linears you're saying it when you're interested you 100% in class Inshallah, to add your second icon.

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You hear someone say Allahu Akbar, and you know that it's

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a supervisor, somebody you want to impress. So you're trying to impress him by looking like a person of more philosophy than your, you straighten your back. That's something that could nullify your action. Right? But in your third Raka, how you're thinking about what you did at work the other day, it doesn't nullify it, but it lessens the possibility of it, getting full reward, that is something that is more said than normal, right, get spoilers, right, and thus lessening the opportunity for expiation. So everything I mentioned is that beautiful, beautiful point Subhanallah when talking about those actions in regards to

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To explanations, and it's beautiful because many times we think of an action being accepted, it's simultaneously when it is accepted, or a portion of it that is accepted at the same time will expiate something, right? Because when we say an action is accepted by law, what does that really mean? How was it actualized we don't ultimately know. Because we take it back to Allah being alas here, that he is abundant and gives in abundance. So that action that you were sincere and like totally sincere.

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Allah subhanaw taala can reward you in ways that you don't know. And that's the whole point. And that's what I'm gonna, I'm gonna sit in with a call abdomen animal I do if the slave was to know if the slave was, you know, because the reality is a slave will never know.

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I can't come out of an hajat

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on the 27th night

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in St. Mashallah, I really, I know that this action was accepted.

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You know, your senses and bubble was set on your face, you said? Well, I think that's the newer

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you know, that's I don't I didn't even know is still like is, I didn't even know. That's the newer and that is a sign of acceptance from Allah, we can never be sure because this is an issue of the unseen, and issues of the unseen can only be confirmed by the creator of the unseen. This is why it's so important for the Muslim Firstly, to try their best and perform in Australia by performing the actions with sincerity and even with that, have fear that it's not accepted.

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That's the state of the art. When we see the companions were online, that was a sign of humility, they were never sure of an action being accepted, will lie if I if I knew that one of my schedule was to be accepted as normal, hate a minute dunya will mafia that is better than the dunya what it contains, if I was to know if one such debt was to be accepted, that's better than what the world and all of it contains. That's why the Muslim should always strive and struggle against him or herself. When doing an action with the reality of not even knowing if it's accepted.

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That brings ultimate trust and hope and love and honor and fear of Allah subhanaw taala and that is ultimate servitude. So I'm going okay and brings his beautiful, beautiful point. And it's it should serve as hope, but at the same time, gives you Fick of the AKI that gives you Fick of your relationship with Allah a true understanding of that relationship. So may Allah subhanaw taala make us of those that are sincere to him and allow the sincerity to illuminate in our actions in the holy Vatika or SallAllahu wasallam evatik And there's been a moment why the early he wants

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