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MotoVlog #5

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Welcome to another moto logs. So we had this fluke weather here in Maryland random day of like 6570 degrees. Two days ago, it was like 20 degrees. 18 degrees, it was superduper cold. But a handler, we got this one warm day. And I was like, man, I gotta get a ride in 100 I hadn't put my bike away yet. I hadn't winterized it. So I know last time I said, this is gonna be my last ride probably for the season, but probably this ride

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is going to be my last ride. The other thing is, I don't have time almost sundown time. So I don't know how much footage I'm going to be able to get. Because dark footage, once the sun gets low, and it gets darker, the footage is not that great. So we'll see how much footage we can get inshallah data. And I do have a topic for you. All right, and the topic that I have for you today, inshallah is a topic related to fitness. And you're like, what, what does fitness have to do with Islam? What does this have to do with

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my Dean, but I'll tell you, so I know,

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fitness, this time of the year, is on a lot of people's minds.

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Because the new year are in like New Year's resolutions and things like that people like to make a difference in their life, and they start making some changes. And that's why the gym is always packed out. And I mean, packed out. After New Year's, there's way too many people in there.

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It's kind of annoying, but, um, the longer people were trying.

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So as people are

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trying to get in shape,

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there's going to be some

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issues, some things that will hinder one's success and motivation when it comes to working out. And what's interesting is that there are parallels between that.

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And that's, you know, health and fitness, and also spirituality. So there's a, there are parallels between health and fitness and spirituality. So some of the roadblocks or some of the things that hinder our spirituality, those same concepts apply to fitness and health. And vice versa. So to start off with,

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I'll give you

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I'll give you a quick one. And that is, sometimes people never start.

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They don't start because they don't believe in their ability to accomplish anything.

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So person says, Hey,

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I just can't do it. It's not in me, or it's not me, they've already defined themselves. So when it comes to fitness, a person you know, looks at people who are, quote, unquote, in shape, and all that kind of stuff. And they look at themselves and they're like, Yeah, that'll never be me. Like I can never be physically fit, I can never look like that I can never, I won't be able to feel like that. So why even bother trying.

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And likewise with our eemaan

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some people never started because they say to themselves, oh, that'll never be me. They'll look at like, good Muslims or quote unquote, good Muslims. And they'll think to themselves,

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oh, that'll never be me. I'm just I'm sinful. I like where I leave this type of lifestyle. And I can never, I can never live that life or that type of lifestyle. I know myself. So once again, just not even starting to begin with. And actually the shift on very much, especially when it comes to our he man, he

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he has a role to play in that. Like, that's how we want this to feel to not even start. And the other point here is perfection and seeking perfection. And it's either like perfection or nothing.

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And by the way, a little bit off topic I know. But I'm on the highway today. Highway rides aren't as scenic, but

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they're a little bit faster. But try not to ride that fast.

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But I needed to be on the highway today. So seeking perfection. The person says you know, I can never be perfect. So what's what's the point in trying? And what we have to realize is that there's no such thing as perfection in physical fitness and health and in EMA.

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But there is improvement and there is bettering ourselves. If we make perfection, our goal, we're always going to be let down.

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We want to look perfect.

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There's no such thing and standards of beauty or always changing. We're always gonna feel

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that about ourselves and if we're just seeking that perfection

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However, if we're seeking to better ourselves, then that can be achieved that then that can be achieved. Because you can track your progress, you can have goals, you can set goals and from one day to the next or one week to the next from one month to the next you can you can see improvements. And improvements can be

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a very effective motivator in, in our in fitness and health and also in spirituality as well. So no one's saying, hey, you have to be a perfect Muslim, right.

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But we should be trying to be better, we should be trying to improve ourselves. And it doesn't have to be like these huge big improvements. It can just be, you know, small, incremental improvements. So that's number one. Number two,

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giving up quickly, or giving up because of one thing giving up because of one mistake, actually mentioned this on my snapchat a few days ago. But you know, for example, someone's been working out, they're doing well, they're eating healthy. And then one day, they cheat, or they have like a pizza, or they have like cake and this and that and whatever. And they have a bad meal. And then they're like, oh, man, I messed up. What's the point? What's the point of even continuing? Right? And so a person now leaves off what they're doing. Because they have made one mistake.

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When it comes to our man, likewise, you can apparently in that you can think of veget prayer. Sometimes somebody will miss vision prayer. And then because they miss budget because of that. They'll miss a lot outside America and Asia. Because after they miss fetcher, they're like, Oh, I miss Vidya. What's the point?

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And then they miss the heart. What's the point? And they miss out on? What's the point?

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Let me just get into this lane. This is

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me and buddy. Thank you. Thank you.

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So yeah, so instead of our mistakes, holding us back, our mistakes are mistakes can actually be motivators. So when we do make a mistake, because of that mistake, we're motivated to try even harder. So for example, if a person misses failure, they're like, Hey, I miss failure, I'm gonna make sure I don't miss the hook. And as a matter of fact, I want to make sure I pray all my prayers, today, a person has a bad meal, they go, you know what, because of this bad meal, I'm gonna work harder in the gym. And I'm gonna be even more cautious when it comes to what I eat.

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So not being paralyzed. So not being stagnated by a single decision or a single mistake.

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Number three, quality versus quantity.

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And I've seen it happen, you know, I've worked out long enough, where I've seen it happen over and over again, you know, you go to the gym, and somebody, for them, it's all about the weight. Oh, how much can I benchpress? How much can I deadlift?

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How much can I curl and the quality of that benchpress or that deadlift or whatever? and suffer. So what ends up happening is a person will fit this wide, like, like weightlifting, while the person may injure themselves. Right, they're lifting with their ego, as they say, never lifted your ego.

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But they focus on that quantity. And that quantity, can actually be detrimental in the long run. If there's no quality, there's no form, likewise, but our spirituality, sometimes we focus on quantity only and not quality. So it's like somebody gets motivated to you know, increase their spirituality. Let's get closer to a law. So they

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go all out. Did they do everything?

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And then they burn out.

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Because the spiritual aspect is missing, though the quality is is not there. So for example, our prayer Yeah, it's important to pray five times a day and that's, you know, our bare minimum. But it's also important to improve improve in the quality of that worship, because if if quality is missing, then our quantity is going to last only for so long. Eventually. Oh, I know that person.

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Friend of mine, cut me off right my thought quantity over quality. I'll get back to that.

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That guy just ran a red light.

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Oh, well, man. It's getting dark.

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Okay, so I'm just gonna finish up the last point, how to make a quick pit stop, ran into a friend of mine, give me some thumbs. But I'm gonna finish at this point, basically, we're talking about the importance of quality, over quantity. So in terms of working out and all that it's important that we are working out properly.

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And it's not just about the quantity. And that leads to the other issue of consistency, consistency is more important than how much you do. In when it comes to spirituality. Very clear precedent, actually told us

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how you did it show, I have been armadio law at the moment how one of the most beloved actions to law are those actions which are done consistently, even if they're small, or less. So it's not about you know, how big the action is about what we can be consistent with and when our spirituality, that consistency is important. And likewise, with with physical fitness, and how and all that it's easy to do a fad diet, but then lose it all. It's easy to like, make a new year's resolution. Like I'm going to work out in this now whatever and go hardcore the first week, two weeks and then just drop out. But it's about the long run. It's about consistency. Quality consistency.

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Hey Sokka What's up, man? How you doing? What's going on? YouTube hasn't seen you in a while. I'm gonna pick up late

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I'm gonna backpack put him in. No, I'm just kidding. What's that? tokens? Just cool.

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Pre vacuum free vacuuming of your car, a flagship today.

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That's the New Deal over there.

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Can Do It?

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You know, that had at the price that um, said don't pray until you reach that place.

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The Companions argued over it. Like disagreed. Some companions said they said, No. That means Hurry up. Other companions said no, no, no, that means that. don't pray until you get there.

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Right. So they had a disagreement. So some companions prayed. Some companions went, they got there.

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I think I think there's been no karela Yeah, they're like, Look, I said, That's what he said. He said, don't pray until you get there. And then someone's like, no, he met Hurry up. So they disagreed and the price set them they came back, you know, finally met him. He said, You're both fine. Basically. That's okay. Yeah, the point is that there's gonna be differences like these in the oma. Right? You know, felt differences and things like this. These are valid differences.

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They're acceptable. There's nothing to do what we're talking about right now. But I'm trying to get there and pray. Do you have a message for YouTube? You got to keep it simple.

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Keep it simple. That's what I learned.

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When I was 16. Yeah, that's what my boss told me. Keep it simple.

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Keep it simple, Stu.

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I agree. That's so weird. ran into you. I know. Right?

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I'll bring you the one right now. Bihari kebab. Have you ever had it while you ride? No, you can't. I can put it in your no you can't open your mouth is your jaws like, shut? Oh, man. Good seeing you, buddy. Good to see you, buddy. Take care.

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No, nothing on this bike is near. Keep it that way.

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No, you can't do it. That's dangerous. People say that. No, no, it is dangerous to put. Just like

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no, no, no, it's dangerous. It's really dangerous to do that to your tires. Hi, good to see you, man.