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AI: Summary © The segment discusses the controversy surrounding the court's decision to charge the male rapist with rape and the negative impact on society. The "oppressants" movement is highlighted as a culture where women have a responsibility to the society, but men have a responsibility to look after their children. The "we are not a woman" mentality is discussed, where women have a responsibility to the society but men have a responsibility to look after their children. The "we are not a woman" mentality is also discussed, where women have a responsibility to control desire and avoid sexual attraction, and educating men and women to avoid conflict is emphasized. The "we are not a woman" mentality is also discussed, where women have a responsibility to the society but men have a responsibility to their children.
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Okay this question next one is regarding Destiny labor biller has mentioned

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if nothing will happen to you that was not written for you.

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The writer us that waste free wheel and Eva go does get raped doesn't mean that the * was merely carrying out what is viewed

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and it is therefore not guilty. Well,

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it is well known that

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one cannot justify evil with destiny, the fact that

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everything has been written

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the fact that everything has been written,

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that writing is an expression of Allah's omniscience, God's complete knowledge.

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Because if God doesn't know what is going to happen in this world, the world that he created, then it's not a true God. True, God knows everything that is going to happen, everything that was and everything that would ever be, that is God. The writing is only

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a facet of an expression or a manifestation of the completeness of Allah's knowledge. So what is written there is whatever you do not that Allah made you do, what you did, was that whatever you chose to do, whatever you by your freewill decided to do, has been written. And when one individual

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tried to use other as a means of defending his evil he had stolen, and Omar Abdel Hatami had ordered that his hand be cut off. And the man argued, are you going to cut off my hand when God wrote that my hand would be cut off? It is my destiny to sorry, my hand my destiny to steal? And Omar said, fine, yes, it was your destiny to steal, it is my destiny to cut off your hand.

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See, so we cannot use other or the destiny to justify evil. We know practically, when we have to decide to do something, we can do something good or we can do something evil. The same way we can do something even say it's my destiny, we could have done something good and say it's my destiny.

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we cannot say that the *

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is not at fault for * No. He is a criminal analysis why according to Islamic law, if he has committed *, especially using weapons he is excu executed. Islam deals very severely with rapists.

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At the same time, it says that whatever takes place was already written.

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Okay, then expression is regarding

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the question on society.

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The writer would like rather blood to explain the status of both sexes, the level of equality between the two.

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That is a lecture in and of itself.

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But we have a verse from the Quran in which Allah Subhana Allah said, what lay said that Kuru Cal,

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that the male is not like the female.

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He has made it clear, the male and the female are not the same.

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They may be complementary, yes, complementary, but not equal.

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Together, they work together what strengths and weaknesses each one has supports the other. But Allah has created men

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in a role of being the providers, the maintainers, and the protectors of women.

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Original Luca, Mona Lisa, the male are in a position of authority over the women authority for their protection, not authority to oppress them.

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Not authority to oppress them. Islam does not invite oppression.

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It is for their protection because the woman in her natural and normal state, she goes through periods of need of protection. In the case of pregnancy, she needs somebody to look after her to take care of her, etc. that the male was there. That is his responsibility. Her responsibility is to look after the children. I mean, it's a big responsibility to look after children.

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Today as a result of the feminist movement, looking after children means not being fulfilled. You know, I hear young people today in the modernists, feminist view is, you know, a woman is not fulfilled unless she's out working in the workplace and you know, doing our job. And you know, this, being at home is boring. And you know, this is the way it is. But this is a very distorted view of the family. And when that view becomes prevalent, then the structure the foundation of the society crumbles. And that's what's happening in America today, the foundation of the society, the family structure is breaking down.

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More than 50% of marriages within the first three years end in divorce. Why? Because men and women, women look at themselves as equal to a man. You know, her decision is like his decision she doesn't want to he wants.

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No one can decide the only way is to end it.

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In fact, in American law, Western law, now you have

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a crime known as * in marriage, a man is now put in jail for * his wife.

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This is ludicrous. It is insanity.

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And that is the foundation for the breakup of the society.

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Husband has a responsibility in the Islamic

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scheme of things the husband has that responsibility to look after the wife, he has a responsibility to look after his children. He look after his mother, his parents, you know, his sisters. So what happens is that the female, no matter what position she is, in society, as a child, as a daughter, as a sister, as a wife, as a mother, always there are males who are responsible for her to ensure that she lives a decent, comfortable life. It doesn't mean that she cannot contribute to society. She has certain knowledge, certain skills, certain areas, she can benefit society, it doesn't mean she has no role in the society. Of course not. There are areas which women contribute and benefit

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the society and are needed in the society.

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But what is harmful is where a man a woman, and man looked at as being equal. So the woman feels now she must compete with the man in each and everything. She has to be out there driving tanks and flying F sixteenths, and, you know, digging ditches and working caterpillars. And yeah.

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What is this proving really,

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these women in these jobs in these positions, when you see what happens to them, that men around them, and they molest them, they're touching the squeezing, they're holding the you know, whistling and talking and I said, the life is held for the women in this position, though, they might think it is way wonderful, she's flying the F 16. But see what happens when she's hanging out with the guys. She gets it left and right how many people are now being, you know, put up on trial for, you know, * military personnel, because they're in a position of, you know, the position of sergeants or whatever positions above them. So, it is not to the advantage of the woman to be out in the market

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place competing with the man, she has a role in the areas, which will benefit the society where there is a need for her. Otherwise, if the man's main role is providing and maintaining, then he should be given the opportunity to do so. Because if a woman takes a man's job away, then he now is unable to look after his responsibility. Of course, in a society where they've already decided that you know, men and women get out on their own and they have to take care of themselves, then it might seem kind of strange. But the principle in Islamic law is based on the normal society, the society where men and women are out competing,

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pushed out of their homes when they reach the age of 15 1617. This is abnormal. This is not a norm. And this is a dangerous and destructive trend. So the family which used to be an extended family with uncles, aunts, and everybody on grandfather, buddy there now is broken down to just the nuclear family, the man his wife is good. And now we even have single parent families as a norm. For example, in America.

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single parent families the idea of one parent, a man and his children, a woman and our children as a norm, not an exception, but a norm. This is part of the breakdown of society.

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These rights

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agrees that God creates human, but if other biller can comment on people who say that human can create humans through cloning.

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Well, the issue of cloning again,

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when human beings say, you know, they're able to make a life in a test tube,

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you know, petri dish or whatever, what are they doing? Are they really making life, you know, if you take a human being is made up of calcium and some carbon and some, you know, hydrogen and oxygen. Now, if we take all these things as chemicals, we buy them from a chemical shop, and we mix them all up together, can we mix it all up together and pop out the human being from that? No, we can't do it. Always, we are making life from life. So we're only manipulating, we're manipulating life, we're not creating life. As Allah says, In the Quran, if all of the human beings on the earth got together, they wouldn't even be able to create a fly something which you consider so despicable, you

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know, knock it away, you swat it, you kill it, you know, it's horrible, the horrible flight, but we can't even make a fly. Never will we be able to make a fly.

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So cloning, this is only manipulation of genes putting

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chromosomes from one egg from one cell into another cell, you know, and it's still going through the normal processes of development. So we don't look at cloning as being anything abnormal from an Islamic perspective, where cloning is used to improve the quality of our wheat of the animals, etc, no problem. But we're cloning becomes something where people are seeking immortality. And there's an element amongst those involved in cloning, where the idea is immortality, they want to live forever. So they figured out, okay, we develop this thing well enough. Now, when you get old and you're about to die, they can take a few cells from your body grow another little you. And then just because I

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think well,

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either they can take your brain out and put it in the new one. But then they say, Well, you know, the brains they get when they get old, the brain cells don't renew themselves. So we don't need this old brain anymore. Okay? Well, we are what are we, we are the thoughts in our brain, right? So all we need to do is to plug our heads into a computer, we download ourselves into the computer, then we plug that into the new you and just download it back in and get up and keep walking, let the old body go, you know, this is idea. Or, you know, you grow this new body for body parts, you know, when your heart starts to go, Okay, you take the heart out, you put it in, you need a lung or whatever

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you body parts. But the point is, from an Islamic perspective, you cannot do this, that human being if human beings managed to grow another human being from one from the same human being, that is not you, that's no longer you, you are you that human being that a soul has entered into is a different human being. Just like the egg cell, which divides and produces twins, though there are like in all respects, that you can imagine. They're not the same. They're two different human beings. So cloning can never be the basis for trying to prolong life can never be unless it comes in the form of some of the experiments they're doing. Now, whether putting some cells in animals, so an animal may grow

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an ear or grow up, you know, some organ or limb that the human being needs, and they may take it from an animal and use it something like that, if they managed to succeed with it, then it is something

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acceptable, because Allah has created this creation for us to utilize, where it is beneficial for us. We do so you know, without, you know, intending harm to others or other members of the society.

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The next question is reading

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the point that religion is genetic.

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And the question is, why are they still humans who are ignorant about the existence of God?

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There are not there are no humans who are ignorant about the existence of God. They may deny God's existence, they may reject God's existence but as Allah says, they reject it will stay cannot one Fusa home and they know it inside of themselves. It's there. They know it, as Allah said, and so on, out off when He created Adam, he took from Adam all of his descendants, and he made them bear witness that he was the Lord Allah has to be robbed. Boom, they said Bala Shahina. They said yes, they all bore witness everything.

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Human being has within himself or herself, a consciousness and awareness of God. And that's real. You take the biggest disbeliever, the biggest atheist, if he ends up on an airplane and the airplane is going down, he sees the engine fly off, the wing is falling. What does he do? Oh, god, oh god. Somewhere it came out of himself. He wasn't saying God all along and I never got fully. But when he reaches that stage, God, God, God, God, you know, screaming God.

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There, every individual knows it.

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The writer here says, would not respect for a woman and protection of woman better be better thought through educating the men?

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protection of woman, you see, and educating men see this is the feminist

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approach, right? When, when we talk with the feminists in North America, right? You know, she's coming out with a makeup or eyelashes or miniskirt, everything she says, Why should I have to cover myself, we need to teach these men, they're the one who need to be controlled, and they're the one who should be punished. But you know, I should be able to do what I want to do. Wait, this thing has got two sides to it.

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I see. Because God has created an attraction between males and females, the more that a woman exposes herself, the more the male is attracted. So then when you put up, you know, a big sign board, which says, Look at me.

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You know, big sigh Look at me. And then at the same time, you're saying, don't touch, but don't touch.

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It's contradictory. It's contradictory. And no matter how much you educate men, see, this comes down now to a society, which sells its products through women,

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you know, where it's not only the woman exposing herself, but everything that they have to sell a woman is used, you want to sell a Mustang, right? Instead of them putting an explaining how fast the Mustang will go between zero and 100. They can do it in so many seconds, how big the engineers how wide the wheels are, what did they do, they put a Mustang with a lady lying on top in a bikini.

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They want to sell a razor blade, you know, instead of telling you we've got the latest, you know, minerals or metal to make this super sharp, it's not going to get done or whatever know what they do. They have the man shaving, they have a woman's hand, you see the long man holding his hand.

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In a society like this to talk about educating the man is nonsensical. It's nonsensical. It is a system that has to be addressed in all of its aspects. The men are educated, of course, they should be educated. That's why the law is very severe. But on the other hand, the women also have to be covered in such a way that they're not inviting attack.

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And the media has to be censored, so that they're not provoking and encouraging, you know, a high level of sexuality in society, all of that has to work together for that system to work to protect the woman to control the desires of the male etc, etc.

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And the writer would like brother below to share with us

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on the best way we can introduce Islam to a non deliverer.

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But this question is actually

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one which doesn't have an answer.

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You know, there is no one best way people are looking for some magical formula. You just have to say these two words and they become Muslim. No.

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It doesn't work like that. You know, in giving Dawa and conveying Islam to others. We have to treat them like a doctor treats his patient. He doesn't have a set of medicines. As soon as you come in, he says take these medicines, he has to find out what your sicknesses after he knows what your sequences then he prescribes the medicine which is suitable for your sickness. Similarly, when giving dour, one has to know the background of the person that you're dealing with, you know, what is the area that they're confused about? What is the area that you know that they're lacking in ways that you can give them the knowledge which will help them reach the point of accepting the one true

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God Allah in their lives? I mean, that is your focus. Your focus is that

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They should recognize that God is one, and he alone deserves our worship. And after that, to understand that Muhammad may God's peace must be upon him was the last of the messengers, but before that you have to let him know that that person he or she understand, that God sent a message, why it was necessary, why it is logical that God communicated his word to human beings etc, after them grasp that could understand it, then you can come in to explain about the messenger and the message, you know, step by step, but it will vary from person to person, you know, you may come to some people, they already believe in God, so then you don't need to go to convince them to believe in

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God, but the question is, who is God? How do they believe in God maybe their concept of God is distorted you need to find where the distortions are and try to correct them. So, the methodology as I said, the approach is like that of a doctor. You have to see where the illness lies where the where the sickness is, and you try to treat it with the appropriate medicine

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it's one of the loving warm welcome to shadow Allah Highlands stuff we'll call to break relay with Manny Rahim Allah Serena in Sinhala. illallah, Xena, Manoir melas, Ali, hottie whatever. So Bill Hopper, whatever was obvious.

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Samadhi kumara mandala Hiya workato

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