Abdullah Hakim Quick – Fiqh-Us-Seerah 12

Abdullah Hakim Quick
AI: Summary © A man named Abdulmutallab ran out of water and killed his son with a knife in the political boom of the previous year. The aftermath of his marriage to the Prophet Muhammad sallam, the birth of the Prophet's son, and the birth of the first-ever-ever-ever-ever-ever-ever-ever-ever-ever-ever-ever-ever-ever-ever-ever-ever-ever-ever-ever-ever-ever-ever-ever-ever-ever-ever-ever-ever-ever-if they were the sons of previous fathers.
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It is reported that he established again, the supplier the father, he took control in dealing with the pilgrims. And also igneous Hawk. Rahim Allah reports that on one occasion,

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he had a dream.

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And in this dream he was shown that the Zamzam had been blocked up by the family of Jordan. Now by this time Zamzam water was stopped, it was blocked, and there are other wells in Mecca. So Abdulmutallab according to his dream,

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he dug in between two idols that were next to the Kaaba, and the water came up, and Zamzam began to flow in Mecca. Again, this was a great achievement. Now the people of kadesh, they wanted to be involved in this. And they said, Give us part of this water, give us the power. Although the watering on the feeding of the pilgrims was his responsibility. And he said, I'll never give this up. And so in order to start a fight again, to stop this fight, they said, We have to go to a test, let us go to a fortune teller, this is part of their job helia. Whenever they have a problem, they go to a fortune tell us like like some of the people in our community today. Whenever they have the

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problem, they go to the duck comes in the sangoma and the obeah men and whoever it is because they want to find out what happened to them. And so they were on the way to the to the fortune teller,

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and they were in the middle of the desert, Abdulmutallab and chosen leaders of kadesh according to Ebony's hack, they ran out of water.

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And Abdulmutallab had a dream. And he dug underneath where his animal was, and water came out. Now, when they saw this when they saw the water coming to him, even in the middle of the desert, they said we don't need the fortune teller, you are the leader of the city, and you are the one who will control them. There are other reports also about going to the diviner or the fortune teller and drawing out arrows. What is important for us is that Abdulmutallab was in a key strategic position, again, ruling Mecca, which was the political center, economic center, social religious center of the whole of the Arabian Peninsula, and one of the key cities and in the whole of the world at that

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time, he needed support. He was doing all the work by himself. So he prayed to his Lord and he made an oath. And he said, If I am given 10 sons,

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to protect me, that I will sacrifice one of those sons to God, to Allah, our sacrifice. He was thinking about the Prophet Ibrahim alayhi salam, and by the will of Allah, he had 10 sons.

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Then he informed his family about his oath. And he said, I will carry out my oath. Let us draw lots. So they drew lots amongst the sons and the name Abdullah came up. Now you see his sons there is Hamza, there is a bass. There's Abdullah Abu lahab, Abu Talib and Hadith. There are other names actually, also, Abdullah was carrying the charisma. He had that look in his face, and Abdulmutallab loved him very much, but his name kept coming up, that he should be the sacrificial son. And so Abdulmutallab took his son, and he took a knife like Ibrahim Alayhi, salaam, he was about to sacrifice his son, and Quraysh stopped him. They said, you should not do this. He's carrying the

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charisma. He may one day be a great leader. Let us go to a fortune teller.

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So they went to a fortune teller in the fortune teller said this is a wise decision don't kill the boy. But tell us tell me what how much is blood money in your in your lands, and they said blood money. In other words to pay for a person's life.

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Your ransom money or the exchange money is 10 camels. So she said, draw lots between the camels and Abdullah and if the camels if Abdullah keeps coming up, then you got to pay 10 camels.

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Okay, and it came up 10 times, until finally he had to pay 100 camels as the way of dealing with expiating his oath and it was done and this is he is considered to be now. Abdullah is considered to be the second sacrificial person within that city. His smile was the first and then he was the second.

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Now after this, Abdulmutallab comes onto the scene, in the famous struggle with abraha with the elephants and Ethiopians Now you remember him coming to abraha in the tent and then

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He said, All I want is my camels. This house has a lord who will protect it. I am Robin Abel. I'm the Lord of the camels. And so he and the Arabs and went around the city and they waited for the will of the Creator because they realized above their idols was a creator. And this is a problem that many people have. They believe in God, but they also believe you have to have an intercessor you must pray through a man. You must pray through an idol. You must pray through the sun. This is shirk. This is polytheism and the Moshe Keane of Mecca with a perfect example of this shark, this polytheism. Now, Abdulmutallab in the year of our Millfield was the leading personality in Mecca

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itself. And we find that in those years,

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just coming into it, even though he was 70 years old, he was still in great strength. Now, and this is one of the blessings of the life of the Arabs drinking camel's milk and goat's milk and walking in the desert and they're physically fit even to an older agent is said that his son Abdullah needed a wife. And there were many women in Mecca and Medina everywhere he went, they wanted to marry him. So we chose Amina bint Wahab, you been abdomen F, who at the time was the most noble woman from kadesh, in terms of her lineage, also a person of great character. And he chose Amina for his son, who was 24 years old. So at the time of his marriage, Abdullah was 24 years old. And Abdulmutallab

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in order to bless the occasion. He married the cousin of Amina, he was 70 years old too. So that camel's milk was was paying off for him.

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And he married Halla and they had a double wedding.

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And Abdullah and Amina, consummated the marriage immediately. And then he traveled to Syria.

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While he was in Syria, the will of Allah came in, and he, he fell ill and he died. So she was not even able to spend time with her husband, or to inform him that actually she had become pregnant. He never even knew that and he passed away.

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This leads us to the momentous occasion that we're now moving into. The forces of the world are lining up. The jaw Hillier is set up amongst the Arabs, the hashemites are in the key position. There is a charisma being passed on in this family.

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The Romanians are on the side struggling for power, the family of up to doubt they have the political power in the city. And you will see that many of the holidays that were torturing Muslims were families up to duck, you know who may have been cut off the the slave master of Bilbao. He was from Abu Dhabi.

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The powerful people you see many of them are from the family of the dot. And so Amina at that point, it is reported by Ebony sob in the tub, a pot of urban sad, which is one of the most authentic historical texts. Amina is reported to have said, when the child was born, there was a light it issued out of my womb, and it lit up the palaces of Basra in Syria. And a voice spoke to her and said, Call this boy Mohammed, Khalid Mohammed. And what is important about this, is that when we read in history, you will you will actually find out literally that there were only a few people in the world who had this name, Mohammed Salah Salaam, and this is one of the miracles of Islam,

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because a survey was was recently done. And they found out that the most common name on the face of the planet Earth is Mohammed Sosa. That's the most common name in the world. Because many people have their son is named solea. They say Mohammed Salim, or his name Zaid, Mohammed Zaid, and so some people's name is Mohammed Mohammed Mohammed. Okay, that's a common name within the Muslim world. Our history books report to us that there was three people who use the name one's name was Muhammad bin sofian, Joshua,

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and then there was Mohammed bin. Oh, hey, ha, Allah Jalla Mohammed bin Hassan Ibn rabea. And these three were the sons of fathers who had traveled to the different parts of the world.

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They heard reports about the coming of this son, and about the coming of a prophet. So they wanted their son to be the important person, and they named their son Muhammad, peace be upon him, you know our important name, but there was nobody else in the world in recorded history, who had that name up until that point.

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it is also reported that in the preceding night, to the birth of the Prophet sola sallam, 14 of the gallery's of kisara, the Shah of Iran of Persia, 14 of his galleries, crumbled and tumbled to the ground, the sacred fire of the mud juice, you know, like the Olympic torch, the sacred fire went out, before the Olympics were over.

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sacred fire went out

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some of the churches in Lake Sua, which is which is a sacred Lake,

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some of the churches actually sank down and collapse. The sacred river had run dry.

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things were happening around in the world. And so they were Christians, they were Jews. They're even fire worshippers. They realize people who have spiritual insight, were realized that there's a shaking going on in the universe. some serious change is about to come. Some individuals, some soul now has entered into humanity that will change the course of history. Hassan ebene sabot rhodiola. One,

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one of the famous Sahaba and the poet of the prophets, Allah Salaam. He reports I was a well grown boy of seven or eight years old, understanding all that I heard when I heard a Jew calling out at the top of his voice from a fort in Yeah, Philip says what is now Medina. He said, Oh, company of Jews. And when the Jews gathered together, they said, What is wrong with you? What's the matter with you? And he said, tonight, the star under which Ahmed is to be born, has risen. The star of Ahmed has appeared. The Jews had signs they knew it. And that is the reason why the Jews moved into yathrib, long before the prasada was born, because they knew that a messenger would come. But they

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thought that the messenger would come from the side of Ibrahim, his wife, Sarah, and not on the side of hajat. So they were mistaken. But they knew that the messenger was to come in between

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two lava

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lava formations, a city with water, and yesterday fit the description. And so the Jews screamed out, the star Ahmed has risen.

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What was the date of the birth of the Prophet sellaronda?

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You'll be surprised to know that there are many different opinions. Some historians even say his birthday was in mojado. Some say and suffer.

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The majority say robbia lol.

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Some of the historians say it was the fifth of Ravello Some say the 10th Some say the ninth. But the majority of the scholars agree that it was the 12th of RBL. Oh well. 570 ce Amil field. This was the this was the agreed upon majority position of the scholars of the birth of the prophets Allah Salam. It was the time when the light of tawheed was destined to shine brightly in the world, and to the Day of Judgment. And may Allah subhanaw taala constantly send peace and blessings to our beloved Prophet Mohammed. May Allah bless him and his family, and all those who follow him to the day of judgment was Salam. Wa Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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