Waleed Basyouni – Towards A Better Society By Iioc Khutbah

Waleed Basyouni
AI: Summary © The importance of religion and trusting oneself is emphasized, as it is a personal choice and one's value will be based on acceptance of others' values. The speaker emphasizes the importance of being a valued member of the community and not worrying about one's past. The speaker also discusses the history of the black community and the need for everyone to take responsibility and make a difference in society. The importance of developing society and not criticizing others is also emphasized.
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hamdulillah Hina Meadow who want to stay in who want to study style Pharaoh want to be law him in Chateau de m fusina amin sejahtera Marina Maja de la who furama de La MaMa you mejor de Lille Farah hodja who shadow Allah Allah Allah Allahu Allah, wa shadow Mohammedan Abdo who are a pseudo Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed can also later Allah Ibrahima innaka hamidah Majeed

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de la. All praise due to align His praise and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wa sallam, his family, his companions and his followers and all the prophets and the messengers and their followers until the day of judgment. I bear witness that the law is the only one worthy of worship and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his last and final messenger.

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One of the greatest blessings that Allah subhana wa tada can ever blessed you with. As the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam described the people of Paradise, though will inhibit paradise. He described them as key access to goodness whom fit who didn't hire, that that person, while basically an access gate, a person who will facilitate goodness to others. It is the role of the prophets and messengers in their societies. If you look at the role of the prophets and messengers in societies, that they not only allowed or encouraged people or help people to do good and to receive good in this worldly life, no, they also open gates for goodness for them in the Hereafter, which is the

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lead them to dinner, to alpha dose to dinner to alpha dose,

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having a grove, what do we call it today, a public service, having a role in offering your service to other and volunteer and to lend a hand and to express your interest and to put an effort to fix and to develop and to change the place that you're living in the society that you're living in to be a better place. It does something clearly identify the Muslim as an individual and the Muslim as a community and a Muslim as a nation. And that's what made this ummah special. Allah subhana wa tada said, couldn't come hire our own. leanness tomorrow, not tomorrow, what and how nanny mooncup Allah subhanaw taala said you're the best amount were brought to our to to the nation's why because they

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pray play a great role in ordering and basically commanding and guiding people to what is good and stopping what is evil and stopping what is evil and resistant what is evil while you believe in Allah subhanho wa Taala and have faith on him.

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It is something very interesting today when we look to our society and our community as a Muslim community. When we look at us how much we put emphasis on this area, and religion was not ever meant for to be something it is a personal thing.

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But it should not stop right there. And it became a personal in the sense, it has no impact on the society that you live in. And he said, You know, my Islamic religion is a very personal thing. So that's it, it stopped there. No, it's a personal thing because you're, it's your choice, but the deen that religion that you believe in this religion, this religion means that you will make a difference in the place that you're living in. Because if you don't add anything to the society that you're living in you just an addition, nobody really value you. Because your value will be based on where you stand. It's like the zeros zeros, the value of the zeros will always be recognized, but

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where you put the zeros, that's right, if you put 100 zeros before one, it means nothing but you put one zero after the number, it will have a value it will make that 10 than 100 than 1000, and so forth, and so forth. So our value as a society as an individual's won't be looked at where we stand, what we stand for what we contribute to the society and to the family that we live in to the best that you can attend to the community that you're living with, to the country that you live in, and you belong to, and so forth and so forth.

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If you look at the Prophet sallallahu Sallam his life, he did not save any any time for a personal enjoyment. All his life was dedicated to serve his society, to serve his community to call people to the dinner for law. So agenda. And that's one of the concept of what we called our a Dao, Allah subhana wa Tada, it has so many meanings. And one of the aspects of Dawa, one of the aspects of Dharma is to give good service and to give service to the people around you, around you and to change the society you're living in, to be a moral society to boost good society, in all aspect, economically, socially, religiously, to raise the level of morality and society. That's, that's part

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of the dialogue, it allows the agenda. It allows you to also the door down that we use a lot. It doesn't never meant never meant that you give a lecture or only or you give a speech to Juma. Oh, do you lead to prayer? Or do you donate money when there is a need for dinner? Those are great things. Those are great things, but not the only things that you can do. That field and that area is so wide, so big, nobody excused from it. And a person who don't feel that he or she has a responsibility to carry this religion, they need to read what Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, they need to listen to what Allah subhana wa Taala said in

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a short one, I mean,

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the scholars interpret this manner the trust that Allah has given you by saying several several interpretations, but all of them lead to one conclusion it is the religion. Oh, I give you this religion as a trust. And this very unique word, I always thought Why would a lot called the religion that he given, given to us a trust.

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You know what that means? You only give the trust the something that has value to someone you to someone you trust, someone that you know, and you think that he or she can take the responsibility of that trust. So Allah Subhana, Allah sees you, as something of value. He sees you worthy of carrying this responsibility. Make sure that you don't disappoint him. Make sure that you don't neglect that

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you became among the hypocrites and the disbelievers that Allah mentioned later on after this verse, be among the believers who will carry this responsibility who know that Allah The Lord have valued you have looked at your something of value. That's why he told the angels when he ordered them to prostrate to add them, they said to human, they can kill one another on earth. He can spread corruption if he said, No, I know about this race, what you don't know in the Alamo, malata and a moon. So if you Lord, if your Creator see you as something very valuable, very special, very unique, very unique. So don't look down at yourself. Don't basically neglect, neglect this responsibility.

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And don't ever walk away without fulfilling your duty as a Muslim as a member of the community, towards the society and the community that you live in and

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To living to live in. And I think this issue start from the heart that you feel in your heart, and you care about the deed about the responsibility that Allah has given to you. It start from there, if you don't have a doubt in your heart and your mind, that's something I live with, I don't live only for myself. And the moment you live for yourself, the moment your life will be very insignificant.

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But the moment you live for others, the moment you live for a values with a moment you live for principles that people will admire and risk and it will be respected by others, the moment your vote Your life will be very valuable life and a very long life as well. A very long life as well.

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So to start from inside your heart that you care, I care about developing, that the place that I'm loving it, I care about making a change, I care about starting and changing the society that I'm living in. If you don't care, you will never take that step. If it doesn't start from your heart, you will not go far you will not go far. Brothers and sisters, we looking, I'm an immigrant, I have a master, it's like your must not as beautiful as your mustard. But we have a beautiful community, like your community and hamdulillah. So one of the things that I see, I always tell my, my students, my friends, my my community that we're really looking for each and every one walk to our center,

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walk to our community, be a member of our community, to transfer the attitude, don't come as a consumer, don't come as a person who just coming to watch, don't be just be a fan on a Facebook maybe, or a fan and the master fan for the Master, I want to transfer you from being found to be a player from being a customer to be a partner, from the consumer to be a provider. That's the attitude that we want. We want the Muslims to learn how to give and take, and to be in the society, not just the people who live day by day know the live while they have a value and goals that they want to see and achieve and the light in life. Unfortunately, there's, there's, it's interesting,

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when I look at the community, when I look at our society, I will see three kinds of people, people who make things happen. And there is people watch things happening. And there is a third category would say What happened?

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And I don't know how, what's the percentage, but ask yourself, where do you fit? Are you? Are you? Are you fit? Are you among those who make things happen in the society and the community? Are you among those people who just watch things happening and have no say no contribution? What kind of life is this? Isn't that a boring life, they don't have goals that you want to achieve. And and you see the change in your life and the life of the people that you love and you live with, or you just want to go day by day like that.

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I looked at one of what's the common excuses that people use and justify

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their basically isolation. they justify why they don't work, why they don't volunteer, why they're not willing to make things happen in the chain. And I look at the excuses that have been always hearing and I come up with so many, but I will share with you quickly a few of them.

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I think one of the most important reasons for people not to work for the denormalized data that people so many people are lazy. They just don't want to sweat. They don't want to commit, they don't want to walk up early in the morning. And to come they don't want to basically stand up and to take you to put an effort people like to be in the comfort zone. They don't want somebody to push them out of that comfort zone and enable them every day. And every day.

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Nina will

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ask you to protect me from being lazy. laziness is a disease and it will basically it will kill your any ambitions that you have as an individual or as a society or our society.

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Sometimes the beautiful the Hudson as an as your any basically, I asked you not to be in a position where I don't have the ability to make a change. And in castle is to be in a position. You have the ability to make a change, but you're so lazy to do it. So the prophets, Allah protect me from both things from both things. A lot of people don't participate because they are worried and afraid of failing.

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You know, it's not chained to fail, but what the shame

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Is to fail to try. It's not shame that you try and you fail. It's not wrong that you been knocked down on the on the floor once. But what is really shame it stay down. What's really shame is not to pick, you're still basically, to learn from your mistakes, to learn from your steaks, and you know that the mistakes and the wrong things that goes in your life are what we call it experience in life. And this should be something to motivate you not to basically discourage you from going farther from going farther.

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Remember, that Allah subhanho wa Taala will reward you anyway. Even if we don't succeed completely, but you put the effort a lot, I guarantee you that what you want more than that?

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What do you want more than that?

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Also, number three, a lot of people have a very special kind of fear, they are afraid of the consequences of their mistakes. I mean by that somebody says, Yeah, I'm afraid that I will do something wrong, people will be misled. And I will lead to this. And I will lead to that. And maybe this will open the door for so many sins and stuff like that. You know what, even if you did a mistake, even if don't worry about the consequence, because Allah subhanaw taala deal with the hearts. Allah Subhana, Allah knows your intention. And if you do do things according to knowledge and good intention, you are on the safe side, one of the striking incidents in the theater of the

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process and the life the process of them, the incident of Osama had been saved. You remember the incident when Osama had been saved, it strikes a person in the war, after that person said law in law, and the prophets of Salaam was so mad at him and he said, What?

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You killed him after he said that. He said your soul we are on the battlefield in the midst of the battlefield. And he to set it to protect himself that he was so mad to the extent of San Jose said, I wish I wish they I didn't became Muslim until that day, because when he became Muslim, every cent will be erased.

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To that extent

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did that ever, ever live the profits of sanlam. Osama to back off, and not to take role in the society later on. And maybe Salim while he is in his bed. his deathbed, he said Salalah Salah

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lets the army which is led by Osama, to go on to leave Medina because the Romans at that time inspired and basically told to their supporters in north of Arabia to make an army to attack the Medina of the prophet SAW Selim. So in Ephesus, Allah want to protect the border of the Muslim state at that time and sending the army quickly.

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Osama the same person who made the mistake. He's playing another role and a major role in a bigger role in the society in the society.

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Sometimes people what I call it what are embedded

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You know what, what are embedded people say, Oh, you know, I'm not qualified. I'm not that any, any I don't want to be showing off I want to be I want and all this is from the shape and just to make him not to do anything.

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Allah subhanaw taala wanted to be there. Allah subhanaw taala wanted to act Allah wants you to contribute.

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Not to be hiding not to be sitting basically in your in your hope.

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That's why the prophet SAW Salim said earlier on.

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The person always tried to see what is good. And if you cannot say if you can say what's evil, no demon sign. And this case, also so many people, they don't participate. They don't act because they are so busy with what I call it. MOBA hat, or heterophylla Mobile hat with the worldly things. You work all the time, and you add in the top of it weekend extra work. I know you need money, but life is not about money.

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I guarantee you money will not provide you happiness, money, a lot, especially misery. But, you know, it's as we said, money is a very good servant, but a very corrupt master. But life is not about money. Believe me the census of happiness that you will have when you help someone. It is way more than whatever materialistic things you might gain in this journey.

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And the lot the enjoyment of and the reward that you get of helping other is will last way more than just killing a materialistic thing in this world. There is speaking wasted time even if things not work, in video games, and watching non stop 24

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Don't stop in the weekend TVs and he doesn't have time to put for helping his brothers are hoping that the sisters who work to serve the society into the community. So many people they don't try, and they don't act because they think they cannot make a difference. Because they think that change cannot happen. Because they give up and this is pollute Allah, Allah control everything in his hand. Don't ever give up hope. Don't ever think that it is impossible. parlane Allah, Allah can ask for what

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the what the worst person is the words the person would say, everything is bad, everything is evil, nothing, nothing gonna change, nothing gonna change.

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Sometimes people will say that because they think less of themselves. Don't ever listen to yourself, because Allah doesn't see you. Something insignificant. Oh, I never thought of you as something less.

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Allah Subhana Allah knows who you are. And that's why he gives you that responsibility. Because he knows you can do it. If you commit yourself to it.

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So many times we say the people will not basically thought any except me and things like that. Try sometimes I'm too old for it. I'm too young for it. I'm a female, I'm whatever. There's no excuse. Everybody has a role to play in the society. So many people, they don't work because they are too busy criticizing others. And that's another problem. A lot of people don't contribute because they don't have time to all their time is wasted and criticizing other people's effort led him to become a mechanic that he said had been said before it don't just keep criticizing others. If you guys don't know how to run domestic you guys don't know how to do this. You guys are making messed up

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this you guys. Okay, so you guys don't know how to fix the car. Okay, Show me. Show me how to do just

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don't just keep criticizing others. This is Curtis sizing will not change. I'm not against. I'm not against a constructive criticism. It is very important to develop the society. So not be misunderstood. But I'm am what I am for counseling, and for advising and for being positive in the remarks that you do to build the community not to put it down.

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One of the reasons also, so many people think because they arm themselves maybe not good. Not good. So you know what, I shouldn't be participating. I'm not that religious. And this is one of the biggest also trick of the shaper. You don't need to be perfect, who said that? Any one of us perfect.

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Who said this? Any one of us here perfect. We all have our shortcomings. We all have our mistakes, but we try our best. We always try our best. So he said once no cannon let

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the person who ordered people to do good and basically advise of stopping from doing what is evil. Must be a person who's perfect. No one will practice this

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parliament is another sadhak woman her the lady lashing Effie. And in a mannequin here that statement had been narrated to me said this beautifully said who is among us is perfect.

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There is no one is perfect. Every you struggle with yourself, don't add to your mistakes. one extra mistake. If you see an opportunity, grab it. If you see an opportunity, grab it. If you see an area to participate and to contribute, make sure that you rush to it.

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And this leads me to the next point A lot of people don't work because they waiting for somebody to offer them. Are

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they waiting for someone to give them a role to play in the community? No.

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You do need to be an Imam, you do need to be an administrator you do need to be a congressman, you do need to be a city councilor. You do need to be in any time and a manager to make things good or to contribute

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or to offered and to make a change. Because leadership was never ever about titles.

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We are in the the the February is coming to call the black month to recognize the history of the black community. One of the leaders one of the names that always were right when the history of our brothers, Afro American brothers who struggle in this country for a very long time. One of the names that almost won't be remember the name of Rosa Park. Rosa Park was what she's just by one small action. She refused to stand up and the bus. She became one of the leader of this movement. She

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didn't have a title. She was not recognized as one of the main organizer, community organizers or a political leader in the manga society, it just be one person

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and you can make a difference. And you can make a difference. Look at the Kitab Allah. So again when he speaks of facility, just one example,

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one small village, Allah subhanho wa Taala told us that they have sent us what

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gives them, tell them the story of the village, that one small village Allah sent to them three messengers. See messenger is all of a sudden,

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you know, he must know

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his name if

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we send them to messengers that we follow them with one, its main effect can

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in, you know, in, in a saloon, we've been sent to you, three messengers in one village, but still Allah documented for us. The effort of one person who's not a messenger is not a prophet, even his name is Unknown.

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Unknown. What do I mean upasana Medina to know to know he saw a man came from inside the village running and walking fast banaya

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Sonny, my people follow the messengers that individual did is say, you know what, I have no role to play. There is really three messengers from God. No, he had a role to play. He participated in calling his people and Allah subhanaw taala have mentioned the story that the Quran will be recited until the day of judging the story of Moosa with the bird,

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the bird to decide, I have no role to play, he had a role to play. When he told a man sorry, Prophet saw a man he told him about the Sabbath, the queen of she.

00:27:18 --> 00:27:40

Also one of the things that people always said, waiting for someone to open the aperture to give them an opportunity, you should make the opportunity. Don't wait for someone. Don't ever make your future and hate and connect your success to somebody else. You should have a control over their success. You make the opportunity, you created it yourself for yourself.

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But there is a scholar has named Mohammed bin baddies design in Algeria, the French governor told him if you don't stop criticizing us, I'm gonna put you in jail.

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He's gonna stop me from calling my people and educating my people. He said, I will close down your school. He said, I don't depend on my school. If you close down my school, I will go to the coffee shops. You can prevent neurocognition I will go to the wedding gatherings, I will go to the homes. I won't go to the bus stations. I will ride the bus with the people and I will talk to the people. If you put me in jail, I will educate the prisoners. If you send me to the village, I will talk to the villagers. Whatever you do with me, I will have an opportunity to deliver my message. That's the kind of people who want to see in the society. That's why don't ever wait for a leader to come to

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lead you.

00:28:37 --> 00:28:44

Don't wait for an opportunity you do that the work. Also, let me finish with this.

00:28:46 --> 00:29:19

Some people think that responsibility of serving the community society fall on the shoulders of individuals. That just the amount of responsibilities administration responsibility. Now, it's your responsibility to keep this place clean. It's your responsibility to make the Muslim community active. It is your responsibility to look after the needy. The Prophet Hassan said Koo Kumba every one of you is responsible and he or she will be asked about the responsibilities. May Allah subhanaw taala generally refer to the fact he had a fire alarm in a circle houda

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cava. I mentioned so many

00:29:30 --> 00:29:45

reasons for for seeing this kind of behavior in our society and community. And I just want to end with a few points as a solutions. It will help a lot to change the situation. One as I tried to avoid all these previous points that I said earlier.

00:29:47 --> 00:29:58

But the first point I would like to mention as a solutions. One always remember the great idea that you will take the word in this word your life and in the Hereafter. Remember that you're one of the followers of Mohammed Salim

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00:30:01 --> 00:30:39

In our military, this is the way of Mohammed Salim you are in his footsteps. And you will be with him in gender, if this is your way because you follow his footsteps sallallahu, alayhi wasallam to a lot of people will be able to contribute if they manage their time properly. If you work a little bit your schedule and you know and you organize yourself, you will find a lot of opportunities a lot of time in your hand that you can contribute. You can contribute, I want you I didn't, I didn't even make any one of your message board and himself. You may be praying other massages, but I won't just have this tumor to really bother your administration's to bother them by telling them, I have time

00:30:39 --> 00:31:02

in my hand, and I want to contribute it. I contribute $500 and I want to contribute five hours, I want to contribute $1,000, I want to contribute those 10 hours as well. I want to do something I'm ready to work. That's how you will make you push, basically push the community towards actions more than just talking and just

00:31:04 --> 00:31:10

watching. One of the things also you have to discover the talents that Allah has given me.

00:31:11 --> 00:31:32

I was parrot Allah has gifted us with so many things. But so many of us never opened their packages yet. You have a lot of gifts from Allah, see what gift you have and use it. Whatever talent you have, it is our last gift to you how you use it, it is how you give this gift back to our last paragraph. It's your gift back to the last panel.

00:31:34 --> 00:32:09

Also, this is what happens when we have a good leadership in the society where they can channel all these efforts and hours and talents and utilize them in the best way. So this is another issue if we really want to see the result of this effort to be effective. Also, we have to learn how to accommodate people. We might disagree in so many things, especially us as a minority. We might disagree in so many things, but we need to learn how to accommodate one another, how to tolerate one another, how to get take the good of each person.

00:32:10 --> 00:32:19

And we advise them in the area that we we see that their shortcoming also. Finally, I would like you

00:32:20 --> 00:32:25

to invest especially in your children and teaching them from the early age.

00:32:27 --> 00:32:48

The early age how to be responsible, young man or younger. Make sure that they learn how to carry responsibility and to take and to be responsible people. Make sure that you teach your kids that don't spoil your kids. Don't make them a spoiled, spoiled bride is not a person will make it much different make them responsible young men and young women.

00:32:49 --> 00:32:57

Make them do things and take the responsibility of their actions. May Allah Subhana Allah General yakushi alemayehu

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Luca you and to serve American Muslim in Alabama for limitada motel muslimeen allow mushroom albino American Muslim in La Jolla De Anza nasaka indica la one in officiel de la mina silica you yada

00:33:18 --> 00:33:24

yada Samia, salt yahaya you yada yada yada, yada yada you

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Allahumma salli Bashara zumbrota yahaya you allow me no taco Phil de la acabado yada yada yada Allahumma cafe demon Abadi Cal mustafina ma volumi Allah azza wa jal bizarrely him yeah though generally when Allah

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Allah Allah and tensor Amina sala de la kawakita because Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Allahu Alem enzymatic alcohol Mr. de

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la Mr.

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arena robotic

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Allah masala Muhammad

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