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The Blender Husband

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Abdulfattah Adeyemi

Channel: Abdulfattah Adeyemi

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If they put tomato inside the blender and he switch it on and we hear some noise

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what's making that noise?

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Is it a tomato or the blender?

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Is the blender

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was supposed to be making noise

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is it the blender the tomato which are they supposed to be making noise is supposed to be the tomato coating that should Makino tomato Be quiet is the blend and are we making evil the neighbor can hear

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these house on men behave.

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They become very weak It was a woman Duma

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reporting about reporting. So people will not study at this woman. This is wickedness. This is quailty no hater. Don't look down hard. Don't Don't be mean.

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Don't multitask.

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So there'll be doing this kind of thing. A man will be carrying girlfriends up and down. And you intimidate the web that she must not talk.

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A man will be so broad you'll be talking to and chatting with his girlfriends inside the house. And the wife will know and she must not talk.

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At night. When the husband and wife are supposed to be together. The man is mousy be busy chatting with girlfriends. And the woman says anything he will slap you. I will slap you I will do this one to you. I will torment you. You will regret to be saying those kind of things. Why? What what what kind of video is this? What what what what