Abdul Wahab Saleem – Tafseer Of Surah Taha 12

Abdul Wahab Saleem
AI: Summary © The transcript describes the use of "hamza" in Islam's language and the importance of patientity. The use of "hamza" in the language is highlighted, along with the loss of jewelry and the use of gold in construction projects. The segment also discusses the negative perception of calf's actions and the importance of unity, while emphasizing the need for a judge to judge every situation. The episode ends with a call to join the next episode of the show.
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la salatu salam ala rasulillah hamdulillah Hamza

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Hamza Hassan Allahu Allah say Ed Nam hamedan. were either early he was so happy to remain long alumna and found out when Tina was ignited many occurring as Audrey was Sidley Emory melissani. of

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obesity and obesity. Visit Allahumma salli ala Madhya alto Sara

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Sara Allah subhana wa Jalla said faraja Musa la comida bana sefa. Now Allah subhana wa tada has told Musa alayhis salam, the results of him coming early to the appointment with Allah subhanaw taala a lot now again shortens the story, if you notice many times in this particular narrative a lot goes to one scene and then skips a couple of scenes and then goes to another scene and skips a couple of scenes and then goes to a third scene and so on and so forth. And that's why when you look at books, which are related to us or on the stories of the Koran places, or on the stories or the Koran, also support on the narratives of the Quran, right? So when Allah subhana wa tada speaks, he speaks in

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this way, but those books they end up gathering the different passages and sort of putting them together. So they fill in the blank blanks, right?

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Because Allah subhanaw taala is not giving you a story book, The Quran is not a storybook, a lot simply quotes, the stories in the Quran, each of them for each of them for a certain lesson that you can take from it. So if that lesson is done, then Allah Subhana Allah will flip the page to another story, then another story and so on and so forth. So the story is not meant to be a complete narrative. It's simply meant to be a portion. And one of the ways Allah subhanho wa Taala does this is to use the word fat, which means then such and such happen almost showing that some portions of the story were skipped in the middle photo, Dr. Musa told me he now the rest of the conversation was

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not discussed over here in the story. Allah subhana wa tada said, Now Musa alayhis salam returned back to his people love the man as he sefa angry and aggrieved

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because he's heard now that somebody has led them to disbelieve in Allah subhana wa tada by by creating a calf Allah subhana wa tada told them, what Allah homosassa Mary and psalmody has led them to this belief, right? So Allah subhanho wa Taala said, Musa alayhis salam was extremely angry for this reason. And he was also very aggrieved as well. So in one way he's angry at his people and the other way he's sad that these people are left them unbelief and I worked so hard to try to hold try to hold from Allah that Allah guides them Allah finally guided them, and I left them for a few days and they're not

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gone astray. So he goes back to them. And he says on your phone, the enemy is Kumara buco more than Hassan, Hassan Allah subhana wa tada promised you a great promise that he's going to give you this, that and the other and that when you are freed from the people of Egypt and the coptics, then you'll be granted Cato, okay? It's such and such, right? Weren't these great promises from Allah subhanho wa Taala Where are the Santa very beautiful promises from Allah, very lucrative deals from Allah, all you have to do is listen to Allah subhana wa Tada. All you had to do was actually just remain guided upon the guidance upon which I left you for just a few more days and that's it, you would

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have finished, but you people chose to leave the guidance in a matter of just a few days musante salons appointment was 30 days and then it was increased a little bit more. So it wasn't even a complete two months. And now you guys are already miss misguided. So panela so he's really angry and enraged and aggrieved at the same time.

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I thought Allah Allah,

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Allah, Allah Allah, Allah, Buddha Rubicon has the I had has the has the appointment become too long for you has the time of weight become too long for you is that was a too long of a time for you to wait 40 odd days, right?

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Or what you were actually looking for was that the Wrath of Allah subhanho wa Taala be brought upon you so you actually wished for the wrath of a lot to be brought upon you. Because in order for you to be granted the grants of a law that he had promised you in very, very lucratively. So all you have to do is be patient for just a few more days that would have been back and allow you to fulfill those promises. Because you saw last fulfill the promise when he came to the staff, you saw a lot fulfill the promise when it came to the hand. You saw that after the nine miracles that I was given. Finally, the people are still around, had a plague within them and they were dying fast. You saw

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that we were able to take the river and we were able to take the Gulf and it will open up for us and we walked right through it. You saw all of those things. And now you disbelieve in Allah subhana wa tada after seeing all of those signs of Allah subhana wa Tada. Musa alayhis salam is mad. He said Amara to a la la como la buena Roby comm or was it you simply wanting for the love of Allah to come upon you for love to Modi so you ended up breaking my promise you didn't wait for the date and the appointment that I told you? I will be back in Baku, they said they're, they've got lots of things to say, Man left nanotrader we didn't. We did not break our promise with you or Musa. We didn't

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break any promises. Look at this. We well kena we didn't break our promises with your musante ceram because of our own choice and our freewill. There are people forcing us as if people can force you into disbelief, especially if you're such a large number and look at who they think forced them into disbelief. samedi single handedly along with a couple of other Stooges that mixed it up with mixed up with with somebody and started following the lead of a samedi. They just a few people ended up bringing all of these people into submission of their belief and their Creed's this can't really be but they're making excuses. Not left now let no worry that can be malkina Voila. kina Milner ozamiz

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Xena chill Tony Sokka cattolica Alka Samira.

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We didn't want to do this almost. We didn't do this because of our own freewill. But what happened was, we ended up being granted from Milner I was on we were we took along with us when we were in Egypt, we took along with us a lot of gold, okay. What they did was they cheated the people of Egypt. They said to them, Look, we have some sort of party to go to and so on and so forth. Is it possible freakin borrow your jewelry. Right? So they cheated the people of Egypt, and that's how they stole a lot of jewelry from Egypt and they weren't supposed to do that. So it's not permissible for them to keep this and they felt internally bad or samedi use the trick and made them feel bad

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about it. So they all took this particular gold and they threw it into the fire. Now as they were not looking as they were no longer by the fire, somebody took all this gold and what did he do with it? They said for cattolica Alpha Samir even summary did the same thing. He took the gold and threw it in there. A lot continues and he completes the story and completes the narrative and he brings that file again, in which a number of events are skipped. So he says Raja Homer Jalan Jessa de la Hua Hua that he ended up taking from this particular goal that amassed in the fire. He ended up collecting all of this gold and made it

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into a justed. He made it into a body. He made it into a sculpture. And he attempted he made poked some holes as he was making the sculpture of a golden calf. And he made it so that when he blows into it from one end, a sound of losing, or a sound of a calf occurs, right? That's what

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Jessica lohagarh Marilyn just said, Allahu wa takanobu. They said,

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Heather Allahu como ella who Moosa so when they saw the calf, they fell for it, because they were used to worshipping cows anyways. And they were coming from a culture that people of Egypt they were used to worshiping the cow. So when they saw the calf, and the calf happens to also be from golden, the golden calf is actually moving as well. So they thought This must be a miracle. This must be God Himself. This must be God incarnated into this particular this particular golden creature. And so they started worshiping Him and they didn't stop there. They started to say, either whom ye da homosassa. He's your Lord and also the lord of Musab, but Moosa couldn't find him fantasy he forgot,

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okay. Remember, Musa alayhis salam, he ended up leaving his people and move faster so that he could get to the meeting with Allah subhanho wa Taala by Geobella tool or by Java, Sina, or Xena. So now, samedi and some of those people who got fooled by psalmody into worshipping this calf, and were diluted by samedi, they started telling the people that hey, this is your God, and this is the daughter of Musa alayhis salam as well, the same one that he wanted to go meet. And what happened is he simply forgot, he forgot, the God was over here, he got lost your final couple of days later, you'll find them coming in this direction, and he'll be worshipping the same God, this golden

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creature that I've made this golden calf that I've made. Allah subhana wa Taala replies, now Allah brings his own Joomla arogya, meaning Allah subhanho wa Taala cuts the conversation off from both and he says, I have something to say, I follow your own. Do they not see? Allah Giroux, la himcolin? While I am licola home da da da da, do they not see that this particular creature that they have this animal, this calf, this golden statue? It doesn't say anything back to them when they speak while I am licona? Home da da da da and neither is it able to harm them nor does it benefit them in any way. Can they not notice all these things? These are all intellectual proofs to say that what

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you are saying oh people must be wrong, because this particular animal neither does it speak nor does it harm nor does it help nor does it aid none of these things. So whenever you see someone worshiping other than Allah subhana wa Tada, especially something they put together with their own hands. The question the most intellectual and obvious question to ask is, Do you not see that he can't speak and that he cannot help you and he cannot harm you. In fact, he can even ward off harm from upon himself as well. A lot continues. And he says whenever the partner whom Harun so now the intellectual proof, proof is out of the way, because that's the most important proof. In addition to

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that there was also a guidance from the messenger that came as well, intellectual proof and textual proof, meaning intellectual proof, ie the statement that Allah made saying that did they not see that he can speak it can't harm and it can't benefit. In fact, Allah said, it doesn't even own arm and benefit, because it can harm and benefit itself as well. It cannot even do that, let alone harm or benefit other people. So the second proof is now the proof that is almost textual, because messengers get from allies. Right? So it's a it's a proof that the messenger had also spoken to them. So the messenger had spoken to them verbally and the intellectual have also spoken to them a

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lot continues. And he says, Well, of course, call alone.

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Call me in number 14 to be her own set to them before Oh my people in number 14 to be here. What's happened is you have been placed into our trial through this. And the way he put it is very beautiful. He doesn't want to offend them. He doesn't want to say you have urine souls are the ones who will fall in for it. You have been tried by it. So samedi is the one to blame. He's simply putting you through a trial and a test to see what you're going to do. Right. So he's putting the blame, in his words on a Saturday. This is how some of the scholars of the field explained this particular in number over here that the only thing that's happening is in reality, samedi is the one

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who is trying, who's trying you and you should

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fall for the traps of 71 not a backhoe, Little Rock, man. And on the other end, your Lord. Remember your Lord, he's trying to lure them in. He's trying to reel them into this particular fact that your Lord is in fact a law. So we'll just still yesterday used to believe in that your Lord is ever Merciful as well. If you fallen for the drop of sanity today, at least let it go now, because your Lord is ever Merciful.

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The one who is ever Merciful, for who needs so follow me instead of worshipping this calf, the golden statute calf, wealthy MD and follow my commandments. Bob Lazar, Linda Holly Aquafina, Hatha Yoga, Elena Moosa, they said, You know what, we're gonna continue doing this until musala. salon gets back here, when Musashi salon gets there making excuses now. They're saying when musala salam gets back, we're going to stop. Now the difference here is between Musa and heroine, heroine could say, well, I'm a prophet as well. Musa alayhis salam had a personality of a leader, how to set up may have been more eloquent than Musa but the leadership skills of Musa were obvious, they were very

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clear that he had a, a very strong personality. If you think about it, even you know when that own is, is speaking, he's speaking musala salaam is the one speaking to him because he's got a strong persona. He's got that strong personality that places other people into a natural form of a followership of becoming sheep, if you so please, right, they end up naturally inclining to following him. There's people like that out there who naturally have such a strong personality that people end up following them, whether they want them to follow or not, right, because they've got the strong personality leadership skills. So musala salam had that and so they said that when Musa

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gets back, we're going to get back at it again, forget this cast. This is just temporary right now we don't have a god. Right in their minds. They're saying something along this lines, we don't have a god. So you know, we're going to continue doing this until musala. Sam gets back when he gets back then we'll find out if what our leaders and what samity is saying that this particular calf, the statue, that is the golden statue, this statue is actually the God of Musa and and your goddess. Well, we'll find out for Moosa at that time whether would samedi is telling us is true or not? Of course, they found out obviously that it's not true because of the anger that Musashi Salaam had and

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because of how aggrieved he was as well. Mousavi Salaam continues call a Lakota. Carla. Hi yah ha ha Monique.

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Oh Harun now Monique is at home Balu Sha Sita is at home Balu elata Debian

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Marie Oh, hello. What is it that stopped you from

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stopping them? What is it that stopped you from following me? Okay, that's stopping what is it that stopped you from following me when you saw them being led astray? Now when our kids are at home Hello, and latonya what is it that was stopping you? Oh Musa Oh, Harun Elisa ROM that you leave them aside and you end up coming towards me? You knew exactly where I was and you knew are where the appointment was? Why did you remain with these people who are worshiping other than Allah subhana wa tada continuously throughout your term, you could have simply come and join my ranks and then we will come together and we would have taken care of it in one shot and laughed at me and I'll say

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that Emily, were you disobeying My commandments? Were you disobeying My commandments in that you should be looking after the people of Israel where you disobey disobeying My commandments in that you should be also ensuring that if they end up disobeying you then you have to come back and tell me and report to me so that I can come back and sort things out where you disobeying My commandments and all of these things.

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Now Musa alayhis salam is really angry, so much so that a lot when he continues, and when how Donati Salaam continues, and he says, Yamuna, oh, son of my mother, he's trying to sort of bring love between him and his brother. He's saying, you know, we're from the same mother at the end of the day. So just take it easy on me. Don't be become so harsh. You have been our own. You have been our own my own mother. Oh, son of my mother. That would be a hottie. While our bureaucracy do not hold me by my Livia. Do not hold me Mama by my beard. What have you see? And don't hold me my hold me by my head as well. Okay, so some scholars, they explain that what actually happened was that how

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gnarly Salaam had a beard, okay, so when Musa alayhis salam came he grabbed him like this out of severe anger and from the other side by the head, kind of like

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dislike, you know, this is the type of gesture that I learned from some of my teachers. And in either case, what he did definitely is he grabbed the beard and he grabbed the hair as well. So definitely this was a state of anger and that of course, to a grown man and on top of that a profit as well this is a very very humiliating you know, position to be in. So he, how do not a Salaam understood the anger as well, because it's a it's a matter to get angry. He's a prophet as well. He knows what happens within the mind of a prophet when he sees them when he sees someone other than Allah subhanho wa Taala being worshipped so he didn't lose his a cools. Right? He kept calm and he

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said, Oh child of my mother. Not that has been created. Don't hold me by my neck. Yeah. And don't hold me by my Don't hold me my beard and don't hold me by my head. I'll tell you what happened. This is what happened. Listen to this very, very carefully, very carefully.

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He said in the hotsheet. I was afraid. And the whole for oktibbeha bernisa. What I'm done,

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I was very afraid that you're going to come back to me, and you're going to say to me that you have divided between Bani Israel. You've divided between the Israelites when I'm terrible only and you didn't listen to my statement and you didn't listen to my advice to you. Okay. Now, what is happening over here? The difference of opinion that occurred between the Israelites and the Israelites was a group of people said that our Lord happens to be this golden calf right here. Another group of people said, No, no, no, our Lord cannot be a calf. That's what the that's what the people of the pharaoh used to do. But we are a different people. We worship God we are we have a

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messenger and so on and so forth. So we're going to follow the lead of our messengers, right? So there's two narratives occurring over here.

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One of them is the narrative of a group of people who wish to worship alone and other than Allah. Another is a narrative of a group of people who have fell for the traps of Samadhi. So it's not a joking matter here. The matter is the matter of belief and disbelief, okay? These are people who are literally worshipping other than Allah subhana wa Tada. Now, in the light of this factor, now that you know the difference of opinion that occurred in the Israelites, they are now worshiping other than Allah subhanho wa Taala. How do not a Salam said that I was afraid that you will see, for every one of our code Cody, I was afraid that you will say you have divided between the Israelites if I

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walk to you, or musala salam and I came to you by the tool by the jungle of Siena, or Thorazine. If I came there to you, you would have told me that you've now divided up to the Israelites because you've brought 12,000 odd men along with you and the rest of them, you've left them there. Now when we go back, they're going to go to war with us, and they're going to go into a battle with us. Right. So Harun Ali Salam is preferring unity. Even if some of the people happen to be disbelieving Allah Subhana, WA, Tada. Okay, because he realized that her own that musala salaam when he gets back, he's such a strong leader that he's going to be able to lead all If not, if not all, at least

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most of the people out of that disbelief. So he chooses to remain united with the people of Israel who were not worshipping other than Allah, all of that. So when musala salam returns back, right, he will, he will be able to unite everyone. And that is the reasoning he gives us. Well, I know some people try to twist this word for their own personal, you know, they don't like the message of unity. So they say no, this verse doesn't really mean that read it yourself. How do not I said, I'm just saying, I'm afraid you're going to say you've divided the people. Because if I started fighting against them, and if I started telling them, if I started basically becoming too loud against

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dissent against the popular view, at that time, what would have happened is people would have been divided, right? There would be a group with me another group with so many, so I thought, let's just wait till you come and you sort things out, because you're a stronger leader, right? So he's willing to live temporarily, not forever, willing to live temporarily in a circumstance which actually has within a disbelief, not for himself. He's not worshiping other than a law not for his people, but he's willing to keep himself silent. Now, what I'm trying to get to over here is the fact that people today some people today, they are not willing to remain silent on something which is a

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different legitimate difference of opinion, lateral on

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Let alone something which happens to be so grave and so serious. The reality is we have to judge every single situation in its specific scenario with all the different circumstances that surround it. Sometimes we have to remain silent, even if there happens to be some evil there. Yes, that's true. One may say, Oh, no, you didn't know the Hadith of the prophets of Salaam that yes, I know the Hadith of the prophets. And I know the ayatollah, as well. Right. But this is how donelly set up a messenger and he knows better than both of us. But he decided to remain silent for a little while because he knew that when the time is right, then we'll be able to solve this particular problem.

00:25:36 --> 00:25:59

Allah Fomalhaut how to Luca psalmody. So musala salam now said that what is your story or psalmody and to learn in sha Allah more, more about the story or the side of samity will continue on in our next episode in sha Allah Allah Giacomo hunting for listening please join us. I said I'm not meant to lie about our cattle.

Episode 12 of the series Tafseer of Surah Taha – Ramadan 2017.


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