Abdul Wahab Saleem – Embracing Quran – Pondering the Verse of Pondering

Abdul Wahab Saleem
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Cool V T. V Maria

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tada that mean? Lee

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salatu salam ala rasulillah hamdu lillahi

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wa salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi ajmeri alumna alumina and founder and founder of Eva lm Tara

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Sibley, MD, Melissa Neff, koko de, or visit any ailment or visit or visit NEMA.

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Law medicine a llama Doctor Who Salah has not either. citta Sarah, welcome to another episode of embracing Koran.

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Today I wanted to talk about an ayah which is very, very directly related to embracing what

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Allah subhanaw taala tells us and sort of

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saying Kitab and remember Kitab was amongst the names of the book of a lot about our rate one of the five names that we discussed in the previous episode kitara when Angela la came about a book that we revealed to you

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Oh, Mohammed Mubarak and it happens to be Mubarak and happens to be very blessing Lee at the bottle it he when he attended cara, Alba. What's the reason for the revelation that we're giving you this quote on what's the reason for that? Why have we sent to Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the Quran, Leah de Bharati so that they may end up pondering the ayat, the verses of this book, when he attended Karen in Alabama, and also so that people who have intellect, they may be able to ponder this, this book as well. Okay. Now let's take an attempt to be in the light. Let's make an attempt to implement the very verse on itself. Allah subhana wa tada is telling us to ponder within this

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verse. Let's ponder the verse of pondering Allah soprano without SS Kitab. And GitHub comes from the word GitHub, which means to gather things, which also means to write things down as well. Right? And when Allah subhanaw taala is saying Kitab right away, we know one of the things that we should be doing one of the objectives of this book that Allah subhana wa tada is preaching to us and Allah subhanaw taala is encouraging us to do is to write the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala down. And that's exactly what happened during the lifetime of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam, where the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala was entirely written down. And similarly, that's exactly what

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happened after the lifetime of the prophets or cinema, Abu Bakar are the louder and he gathered the first gathering first collection of the Quran within the first two years after the death of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam right. So Kitab it's a book which is written, that right there is actually foretelling and that's almost forecasting, it's a prophecy. It's a sign in the miracle of the Quran that it calls itself a cadaver that has yet to be written down Kitab ins Allahu LA, we have revealed it to you.

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now Allah subhanho wa Taala uses the word until now, we have revealed it and the word Enza now has a couple of things with it. I'll also point out what the LSS ends ela. And we know that to refer to Revelation you can either say Nadella or you can say Enza. And whatever Allah says Angela, he means one thing and whenever Allah says Nasrallah, he means a slightly different thing. Okay? So, Angela, it means to, it means to reveal something down in one shot, okay? So you take something and it all comes down into one revelation. And that's what happened to the Quran. Allah subhana wa tada sent the Quran down in later to other in one shot in Nyanza. Navi later caught up in that ins and outs

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relating mubaraka We revealed it down in layer two, and we revealed it down in the Night of Decree the night of honor and also the last night all of that is the night of power Night of Decree, right. That's later to other so Allah subhana wa tada revealed all of the Quran down into a summer adonia to the last heavens on this in this particular night. And then the next revelation began and that was the revelation from a sonata near the last heavens to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam over a course of 23 years, right. That is why Allah subhana wa tada says einzelner now he does say Nadella as well in the corner, right? He says, No, I'm not and he also says no, sir now.

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But in this place, he's saying, Angela for a reason. Whenever you see Nadella there's a reason whenever you see under law, there's a reason and there is a complete revelation. As then it's a revelation which occurs over a period of time. He's saying this to us right now. Because the next commandment that he's going to give give us which is Leah, double it right?

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So that they may ponder its verses. He wants us to realize that that commandment of pondering the verse verses of the Quran is not one verse or two verses or three verses. It's the entire Koran

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alone wants you and I to ponder the entire Koran allowance you and I to stop it every single verse of the Quran and try to gain the benefits that Allah subhanaw taala has placed within these ayat.

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So Allah says, Allah who we revealed it is complete revelation in reference to the Complete Book madora it's ever bless it is ever bless it, okay. mobarak comes from the word Delta, right? which literally means a pool. And this pool has water within it. And the water is such that, that it's filled right to the top. So even a slightest bit of you know, objects that are placed within this water, what happens to water starts to overflow from the pool, right?

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And the thing about the Quran is, it's like that. It's like that pool in which we can go and take all of the things you want. You see when you have a very, very grand and large pool. If you were to take a little bit of water from it, would you see any difference within it? No, you won't. And Allah subhanho wa Taala actually talks about his words getting him out of a law and he compares them to what he compares them to two oceans, right? man if he does Kalamata, even a lot, even if you were to, you know, make, you know, Allah subhanho wa Taala speech will not come to an end it will not come to vanish, it will not come to finish, right? This is how great the speech of Allah subhana wa

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Tada. So it's mobarak people can take the blessing from this. And Allah subhanho wa Taala book will continue to give and he'll continue to give, don't you see that? Every generation there's people that look at the Quran and they find things that the previous generation didn't, this is a reality. There were things that we have there are things we have understood within our times within from the Quran, which a lot of the previous generations were not able to see because of new information that a legate that is the Baraka within the Quran. The Quran is Mubarak such that the people who end up holding fast to the Quran, they end up almost infusing themselves in the pool in the back of the

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Quran. So they are also Mubarak King. There are also people who have Baraka within them. Madonna could leave the burrow and the Baraka of the Quran is a reality, right? It's true those people who aren't from the Quran, Allah subhana wa tada places Baraka blessings, divine aid within their time, Allah subhana wa tada places blessings within the actions that they do. So they there may be two people, they're doing the exact same things. They're doing the exact same actions, they're doing the exact same, you know, chores and errands, they're earning the exact same amount of money. But Allah subhana wa tada blesses the life of one, to a degree that there is a world of difference between

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those two people who may be doing the same exact thing, right? That's the Baraka when you end up achieving the Baraka whether that be through the Quran, or through the guidances of the Quran, the difference becomes very, very great. When you're reading the Quran you say Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim right? Again and again. And a lot of tells us a lot messenger tells us in a hadith kulu ambulante body language delfy be Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim, Allah Akbar in another narration for them in another narration for up to write any action that you start off, and you don't start it off with this Mullah have

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done that action will be devoid of what Baraka, the scholars, they said, if you look at the word Akbar, it means someone who has their hands cut off, may Allah preserve and protect all of us someone who doesn't have hands, right. So if you look at a person who doesn't have hands and another person who does have hands, right, the amount of productivity between those two people, there's a world of difference person who doesn't have hands, you know, just picking up a spoon is a very, very serious task for him. Right? A person who was hand picking up perhaps even the sofa that I'm sitting sitting on depending on how much strength Allah Subhana Allah has given the person, it may be a very

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easy task. So the person who says Bismillah attaining the Baraka from Allah Subhana, WA tada and the person who doesn't say Bismillah, that is the world of difference. Similar to that is the Baraka in the prod you will attain the Baraka within the Quran, your life will be totally different than another person who doesn't have that Baraka even though you may be doing the same thing.

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cleared the Bharati so that they may end up pondering the art of

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pondering the art of

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you know, this particular verse is so powerful and so great Allah subhanho wa Taala says lead the battle, so that they may ponder and to signify or to highlight how fast he wants you to get up. Oh mankind or people he wants me to get up and all of us to get up and start pondering his book Allah subhana wa tada brings a an instrument that is used within the language but not so often but it's a

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very eloquent, you know, instrument to use. And that is that Allah Subhana Allah literally takes two letters and and melts them into one another. It's called the bomb, right? So Allah subhanho wa Taala literally takes the data of the double and he melts it into the doll, right because both of them have a similar articulation point right? So he says Lee dub bottle, so that they may ponder, originally the word is Lita de bottle, so that they may ponder But see, Lita de barro takes a longer time because there's an extra letter, whereas the bottle is a faster pace. The scholars they said the reason why Allah subhana wa tada did that over there is because is because Allah wants you to

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just get up and do it. That's how fast he wants you to do it. You know, when you are trying to get a message across to someone and you're trying to get them to really move, you end up sometimes skipping letters, which are not essential to the word right, in order for you to just get your message across this we do in English all the time. So for example, when you're just trying to speak to people, you'll say something like, you know, hello, Salaam Alaikum What's up? Nobody says What is up, right?

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Nobody says that unless some people do allow them but the thing is that you're trying to speak at a fast pace. So you end up saying it such that some letters have been has been you know skipped out. Similarly a lot of the same thing a lot says Leah who is speaking at a faster pace, almost melting a letter into another and the scholars have been ah ha they said a lot this year. Why? Because Allah subhana wa tada wants you to get up and move fast to start speaking faster as well. Leah double and notice that the bar, the address was to the prophet SAW Selim the whole time that we gave you the book or Mohammed, we revealed it to you or Mohammed, we sent it down to you or Mohammed, and it's

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Mubarak and so forth. But then suddenly, Allah subhana wa, tada, switches to the third person, and that is who that is all of us, the rest of mankind. And that is for us to recognize that if the book is coming down to law, civil law sallallahu alayhi wasallam we shouldn't feel that we're out of the picture. Allah subhanho wa Taala has placed us within the picture and within the depths of the picture, Allah subhana wa tada wants us to get up and start pondering the book of Allah subhana wa Tada, Leah double it while he attended Cara.

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And also so that those people who have been granted intellect, they are able to also take heed and benefit and admonishment from this particular book. We'll speak about that in moments inshallah tada after the break, does that come along? for listening?

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Santa Monica de la hora. Cata Welcome back to embracing Koran. We were discussing the ayah in salt flood where Allah subhana wa tada said Kitab ins Allahu ilica. Mubarak, Leah de barro it.

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And we left off at the last part of the show where lots of panel data says What do you record on an album and so that those people who are last panel data has granted intellect to they may be able to ponder, they may be able to take benefit.

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So there's a commandment to all of the people that Allah subhanho wa Taala gave, and that is that everybody should be getting up and starting, they should start pondering the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala, the edible allottee so starting the process of pondering so that they may be able to take benefit from it. Now Allah subhana wa tada says in the second part of the verse, that there are specific people who will actually get this benefit from the pondering that they will do. There are specific people who will go from the state of the duckboard where they're simply pondering the verses of Allah subhanho wa Taala to literally inculcating them within their lives. Okay, and who

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are those people? Allah subhana wa tada says, those are the people who are Luna Alba. But before we speak about

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Remember we said that Allah subhanho wa Taala wanted us to get up immediately. So he said what he had done it or he melted the tie into the done. But when Allah subhana wa tada wanted us to realize that the implementation of that book is not going to be overnight. We can ponder short, but to implement all the things that we will ponder that's not going to occur overnight. Allah subhana wa tada went back to the normal form, in the next part of the verse where lots of data says, Why do you get that card not what he does, even though that could be said, because it's the same process as both of them have the similar

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articulation point, right? Why do you get to that?

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And that is also to signify a very, very subtle point. That pondering, yes, I want you to do that immediately. But don't lose hope. Because Sure, you may get to ponder. But implementing within your life, it's going to come one time, one thing at a time, you're not going to be able to implement the entire code on in one night. That's not something that most people are able to do. So a direct quote is going to be a state, your ability to take that the double your ability to take the pondering and implement within your life, all of the things that you understood from what you pondered, and what Allah subhanaw taala opened up for you for the meanings of his book start will come a little bit

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later, that will come slowly, but surely, but there is one condition for a dictum that you have to be from the open LDAP you have to be from the people of intellect, okay. Now, this is very important. Because all of us, Allah subhanaw taala has made us Pella, all of us, Allah subhanho wa Taala has made us people who have intellect, however, people have evolved are unique, in that they're ready to give up all of the notions and all of the, you know, different preconceived ideas that they have within their societies, they're willing and ready to give up those preconceived notions for the sake of taking benefit from whatever they're learning from, okay, because a lobe

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means often, but it's a little bit different. A little bit a type of Apple, which is an intellect which is pure, not tainted, doesn't have preconceived notions. They say a heartless woman is the one which doesn't have any, you know, anything making this particular intellect messy. It hasn't been tainted, it hasn't been corrupted. So it's an intellect with which you go into the Koran, without any preconceived notions, if you have preconceived notions, and sometimes people do, right. So you tell them the is saying this, they'll say, Well, what are people going to say, is saying this? Well, no, no, this is, you know, it may be this way. But people don't act by this. This is not what I

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heard from my mom, my dad, my parents, my family, my societies, all the people around me, right, this is not what I was raised up with. This is not what people have taught us within schools, universities, this is not the political agenda of my country and so forth, right. So all these other ideas start to come. And Allah subhana wa tada says, the one person who will actually benefit from the Quran is the one who leaves all of those preconceived notions behind. And he comes into the Koran with an alcohol with an intellect which is a loop which is a harmless miniature wipe, which is which is pure from all of the things that will corrupt it, any aspect of corruption, you put it

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aside and then you come into the Quran. Okay? And that's what some people ask, they say, Well, you know what, the Quran keeps talking about how it's such a perfect book, and if you look at it, you'll benefit and this and that I looked through verses of the Quran, but I didn't come out with the same benefit that other people say, well, we'll say to them, that the reason is because you didn't come with the condition that Allah Subhana Allah has placed you come with a clean, pure mind, a clean slate, and you look at the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Within that light, Allah Subhana Allah will ensure that your heart becomes ignited with the light of a lots of pinata. Okay. What do you

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think about there's also another condition that Allah subhanho wa Taala alludes to over here, and that is that the IRT so that they may ponder it's versus you see if my dear brother or your sister is a word, which is plural. In addition to the fact that is plural, it has been, you know, it has been placed next to a pronoun. And when something is coupled, the word is coupled, singular or plural with a pronoun. They say this is amongst the ways to denote generality within the Arabic language with optimal buffet. This is amongst the wastage and denote generality, especially if it happens to be a pronoun that you're attributing it to, right? So it speaks to a pronoun. And that

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means that Allah subhana wa tada is seeing and our pronoun leads back to what the book until now, it aka Morocco, Leah double iottie is Kitab right? So Allah subhanaw taala is trying to say that all of the IR Al Kitab is what I want you to ponder not one, not two, not three, not for the entire 6000 plus verses of the Quran, Allah subhanho wa Taala wants you to ponder all of them. If, after fulfilling this condition of pondering the Quran in its entirety, and coming to the Quran without preconceived notions without any ideas, which happened to be corrupting your mind happened to be halting your thought happened to be blocking your vision, your spiritual vision, if all of those

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things have been, you know, set aside and placed aside, if you fulfill those conditions, those two conditions of pondering the entire book and coming without preconceived notions that Allah subhanho wa Taala has guarant guarantee you and guaranteed me that the

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Baraka of the Quran will come and help us within our lives. That's when we will start to benefit from the Quran. You see the Quran. Even in one verse alone, it has so many different meanings. And that's why a scholar by the name of Rafi he said that I'll call on the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala is such that it will give you meanings without any limitations for them, it will give you meanings without any end to it. It will give you meetings after meetings after meetings after meetings, because there really is no limitation to the meanings that Allah subhana wa Taala has placed within the book so you can perhaps ponder one verse and continue to do that, even an entire

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night as we'll find out inshallah, with Allah very, very soon. So the double, then is for us to go deep within the meanings of the book of Allah subhanaw taala. Now there's different people who will get to go different depths, in terms of how far they can reach within the depths of the eye of the Quran, Allah has made it extremely deep, that any person who dies within the depths of this ocean of the meanings of the book of Allah subhana wa, tada will come up with something that someone else didn't come up with. This happens till today, in our generation, where people look at the Quran, and they find the same verses that were being recited 600 years ago, and they come across a verse and

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scholars of their senior sometimes mentioned that, that, that this particular idea, this particular benefit that I'm mentioning, and might have seen, I haven't seen anybody else say, right, they're not trying to be boastful, but they're trying to say that, look, this is how the Quran is that everybody that goes with it, it will find something else within it. So that book is to go within those depths where you can take out the deep meanings within the book of Allah subhana wa Tada. But as I said, depending on how prepared you are, that's how deep you can dive within the book of Allah. Now, as you're diving within the meanings of the book of Allah subhanaw taala, you should attempt to

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try to allow the book to be the supreme existence over you, in order for it to almost envelop you, with and within, within its ocean, okay. And when you do do that, the effect of the book of Allah subhanaw taala, will come about on you. And that's why there was a group of priests who were sent by an agency to the prophet to send them to see what the prophets of Allah what he was sending had to offer. And when the messenger recited the Quran upon them, we have within salatu wa, Allah Subhana Allah says will either send me or my own data,

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you see, this book is so powerful, even those people who are not fully prepared to take the meanings of the book, even them they get affected at times right. How about those people who actually make it, if it effort, an octave effort in order for them to benefit from the meanings of the book of Allah subhanaw taala. So, Allah says when they heard Who are these these are the priests sent by nagashi when they heard the verses, which were revealed to the messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam as soon as they heard these verses thought Ah, you know whom the field Lumina demaree Nima are assuming

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that you you would see immediately that their eyes end up you know,

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experiencing in a an influx of tears, a lot of tears would come down to their eyes that are you know, the Illumina does not assume And why is that? Because they saw that it was truth. Okay, these are people who don't necessarily believe in the Quran, right? But later on they ended up believing in the Quran. But what I'm trying to say is at the moment, they haven't submitted themselves to the Quran, how about you my dear brother, my dear sister, how about me, if we were to really give in to this book and submit ourselves to this book and recognize that Allah subhana wa tada has made the Kitab Allah has made the Quran, Allah has made the furqan for us to take all of those benefits and

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make it a criterion within our lives. Right. And that's why I will look at all the data and as described by eyeshadow, the alota when he would hear the Quran he couldn't bear it. Canada, Abu Bakar, Julian Baca and lion liquid karanpura that Abu Bakar was a person who would who tear up he wouldn't be able to take, you know, take a hold of himself and grab a grasp of himself and over himself when the Quran would be recited. Join us for the next episode as we continue to talk about the book and other great topics such as the seed until we finally reach the beginning of our journey through soilless medium Jacqueline below her and I said I'm already Kumar avacado was kita v Maria.

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taba that mean, Lee

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shallaki z.

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that easy

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No vilavi Kong

Pondering The Verse of Pondering (Tadabbur) – Embracing Quran – Sh. Abdul Wahab Saleem

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