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The Prophet's hadiths are a general and universal pattern that can be calibrated by both male and female behavior. The importance of forgiveness and helping others achieve markings is emphasized. The practicality of the Prophet's approach to people's behavior is also discussed, including the use of sadaqa and handing over large numbers of angels. The importance of protecting users' health is emphasized, as well as the importance of recording deeds and avoiding small business mistakes. The shift in the number of angels and their time in the Middle East is also discussed, along with the use of salarization during prayer. Finally, the importance of praying before the sunrise and the presence of angels in the Middle East is emphasized.

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are hungry last salatu salam ala Rasulillah Hamdulillahi Hamdan you Ruffini Emma who you care for OMA Zita or SallAllahu ala Sayidina Muhammad wa ala early he also should be here Germaine Lahoma aluminum and fauna. On Pfanner Bhima alum tena was it dinner alemannia Kareem Frobisher had a surgery. Recently MD. Opposite and melissani of bajo Kohli or visit near ailment or visit near ailment or visit near Alma Allahumma Salli ala majolica who Salah wanted you either has not either Sheikh Salah so Hadith number 3033 Hadith number 33

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There's the hadith of who they are the Allahu Allahu

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Allah Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam fitna to Rajamouli fie Le he O'Malley, he will want to do he or Jerry to fulfill her salatu wa somos Sadako mo now that the fitna the trials, the afflictions that a person experiences

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in his relationship with his family, his money, his children, and also his neighbor, all of those trials, all of those tribulations, or should I say all of those sins, are expiated, through prayer through sadaqa, through charity, through commandment good and forbidding evil.

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This is a very important and interesting Hadith, especially for all of you men over here.

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Why? Well, because the prophets of salaam essentially addressed the men over there are a hadith by the way, that are addressed to the men. And there are a hadith which are addressed to the woman. Some of them are more particular to the woman, some of them are more particular to men. Now, this hadith is generic. It's something that can be relatable to both males and females. But there is some more particular aspects of this hadith demon. And that's why the Prophet said fits in until gradually the fitna that a man goes through in all of these circumstances. So let's look at those fit them. Now, what is the word fitna mean over here? This is not

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the way you've understood fitna. This is a slightly different thing. This is basically your neglect my neglect

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our sins that we ended up doing because of a our family. Number one, the family number two, the wealth that we earn, number three, the children that we have. And number four, the neighbors as well. So there's no doubt because of these four factors and also other factors as well. Each one of us ends up accumulating certain sins household, a father, for example, he's an earner, he has to look after his wife, he has to look after the children. And for the sake of looking after them. Sometimes he's trying his best, making sure all of the income is halal. But one day some days slips.

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By Why did he do this, he did this because he was trying to look after the family.

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Similarly, someone is trying to grow their wealth, generally they keep it halal one day, they start to lie in their business cheat in their business, they make a mistake, they commit a sin.

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The same thing goes with the children as well, that was for the wife the first category, then the children as well. You have children, you have to look after them. There may be certain, there may be some times where you end up committing a sin. Because of your children. You don't really want to do it. But you're like, I have no choice over here. Right.

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And when it comes to the neighbors as well, what's the fitna with, with the neighbors Keeping Up with the Joneses, you start getting jealous of the neighbors. You know, you look at the neighbors, they've got this they've got that you want them to lose it and you want your self to have it has said haram. So you ended up committing a sin because of this is about your feelings, the the ill feelings that you have internally, the prophets I send them says all of this is expiated with some conditions, by the way, number one, you it cannot be a major sin major sins are not expiated by these various acts of worship that expiate, since all of the acts of worship that you see in this

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one is so not which are related to expiation, they're always related to minor sins, not major sins, okay?

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Because the Prophet said in a hadith, where he talked about a number of things that I explained that he said much to me, but think about it, so long as you stay away from the major sense. So because of that the general rule, the general principle is things that expiate your sins, they

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are related to the minor sins, not the major sense. Is that clear? By so Salaat will expand fasting is going to expiate. So data is going to charity will also expiate as well,

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commanding good forbidding evil as well basically giving our that will also expiate.

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But what will not be expiated? Is your sin that led to someone's right being violated. We have a principle and that is that when it comes to the rights of Allah azza wa jal then those rights and by the way, many times preachers say the exact opposite. So listen very carefully this one. The real Shari principle is that when it comes to the rights of Allah azza wa jal who Allah him obligatory, Alamosa Maha, ALLAH is forgiving. So, those rights, if you neglected, you were wrong. You make dua to Allah azza wa jal, Allah will forgive you.

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But when it comes to the wound, that the rights of the slaves of Allah azza wa jal know

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because there is justice, you violated and other

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soul just like yourself, there's you'll have to serve justice, something went wrong between yourself and Allah, you can match that up. But when it comes to you and someone else you violated someone's rights, the Prophet said and also Nobody said, Men can it's Lahoma dilemma to me, Li I had and whoever has committed a sin, whoever has committed an oppression towards anyone when it comes to their their honor, you spoke ill of someone or anything else as well. The prophets have said of them said fell yet the halal who mean who Leon, let him go to that person today and see pardon.

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Before a Day of Judgment, when he will not have the nod, he will not have did harm you will not have any money. And if at that point, he has some good deeds, those good deeds will be taken from his scale of good deeds, and placed on the scale of good deeds of the person who he violated. And if he has no good deeds, then the other person sins will be taken and placed on the violators the offender's scale of evil deeds. So when it comes to people's problems, meaning your violation or my violation of somebody else's, right, there's no ifs ands or buts about it. But this hadith is talking about you going wrong with Allah azza wa jal because of these things that you really love,

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your wealth, your children, your wife, and sometimes the jealousy that a person has with the neighbor, all of these things, they are a part of the human tendencies. And sometimes they're part of the human experience as well. So Allah subhanaw taala is forgiving of these things, so long as they're right that you're violating is that doesn't mean you end up violating if you're doing it intending hoping that Hala Salah will let it go anyways, right now, if you fall short, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said at that point, the prayer the sadaqa all of these things will end up compensating okay? And that's a very practical approach by the prophets of Salaam. On the one

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hand, the prophets Allah Allahu alayhi wa Salam is telling us on the Day of Judgment, you will be asked about your wealth. Right? And he said, there are five things that a person's feet will not move from before Allah azza wa jal, except that he will be asked about one of them. He says that were unmanly. He mean a inaccessible, mundane, or FEMA and *a. And also he'll be asked about his wealth. Where did he earn from it? Where did he earn it from and where he spent it as well.

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So this is something you'll be questioned about. But simultaneously people can go wrong.

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So the profit is seldom said in that moment that you go wrong if you're doing everything else, right. You've got your Salah, you're doing it, you've got your fasting, you're doing it, you're ensuring you're giving charity, you're doing that as well.

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is going to compensate. Yes. Can you buy your way into Jannah by giving charity there's one brother who is mashallah very wealthy. He told me that I don't do a lot of this and I don't do a lot of that, but I'm gonna buy my way into Janna.

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Can you the part of righteousness you cannot achieve except by spending? The prophets of Allah subhanaw taala said in the Quran, lengthen Aloe Vera hatherton fecal matter hipbone you will not achieve righteousness until you spend from what you love. So there is an aspect of righteousness that can only be bought. So when you're giving sadaqa there is

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exploiting your sins. And, and similarly, so there's a there's a practical aspect of it the prophet is warning on the one hand, but he's also saying if you're doing gender the good insha Allah some of these minor sins will be overlooked by Allah azza wa jal and you see this practicality in the way the Prophet approaches every aspect of human life. Let me give you an example. You know, you go into business, you're going to commit sins. 100% Trust me, anyone who's in business knows this. You're going to commit sins, you're going to make mistakes, most of the merchants, they end up making mistakes. There's a report that the Prophet said to John Romita Jr, that the businessman they're the

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evil ones.

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Although this is a weak Hadith, but this is a Hadith nonetheless, but the prophets of salaam was practical. So he said over here that you know, you're working with your money, you're trying to make it happen. Everything else is right. You made a mistake here. Unintentional you don't want to go back to it. You feel remorse, you feel regret. Allah will expiate that sin for you. And he told us In another Hadith and Sunnah Nasai addressing the businessman he said, Yeah, Mashallah. To job or assembly of the businessman. If there's any businessman here, listen up. This is literally the prophets of salaam addressing businessman he said, Yeah, not a shout out to job.

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And the sahabi that heard this, he was very happy. So they used to give us another name prior to that, since that day, they call us businessman. Since the Prophet SAW Selim addressed us like this, and the Prophet continued and he said in her they'll be your Laurel Hi Khalifa welcome. These transactions that you get yourself involved in. Often there is there is lying involved in them.

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Some people are honest, but a lot of people are not. The Prophet knows that. So the prophets is similar. What did he say leave business altogether? rather leave it for the sake of Allah. No, this brother is doing all this plant as well. Instead of giving him some guidance, you tell them to leave everything and then later on, they end up having psychological issues because hundreds of 1000s of dollars they were earning is gone, and now they're on the streets. The profit is not like that. The prophets Islam says for sure, whoo hoo, the sadaqa said you're gonna go wrong. But then the way to clean that mess up is give sadaqa

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the same thing you say in this hadith as well, that when you go wrong in the wealth, one of the things that will purify is what sadaqa

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gemmy the next Hadith

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hadith of Abu Hurayrah as well Subhan Allah

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hadith of Abu Hurayrah Radi Allahu Taala Anhu that he said the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said yet ah buena fie come, Mala Iike tune be Layli when Ha ha Mala eco minha there are angels that basically take shifts

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in looking after you.

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There are angels that take shifts and looking after you.

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And he said there are angels that come at nighttime belay and there are another in group of angels that come in the morning time get in the hall, and they gather together. So, these are the two moments that are basically the meeting hours of the angels they end up meeting each other and and seeing each other and so forth. So the prophets Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam he said, Well yeah hmm your own if your Salah till February was Sarathi Lhasa and they ended up meeting together at solitude. Fajr time on Fudger happens that's one of the meeting hours and also it's a lot lesser.

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The profit continued and he said, then the ones whose shift is basically over they end up ascending to Allah azza wa jal, and Allah asks them, well who LM will be him, Allah asks them and in reality, Allah knows better. Allah knows better.

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About how the slaves of Allah azza wa jal were what were they doing? What were they up to? Allah knows better but Allah asks them a question.

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How were the slaves of mine that you were looking after? K for documentary by the How did you leave my slaves in my worshippers for Hold on? So they say that we left them praying, and we came to them when they were praying as well meaning they come at either Fudger or they come at us and so they're coming and going at prayer times. And so they say to Allah azza wa jal, we saw them praying when we were coming in to our shifts, and we saw them praying as well as we were leaving our shifts as well. So these are actually schedules that Allah azza wa jal has placed for angels

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And these angels, Allah refer to them in the Quran as well in various different ways. Allah referred to them as a half of a

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or a half million as well. Well, you will see two Aleikum half other than Allah azza wa jal sense half of the upon you were in LA Kula Hatfield in there or have have you lean upon you as well both of them are the same group of angels have you lean and have Allah both are plurals, plurals of Hafele. So there are protectors, they're protecting angels, angels that Allah azza wa jal sends to protect a person. Okay? These are the headphones. Another task that these angels have is that they end up doing HIV, they end up jotting down the deeds of a person. So they have two tasks, one of them they end up protecting a human being, you know, that odd time when you're like, oh my god, I

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just missed my IRA by an inch otherwise I would have these are angels of Allah azza wa jal protecting you so Allah has placed angels to protect you. And

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similarly, Allah subhanaw taala has given another task to these angels, and that is that they record your deeds and my deeds.

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Another one of the tasks that these angels have

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is that

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and they are two angels that are there

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in the morning time, and another two in the nighttime as well. Okay.

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And some scholars, they said, in fact, there are five angels, not two and two, but rather, five angels, one of them is consistently there with you throughout

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that angel never ever leaves he's there all the time. The two, they're the ones who are doing the shift. Okay, but what Allahu Allah and these details are hard to really gather and they're really hard to understand as well, or really come down to because the verses are very general. In fact, some of the scholars they said, The angels will record there are a different set of angels, right?

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And then there's another group of angels that have another task and they're the ones who are taking the deeds to Allah azza wa jal, they're the ones who are coming up and down. So there are protecting angels and recording angels. Some of them they said, they're two different groups, but I believe Allahu Allah, I looked into this particular fact, quite deeply. I believe they're all the same angels. As for their numbers, I'm not sure. Are they for angels? Are they five angels, Allahu Allah. But most likely, if we only stick to the Quran, they are for Angel's because Allah azza wa jal refers to them with that in a way that tells us that they're in fact, to and to right. I nearly

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Yemeni what she malafide they are sitting from the right and the left side. So what does that mean? That means there's one on the right and one on the left there protecting them in both of these different directions. So this means that these angels are four angels, most likely maybe five, and two of them at least they take a shift they leave to Allah azza wa jal also time and another two they leave to Allah azza wa jal at Fajr time, this is the general idea behind the Hadith. Now let's take a deeper look.

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Number one, what's being pointed out over here is that the time for Fajr and the time for answer they are very, very uniquely special times. Okay?

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They're very uniquely special times. That's the reason why Allah azza wa jal has placed the shift swapping at this time for the angels, okay. And there are many, many Hadith that talk show us specifically, the value of these two prayers the Prophet said, in a Hadith also in Makati. He said that indeed you will see your Lord in a concert or owner of back home, you will see your Lord come out around the corner, just as you see this moon right over here, la to La Moana or Latta la Moana, funeral etc. You are not going to be rubbing up against each other to try to see them. See Allah azza wa jal but just as you see the moon nobody has to go to his neighbor and try to see the moon if

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you just walk out of your house, you're going to see it. The person standing next to you is not blocking your vision to see the moon. So the prophets I send them in saying you will see Allah azza wa jal in the same way there's nothing that's going to be blocking your vision of Allah azza wa jal, you will get to see Allah. Then the prophets of salaam continued and he said for in STATA to Allah Tala boo Allah Salatin, Pablo todo or Shamcey wa salatu Pablo Ruby Shamcey for value and he said that if if you can try to make sure that the salah that you pray before the sunrise

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This either dawn prayer and that's allowed that you prayer before the sunsets. You do not end up missing these to do so. Meaning there's something special about these two prayers and seeing Allah azza wa jal and getting that special reward of being able to see Allah Allah Allah azza wa jal and now another one of the reasons for the virtue of salata infringer specifically, is that as Allah describes it, the angels are there in the Quran and Federica Mushu that the Quran that happens at the Fajr time is witnessed, witnessed by by Allah azza wa jal by the angels of Allah who bring the news back to Allah Allah is also witnessing as well but the angels are swapping the shift at that

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time and the Quran and Fajr over here means what? Salat al Fajr, Reza Sahaba they explained by So, the another one of the virtues for Salah tell us of specifically is that or in the Battle of 100 in the Battle of hijab the prophets of salaam because of the battle and the given taken all this the Prophet got occupied from praying salata. So, this was one of those times in which the Prophet missed his prayer. It's happened a couple of times not it wasn't a obviously the prophets and salam right but in this case he's in battle there was nothing to there could have been done. So he got occupied from prayer and salata, Lhasa left

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and the prophets are Salam became very angry at the Zab, who had occupied him all of the the armies that had gathered together and they had occupied the prophets and sell them from battle because there's so many different tribes that have gathered together to attack the prophets and send them in the Battle of zap. The situation was very tough. The Prophet in this moment he made dua against these people. It was a there are only a few incidents in which the profits are suddenly made against someone. One of them is this one, the prophets of Allah What are you sending him he said, sugar Luna and a solid was poor. They got us occupied from the middle prayer.

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Salah tell us of the salah of Al Assad and this particular middle player Allah says

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look after all of your prayers was Salatin WASPA and specifically that middle prayer what is that mental prayer salata mass of the Prophet described it in a Muslim in Buhari and other places as well? So this is why the correct opinion is that that middle prayer is in fact, Salaat alas of the Prophet clearly described it. Then the Prophet continued, and he made dua against the Azov and he said Miller Allahu Tahoma Quran Nara, may Allah fill up their houses and their graves would fire

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because they occupied the prophets and send them from his prayer. And then the Prophet salallahu alayhi salam ended up praying slaughter Assad after maghrib

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between Maghrib and Russia the prophets of salaam prayed Salat Al Asad. And another one of the Hadith also in body as well, particularly about Salatu Salam is that the prophets are Salam is that Breida, one of the Sahaba he was with the tabula in and they were in a battle. Abdul Malik, I mentioned that we were with Buddha who's a Dabiri and it was a very, very cloudy day, a very cloudy day. So as they're in that cloudy situation,

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the prophets Allah Allahu Allah, Buddha, he said that back kill the salah. Let's pray fast. He started to get afraid maybe Muslim time is going to come it's obviously maybe we're thinking about the Muslim over here, but in normal time zones, right? Mother time, is quite fast after salata. So she was worried that Maghrib time is going to come. So he says, But Giroux will solitary up with your prayer, because I heard the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam saying when Tharaka sala de la serie heavier Tamela whoever leaves the prayer of alacer his

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his reward is wasted all of his actions and deeds are wasted. So these Salatin acid, particularly they ended up, they're very, it's a very important salah. This is the Salah, because of which the prophets has suddenly made dua against all of those armies. This is the Salah, which Allah singles out when he says hi fellow Allah Salah Wati wa Salatu was Bah, protect all of your prayers, and specifically, that middle prayer. This is that prayer, which Allah singles out as well. Now, there's one more point to note over here. And this is again a very, very important point as well. Why is Allah having these angels

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present to Allah azza wa jal at both

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Fajr time and also time? Why is Allah having them present the actions of his slaves?

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You understand what I mean? Why Allah already knows even the

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And he says, the prophets I said of them said, so Allah will ask them and Allah is more knowledgeable of what they were doing anyways. Why? Because Allah is teaching us the process of accountability. Right? The very important practice when you're running the show, you need to make sure that there is some degree of accountability. So every single person knows to do their job. This is something that Allah azza wa jal does on a daily basis with the angels that come up, and they tell Allah azza wa jal about what all of the slaves of Allah are doing. And also, this happens on a weekly basis as well. The prophets have said to me, he told us in an authentic hadith, the prophet

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has seldom said to a man yo, well, if Nene will homies, the actions are presented to Allah azza wa jal. And so there's the daily presentation of Lord and us, acid and Fajr. But then there is a weekly presentation as well. And

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the prophets have said in them said that the actions are presented to Allah on Mondays and

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can you guess, Thursdays, and he says for or Hibou a Yoruba Amelie, what an aside. I like that my actions are presented to Allah while I'm fasting. This was one of the reasons why the prophets and salam encouraged to fast on these two days