I want to be a Full Time Daee. How can I earn my Living and in which University should I Study?

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Next question. Muhammad Ali Talal

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from Islamabad Pakistan. Recently I have completed my 12 years education and have decided to become a professional di Mashallah. In short, I've decided to be like Sheikh Emma did that and you

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please guide me about such a proper path, so that I can also earn enough to carry my Dawa mission throughout my life. My parents are blessed enough to send me abroad for study. Should I go to Medina city or somewhere in Makkah, or just add in Pakistan? Should I go to some other visa or some university? Should I first become a scholar of Islam and then they all can directly jump into our

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are similar question is asked by Nassim from Bangladesh. I want to educate my son in Islamic education. Please tell me the names of some Islamic educational institutions inside and outside Bangladesh, from which my child can acquire knowledge of Quran and Hadith. I want my child to acquire the highest knowledge of Islam in the light of Quran and Sunnah.

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As far as this question asked, is concerned. In the first question, the first part of the question was that how can that out to become a professional day? How can I earn my living so that I can continue doing my profession of Dawa? And this question was asked to me during the last session, I'll just repeat in brief, the best is that if your parents are wealthy, and they can support you, and they can take care of your day to day, day to expenses, and you continue doing Dawa, and you and you make your life work for Allah Spano, Tala, that is the best, if your parents are well off and they do it is the best. Number two, the second best can be that if Allah has given you the acumen,

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and the knack of doing business, and being successful in business, you can spend a small portion of your time maybe 5% of your time, in doing some business, as a small part time, which can get you sufficient money so that you can lead your life as far as I'm concerned, mashallah, in the initial stages, my my parents supported me fully,

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completely financially, they said, you need not do any profession. And, uh, Hamdulillah, my parents and my brother, and later on, I started doing my own business. And I used to spend about a few hours a week, not during official and during, you know, normally people are one or two days off in a week, in one day off a few hours in a week, maybe one or two days in a month. And that time I used to do business. And in that business, Allah blessed me so much, that I started earning more than my parents more than my brother, and Hamdulillah I just utilize a small portion of it for my family, and the major portion has to give in charity. So firstly, your family, if they can support you,

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number one, secondly, you can do a business if Allah give that command. And the best example is, of, of the Sahaba of their man went off.

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May Allah be pleased with him. People used to say that whatever we touched, it became gold. When when they migrated the Sabbath to Medina, and when unserer were willing to help them, he said, No, show me the place to the market, even to the market and came back with an offense because Allah had given him that gift. Number three, as I mentioned earlier, is that the rich Muslims can make a fund

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for supporting the dialogues that was so that they need not worry about delivering and they support them. So the rich people get the suburb of the Dawa. With the day they're doing without the suburb of the day reducing number four, you can join an organization

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we join Islamic organization, which is of your school of thought, which is according to Quran and Sunnah, you join them and if they can pay you a salary even it may be less than the others, you're doing both together during downwind organization and even getting a salary and the last resort the fifth, you can join a halal company it may not be an Islamic organization, it may be a Muslim company not linked with dava it can be non Muslim company as long as it is halal See to it that that company has two days off in a week that I mean the less at that point the government rules so that you have about 50% of your time more than that for doing Dawa. These are the various options that

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will take care of your day to day living. Inshallah, as far as the second question is concerned, that which university should return should you go abroad, Medina Makkah or Pakistan or the lady who had asked in Bangladesh, which is the university that I would recommend?

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According according to my knowledge, one of the best universities that I feel that can give the knowledge of Quran and Hadith it is JaMychal Imam. It is Imam Muhammad Asad University. Imam Mohammed bin Salman

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Your study, which is in Riyadh in Saudi Arabia, but unfortunately, this university is mainly for Saudis, only a very small percentage, maybe two, three or 4%, initially to one person. Now, I think it 4% of the foreigners are allowed for very small portion allowed. So to get admission, you know, like India in the court as one a year, so 1000s of people apply only one they select from the 1000s applying. Similarly, from each country, they have a very minut number of people. But alhamdulillah when I approached the Dean director at that time, I said that why don't you allow all our students who have passed from Islam international school to join the newcity and hamdulillah Fortinet paths,

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seven wants to take the mainstream become doctors engineer seven one rotate the Dawa field, and all seven of them are hamdulillah but admission into the German Imam University in Riyadh. The other good university, it is the Islamic University of Medina, that's in Saudi Arabia, this university, one of its purpose was to give admission even to foreigners. So 50% of the students are Saudis. 50% of foreigners, so they have a quota maybe a 40 or 50 students from from India each year, bigger number from Pakistan, they have a quota for Bangladesh. Here it is much easier as compared to getting into jump dilemma but yet it's difficult. There are hundreds and 1000s applying and yet the

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quota is limited. So according to me, the other good university is the Islamic University of Medina. The other good is also an America from Makkah. For a foreigner I would, I would prefer that, for a foreigner you can go to come up with idiom Medina

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and but only going to the university is not sufficient. Besides Chinese University, you should also

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attend the truth of the scholars. There are many scholars giving gurus giving lectures taking fish in,

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in, in Medina in the Prophet mosque, outside even in in MCRA. And even in Riyadh, the Khobar Alma, there are many great scholars in VR. And even in Riyadh, UK. So the one of the thing is besides going to university, I would also recommend that you attend the Guru's of the great scholars, this will help you more than starting university.

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So during summit, Leslie, it is the best. So I recommend that you can go to any any of these university regarding the third part of the question, that should I first become a scholar of Islam and then die or directly jump into Dawa.

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To become a scholar of Islam is a very great word. I don't consider myself to be a scholar of Islam, I'm just a die scholar, you have to have a great deal of knowledge. So person who does graduation from the Islamic University. I don't consider that Jesus calling some maybe but not all. Neither is a person who has done masters either personal than a PhD. I consider these people are students of knowledge.

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A scholar is someone who's musta hit someone who is an island they thought that the difference between getting an LLM degree from a madrasah or a university and being a true alum or a true scholar, there's a world of difference. So the thing is there that I believe today in the world there very few scholars of Islam as color is the most the head a person who the * am I not getting a degree of faith but actually *y

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and a beloved prophet masala Salam said that boldly go unnamed Allah is propagate even if you no one was. So even if you no one will support Islam, as long as entered correctly, you have to propagate so you don't have to wait till you become a scholar. You whatever, you know, you can start doing Dawa immediately but the role of a day A good day is that he listens to the scholar. He reads the books of the scholars that the teachings from the Quran say Hadith, the Sabbath, the you have the whole financial Deen you have the AMRs then you have the Musa head they are the shekel Islam and you have the president they read and what fatwa the scholars have given the day makes it acceptable to

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the muscles

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they need not be a scholar he can be a scholar but they need not be a scholar and most of the guys in the world today on scholar even I don't consider myself to be a scholar I'm just a student of knowledge.

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But for a general Muslim

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it is his duty that he should convey the message even if it's not a string of knowledge whatever little bit he knows he knows there's one more you know there's one Allah okay can read that. He knows that Mama Salah sent me the last and final messenger he has to convey that so whatever you know, even when I accompany the Prophet, you have to convey it to the others.