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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of completing a goal and avoiding generalist thinking. They emphasize the need for thorough evaluation of student performance, avoiding a generalist view, and the importance of learning to fulfill one's duties. The study on the art ofteenth anticipation, which involves practicing daily and reciting the book in a patient's prayer, is recommended as a two-step process that requires practice and dedication. Visitors are encouraged to see for themselves and not to delude themselves.
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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim, St.

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Masato Sara

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a meeting.

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So hamdullah we completed the dose of THC in the previous session,

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just for the brothers and sisters who have joined us for a few of the sessions, or are even joining us here today. Come to love every blog, we have a

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more in depth of SEO session that we do after the wizard every night after everything's concluded. And every year when we pretty much done is whatever portion we recited for that date, we take a couple of biobrick. But when I am discussing a lot of detail, and trying to see what lessons and what wisdom we can extract from it.

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This year, I decided to do something a little bit different.

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with the intention of accomplishing a goal, setting a goal for ourselves and accomplishing a goal. And trying to complete something gained a sense of completion during the month of Ramadan, I decided to take NTSC, which is something a lot of people know a lot of people love to hear and read and recite and even hear the explanation of learn about it. So I decided to take the sutra and conduct an in depth discussion, or the fear, if you will, of the sutra throughout the month of Ramadan. So everyday we did an average of about three to four is there 83 items which is even handler we were able to complete it by the grace of the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala.

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This final session I wanted to do was as a concluding session, some concluding remarks, and also wanted to talk about an overview of the sutra and talk about its beautiful placement within the within the most half according to the theme of the sutra, how it is so beautifully placed.

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The first thing is that smoky eye scene comes after. So the scene is a 36 suit off. So number 36 from the in the order of the mustache in the nose, number 36. So the sooner that comes before it is suited to Falcon, so to Falcon, and go to bother talks about a lot of the same themes, as he talks about, which is the greatness of a lost power, tada, the clarity of truth, and how the distinction between right and wrong is something that not only do we need to realize, but it is very obvious for the people who want to realize it. And suka profit ends on a very interesting note, a lot of powder ends for 2009 number 42 ulcers were opposite will be lying to a man and that they swear they take

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all the old sin all the they swear by anything they can think of. They take all the oaths that you can imagine.

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Were the swearing by the engine

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that if somebody came to warn them, they have una de Gama

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that they will be more guided than any one of the nations that came before. Oh, just if somebody just came to us, if anybody brings a message to us, anybody tells us what's right or wrong. You'll see this will be absolute war following will fall in line. We'll listen to exactly what he says. And we'll do what needs to be told what needs to be done.

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Then when a Warder somebody who was warning that he did arrive he did come to them Masada All I did was make them even more All I did was make them run away from the truth even that much more so already they were very reluctant doubtful hesitant you could you could almost say allergic to the truth to reality to sensibility and Institute's they will make for themselves as all nobody makes any sense. If somebody came and somebody was really sincere Remember I told you the work in dark rooms, somebody who warns someone else out of concern worried security for them. And he's warning them of an imminent danger, something that is a real danger to them.

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So they said oh, if somebody just comes in sincerely warns us of something that is of real, practical, actual danger to us. We'll listen.

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You'll find somebody who will be more consistent, more brightly guided than us. will absolutely. Why wouldn't we listen? Like very confident, arrogant fella Jonesy to guess what somebody did come to wonder.

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When they do measure the hula, hula, they just randomly further from the truth. This is where schools of thought that is where the student trc began.

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Last March, Allah addresses the prophets a lot of these images you see in

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you are from those who have been sent from the ultimate authority of law.

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in academia mostly, alas, Rafi was suffering from the string path. Then he realizes

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this, this is the revelation from Allah Aziza, Rahim, the overpowering the dominating,

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and a rahang, the constantly merciful.

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And what's the purpose of all of this? Why have you been sent? Why has this been given to you? Why is it so important? What's the point? What's the purpose of everything? What does it boil down to return zero comma mountain.

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So that you may want a people whose forefathers predecessors were not born.

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But they're completely lost, completely heedless, oblivious astray. So somehow, you see the connection that they in the previous and at the end of the previous rather arrogant, conceited lofty claim, if somebody just came to warn us, that's all we would need, we would listen. Well, let's just you know, when somebody did come to one of them, and they do this, they ran away further. And a lot further establishes, that was a practical example, of Labradors who lost a lot. He said that he came to one that he cared about them, he was concerned about them. But what did they do? They only rally further. They went further and further and further away from the truth. They didn't care. They

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became even more ignorant, they became more arrogant, they became more disrespectful. So this has been substantiated. And you see this very smooth transition from the end of sorts of father into the beginning of syllogism. Aside from that, there's another observation here as well, at the end of sort of other in it number 44, which is the second last eye of the surah. Allah says,

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Allah says, do they want if, if they have any doubts left, about what's right or wrong? What's true and false, what needs to be done versus what should not be done? Unless there's a

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why don't why haven't they just walked around, moved around in the earth? Just go around all over the earth.

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And see for themselves, gay.

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Men totally go and see what was the end result? What was the final conclusion of the people who came before that? Well, can I shoot them in?

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And those people who came before them were even more stronger? They were more powerful. They were more talented, more intelligent, more gifted, more resourceful than these people?

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Why don't they just go and walk around, see for themselves what happened? And with the operation? This was a very practical suggestion. You don't want to tell somebody? Hey, check it out. Go see for yourself. Sometimes you're bluffing. Right? You're just putting that out there. For the gracious was a very practical recommendation. You know, why? What was very, very near vodka, and the flourish, the ruins of the people of Ireland, and the people of

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the ruins of these people were very nearby. In fact, one of the journeys of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam with the Sahaba

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they passed by the ruins of the moon, and the prophets of Montezuma covered his face, and began to literally cry and ask the lovers forgiveness.

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And he told us to

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move quickly.

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Pass by your quickly, not

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exciting here, he said, move quickly and keep going fast. And he said the last one to forgive you. Ask the Lord to protect you from such an end from such a

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such a consequence. So this was a very practical recommendation and a suggestion from a lot in the Quran. To the people who just go to school, travel right outside of your city, make it make a day's journey and go see for yourself. What happened to those people. Even though the people are a lot stronger than you are. The people of the moon were a lot more resourceful, intelligent, talented than you are. But look at how they ended up.

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There are Astro teller goes on to say

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that there is not a single thing back in the heavens and not in the earth. There is not a single thing in the skies or in the earth that could ever overcome that could ever humble that could ever defeat a loss.

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I think nothing that could overcome that could defeat that could get away that could slip away that could outsmart out think out muscle a lot. There's nothing. So don't delude yourself. Don't say Yeah, but you know, maybe those people got caught up because they can think of this.

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They think that they know how to handle this situation, they know how to I

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don't mean don't don't fall into these delusions, in the vuca alima.

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Most definitely here law has always been and is and will continue to be

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fully knowledgeable about everything knows all ongoing khadim in completely capable all times he's in control, capable of doing whatever he wants. However he wants, whenever he wants, whatever.

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It might be yakushima yakko.

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Nobody asks, and nobody checks him. Nobody, he doesn't need any permission or clearance, nothing. Do whatever he wants. So this is where the surah ends. So

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what so what was what was the gist of desire?

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Why don't you just travel around, move around and see for themselves? What happened to people who came before them?

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What is one of the very first issues talked about and sort of to see, what would

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give them the example of the people, the inhabitants the companions of the town is

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when messengers that come to them? Meaning it's giving you the example of a town of a village. What instrumented the connection there is, they're being told that these people travel around, why don't they go around and see for themselves? What happened to people before that. And so yes, he is telling us about a practical example of a town a village full of people, and what ended up happening, what ended up transpiring with those people. So wherever somebody is, no matter who you are, where you live, what area you live in, move around, see what happens to people. And you'll learn a very, very valuable lesson. Then, as we talked about, I reiterated this multiple, many, many

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times throughout the dubs pretty much every single day just to kind of make that connection because they're separate lessons. So I don't want somebody to lose the consistency, the flow of the surah begins with an introduction. The introduction establishes the wisdom, the profound wisdom of the depth of the wisdom of the crowd. It talks about the validity of the messenger hood, the Prophet Muhammad.

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And then it talks about learning, in example, realizing what's happened with people will come before us. And there's a very strong message in the introduction of the surah, also reminding us to play our role that is not just messengers, messengers come and they fulfill their responsibility. But we owe it to them. We owe it to this team, we owe it to a law to play an active role in the propagation of the message and supporting the message of the messengers and the message of the propagating neuron and supporting the message and the vision of the prophets. Allah, we are supposed to play a very active, proactive role in that regard. And then there were three main things three main

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passages of the soil. The first talked about Prophethood, and how vital and critical it is to

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understanding the meaning of life, the purpose of our existence, because these are practical individuals have exemplary character, exemplary character, and lifestyles, who are supposed to model ourselves after we can use them as practical, practical examples, and practical inspiration, we can draw inspiration from them, and their lives in the way they conduct themselves. And we can lead a more noble life and we can have a more meaningful existence. The second passage talks about the winning the crux of the issue, the oneness of a law, committing and devoting and dedicating yourself to a law and using a very natural method to come into the realization of Imani and what is that

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we'll call around to get everything around you. And look, don't just look at everything around you in terms of, of course, look at its brilliance, its magnificence. And then imagine the one who created all these all of these things. Imagine how powerful, amazing, brilliant, the magnificent atmosphere.

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Secondly, this tour teaches us a very beautiful lesson. Look at all the elements of nature, all the different things around you. And also see you observe their loyalty, their obedience, their devotion, their dedication to a law, and

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kind of Have some shame. Especially I can

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be a little bit conscious of who you

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And what you are doing, oh human being something that's brilliant and as magnificent as the sun. So beneath

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what shows the Geneva, Osaka Marina, that

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that sun has been moving on this exact pattern has been doing exactly that which allows for only Allah knows how long.

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It doesn't budge even a little bit from here to there, nothing does exactly what it's been told to do, realizing that Allah Aziz Allah, that Allah is the most powerful that Allah is dominant over the sun, and the sun is helpless before a lot. And also the sun even realizes that otherwise, I mean, fully knowledgeable about what that sun is doing at all times.

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So look at that, look at the sun in the sky.

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And then look at yourself. Are you though?

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Are you that mindful of a BA? Are you that fearful?

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Are you that respect? Are you full of such reverence of your Lord, at that size? Well

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look at the moon. Unless teaching us a very practical lesson every single month. We're here at the end of the month of Ramadan. Of course, talking about the new moon, there's a reminder every single month new now it's like we can't even see it.

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And then the visibility of slowly increases as they goes up. As the days proceed on into the month, it gets bigger and bigger the crescent

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and it becomes a full moon.

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But what happens after that slowly starts to decrease again, in our eyes. What we can see till it returns back into that crescent shape. Jor el

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like that date prom, that's dried up and it's become old and hunched over and curved, becomes a crescent and he Lanigan meaning look human beings. As his moon has a cycle and you acknowledge the cycle of the moon, you also have a cycle in life.

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At one time, you were nothing. And then you were born and you were small and helpless and frail and fragile. And then slowly, we gave you growth and strength and ability and intelligence and faculties.

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And now you're when you're young, or you're at the peak of your life, enjoying all of your abilities and your strength and intelligence and all the things you have

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the arrogance conceit, the delusion of the human being.

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But don't forget that just like that moon receipts, you'll also receive things will go back the end of this issue as well.

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The end of the surah. So the trc also talked about this issue as long

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as the as the age goes on, the person continues to get older and older, Alyssa has granted more and more likely.

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We literally decrease him in his creation and his ability, flip him over upside down and things completely turn upside down.

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Europe, he turns back to the worst of ages. But once again he becomes helpless and useless and unintelligent and not physically capable of anything. So learn a lesson from all around.

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And then the third passage of the surah talks about the life of the hereafter very powerful reminder, wonderful copies sold for Illumina in our opinion to

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the horn will be blown up blown into the horn and what will happen feta mean they'll come out of range range are just completely gone. You can even tell that

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people have forgotten that they even ever existed and showed no signs of unique there but people crawling out coming out of these range.

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Center running downhill quickly just naturally moving like water flows downhill. Water comes down the slope these people all started collecting and gathering around the loss of

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that data. And then is the right choices were made.

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So hello knows how indemnity your

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home as well to appeal it out in

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People living it up indulgent wherever they want to do is having a good time.

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Not by themselves, because they got

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to know by themselves.

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family friends, whole crew the posse

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All right.

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Their own. Not only that, but you know when you're having a good time. When you go for a picnic. You just have to go for a swim. What do you always make sure you have with you

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some snacks, so the dog food to the dog food with them. But you know what? We don't have to really decide what are we going to pack into this container? You know why they can have whatever they want. They just think of it

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just like that.

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Finally, what's an

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honor, honor and distinction. You know, like, if you go somewhere,

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you know, some famous celebrity or some famous politician, you're one of 1000s of people there that have come to listen to him to meet to hear that person speak. And the person kind of stops the whole crowd, the whole audience kind of stops and he points you and it goes, Hey, how you doing?

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That's it. That's the moment of your life. Somebody take a picture now. Right? So that's it. That's the greatest moment of your life. Well, what's greater what's more honorable what's what greater distinction what greater honor than to be acknowledged by

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man Robin right. to possess a lot of things allowed to allow honoring and greeting you and acknowledging

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what greater honor and distinction

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but there will be people who made the wrong choices as well. Unfortunately, there will be such people. What does that tell us about them? It gives us a small glimpse

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and beautiful transition.

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You know what, to me, everybody lives together.

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we separate

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everybody, we separate this all and now.

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Separate yourselves, you know who you are.

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You know who you are separate yourselves. And then Allah subhanaw taala will address them. Tell him Why did you do what you did?

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Wasn't a clear, why did you still make these choices and decisions. And then finally, Jana, Jana, the Hellfire now that the slower they themselves will be told to jump into it headfirst

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You yourself, go into it, throw yourself into it. Imagine the terror and the horror of the situation. And they won't even be able to lie, play games, sleep talk their way out of it.

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But to call him on it in their hands will speak to us what's up what's up.

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And their own legs will testify against that which is

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very powerful.

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And then,

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in the final passage of the sooner the final portion of the surah. Allah subhanaw taala tells us a conclusion of this. And the conclusion is very beautifully, very similar, parallels the introduction of

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the Prophet salon, etc. Profit and how he doesn't need to worry about these people who speak so we'll have him speak and treat them so poorly, so badly. Why? Because the last comment on that says,

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I'll take care of

00:23:17--> 00:23:19

a loss power tiller being defensive about his profits,

00:23:21--> 00:23:21

talks about

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the purpose of honor and how it is wisdom, and how it is meant for those people whose hearts are still alive, they will feel the pain, they will understand that when somebody's heart is dead, it's gone.

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And then finally, the last hour Tata ended the surah by reminding us why we need to leave him alone.

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Why it's good for us, and why not believing in a lot and not believing in the prophets a lot, not realizing this message of the Quran. How how either conceited, arrogant, or foolish or blind a person has to be in order to not see this truth and how it's clear as day. So this is kind of like a brief overview of the sutra. And just like I explained how schools of thought that the sutra before so the essence 1135. It's very smoothly transitions segues into su TLC. Similarly su TLC very smoothly segues into the sewer that comes after it, which is number 37. So it's a soft fat, so to soft fat, which talks about the roles the angels lined up in rows.

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So at the end of students he has seen the last time

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he says what

00:24:42--> 00:24:42

you saw

00:24:44--> 00:24:50

last time and says that they have taken other than a lot other false gods false deities.

00:24:52--> 00:24:59

Maybe somebody could help them. They might be helped some way by someone. someway, somehow in the beginning of

00:25:00--> 00:25:07

to absolve them of lost power Donna says in Nikita Hakuna wa Ragusa only

00:25:10--> 00:25:18

that they took false deities, false gods other than Allah. But in the beginning of Sudoku saw the fourth and fifth ayah Allah.

00:25:21--> 00:25:32

However, you should not lose focus Muslims, believers, you shouldn't be confused by these evil people and their behavior. Why your LORD your God, he is one

00:25:34--> 00:25:41

most definitely is one, there is no doubt about the fact that he is one who is he? Raku, semi wild,

00:25:44--> 00:26:16

He is the Lord, the master, the owner, the creator, the Sustainer, the maintainer, the provider of the heavens, and all that which is in the heavens of the earth, and all that which is on the earth, why am I being a man, everything between the heavens and the earth, we're all good, Mashallah. And He is the Lord in the master of anything else that is out there in any other direction. So this is the very smooth transition and said, wait. And then there's another example of this as well, where last quarter at the end of students, he has he, he says that I am number 78, or whatever. But I

00:26:20--> 00:26:41

mean, that remember the example of that, that talks about how arrogant these people are, Buddhists believe in a lie in the Quran and the Prophet that they tried to give a lot of examples, they not only argue and debate, but they actually have theories and examples and ideas, that allows them to give us an example. This many uses an example Karl Menger,

00:26:43--> 00:27:06

who will bring this bone back to life, these bones back to life, or he had amin, but they just completely just falling apart, decomposed disintegrated, they become dust, who can bring them back to life. And then in the next day, Allah gives the response the rebuttal teaches the prophets and us the response a rebuttal to such a person who has an idea. inshallah, I will Amara,

00:27:07--> 00:27:28

you tell them, the way you answer to this is you save the one, you don't bring them back to life, the same one who created them in the first place, not only created them, but gave them life, allow them to flourish and allowed them to grow in the first place, he is the same one that will bring them back to life.

00:27:29--> 00:27:58

And he is fully informed, fully knowledgeable, all knowing at all times about all of his creation. So this is where that at the end of it, I think there was discussion at the beginning of the next era. So to solve that, Allah subhanaw taala, again, mentions to us that same group of people, and says that when do they actually say I eat meat now according to Robert worry, llaman, I acknowledge

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that these people say that when we have died,

00:28:04--> 00:28:08

we become dust. just completely decomposed.

00:28:09--> 00:28:11

we're evolving, and we're just our bones are left

00:28:13--> 00:28:17

Are you really saying we'll be brought back to life will be resurrected,

00:28:18--> 00:28:20

will be brought forth again.

00:28:21--> 00:29:04

So this objection of there's this confusion of theirs is mentioned again in the next era. But the connection there is that in the previous rule at the end of the trc has already given us a response to it. So in this way, we just get an a fuller appreciation for not just the surah itself, the overview of the surah, the very comprehensive, but at the same time, very simple, very direct message of this law. But we also get to see how the beautiful organization and structure of the product. And obviously once we're offering smoothly transitioning segwaying into another suitor, then we find through a trc and we once again get to see how soon to see Race movie transitions and

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segues into the following. And this is a whole nother area of the study of the art, that there are so many levels of studying of the art, there is a study of ions. Within the study of ions, we can see what are the circumstances of Revelation, as

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we can observe the word analysis, an in depth discussion or a full appreciation for each and every single word and how that word is used and why that specific word is used and why is it on this specific verb pattern. Then we can also observe the grammar of the ayah. The grammar of the eye and the eloquence of the grammar creates within the ayah that is there for our benefit. We can also just generally derive spiritual lessons from each and every single aisle. then beyond that, we can study how I add one piece together. Within passages. There are very, very interesting discussions, discourses.

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dialogues that are there for our benefit in passages of is sections, collections of items. And then when we go beyond that, we can see how each and every single split off, has a beginning has an end, and has very, very structured arguments that come with our sequence one after another, piecing together a complete idea and a complete concept and a complete teaching. And then furthermore, we can see how each and every single slot is building on the central theme of local art, and how even schools connect with each other. And they complement and supplement the themes and the concepts and the teachings that are presented within each and every single school. So these are just the varying

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levels and degrees of the study of hamdulillah we've been able to conduct a very decent a very thorough study of sort of the thing. Now I say this and I mentioned this at the end of any class, or any course that I teach, that I have the love just sitting here with the dedication and devotion and, and listening and watching and understanding properly. Mashallah is admirable, and it really is no word. So we should think of lost power. In these times. It's very rare, it's really hard, you're hard pressed to find people who will commit themselves to such focus concentrate the study of the book of Allah. So to be one of those individuals is a huge blessing. But after I always tell people

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within my classes and courses, that classically speaking, the pursuit of knowledge studying in is at minimum, a two step process, there are more than that, but at minimum, bare minimum, it is a two step process. One is to sit

00:31:42--> 00:32:14

and listen, attentively, observe, take notes, and people attention. The second part of that process is to review, follow up, because of that review and follow does not take place, then it will become a faded memory, like so many other things we've heard or we've listened to, or we've read throughout our entire life. But this is not something that can just, you know, this is this is something a lot more important, a lot more crucial and critical. So make sure you follow up. All right, and for the people who have been attending live,

00:32:15--> 00:32:47

for them a good way to follow. Essentially, whenever and however, the videos or the recordings are released, that'll be a good way to follow that up. But even until then, open up with the translation, and kind of read the IOP. And try to remember some of the things you heard or who realized or you were able to pick up throughout the lessons, maybe even write down a few things have a personal problem, jot down a few notes down the side of it, to enhance your appreciation, your understanding of this world. And then finally, one other goal that I had recommended that everybody attending the session.

00:32:48--> 00:33:24

And eventually the people that were listening to or watching the recordings, that they also set a goal for themselves is, as we're keeping up with the seer, the study of the surah, this is a great opportunity to also memorizes that these these recordings have been separated and our sessions have been divided into very small manageable portions, three to 434. If required, some days one or two is some days four or five, but it's very manageable. It's very practical. And this is a great opportunity to try to memorize that portion. So everyday, whatever you're learning about memorize it.

00:33:25--> 00:33:38

memorize it, repeat it over and over again by looking at it a brief little and shallow. We're also trying to arrange for some tutorials on how to memorize specifically appliance with the scene will also inshallah we presented from

00:33:39--> 00:33:54

Allah, but just a brief little recommendation. Real simple process memorization is repetition. memorization is repetition, and understanding. By the way, understanding what's being said, just drastically improves your ability to memorize.

00:33:55--> 00:34:36

But it's repetition. So what you do is you simply look at the ayah, you want to memorize looking at it, you repeat it, put your finger stare at the ayah really soak it in your eyes are very visual is very important. It's a little secret, kind of little trade secret of her fault, especially for fall into lobbying. prayer in your sector for uninstall all the prayers when we actually because you know we go keep going reciting right? When we're reciting. It's the visual that is really, really helpful. We can visualize the page in front of us. So when I'm leading, that's great. I actually see like, it's like as if I can see the page in front of me. So the visual is very, very important.

00:34:37--> 00:35:00

That's why like our teachers always recommend even once you become a very, very senior, tenured half of Ra. It's been 20 years since you completed your memorization and be leading to all be for 1015 years. It's very important for that happen to still take time. Sit down even though that person could probably read from memory all day long. They could read through juice every day. Just remember it's still important for that person to

00:35:00--> 00:35:04

Sit down, open up those hearts and look and read sometimes, because it reinforces that visual that you have.

00:35:05--> 00:35:42

So it's very, very important. So look at the eye you want to memorize and repeat it over and over again. And then close it and try to read it to yourself repeating to yourself. And once you're able to repeat it a few times, find somebody, it could be your brother, your sister, your wife, your husband, your son, daughter, friend, coworker, neighbor, whoever it is the brother at the masjid they shift the Imam at the masjid find somebody and read it to them. Another very important thing to do is read whatever you're memorizing, read it in your prayers. So the next time you have to print some salami, you're praying to hit the masjid, or the sooner prayer or something rather than in the

00:35:43--> 00:36:07

Lower Hutt. All right, inshallah, try to read those I have that you've been memorizing everything. And in this way, every single day that you're keeping up with the recordings in the sessions, the lessons you're memorizing was three, four is, after a month, after 2829 days, however long it's been, you will have not only completed the memorization, so it's a very substantial portion of the for every beautiful part.

00:36:09--> 00:36:11

But you'll also have the in depth meaning and

00:36:12--> 00:36:29

then imagine reading that news a lot reading that your prayer, standing up late at night, and reciting the holy I've seen standing before a large part of knowing what it means reflecting on the ayah it'll be a whole different experience. So this was part of the goal part of

00:36:30--> 00:36:48

this was one of the goals one of the many goals in conducting this session, may Allah, Allah give us all the ability to memorize the Book of Allah, understand and internalize the message and the beauty of the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala and most importantly, be able to live our lives by it and share with the rest of humanity.