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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. See

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Shaw we're starting from number eight. today. We've done the first seven if until now, the lunch sessions along with the introduction now we continue with iron rate. What we basically covered up till this point is the fact that I lost power open by

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placing the weight of the statement that is going to be set up on top Rob and upon the profound wisdom and the authority, the authority of the rock on hacking, and the opening of this sutra basically lays a heavy emphasis on accepting the message and believing in the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu it was in an academic setting. And then what is the crux of his message?

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Then Zilla?

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How does he go about executing his message? How what what main primary vehicle or tool? Does he have to convey this message? That is the problem itself? We do there are workarounds.

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The primary people the first recipients of the message are the people of Malaysia NACA of Arabia, whom are most prevalent Allah is letting the prophets a lot he said though, that listen, it's going to require a lot of work a lot of effort on your part, simply because their forefathers no warning, no message was delivered to them for who half you know. So you find them completely lost completely heedless, unaware of what what's going on with them.

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But at the same time, Allah subhanaw taala balances the statement by saying knowing the profits of the seller, that he is somebody who will go above and beyond the call of duty above and beyond what is required him to the point of literally killing himself if that's what it takes, destroying himself, you know, for the sake of people and so that someway somehow they will listen they will understand so last college Allah consulting by letting you know the majority of these people the punishment has been decided in their in their case and they are not listening and they do not expect them to believe from lightning Don't be waiting for them to believe this is where we're picking up

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from here today. And the reason why I wanted to reload some of what we have discussed in the past in the last couple of days is because the IRS would love to send you three is an angel number eight, nine and 10 and these three is basically an explanation number seven is eight nine and 10 will detail will further elaborate the point that was made an item was set up to help them out that the decision has been made will come to pass it's officially decided signed sealed and dated

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for lifted in the case of the majority of them and what is that that the punishment of a lower before these people for whom we know these people will not believe don't wait for them to accept the law. That's not gonna happen. Now the last part is going to explain these next few if so I ever ate the last hour which is imagine I laugh era him Aladdin for a year he landed

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in Niger, I laugh at him. So let's go ahead and break down I'll give you the rough translation first and then we'll do the word analysis in Niger I'm happy I'm happy Abella was our Java says that, most definitely, we have placed in their necks of that of Latin callers or shocker, like an iron caller, like a prisoner of years. So we've placed an iron caller a shackle in the next four here, the left arm and the shackle is all the way up to the chin

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from a local level until their heads are suspended, slightly raised stuck in one position. Their heads are stuck sliding upwards in the in a fixed position.

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Now what this is exactly mean. So Allah says

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the first thing I want everybody to note here and I'll come back and explain this at the end of our discussion in lecture I'll not hear a lot is attributing the action to himself very clearly, there's no doubt about it. Now, most definitely we Gianna we have made we have put and when there is this repetition of we it creates a meaning of exclusivity, most definitely it is us and only us.

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It is we can only wait who have done this. We have put in there next. So allies exclusively attributing this action towards himself. Now we'll come back and we'll discuss that in a minute, but

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I want you to keep that in the back of your mind. Fianna

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is a plural of the word means neck. So Allah says in their necks of Latin, the Word of God is the plural of the word. And the word one refers to shockwaves. Like the way you shackle a prisoner. So and what's interesting about the word wound is it's a very general word. So even handcuffs or even shackles that would you would put in somebody's hands or somebody's feet. Any type of shackles that will be put on a prisoner the word will in classical Arabic refers to that. But since a lies mentioned here, the word out and up, this is referring to shackles that are put around the neck of people like an iron collar being put around someone for healing. Not only that, but these shackles,

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this iron collar that's been put in the neck, a lot of comments all the way up to their chin right here. Meaning what is the long game their neck. And when you when you push the neck up, and you stick it in that position, you no longer have any room to move your neck around. And this is the point that's been emphasized. They've been shackled in such a way that their neck has no room for movement. There's no kick in the shackle. They can't move their necks at all. It's completely stuck frozen and disposition fail for more motorhomes, what's the result of that? Mobile my home. Now I need to explain this word though the root of this word. It refers to an a camel, when the camel

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comes to drink water. And after drinks water and it raises up at TED after having drank the water and it just stands in front of the water continues to stand there at the water kind of looking down at the water. But it's raised its head it's not drinking anymore. That would be called Optima henneberry

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that the camera grabbed the water and has its head raised. And it's kind of standing over over the water, it doesn't completely move its head down to the water. Again, it just stands with the temps raised above the water may be gazing down at that low. So that action refers to that now lost power data. And also another explanation in the lexicon is that sometimes they would tie the back of the capital tweets back in such a way that the neck of the camel would stay upwards to keep an alert to keep it in a fixed position. But they wanted to walk when they wanted the camel to walk or stand in a particular position not move around, not having the flexibility, they would tie its neck up and

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situation and couldn't raise it, it could lower it it was kind of suspended stuck in that position. So that would also refer to that this condition this date this this this word refers to that. So what that means that these people have been tied into such a position, they've been put in such a position as the breed is explaining where now there head can no longer move further up, nor can their head move further down. It's basically suspended in that position. And why is emphasizing this point that their head is stuck in this position, a slightly upward raised position with the inability to move around at all, especially not lower than under no circumstances can they lower

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their neck they lower their head. Now what is the implication of this? A few basic implications First of all, this is talking about their arrogance. They were arrogant. The messengers provided to them a messenger came to them the honors reciting to them they were arrogant, they were rude.

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They they behaved extremely arrogant. So it's as if almost college Allah set this curse of arrogance upon them find you want to be arrogant now you with your arrogance, so they were allowed to further indulge into their arrogance. And one thing that the forum defines to us from the beginning suta Welker actually talks about this a lot. In the beginning. arrogance is the number one obstacle to guidance. arrogance is the number one obstacle to guidance, the leaders of Quraysh

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they could not speak ill of the prophets

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when they were given the opportunity to do they continue anything better. He's an amazing person. He's never allowed the four hour so unbelievable, so attractive to them. They would go with that core and quietly listen to the recitation of

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so they themselves couldn't resist the fraud or the character of the prophets. A lot of people still don't believe yet. What's the obstacle? what's getting in the way it was arrogance. It was arrogance. I mean, there's even a story of narration about Applejack being asked Mohamed Salah is a liar. No.

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What about the poor, so believable to me, don't you believe?

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And he said, he said look, Robin Robin and Dr. Banu Hashim, we have a rivalry, when they do something we do better.

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But if we accept Muhammad as a messenger of Allah, we accept this for others a word of Allah. That's not something we can duplicate. It's not something we can beat them at. This is unique. We've never heard never seen anything like it before, and probably never will never, ever see or hear anything like it ever again. So we

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Can't beat them. And so if we accepted the last, so what's the better route for us? We'll just refuse and resist arrogance.

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So this arrogance that they haven't seen from us, fixing them, cursing them with their own arrogance. Fine, keep keep your arrogance. Let's see how far it takes you for homework tomorrow. The other implication of the statement of their head been fixed in this position is that, as we're going to see him soon, he has he later on in the talk on talks about this. I mean, sort of facilita las panatela even says, somebody who might have been afraid of losing him, we will very soon we will show them our miraculous signs in the horizons and within themselves. So to never talks about the wonderful las creation all around us. So Dr. Season is going to talk a little bit about a certain

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book talks about look at the earth, look at the sky. So that's how people recognize realize, that's what humbles them, when they look around them, and they see the sky, the earth and the beauty of illustration, it hits him, we read the eye actually at the end of Sultan. So

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we have to somehow it without, without the Navy, whatnot. Now I asked him about that, in the interim, in the creation of the heavens, in the earth interchanging of life today, there are miraculous, clear, unavoidable, immutable signs for whom you lit up for people who are have intelligence is the ability to critically think.

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So if they look around them, it'll humble them, it'll make it obvious. It'll humble the person that I have to believe in. How can I explain all of this, but when their necks get stuck in such a position, they can no longer look up an environment, they can look down and look at the earth, they can look up a mountain and see they can look at the earth, it doesn't there has to stop, they'll never be able to see all the beauty that's around them, the magnificence of creation all around them. So it's further drowning them in their own arrogance in their own

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ignorance. And in their own.

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It's dangerous chose a path for themselves in excess of a loss power data is telling them you've made a choice for yourself to live with your choice. Now

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imagine that.

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Imagine every

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the lesson that I want to point out here is a last round, which is saying this is the past tense in that john McAfee, we have already put we have made in the next two hours. So the fact that it's in the past tense. Some scholars have the opinion that it's talking about here. And now in this world, that this is a metaphor. This is giving an analogy, an example of what their conditions like that their spiritual condition. It's as if their neck had been fixed in that position. And they could no longer move their head and look around, sometimes more fussy limbs and they actually say, No, this is talking about the day of judgment that this will transpire with these people on the Day of

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Judgment, they will they will be shackled in this way, on the day of judgment, no longer able to move their head and submit themselves and humbled themselves before a lot. And the past tense has been used to confirm that this will most definitely happen. It's so sure the fact that this will happen as soon as if it's already over. You know when something is so guaranteed it's as if it's already happened. So that that's the tone of the hire. Either way I was powercolor knows best, but the ions that are coming in the next slide, we're going to study now, they make it more obvious it makes it more apparent that this is talking about their situation their condition in the life of

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this world that this is metaphorically This is talking about their situation in this world in AI n number nine the next day a loss palletize s which is coming at him said that woman has said that for our Shane Buffon It

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was our toddler says that n we have placed we have made all the way from in front of them a barrier

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and all the way from behind them a barrier for Shana we have covered them from what I consume and they can no longer see.

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They can they cannot see anymore.

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So what does this exactly mean?

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Last time without further continuing that analogy, the How pitiful their situation is and how truly Kirsty's people are. Which I know Allah repeats the word. Yeah, I don't know. By repeating the word gyla. He said in the previous item, in that john Neff era in here again, he said, yeah, we also made so the scholars explained that this is actually talking about a different barrier. The first thing is their internal obstacle to seek the truth. The internal obstacle to cure

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The Urban's has such a hold of them, it's like their head is stuck, their neck is stuck in a position, they can't look up down around, they can't see anything else. So it's the internal obstacle. Now it's talking about the external obstacle, that even if they were able to get some of their internal issues, there's external issues as well. And there's external barriers to them believing as well. And what are they mean baby, a baby who sat down in front of them, there is a barrier. And the word said, In the Arabic language refers to a barrier, that is a barrier between two things, something that prevents two things from coming together. So it's a barrier between them

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and guidance that came up. And a lot has the word min mean medium. This means all the way from them, there is a barrier, meaning this barrier is touching them. It starts right there. It's there like squeezed between two walls. So once again, just like their neck was stuck in such a position that the head can move, they are stuck between two walls to barriers so tightly stuck in between there that they can't move. I mean, just trying to picture is very powerful imagery here, trying to picture being so tight, stuck, stuck in such a tight spot, such a tight place between two walls where you can't move. Imagine the suffocating.

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Being so suffocated, being so trapped in a situation, this is their condition. So it's not as if this is a very comfortable lifestyle that they have, it's suffocating to them themselves. And that's very obvious when you look around, and you see people who are away from a lot more away from guidance, and they're in difficult lifestyles, sometimes their own situations, their their lifestyle, his own predicament, it's very suffocating, very difficult, very narrow life, there's not much to look forward to in life for people. And this is their situation which I'm a baby sudden, warming on fumes. And from behind them, there's another wall that's absolutely touching them,

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locking them in blocking them in trapping them, that extends from behind them for okay now. And not only that, so their necks are locked up in this position, there's a wall all the way in front of them, there's a wall all the way pressing them from behind. And on top of them, there's something that's covering them up. Like when you cover up something, you put something over it and you completely cover it up. So now they can even see the light. Look how trapped they are.

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They can't even see anymore. They're completely trapped in this situation.

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Now that was kind of on the 10th, I have the last iOS PowerShell ss

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was a while

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And it is equal. So while it's absolutely equal, it's the same doesn't make a difference. And but the whole whether you want them. And remember we talked about the word meaning of it, it means to warn somebody of imminent danger, out of care and concern for them. So it doesn't matter how concerned you are for their situation. Or whether you have warmed them up a little bit more you have not warmed them.

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Like they will not believe

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it will make them difference in these people they are not going to believe. Now. One question I want to go back and we'll just summarize these three items that we've studied.

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What's the point of getting down with them?

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Why didn't you get to the if you want them? If you've won them or you haven't bought them? Doesn't matter to

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the why even bother?

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Why do I bother? It's pointless? Instead of 264? dresses, the same question. We thought that woman to minimum limit? I don't know.

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When some people amongst them, they they say limits are evil. Why? Why are you wanting these people? Why are you advising these people? Why are you talking to these people? Why?

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Because a lot more legal? Oh, I

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want to destroy them. And I was going to give them a very severe punishment. Why even bother talking to these people? For who? they reply to messengers, they reply by saying my other attorney

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so that they have no excuse left with your Lord, that when they stand before a long day of judgment, there are no excuses. That the messenger can stand the standard and say I left no stone unturned. I did what I could do, even when you said it in benefit of anymore, I still preach.

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The messenger can stand before a lie and say look, I did what I could. Those people when they stand before they can, they can't make any more excuses. So it completes the argument there. Basically it solidifies the situation

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and at the same time, so how about it

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Teach us and never give up on people. Maybe, hopefully, possibly the light realize what they're doing wrong. Maybe they become conscious of all you never know

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a lot those whose want to believe in who's not the dude, dude, do you know

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maybe tomorrow maybe the day after maybe the day after maybe we don't know.

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We never know who's going to listen to me. Except for this 120 years after the first day of revelation 20 years after finding in the battlefield building armies and launching attacks on Medina, Time after time, 20 years later, Robbie Alomar is wasabi messenger, he's a companion of the messenger Salamis.

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So you never know. So first of all, it completes your argument, I will have no excuses. When I send me for a lot, I have done my job, they will have no excuses when they stand up for a large part of attalla. And finally, you just never know when somebody will believe. Now to conclude here. What I wanted to end on is that interesting point that I mentioned to you in the beginning, was from what Allah is very, obviously, very clearly attributing all of this to himself. In

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words, your anatomy, Allah says, we did this, we did this to them. So that trap that they're in that horrible situation that they're stuck in, Allah says, we did it.

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Now that makes you ask the question, why is

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this important to believe?

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So here's the thing, the problem you take, when you take a step back and you look at the bigger picture, when you study the problem overall. And you said you're the themes of the product, talks about guidance, what you realize is a loss of data and other places in the world. He explains this thing very clearly to us. The first thing that allows power data tells us is the simple fact that a lost power, has first of all sent guidance, guidance and is clear as

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So Nehemiah

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guidance, yes, and the Kitab. Who done guidance or mercy, messengers, prophets, he's placed signs all around us. He is basically booked. Indicators has put little things that can lead us back to a lot all around us all the time. Well, if you're going to school, even within yourself. So first of all, eyes need guidance. Very, very easy, very accessible, very clear. It's everywhere, everywhere you look around you for like, an evening, look at the camera difficulty but I was created weightless somebody gave god how the sky was raised. What you learned about again, for those who have had a mountain has been erected? Well, you know, I don't think angels will determine how the earth has

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been spread. It's all around you. All right, you have to try to not look for it in order to not be able to see that's number one. Secondly, all right now, if the signs were all around us, but we didn't have the ability, the faculties to access them, then that would be pointless. So Allah says what enough inshallah will

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never leave

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Losses we created the human being. But at the end of the day, I watch also something very interesting, very important of us, we create the human being,

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so we can test it. But in order to test him, we gave a what semi unboxing of the game the ability to hear the ability to see in other places, or Ottawa tells us, he gave you the human beings the ability to think, comprehend, walk around, look around, feel, understand, he gave us all the faculties that we would need. And then so he gave guidance is all around us. sent messengers sent down divine revelation, places, miraculous signs all around this gave us the ability to see them, hear them, think them, understand them and comprehend them and ponder them. And then thirdly, what does he say?

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almost tells us in him, Shakira, we're in love for

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the last four, justice and he gave the human being a clear choice for my child

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who wants to believe let him believe, who wants to disbelieve, let him just believe. We made everything clear as day we laid it out. And we gave you the ability to think now go out there and figure out whether you want to be shacking up or you want to be capoeira, whether you want to be shakin, you want to be grateful to offer what he's giving you and realize, and then follow through and give away his right or Kung Fu, or you want to be ungrateful to Allah and you want to disbelieve in Allah and you know what acknowledge what was given to him what he's created. So what gave us designs, it gives us the ability to comprehend designs, and they gave us a choice.

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What are they? No,

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he gave us the choice.

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You decide what you want to do with this. You want to understand what needs to be understood? Or do you want to turn away from it, you want to continue to be arrogant, you want to remain ignorant and you just not give, do you just not care, you just don't care.

00:25:13--> 00:25:32

If so you make that choice. Once somebody makes that choice, now think about everything that was recorded, please sighs around him sent the messenger sent the book, read guys, it's easy, accessible right there, under his nose, places right here gave him the ability to access every opportunity to have it

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gave him the total freedom to choose it, choose it on your own.

00:25:39--> 00:25:44

And despite all of this, if a person that says that interest.

00:25:45--> 00:25:48

Now this is where Allah says, in

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so much as I did, put them in the situation. But don't forget what happened before they fell into this situation. They want to take somebody who walks to the edge to the ledge, and then jumps off.

00:26:04--> 00:26:37

He's asking for this person has asked for this to happen. And that's what I was making apparent here that these people have chosen this for themselves, like I mentioned about somebody who cannot, in good conscience, in his right mind, call the profits or loss of a life has to admit he's truthful. Somebody who cannot stand there and say that the person is not special. He is forced to admit this is unbelievable. This is amazing. This is amazing stuff from a human being and still to stablity. But I still disapproved

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because I don't want because I think it'd be because I don't think I should have to whatever his reason is, that person is basically asking for whatever is going to come to him. That's what I was about as making obvious and making a parent here. inshallah, the next island that we study will then talk about the other group of people, then who will heed your message, who are you who have been you, if you've been sent to warn and preach and teach. But these people obviously it's not benefiting them who doesn't end up benefiting? We'll talk about those people shall in the next session may have lost power intelligence or the ability to practice everything that's been said and

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heard. So how language can be used to kind of go along behind the mission without any lag in that