Paths to Peace – Ramadan 2023 Night 2

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Tarawih Khatirah


AI: Summary © The Arabic language has a concept of "monstering your own" that is shared among their group. This concept is important for achieving spiritual well-being and avoiding distraction from thoughts. The speakers emphasize the need to focus on the heart and not talk about the surrounding world. Viewers are encouraged to appreciate the spiritual well-being of the mind and not to feel distracted by thoughts.
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Bismillah you will hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah where Allah Allah He was savvy as Marina said Mr alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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hamdulillah for our series during the month of Ramadan during Salah Tutera we this year.

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We're covering the ayat of the Quran that talk about the concept of peace and tranquility.

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Today we're going to explore the word that Allah subhanaw taala uses in the Quran, the atoma Nina,

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the word Thumbelina in the Arabic language comes from the root,

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which refers to something being still

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for something to be quiet, for something to not have movement.

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So the idea is stillness, quietude a calmness. And that's the concept of femenina.

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And the first time Allah introduces us to this concept

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of stillness, and calmness. Well, first and foremost is stillness and calmness. The word thought menina refers to a physical calmness, a lack of physical movement. But then it was figuratively used to refer to how the state of a person's mind the condition of a person's heart, and it was figuratively used in that meaning. And over time, it actually became dominant in that meaning of being still and quiet and calm.

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And so the first time Allah introduces us to this concept, where he's addressing where he's talking about, a calmness of the heart,

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is actually in Surah Baqarah surah number two, the second chapter in is number 260. This is at the beginning of the third Jews in Allah introduces us to this concept by sharing with us a moment from the life of the prophet Ibrahim alayhis salam.

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Ibrahim alayhis salam is not some ordinary person. He's not even an ordinary Prophet.

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Allah asmita Rousseau, he is from the greatest of the prophets of God. He is from the upper echelon of the leader of the messengers of Allah.

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And he is referred to in the Quran what taka Allahu Ibrahima kalila. He is referred to as the friend of God Himself, Ibrahim Holly Lulu.

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And there are many, many other remarkable things that can be said about Ibrahim alayhi salam, there are many other accolades for Ibraheem Alehissalaam.

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So this moment from the life of the prophet Ibrahim is

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he turns to Allah, he calls on Allah, He prays to Allah, basically, to put it into some terminology that we understand. He makes dua,

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he has a conversation with God

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with Allah Ibrahim, who rob be,

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my lord, my master,

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I really gave her to heal motor.

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Please show me, allow me to see.

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Permit me to witness

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how exactly it is that you revive the dead, that you bring the dead back to life, that you grant life to those who had died

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long after they died.

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The concept fascinates me.

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The idea is remarkable.

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And I would love to witness that.

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Allah responds to Ibrahim Ali Salam and he says, I will have to come in. Do you not believe? Now of course Ibrahim Ali Salam does believe and of course Allah knows that Ibrahim believes.

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But Allah presents this question because this exchange, this moment, this conversation becomes an opportunity for us to be able to learn. So Allah says I want him to do

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Do not believe. And Ibrahim says Bala, of course I believe my Lord.

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But rather I ask why? Well, I can, Leah from my in Appleby. I asked so that my heart may find this tranquility, a calmness, a serenity.

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In this idea, this concept by witnessing Your Majesty by witnessing your glory, by witnessing your power, by witnessing your miraculous capacity, my heart will find tranquility and peace in witnessing your glory.

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And then Allah goes on to commend him color for hoods, or bottom in a tight take for birds, for sort of Hoonah the lake, get those four birds, pulled them to you. And then cut them up into pieces. Similar to Allah, Allah Coonley jevelin Min Hoonah juice, and then take the pieces of these birds and spread them around at the different mountaintops.

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He was in a mountainous region. So take the pieces of these birds that you have chopped up and cut up and spread them around the whole area.

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Through Mother Oh one. Yeah, Tina Casaya and then go and call them

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that I commend you by the permission and the will of Allah come to me.

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And the narration that I've done Ivan Masuda, the Allahu taala, and who mentions as relayed by even cathedra in order to be and many others that it Ibraheem Alehissalaam he went, and he stood there and he said, In the name of Allah, I commend you to come, I asked you to come.

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And the pieces of the birds started to come together, float together, fly together.

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And pieced together now there were four separate birds. So those pieces are separating from one another, and combining together with the correct parts of each particular bird. And then the birds fully came together and came to Brian Mazzara and he held each one in his hand.

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And then Allah subhanaw taala tells us Wow lemon, Allah Aziz and hiking and know that God is almighty and God is all wise.

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And so this is a really remarkable moment from the life of Ibrahim Khalil, Allah alayhi salam that is being shared with us in the Quran. But the part that we're going to particularly focus on is Ibrahim Ali salaam says something very interesting.

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When explaining why he's made this request, why has he called out to his Lord, ye as he said, rugby, and then make this particular request that I want to witness your glory in action. He said Lea to my inner copy, so that my heart may find the kind of peace, tranquility, calmness, serenity

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that every heart craves that every human being is searching and looking for. And so the takeaway here is two things. Two lessons for us here tonight, from item number 260. In so the third bucket

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that's for the heart to find contentment for us to be able to achieve that calmness of the soul. The calmness, the stillness of the mind,

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a peace and a tranquility in the heart. There are two secrets that are shared here and desire. Number one, rugby.

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He spoke to God.

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He had a conversation with Allah.

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When he wanted to achieve that calmness, he knew there's only one place you go to that and that is you go to Allah, you talk to Allah.

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And the conundrum is that the more disturbed we feel, the more perturbed we are,

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the more flustered and frustrated and upset and anxious we are.

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Che THON plays with us in those moments capitalizes on that opportunity. And the last thing we want to do is pray.

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And maybe you've heard somebody say this, maybe you said it at the very least maybe the thought has crossed your mind. I'm over here. I'm all upset and you're just telling me just go make will do and say Allahu Akbar. What's that going to do?

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What's that gonna fix?

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You're just telling me sit down oh my god, brother make dua everything make dua. You people say that to everything make dua

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Lights not working make dua.

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Right, somebody parked behind my car, make dua, everything make dua, we get frustrated like that. We thought these things, maybe we've even set these things. We've definitely heard these things. But this is that reminder from the Quran that no no, that is our, that is the feebleness of our minds. And that is the trap of shape on that is telling us not to talk to Allah in that moment. But what we need more than anything is exactly to talk to Allah, but don't be. And number two is

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remove all the distractions, put everything else aside, and spend a little time reflecting on pondering looking at the glory of Allah subhanaw taala.

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And that's why, you know, it's explained in different forums and people talk about, you know, spending time in nature, right. But that's only meaningful if you're doing it understanding that this is the creation of Allah, reflecting on the greatness of Allah. In

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other words, a tree is a tree.

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Right? You don't go there to appreciate the tree. You go there to appreciate the creator of the tree.

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That's why Allah says in the Quran, Allah Sama, Asaka fun

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that we made the sky, a ceiling. My father.

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He said, We didn't make the sky, a ceiling that protects you. Allah says we make the sky a ceiling and that ceiling itself is protected.

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Because the ceiling protects you. But Allah is saying your ceiling, the sky itself is protected. Meaning whenever you're looking up at the sky, don't let your mind and your heart stuff at the sky. But go beyond that. And remember that there is the one who created the sky.

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When you walk around at night, and you admire the stars in the sky,

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well first of all admire South availa string lights, but then after that, once you admire the stars in the sky, okay? Then remember, there's the one who created that those stars in that sky. Right? That there's the one who adorned he says in the Quran, he adorned the sky with the stars. And so, talk to Allah pray to Allah have a conversation with Allah. And number two, spend a little time appreciating the greatness of Allah, marveling at the remarkable power of Allah. And those two things are very powerful in creating that sense of stillness, calmness, the medina May Allah subhanaw taala grant us all serenity and tranquility during this blessed month. Subhan Allah who

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will be handy he Subhanak Allah we hammock Nasha La ilaha illa Anta stuff we're going to read a summary